I-Discovery Bridge Building Workshop at CITTA Mall

There was this free event when we happened to be there today!

Noelle was excited to join but we find her feeling bored 🙄🙄thorough the 45 minutes session. 

Probably the activity wasn’t really for her age (she wasn’t the youngest there though) plus ‘poor’ explanation and guidance given (not only her feeling bored actually)!

MPH warehouse sale at Jalan 13/4

We spent our Labour’s Day morning in the MPH warehouse sale. We arrived there around 10am before the crowd build up! And we brought along our market trolley for convenience! It was indeed a great idea to do so – at least we don’t have to carry a heavy box around!

Hubby found many of his books at great bargain! There were many children books too and we got a few for the kids! 

Today is the last day of the sale, though! 

Our first visit to Shah Alam Lake Garden

Being stranded at home almost on a daily basis with one or two days out to the supermarket/mall, we find it important for the kids to do some outdoor activities – especially Noelle who has outburst of energy in her! 🙄 We prefer outdoor because it is usually less crowded, does give us fresh air and allows us to sweat it all out. Also, outdoor activities are usually free – making use of the amenities established by developers or local councils! 

With some research, we found Shah Alam Lake Garden or more well known as Taman Tasik Shah Alam. If not mistaken, the children playground was nearly renovated/built last year. And yes, it has the best of equipments compared to the few outdoor playgrounds we frequent in Klang Valley. However, I would say that it is more suitable for kids above 3-4 years old. So, Noelle really enjoyed herself there. 

Probably the younger ones can play bubbles at the park (there are some stalls selling bubble solutions).

Besides ‘challenging’ herself to completing ‘challenge course’ at the playground, Noelle also made friends! So, we ended spending quite some time there! We forego feeding the fishes though we brought the fish feed. Also, there were other activities such as canoeing and boat paddling (which is the other side of the park) that we did not took park. We also see few families picnicking at the park that has quite a beautiful landscape. We only bought mineral water and ice creams from the stalls at the park. We will be sure to come back again as Noelle repeatedly said that ‘I like this playground!’ 

Video of Noelle enjoying herself <here>

As mentioned, entrance is free but parking is limited. Parking is free on weekends and public holidays. There are public toilets available with minimal fee. 
The wet water park is next door and we saw a long queue there!

Pureen warehouse sale

This is our first time attending Pureen Warehouse Sale at Glenmarie, Shah Alam (22-23 April 2017). The products are cheaper and of course cost and time effective if we buy more. The babies and toddlers’ clothes are particularly sold at a bargain! They were really as low as RM3. 

Besides the cheaper goods, I would particularly reckon that they were very well organised (at least on the day we went – Saturday lunchtime). They have anggota rela controlling the traffic flow, arranged purchases of light food and drinks outside the warehouse, standby ambulances, availability of shopping bags, a lot of cashier counters, efficient restock of goods and even trolleys to send bought goods to the car. Due to the crowd, vehicles have to be parked further away from the factory (this could also avoid the jam towards the warehouse)! 

Water kefir and milk kefir class by Mandy Leong 

Today I took the opportunity of my first official time off from my babies (since the arrival of baby no.2) to attend this water kefir and milk kefir class –  something that I wanted to learn since I know about kefir’s healing for eczema

It was a four hours class and I would say never a moment I ‘fell bored/asleep’ (this is despite the hourly wakes last night since my baby wasn’t too well!) 

Besides the detailed explanation given, the bubbly Mandy has made the class lively and interesting by giving her real life examples – on the benefits of both water kefir and milk kefir towards herself (and some of her students). We actually went in with (maybe) only 10% knowledge about water kefir and milk kefir but have so much to bring home – in fact, I guess we will need time to digest the information. Mandy is so informative and her knowledge on kefir is at her finger tips! 
Not only notes were given, we were also provided with the ingredients (which include the ‘babies’ or kefir grains) and some tools to get started. This is because Mandy wants to ensure that our ‘getting started’ journey is easy. She also provides whatsapp support group after signing up for her class! 
I can’t wait for my first harvest in 24 hours time! 😂 I think I ‘crave’ the natural water kefir taste now! The first taste was totally ‘awesome’! 
For more information on her class, contact Mandy via fb messenger at https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547466597

Happy Chap Goh Mei 2017

We don’t really celebrate Chap Goh Mei but thought of bringing them out to watch lion 🦁 dance. The bonus was throwing of oranges into the pool. Thanks to Oasis Ara Damansara for organizing this event! 😘

We had dinner at home before we went out.

This year’s CNY actually has not big difference JUST that I didn’t have to sit and eat with some group of people at all. So it has become somehow peaceful in mind – as ‘not much’ thoughts running in mind of what people do and say in front of me. This actually breaks a decade of ‘tradition’. I just would like to keep in mind that it is not the tradition that matters BUT teaching the kids self respect is utmost important.

This wraps up CNY 2017! Hope everyone has a great year ahead!