Reduce plastic consumption

My new OCD level 😂😂😂😂 – sorting out plastic bags

I have been doing this for six months or so. We haven’t been buying any garbage bags, try to reduce acceptance of ‘new’ plastic bags as much as possible, reuse plastic packaging from things like flour, biscuits, food packaging and etc.

I am reusing the plastic packaging when I go to supermarkets – as in I bring those plastic bags to pack the loose groceries which is easier than using recycled bags (so far Tesco and Giant have been accepting my practice – or the staff just behtahan me🤣) and also to throw rubbish. (My hubby is kinda ‘stress’ to determine which plastic bag to use especially when it comes to throwing Norrah’s poop 💩 diaper! ) Sometimes I reuse the plastic packaging to wrap fresh veggies. I also try to use/bring my own containers for fresh pork and chicken as much as possible (but this is difficult especially if the two younger ones are tagging along).

After all these, we still have a lot of plastic bags in the house! 😓 Anyway, I am still not into making ecobricks (because I have no time for it). But seriously I am eager to learn how to make recycled bags from plastic – I have watched videos; they are quite time consuming too, to be honest! 😓


Our first visit to TTDI public library

Our first visit to the newly renovated TTDI public library 📚

The kids’ section and its selection of books are great; but not for the adults’ section. The girls had fun there – Noelle managed to read four books; I read one book with Nikki and Norrah poop there 😒🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 (no baby room but I managed to change her in the lady’s toilet). Not many people today (probably school still running) – great decision to pay a visit today; more manageable since I am alone with them. We spent about 1.5 hours there this morning.

There’s also this ‘book donation’ section which we can take any books home. But we left some of my old books there instead. I think public library is a better place to leave our unwanted books there then BNP.

Photo: <here>

Thank you to the Good Samaritan

On a weekly basis, I do grocery shopping with two toddlers – 1+ and 3+ yo. Whenever I pack my stuff, it would be at a super fast mode – fearing that I would slow down the queue. Usually, the cashier or staff (even if they have nothing to do) will not help. I actually don’t mind they not helping – because it is not their duty.

Today, as usual we went grocery shopping. As I was packing the groceries (while I baby wear the younger one) and the elder one was in the trolley, the lady at the back of the queue was pushing my trolley towards the front. That made me panic- I fasten my packing up. 😓😓

As she pushed the trolley further in front, she started carrying my groceries bags into the trolley (until the last bag)! 🤭 I was totally in shocked but couldn’t thank her enough! At the same time, I feel embarrassed 😳 actually!

This really made my day and hope this will mark a good start to my long weekend! 😁😁😁

Happy weekend to everyone!

And Happy Wesak to those celebrating!

Monkeys disturbance at TTDI park

Our picnic day at TTDI cut short because monkeys started to surround us 😓😓

When we arrived at the picnic spot, some trees were chopped down! 😓 But we were lucky to get a green spot. Everything was well until Nikki, Norrah and hubby started eating. The monkeys which often were at the far side of the park, were coming towards us. One man was already shoo-ing them. Both hubby and Nikki closed their food boxes while Norrah was still eating. Then, one rather big and fierce monkey was approaching towards Norrah.

I was shoo-ing it (calling hubby also) and the monkey actually showed it’s anger (grinning teeth) – hubby showed his ‘manliness’ by picking up his slippers to shoo it away (😆actually he also very the scared🤣🤣); it went off. We quickly packed and go (kiasi liao).

It was so close an encounter (actually we encountered a closer one before – snatch our wet tissue away in one of the waterfalls).

Then we went to the playground again; thought of finishing up our lunch box before going off – but another monkey came again. This time really cabut lari, we ate inside the car (with doors locked!) 🙄🤣

Ok, it will take some time before we come back again. Noelle says don’t want to come liao!😆 I told her how wild life changed – monkeys were supposed to eat banana (and fruits) – why do they start coming after human’s food? Because human started feeding them human food. And that’s why there are sign boards saying ‘no feeding the monkeys’ which often people ignore.

First self care of 2019

#throwback last Saturday morning

I officially went for AN hour exercise (since Noelle, 6 years +) and it was my FIRST zumba. The session was held at Noelle’s school and organised by its PIBG to raise school funds (just RM12 per adult for the session, kids are free).

Noelle was initially excited to go; but disappointed because she didn’t see any of her friends. I didn’t bother about her – she stood there for an hour watching us. I had a great work out – though I didn’t know what I was doing! 🙄🤣

‘Signing off’ for the LAST jab from Klinik Kesihatan!

We arrived before 7am and got number 2!🙄🙄 (kiasu maaa🤣🤣 no la 😒😒 I need to shorten waiting time so that papa can go work earlier k?😆) The clinic looked empty because they haven’t opened the main door for the orang-orang tua who were queuing outside.

So we waited for an hour plus before the real queue for weight check and nurse begin.All settled before 845am. Weight and height check weren’t accurate because Norrah was moving a lot and also wailing! 🙄🙄 Nurse didn’t really care since it would be the last jab (and our last visit🤭 though they did give us a date for check up!)

Norrah in her super active mode despite waking up at 5am this morning!😒 (and Nikki also woke 5sth today 🤦🏻‍♀️) Fortunately I didn’t put her in shoes or else she will run around (I just struggle carrying her – and thus I have been tickling her to stop her😒).

>> putting both Norrah and Nikki for early morning nap before starting ‘fire’ in the kitchen!

Coin depositing ‘activity’ for the kids!

We went to the bank a couple of times this month! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😓😓 Not because we have so much money to deposit into the bank🤭 but because we have a lot of COINS (which we have sectioned it nicely into few bags)! And Noelle wanted to do it herself! 🙄🙄There were couple of times the machine was ‘full’; and the last round we came – it was functioning, but before it came to our turn, it became full again! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Today finally we deposited those coins. Noelle appreciate the process very much. I told her to save up her pocket money (coins) in primary 1, and we can come deposit again in her next school holiday in June (I think). ✌🏻

There are limited banks and hyper markets with this coin deposit machine facility, which can be found on:

Our small contribution to Babybox Malaysia – a box of bibs!

I get to know about this NGO via a parenting facebook and since nobody wanted our bibs at Beli Nothing Project page, I decided to donate it away instead! I took this advantage to teach the girls about ‘charity’ and how they are advantaged over some kids! (That’s how our conversation about what happen if papa and mama die occurs 🤣)

Yesterday we packed it and today we sent it out! 😁😁😁

To find out more about Babybox Malaysia, visit their facebook page. Besides baby stuff, they do accept monetary contribution.

#throwback conversation

I was talking to Noelle about ‘charity’. I told her how lucky they are because they still have papa and mama when some other babies/kids don’t have. Then I asked her what if papa and mama die already, who is going to take care of her!

Noelle: When I grow big, I can take care of myself!

Me: 😮😮 (very comforting to hear that, but decide to ‘challenge’ her thinking) What if papa and mama die now? Who is going to take care of you?

Noelle: Someone who not yet die! 🙄🙄

Me: 😑😑😑