Fish feeding and playground at Waterfront, Desa Park City

Though we have been there few times, we finally walked the whole round of the lake! 😅

It has also been a while since we came here! Probably the next round we come here, Noelle will ask to bring her scooter!

We are trying to reserve a day of every weekend to do physical activities – so that everyone could sweat it out!

No.1 first TEST

Good luck to our first Princess for her first TEST in life!

Ujian Saringan kemasukan sekolah rendah/ assessment test for primary school entrance 😓😓

We got this shocking news late last month; but only prepared her this week🙄 more of guiding her how to read Bahasa questions – ‘gariskan’, ‘padankan’, ‘bulatkan’….etc (I have no worries if the test is in English, but BM🤦🏻‍♀️). Next I told her to skip questions first if she doesn’t know; come back to them later. Finally, ‘mini mini mani more’ if really don’t know! 😝🤣

While the exam takes about an hour, the parent-teacher brought her down in 50 minutes! It was a relief that she came down looking happy, seeing us! 😁😁 She told us ‘I so clever know how to do all’! (Ok la, I trust and believe in you!) Hopefully she will get a placement there – for its strategic location go our place!

According to her, there was calculation and number sequencing, suku kata and drawing. I asked if the teachers spoke in Bahasa or English. She said that teachers spoke in Bahasa but she couldn’t really get it; so the teachers then spoke English! (Actually majority of the kids there don’t really know Bahasa)

In preparation:

We don’t really want to ‘stress’ her up, after all she is just 5y4m to be exact! Our worries is not about her passing or falling; but to pursue to sit for the exam. We thought for 2-3 weeks on what to tell her – activities with friends? 🤔🤔 in desperation, I seek opinion and thankfully I spoke to my dearest Vernice Tan! 😂😝 She told me tell Noelle the truth – not activities, as it might disappoint her – if it turns out to be not what she enjoys doing. But to tell her, it is a TEST – where the bigger girl school teachers want to test how much she knows! This was a POWER sentence. We told Noelle the exact thing and she accepted it!

Abit kiasu and kiasi 😂🙄 I bought some work books to help her gauge how it is like. Surprisingly, she also accepts doing the activity books a lot – in the week (actually it was just coincidentally she felt sick and we could spend more time sitting down together to do the books)!

While I didn’t stress her, when the day came closer – suddenly she did tell her papa ‘I don’t want Saturday!’ 😨😱😑🙄 So, we promised to bring her this painting place after the test! 🙄 And she agreed! Even this morning, she was a little hesitant – I asked my hubby to shut his mouth and don’t talk (cos sometimes he irritates her🙄😝😂)! So, I did all the comforting and it was a total relief when she followed all other kids with the parent-teachers!

😆😆 Nikki cried looking for Jeh Jeh after that! We took the opportunity to tell her ‘isn’t it you always say don’t want Jeh Jeh?’ 😝😝

Love and respect your body

Big baby goes back to school

Actually the day when she caught high fever, she lost her ‘virginity’ to McDonald’s fries and burger plus soft drink in school (storify later). And days before, she refused to take blueberries because the batch I bought was sourish!

It gave me opportunity to ‘nag’ her – but it was really a good lesson for her. Moreover, this round she ‘suffered’ most – by how she shivered and couldn’t sleep!

When she was ill, she voluntarily fed herself blueberries, other fruits, extra virgin coconut oil and drinks (coconut water and honey lemon) that I gave her. In the (Wednesday) morning, I did give her ibuprofen and she realised that the medicine was ‘temporary’ measure only – she experienced how fast her body ache went off and to come back hours later! I did ‘offer’ to feed her once more ibuprofen at night before bed so that she can sleep well – but she herself rejected the measure (and slept through the night without medicine). And actually she felt much better after the big poo poo on (Wednesday) evening; which I told her – the body ‘disposed off’ all the bad germs/virus.

So, yesterday we spoke about it – ‘WHY we must LOVE our own body by feeding the RIGHT kind of food!’ And I think she really got it! I asked if she wants to suffer once more like the day before – of course, no! It is not mama who have to be in ‘pain’ (actually I suffer too ok, by taking care of an ill kid 😝) but it is herself. I also ‘threathen’ not to look after her again if she falls sick like this! 🙄🙄Hope this be a life lesson for her!


McDonald’s story

It was another friend’s birthday and the parent ordered McDonald’s happy meal for all kids! I won’t ‘blame’ the parents entirely but the school actually did not provide their usual lunch but gave them McDonald for lunch. So, I can’t blame Noelle entirely because she had no choice.

Having said that, when I picked her up, she left half burger and gave me ‘this is for you mama!’ (I actually was very touched that she thought of me when she ate her McDonald’s – maybe sambil Makan, sambil panic if mama found out how?)

She ate all the fries and drank the soft drink (I did asked her how she felt from the drink – she told me ‘it was sour and my nose and throat feel hot – probably burning feel)

My immediate feeling was ‘mad’ but then I don’t want to be ‘ungrateful’ that people provide food and had party – we don’t appreciate it. But we did tell the principal off that Noelle is NOT allowed to take fast food in school (and don’t know how my hubby word it with her la – if I talk, sure bad tone already 😝 Some more the principal told my hubby that Noelle ate until so happy🙄😒 then you want her eat and cry at the same time?) We would be happy that the school provide lunch as usual and Noelle brings home the fast food instead – which then we will decide if Noelle eats it (the same thing we told Noelle)!

I would also be less mad if the parent changed the fries to steamed corn! 😝 (people give food also so much requests 🤭)

Disclaimer: our way of parenting; you want to feed, you feed ok? No need to judge us for making our kid lose her childhood (even when I was a kid, McDonald was a LUXURY and not a norm) plus we still go McDonald for ice cream! Also, we don’t want to make it a habit that Noelle feels it is OK to eat McDonald’s meal! Yes she will one day expose to Mcdonald’s at a large scale – but only when she gets much older, k? She is just 5 years old – many more years later to enjoy Mcdonald’s. She is also our first child who will be an example to her two sisters – so deferring it is still the better approach!

Gratitude post – to Karen Michaela Tan of BNP (Klang Valley)

I started giving in this group since January – part of my lessons to my kids of ‘giving’ plus my mission of decluttering. There were many tempting ‘wants’ and many missed opportunities because of location/timing in these months!

And finally – we got what we NEED. Thanks to the BNP first timer recipients activity.

A little story:

We changed our single bed to queen size bed before the arrival of our third baby last year! And given my girls’ skin allergy, changing sheets and comforters is a must on a weekly basis! Now we have two queen size beds to change and wash! So we are short of queen size comforter and sheets. Recently, we even bought one set online (which wasn’t that cheap)! This GIFT definitely reduced my rush in making sure there’s an extra sheet available each time (spill/vomit accidents happen quite frequently with kids). The comforter also replaces our slightly torn single bed comforter which I am still using!

What was more heartfelt to me was Karen delivered to me personally yesterday evening instead of me collecting it from her house this morning. So I managed to get it wash and dry by this late morning – ready for my girls’ afternoon nap today! I truly appreciate her time to dig out the set and sending it to us! Thank you very much! Plus the colour matches our blue theme room! 😘

I too can’t wait to snuggle under the sheet with my girls later! 😝

A gift that comes with delivery

Today i lost my ‘virginity’…… at Beli Nothing Project fb page


And this is a gift that comes with delivery😁😁

Though we have been giving out some ‘useful’ things that we don’t need anymore at Beli Nothing Project fb page, we have never focus on receiving. Firstly, most of the things posted (very attractive at times) are wants more than needs. Secondly, I ain’t ‘fast’ enough – things find their new owners so fast! Thirdly, I usually look for those near to our location. Fourthly, besides location, I need to consider ‘timing’ of collection. And lastly, I actually ‘shy’ to receive!

So today when I saw this post which was a set of comforter with bed sheet set (unused but store for some time) plus the location – I was totally ‘excited’! That was something we ‘need’! But I actually thought few times before posting (today had time because the fb page was having this ‘first timer’ recipient) – whether I could pick it up on their convenience and my own timing (I don’t want to ‘offend’ people unknowingly at the same time).

So, I drafted:

“I have been gifting so far and not received anything from BNP.

I have three girls and the eldest has dustmite allergy plus the youngest still a baby who co sleep with us and easily gets bedbug bites. So, I change my sheets and blanket every week without fail. Having this extra set would help in case of rainy days (we have two queen sized bed at home).

Timing wise, I could only come around 10am-12pm on Monday for collection after the eldest off to school. (I am a stay at home mum with three kids.)

Thank you for considering me!”

I was certainly enlightened to get a reply:

“You really do need this!! And you have been super generous in your gifting too! I’m very pleased to gift this to you! I hope it helps with the laundry change etc! Please pm for collection or if you’re really having a tough time getting out, I’ll deliver to you!”

We actually exchanged contact and agreed that I will pick up from her gate tomorrow morning. But come evening (just now), she contacted me that she will send it over to us immediately! We met at our guard house. I was too shy to go empty handed – grabbed some dragon fruits that I bought this morning and gave her! 😝

And there it is – our first ‘gift’ from Beli Nothing Project fb page – just in time to replace our torn single bed comforter! 😁😁😁 truly grateful for it!


DIY spider legs for story telling

Started on Tuesday evening – made of recycle bag, papa’s old socks, plastic and recycle bags to stuff inside the socks

Winning really doesn’t matter. What matters most is the courage she took to ‘speak’ in front of many people (especially unfamiliar faces)!

It is really well done to our little girl! From someone who only memorises stories by repeated reading by mama to someone now who recognizes words (just in about four months); from someone who blurt out ‘nonsense’ and ‘hahahahaha’ to someone who speaks out words clearly and confidently!

While we are at the back/in front encouraging her, ‘me’ for sure – will go ‘gugugaga’ if I were to do public speaking! 😝

And thank you for ‘allowing’ mama to dress you up as a spider today (she hates spider and I got to ‘negotiate’ with her)! We were applauded for the effort! 😁😁

You are already a winner in our heart! <video>

Anyway she did win second place!

Spirit of giving

Before she went to school yesterday, she told me she wanted to ‘giveaway’ her Peppa Pig hair pin (which was gifted to her two years ago) to her schoolmate, Ma Chia Wei. I was actually quite surprised that she wanted to ‘giveaway’ something she (used to) like a lot.

Me: When you ‘giveaway’, your friend will not return it to you and you can’t ask it back from her. So, are you sure you want to give away?

Noelle: Ahaaa…(nodded)

Me: Ok, up to you! 🙄🙄

When I picked her up from school,

Noelle: Mama, I gave the Peppa hair clip to Ma Chia Wei already!

Me: Ok 🙄🙄🙄

Out of curiosity,

Me: Why did you giveaway the hair pin?

Noelle: I don’t want it already

😂😂actually sounded like me when I gave away stuff months I told her – we don’t want and don’t need it anymore

I don’t feel like breaking her spirit of giving away (though it could possibly mean that next time she might be giving things that we still need but she doesn’t want).

Me: What did Ma Chia Wei say when you gave her the pin? Was she happy?

Noelle: She was happy!

Me: Are you happy seeing her happy?

Noelle: YES!

Ok, that matters most when it comes to giving. It was coincidentally days ago we packed some snacks for our security guard and she passed to them when we were entering the guard house after school.

Me: Remember we gave the uncles those snacks. How did they react?

Noelle: They were smiling. And I feel happy also!

#spiritofgiving up a level😁😁

From a toddler who refuses to ‘share’ to a kid now who willing to ‘give’

I wish it could be easier for Nikki and Norrah to follow through in years tocome!

Happy little girls!

While I have been giving away stuff, I have not been ‘in search’ for anything before.

In fact, what my girls receive today (a toy stroller and scooter) weren’t ‘asked for’ but were offered by a kind friend, who can easily put it up on the ‘Beli Nothing Project’ facebook page (which she has been doing also for other things).

I couldn’t thank her more (because this is not the first time she hand us down some stuff to us!) 😘😘 My girls are certainly blessed to have (non-related blood/family) aunties who always think of them (Noelle, Nikki and Norrah)! This include aunties who mama (me) ‘rejected’ offers of some hand-me-down (sometimes really paiseh to receive 🤦🏻‍♀️)!

Thank you very much to you, you and you (figure out yourself!) 😝

On another note, last week we gave away our old air fryer because I saw spark coming out from the plug which was stuck in the extension. I gave away with the condition that they know how to fix it (as the air fryer is still functionable and no one at home knows how to fix it). A man actually took it for his wife and managed to fix it! He couldn’t be happy enough! He even gave me some advice on electrical products! 🤣

And I am happy that I made his wife happy! I am happy too to have a new and cleaner air fryer (actually more of the safety of the household – I don’t want the house get electrocuted)