I am AAA battery 🔋 now! 🤣

I was checking MySejahtera at 5pm and caught by surprise that I have booster jab appointment today at Paradigm Mall (we just put ourselves in the waiting list yesterday). And the PPV is closing down for the day at 6pm (according to the site). Informed hubby who was at office and he had the same appointment too. He tried calling the PPV (to check if we can come a day later) but no one was picking. So, I just rushed to the PPV with the three girls.

The girls were not allowed into the PPV. I told them to wait outside for me and informed the volunteers that I will leave them there for a while. They said they will help me keep an eye on them. I told Noelle to look after her sisters and ‘don’t go anywhere’. So, I just went in and all done in 15 minutes or less. When I came out, they were seated down – the uncle gave them chairs to sit. I couldn’t thank them more!

Hubby also rushed from office and got his done. So we are both boosted. We told Noelle that in case both of us knock off tomorrow, she needs to look after her sisters. 😛🤣

Anyway, the volunteer said that even if we missed today’s appointment, it can be done the next day. So, if you have put yourself in the waiting list for any of the PPV, do keep track of your MySejahtera.

our body, our choice, and we decided on AAA and could accept AAP if there’s no choice. <<

Mummy’s saloon FINALLY activated

After 8yo+ of parenting, this is my FIRST time cutting their hair. 🤣🤣🤣 I think I should have started it much earlier. 😛

This is one length hair style. So, it is pretty simple. With my flower eyes, I hope the length is ‘straight’. 😛 Hubby has to hold torch 🔦 light so that I don’t miss out the tiny bits. 🤣

They asked how much I am charging them. I told them RM25. Noelle really went to search for her savings box key so that she can pay me. 🤣🤣 Nikki was ‘smarter’ – she took specimen (fake money) RM25 and gave me! 🙄🙄🤣🤣

Not enough time to cut Norrah’s. I told her tomorrow – if she wants🙄🙄🤣🤣. She says she want wor….😂😂😂


Water kefir and milk kefir class by Mandy Leong 

Today I took the opportunity of my first official time off from my babies (since the arrival of baby no.2) to attend this water kefir and milk kefir class –  something that I wanted to learn since I know about kefir’s healing for eczema

It was a four hours class and I would say never a moment I ‘fell bored/asleep’ (this is despite the hourly wakes last night since my baby wasn’t too well!) 

Besides the detailed explanation given, the bubbly Mandy has made the class lively and interesting by giving her real life examples – on the benefits of both water kefir and milk kefir towards herself (and some of her students). We actually went in with (maybe) only 10% knowledge about water kefir and milk kefir but have so much to bring home – in fact, I guess we will need time to digest the information. Mandy is so informative and her knowledge on kefir is at her finger tips! 
Not only notes were given, we were also provided with the ingredients (which include the ‘babies’ or kefir grains) and some tools to get started. This is because Mandy wants to ensure that our ‘getting started’ journey is easy. She also provides whatsapp support group after signing up for her class! 
I can’t wait for my first harvest in 24 hours time! 😂 I think I ‘crave’ the natural water kefir taste now! The first taste was totally ‘awesome’! 
For more information on her class, contact Mandy via fb messenger at

Allergy test result


Allergy to dust mites & her shoes!

Celine Tan's photo.

Yeah, all food passed!

If anyone needs this..

Celine Tan's photo.
Our review of Dr Kent Woo: Though at least we have a peace of mind of what our girl is allergy to (hopefully this is a true test), we are not perfectly happy with how he reacted after we spoke out about our concern on “steroid”, and he kept avoiding the question by asking us to speak to his nurse (rather than facing the question himself). Yes, he does recommend steroid and anti-histamine; thus this does put me into dilemma – I felt SO BAD about this decision and we decided to let her on them for two weeks. We were prescribed with specialised shampoo, body wash, moisturiser, one steroid cream (which we will lightly tap only) and two anti histamine. The nurses were more friendly and willing to explain.
Besides that, we need to do a big cleaning at home, and always (as much as possible) maintain dust free at home. We are looking into hiring a part time cleaner to do the first time big cleaning job. We also need to buy silicone shoe – Igor- for her. We will see how these changes help in two weeks.
Happily enjoyed her cream cheese chawan mushi after n months not eating!

Dinner tonight:

1. Yam and carrot rice with dried shrimp
2. Kam heong long beans, carrot and minced pork
3. Stew bak kut teh pork with mushrooms


It’s more than a year since I fed this little girl medicine. I could never deny how being a SAHM – where I could direct latch her whenever she wants plus feeding her only healthy food – help her self-immunity alot.

I remember how we struggle to feed her medicines those days (when she was with the nanny). Today reluctantly, we gave her the first dosage of anti histamine – 3ml. Suprisingly, she stood there and let me fed her with a syringe without any frustration. I told her that she needs to take ‘medicine’ like how mama taking ‘medicine’ (aka vitamins). I think she did struggle with swallowing the very sweet medicine – but she did it after all and we gave her ice water after that. Again, she shows that she is such a grown up little girl. smile emoticon

* Disclaimer: Ok, we did ‘bribe’ her saying that she can play ipad after taking medicine

More >> My thoughts on my girl’s skin

Moogoo journey 23.01.15


This is for my own reference.

We got to top up the Irritable Skin Balm and Soothing MSM Cream – yes, in two weeks.


We went over to AA Pharmacy, SS2 to get it, as it is the “cheapest” that I know of. The set cost us RM90. In addition, Epsom salt 375g in AA Pharmacy is cheaper by 60 sen compared to Caring Pharmacy (priced at RM5 in AA Pharmacy).


Overall, there is less skin peels on her toes. The redness has also sort of calm down – but usually appears after bath. At times, she still feels the itch.

This is her feet today; less skin peeling, itch occasionally..,

Celine Tan's photo.

Papaya leaves extract for dengue fever


Just thought of noting this down in case of emergency. This comes from NSTP website:

Victim of dengue fever can start taking two tablespoons a day for a maximum of three days.

The right method of extracting papaya leaf juice includes using mature leaves and washing the leaves thoroughly before soaking them in water for 15 minutes. The leaves are then either blended or pounded and filtered using a sieve.

Storified here:
My hubby caught fever since last Saturday night up till today. He went for blood test on Mon which shows platelet count is normal – he was merely given panadol and advice to drink a lot of fluid. The fever was on and off; and he was lethargic almost every day. Yesterday night, we noticed some tiny rashes coming out on his thigh and body – and I have to ‘beg’ him to go see Dr again but telling him ‘you are going to die!’ – which he ignored me until this morning. Initially, he wanted to go work (workaholic) – I summoned him to his panel dr and the gp sent him off – asking him to visit a hospital. He wasn’t admitted – but blood test showed normal platelet count and POSITIVE for dengue fever. But since it was already the 6th day, the medical officer said that usually patient heal by itself by taking panadol and drink lots of fluid. He will need to do another blood test tomorrow.

So the common thing to do with is to drink some papaya leaves extract. Where can I get it? Thankfully Quinnie Tan helped me get it from her dad’s neighbour – a very kind aunty who also offered advice. Thank you both of you! heart emoticon

Yes, I have been quietly facing all these all by myself with occasional ranting to my friend(s). I am just a NORMAL wife & mummy who still:
– cooks as usual
– bakes as usual
– does housework as usual
– brings my girl out for playtime
– does grocery shopping with my girl
-entertain my girl – with her tantrums and stuff
– look after my girl’s daily needs plus her milk supplier

And in the midst of helping my girl get over her eczema – who stays awake to nurse and calm her in moments of itchiness/cries; & the sick hubby who couldn’t do much but eat + sleep; & my dad just went through a nerve operation (and I seriously didn’t care about it – as I have to look after the two closest to me now).

If you have a problem, face it – no point crying as it won’t help!

Hopefully all these will come to an end soon!

Our try on Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt + Coon Light n Tasty


When National Foods send me the free products, they told me that they just wanted feedback about their products. They don’t expect me to blog it. But, hey, I love to do product reviews and I miss writing reviews a lot (if you can’t remember, I was once a writer – who did so many analysis). In addition, writing is a way for me to relax my mind from “motherhood”.


So, I did try Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt and Coon Light n Tasty. Well, these are lower fat content products that may not be ideal for toddlers. Well, being NOT IDEAL; does not mean that it is NOT SUITABLE. Toddlers still CAN consume these products but if there are choices of FULL fat and LOW fat; of course the FULL fat would be better for them. So, if I decide to go on lower fat meals that I could for the whole family – keeping in mind that the toddler is also consuming – I would be likely use the low fat products.


Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt 98% fat free can be comparable to Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt as both are natural yogurt; just that Farm Fresh’s is full fat. I read that “a higher fat content will definitely give you a thicker, creamier yogurt” but this isn’t the case. My first try tells me that Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt is smoother and creamier for sure. As for the sourish level, they are almost similar. In fact, I did let my girl try out – the plain yogurt (without fruits) – she ran away after the first spoon and shaking her head indicating that she doesn’t want it – her normal reaction if it is plain yogurt.


For Coon Light n Tasty, I was about to compare it to Mother’s Choice Extra Light cheese when I was told that it is not an apple-to-apple comparison since the latter is a processed cheese. To read more about the differences between natural and processed cheese, visit: But basically I am happy that it has lower sodium and the sodium level is near to the maximum level of 680mg per 100g of cheese (suitability to babies/toddler) – whereby I have less worries of adding this low fat cheese to our low fat meal preparation. In fact, I did give a mini piece to my girl and she happily had it!


Well, good products to have at home – but it all bogs down to your family budget. At the moment, Yoplus Yogurt 1kg is RM 19.90 while COON Light & Tasty 250g is RM 19.90.

Clarins cleansers purchased from Duty Free shop in Taoyuan International Airport


All the way from Taipei – I bought two Clarins product – 1. Cleansing Milk – Oily or Combination Skin 400ml (Strawberrynet price = RM159.50) and 2. Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind & Purifying Micro Pearls – Combination/ Oily Skin 125ml (Strawberrynet price = RM104). These were the two products that I need to replenish – since I used them daily. I have already checked the prices before we went to Taipei.


At the duty free shop (right before we board for our plane), we stopped by to check the prices. They were priced TWD1250 and TWD810 respectively. Since we converted our RM to TWD at the rate 11.08, this means every TWD100 is worth RM 11.08. At that rate, the prices of the two are RM112.82 and RM 73.10.


There was a savings of RM77.58 or 29% from the Strawberrynet prices.


Total if purchased from Strawberrynet RM263.50

Total after purchasing from duty free shop RM185.92