Little things that make me smile

Drown with daily routines, I could appear grumpy especially during the day. At times, I snubbed my hubby- because I can’t deny that I feel so ‘stuck’ with the routine (it is like no ending) yet he has the ‘flexibility’ to do his stuff- that everything he says annoy me! 🙄🙄🙄

When it is the kids’ birthday and Christmas, only the kids get gift! I do grumbled ‘not like last time!’ as I am no longer the priority but feel like a ‘slave’. 😢😢😢

Today the door bell rung and someone was at the door to deliver a bouquet of flower! Before opening the door, my mind thinking which ‘lesbo’….or maybe, probably, could be hubby?

Yes, it is from my hubby and my first message to him ‘got prawn behind the stone ah?’ 😝😝😝

Not easy to please me hor?

Ok la…today I feel appreciated !

Thank you lao gong! 😘

but the flowers no longer mine especially after our eldest return home!

Gift for Jaya Jusco’s members on the birthday

On hubby’s birthday morning, he received a sms from Jaya Jusco that he can proceed to any Jaya Jusco customer service to redeem a gift. Given that we are already going to a shopping mall where there is Jaya Jusco, we decided to redeem the gift.


Once arrived at the customer service (in Sunway Pyramid), hubby showed the customer service assistant the sms he received. The lady smiled and then, asked for hubby’s membership card. After handing over the card and a check over the system, the lady gave hubby the gifts – which include a magazine and a booklet that contains some discount vouchers. The discount vouchers are mostly valid from 1 March to 30 April. The merchants include Baskin Robbins (10% off, which I think not that useful to us given that Maybank credit card can give that amount of discount too), Jusco sushi, Kenny Rogers Roasters (but with minimum purchase of 2 quarter’s meals and many more. The most useful voucher, we deem, is the buy one free one TGV movie ticket.


Well, in short, we find that the vouchers ain’t really that useful to us, and it comes with certain conditions and requires us to spend a “minimum”. However, the magazine “Pearl” seems to be rather informative that includes information of health and recipes.


If you are a member of Jaya Jusco and in any Jaya Jusco outlet on your birthday, there’s no harm to collect the gift. But, there is no need to purposely get to an outlet for the gift, though.

Follow up read: Free RM5 AEON Carnival Discount Voucher 13-17 September for spending above RM100

RM368 worth of Personalised Photo Albums from Photobook Malaysia at RM 92 from Groupon

In June last year, I spotted this deal. And given that we were taking pre-wedding photos at that time and that we know we will buy extra soft copy photos, we decided to buy this deal. Our voucher code is Voucher code: 4507152651 and it will expire in Feb 29, 2012. However, due to our laziness, we thought of doing it after the actual wedding day. Also, it was because we do not have an album for our actual wedding day photos.

It was near expiry, end of January that we started designing the album. Groupon also started to send reminder that the voucher will be expiring in one month’s time. I left the designing to my hubby to do. Hubby has to sign up an account, following the instruction and also other groupon customers’ enquiries via Photobook’s facebook. We decided to pick it up ourselves so that we can do quality checking, since we did read that some albums turn out not as expected over their facebook. However, there wasn’t any choice to choose self pick up and we were expected to pay the delivery charge of RM 15. We read on the facebook that we have to pay the RM 15, make a note that it will be self-pick up and then they will refund us the RM 15. It took some time to load the album and once down, an email was sent to hubby. Our order confirmation number was PBO0114270 (on Feb 4, 2012).

On Saturday, which is four days later, a staff from photobook called hubby and we can collect it before 1pm on the day itself. So, we went and self collect it. To our surprise, it was bigger than we expected. On the refund of RM 15, it wasn’t make on the spot because the payment was made via credit card. According to the staff, it would be credited back into hubby’s credit card.

I would say we are satisfied with the purchase. I would say they are efficient. The only trouble is the initiative needed to design the photobook. It sounds a lot of fun, but when it gets to doing it, it is a different story. And, hence the delay in getting the photobook done. I guess this deal is more for people who like to design their own albums and have talent to do so. Due to this reason, it is unlikely that I will purchase this kind of deal in the future, unless I suddenly have the inspiration to design. Or maybe one should have their design done first before purchasing such deals.

I am not sure whether it is truly worth RM 92, as there were many other deals after my purchase that are much cheaper. Also, I have neglected to note that there was delivery charge. So, I would advice buyers to check on the delivery charges too before purchasing this kind of deal. Quality wise, I guess it is just ordinary quality – maybe with a risk that it would tear off in the future?

Happy Planet Trading @ 16 & 18, Jalan Sultan, KL

There was one final item missing from our wedding accessories, which were two pairs of couple slipper for the wedding room. So, we went to Petaling Street to look for them since we can’t find it in major shopping malls. After going into few other shops, we went into Happy Planet Trading located at 16 & 18, Jalan Sultan, KL. We found what we wanted but the items are not labeled with price tags (not just the pairs of slippers, but most other items). Therefore, we approached a staff who was arranging some stuff in the shop. She checked for us and said it was RM 19.90 (which seems the market price for these slippers).


We choose two pairs and then went to the cashier counter. When making payments, the price for the slippers was RM 25.80. We reprimanded the cashier, saying that we were told that it was RM 19.90. Initially, they insisted that it was RM 25.80. But after finding out the error and despite the actual price is RM 25.80, we were charged RM 19.90 per pair.


We are of the view that the shop should actually put price tags on all the items sold to avoid such confusion in the future. But, we were glad that they honored the initial price that they quoted us.



Gift bags from Q Cute Enterprise @ Jalan Petaling, KL

We were looking for gift bags for our door gift. While The Wedding Cottage can offer us at 40 sen, we were reluctant, as we are getting 500 pieces. So, we went to Petaling Street yesterday and visited few shops. We even bumped into one shop owner who was offering the gift bag at 50 sen and refuse to give us the quote for 500 pieces. She even mentioned that it is “impossible” for us to get the 500 pieces in one or two weeks, and it will take at least one month. She even sarcastically says that there was a couple who is getting married in December actually made orders from her back in July. I really did not like her way of pinpointing us. What about those shotgun marriages – would that mean that they will never get gifts in time for their wedding?  (Too bad, I never noted the shop name)

Finally, our last stop was at Q Cute Enterprise, which is located quite a far end from Petaling Street. They were selling the gift bag that we want at 50 sen per piece, and when we told her that we want 500 pieces, she instantly told us that she can offer them at 22 sen. We asked if we need to place an order, which she says that she has stock for 500 pieces. We choose the colour that we wanted and she asked her staff to take out the 500 pieces. Although packed in 100 pieces in a bag, they took the effort to re-count the gift bags for us.

The shop owner also was friendly and marketing her other goods. She did not push the products but explain to us the gifts that people usually give during wedding, for example, chopstick and it represents unity between the two. She also emphasizes saying that there is a need for a lot of money for a wedding, and thus, there is need to cut cost on some things.

Overall, we like the shop, although smaller and less items compared to other shops in the same row of the street. The point is that though she carries less variety of stocks, she has available stock – even in bulk, and not sarcastic in pinpointing the customers for being “late” (which I feel a business owner/ sales assistant should never do).  Most importantly, the shop owner is friendly and easy to relate to, while she empathizes the needs of the customers.

Compared to The Wedding Cottage’s 40 sen per piece, we manage to save RM90 for a 22 sen per piece.

Tina Florist & Gifts at USJ SS15

Previously, I mentioned that we were looking for flowers for our ROM around SS2 and USJ SS15 . [White Rose Florist]

One of the florists that we went into was Tina Florist & Gift. We ended up not picking this florist because the lady, supposedly the owner, was kind of snobbish. She doubted our sincerity when we were enquiring for her flowers. In addition, the samples that she gave us were kind of “old styles”. And, the most unsatisfactorily thing that she said to us (her potential customer) when we informed her that our ROM is on a Monday was “I don’t open my shop on Sunday. If you want, you need to come on Saturday. To keep your flowers fresh, just put in the fridge.” To me, this is real bad customer service and I personally did not like the manner she speaks to us (in a manner similar to – looking down at us). Or, was she having a bad day or hormonal disorder? We left immediately after she handed us the name card and have no intention to revisit.


Balloons – Something Special 2U, SS2 or Balloon Bouquets, Section 14?

In May, we were looking for helium balloons for our pre-wedding shoot. From the forum, I got to know about Something Special 2U, which is located in SS2. It specializes in selling Chinese Wedding stuff, and they do have helium balloons as well. In its website, it was mentioned that 4 round and 4 heart shaped helium balloons cost about RM 26. So, we decided to pay a visit to the shop. Upon arrival, we asked the sales attendant about the helium balloons as posted on their website. None of them know what we were talking about. Then, we went to their shelves that displayed balloons and asked them about pricing. It was RM 3 to RM 5 for the helium balloons, depending on the shape. Given that our pre-wedding shoot would start from day time (from 9 am), we asked if we can get it by 10am (on a Friday morning). The sales attendant says they only open at 12pm and if we want it earlier, they can come in earlier but they will charge us an additional RM 20 on top of the cost of the number of balloons we order. Feeling that they are not very service-oriented, we decided not to place the order there. They weren’t that good in handling customers.

Our next stop is Balloon Bouquets located at Section 14, Petaling Jaya. We already know their presence and they are kind of famous. We initially thought the helium balloons there would be pricier. But, we are glad to find that they charge RM 3 for both round and heart-shaped balloon. In addition, the male sales attendant takes his initiative to explain to us the difference of a helium balloon that could last longer compared to the RM 3 ones (which last about eight hours). The difference is they add on glue for the pricier helium balloons (I have forgotten about the pricing for this). We asked if we can collect early and the sales attendant says that they are open at 10am. So, there is no additional charge. But, he reminded us to book in advance so that we do not have to wait on the day of collection.

We made our bookings for 10 helium balloons (RM 30) one week before our pre-wedding shoots with Balloon Bouquets, Section 14. And, in the morning, on our way to our outdoor location, we dropped by to collect the balloons, which was ready for collection. We are happy with how the balloons turn out and how the sales attendant arranged it! The only setback about this branch is the parking.

White Rose Florist USJ SS15

In February, we were searching for flowers for our ROM. We actually surveyed few florists around SS2 (Petaling Jaya) and also SS15 (Subang Jaya). Our final choice was White Rose Florist because the lady was able to give good and sound advice plus her flexibility to accommodate us. We also told her the colour of my gown and she suggested the colour of flowers for us. Given my height, the lady also suggested the number of stalks that I can hold. At the end, she showed the sample photo of flowers. She wrote down the flower code and reminded us to book two weeks before the day we collect it. Since our ROM was on Monday, she also agreed to open her business on Sunday for us to collect the flowers.

We paid the deposit (RM 50) in the middle of March. We turned up at her shop again as we do not want any confusion. And, we collected the flowers the day before our ROM. The lady was basically waiting for us to turn up and happily showed us our flowers when we turn up. We paid the remaining RM 70, where the total cost is RM 120.

However, my mother in law said that it was “overpriced” compared to flowers in Petaling Street. However, could the flowers from Petaling Street turn out to be as good as this (just wondering)? To me, this was really beautiful.  Moreover, my friend (who came to my ROM) said that it is usually the berries that cost the flowers expensive.

I am indeed happy with how the flowers turned out and the service provided. Well, if in future if there’s need for any flower for any occasion, I am happy to get back to her.