Norrah’s second month jab at Klinik KesihatanΒ 

We decided that I go alone with Norrah while the two kids stay at home with the half day ‘stay at home dad’! This is after confirmation from some mummies that I don’t have to do anymore checking (so I can handle Norrah myself). 
We left early with crying Nikki. Fortunately we didn’t wait any longer (to soothe Nikki) as the queue at Klinik Kesihatan was already building up when I arrived there. We were number 9 in our area code! They only started the checkings at sharp 8am.

Seriously, I have no idea how the system works – the numbers from different area and timing were all jumping all around. It not only takes patience to wait but heart beating (like waiting for the lotto numbers to appear). And it is not once but thrice for this second round of jab- first being weighing, second to see nurse and jab and finally to see doctor. Seeing doctor is only this round, I guess! The seats are really hot seats; once standing, they are up for grab (no joke! I was sitting at the corner, just bend my body and lift my butt up to check on the ticking numbers – my seat gone! πŸ™„) Certainly the right decision to leave the two girls at home! 

Anyway, the nurses and doctor are nice! This time they did the alcohol swab before injecting! Norrah cried a tiny bit! Yes, it is still free of charge (errr.. well, we paid taxes)! 
I nursed Norrah in the car before we left to tahpau lunch for me and hubby. Then I dropped by at sundry shop to get the seaweed noodles which Noelle has been requesting for! I cooked it immediately with leftover soup when I returned and she ate 3 pieces of the noodles. Nikki also has it without fuss! 
We will repeat the process in the next few months!

Our first immunization experience in Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya

Today we went to the Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya for Norrah’s immunization – hepatitis b. Documenting this for future mummies who are unsure! 
We arrived there before 730 am (their official hour is 730am). I was abit clueless when I was there (while hubby went to park the car with the two girls). So, I asked the lady who was queuing behind me. It was actually self ‘check in’ as in we got to take our number and it is based on areas. Then I saw them clipping the numbers on their pink book and placing them into a basket (while I just have my immunization book from sunmed which the visiting nurses clipped on our appointment date). So, I follow suit. I was actually carrying Norrah and holding a bag – so a lady actually offered help by helping me clip the paper! ☺️

Then we waited. It was until 730am that the nurses started working on segregating the piles of pink book. It was also then the crowd started coming in. The seats are fast gone (meaning if you get up from your seat, you will be there standing). 
I was then called upon (some time after 8am) and the nurse required Norrah’s mykid and my mykad for the first time registration. I was told that for first visit I supposed to take two numbers as they need to check on me too. They gave me another number.
We waited again (I didn’t time what was happening because I was hand carrying sleeping Norrah while helping hubby keep an eye on the two girls – the place was really crowded)! Then our number appeared and we were told to remove Norrah’s cloth and diaper for weighing. Norrah was 3.8kg (on 1m1d compared to 2.79kg birth weight). The nurse also meaured her height and length of her head. Hubby was away handling the two kids (but it was also impossible for him to come along as the place was not feasible for more people standing in). But the nurse asked if I came alone as she needs to check my weight and I was required to do blood prick and urine test. So I called hubby and he came to carry Norrah. The nurse weighed me and then gave me some papers – told me to get to ‘room 32’ for blood prick and then proceed to ‘counter 21’ for urine test.
Upon arriving at room 32, I saw a queue there. Again I was not too sure what was the sequence of actions. So I decided to ask another mama there. I was told to put in my book/paper in the tray. After I put my papers there, Norrah was crying. So, I went to the nursing room (which consists of sofa and air conditioned) to nurse her! Both the kids started to be impatient and hubby had a ‘hard’ time managing them. I told him to bring them out while i waited with Norrah outside of room 32 again. Finally they called my name and I did the blood prick. 
I was then sent to counter 21 to do urine test. I placed my paper into the tray provided before the nurse handed me a cup for the urine test. Again I need to call hubby back in to carry Norrah. I went to the general public toilet and carried my urine back – sent to the lab next to counter 21. Then we waited another 10 minutes before they gave me the ‘result’ (in which Nikki already started her crankiness as she was tired and looked for me. So I carried her to sleep). After getting the ‘result’, I went back to the nurses where Norrah was weighed. I was told to wait for our number again. 
Our number came and we went into room 31 where the nurse asked some questions on Norrah’s birth. I was holding Norrah at that point. So she asked me to place Norrah on the bed and I lied next to Norrah for the simple check up. She merely check Norrah if she shows any sign of jaundice (which there wasn’t any) and looked into my c-sec area. She says everything was ok and I don’t need to see the dr. At that point Norrah was fussing again, the nurse told me to feed Norrah right beside her! So I just unbuckled to breastfeed Norrah. She also questioned if Norrah was fully breastfed. 
She then told me to choose a date for next appointment – hubby was waiting outside – so I have to get him in to check with him. I was told that Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya is busy and change of appointment can only be done physically – once appointment date missed, it will be considered non attendance. She said that Norrah will only get to see the dr on next visit. 
She asked me to continue breastfeed Norrah while she prepare for the Hepatitis B jab. She then called me to get into the next room for immunization. She told me to sit down and taught me how to hold Norrah while she jabbed. Just a minor point, maybe, they don’t sterilize the baby’s skin before and after the jab – but think again, maybe the antiseptic isn’t good for baby’s skin? After the jab, she handed me the pink book and told me that everything is done. We could go home! It was close to 10am when we leave the Klinik Kesihatan. 

We did not have to pay anything, not even registration. 
Overall, I would say the service is good as in the nurses were friendly and the patients were also helpful – as in they helped me out when I needed help or feel unsure. The wait is quite long but it was fast moving. And I could imagine waiting at the private clinic too – might be that long too! Just that the waiting environment at private clinic will be better. While I don’t quite understand how their system work, they were progressing quite well. I would say Kudus to them. 
While it could be dread to come here again, I remind myself to be patient – as the government still currently offer free jabs for the babies. Plus ‘waiting’ still happens when we get to the private clinic on the ‘wrong’ day! 
I thought of going alone with Norrah at first. But luckily hubby came along – as baby needs to be carried when I do certain examination/test. 

PJ Car free day!

We saw the banner yesterday and thought of just joining in for fun since it was held walks away from our place. 

Funnily, though it was ‘car free’, everyone was driving there! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ I guess probably only we were walking there! Then we realized it was more like a sports gathering rather than being ‘car free’event. 

So the kids just had fun at the playground.

A visit from Klinik Komuniti’s nurses

Today’s story – nurses from Klinik Komuniti Kelana Jaya came over to our house! 
Rewind back – we actually wanted to get the free immunization for Norrah from the government clinic. This is actually our first experience since the other two kids were given immunization in private clinics/hospital! 

After enquiring around mummies group, we found out that we need to inform the clinic once baby is born.

And yesterday, while we were on our way to Heromart, we decided to stop by at the Klinik Komuniti Kelana Jaya to inform the nurses – instead of ringing them up. Due to lack of packing, I actually walked down and went into the clinic while others waited in the car. When I told the nurse that I wanted to inform about a baby’s birth, the nurse asked who am I informing on behalf! πŸ™„πŸ™„ Then I told the nurse ‘myself!’ 🀣 The nurse went 😱 and sort of didn’t believe I just delivered. Cut the story short, I gave them the required information. I didn’t bring anything along-but just verbal information and showed them my mykad! They just required information such as the date and place of birth, baby’s weight and contact information. The nurse just wrote those information on a piece of paper. They couldn’t give me a time on when they will come over to see the baby – but says that they will ring us up before coming! 

Surprisingly, this morning when we were settling the two other kids, we were given a ‘surprise’ visit by two government nurses! We just need to show them the baby’s immunization book. One nurse gave a check on me – blood pressure and also my c-sec area! Another nurse checked on Norrah – they were abit concern about Norrah looking yellowish! πŸ™„ We were given a date for the one month’s immunization! We then bid goodbye to the two friendly nurses, who have clear identification tags on them! 
Other than this, nothing much interesting – except the two kids went out with papa to buy rice grains in the morning (with papa coming home looking πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Papa also brought them to the playground in the evening before dinner! 

Norrah has been her usual good self!

Our quiet time today

In the year, we actually skipped ‘academic’ activities – as we emphasize on play plus the girl who approaches 5 year old by end of the year has least interest in them (at that point of introduction). With ‘limited’ movement now, I reintroduced these activities – counting, connecting dots,etc – and surprisingly, she is showing more interest in them plus I could actually see how much she has improved on her understanding of these ‘lessons’!

I am having my ‘best’ makan time of the year. Food hasn’t been good in the past 8 months plus! Now, everything tastes ‘heaven’! 🀣 Most importantly, I don’t puke anymore! 
Meals today:

Breakfast – toast butter bread, gold kiwi, milo and black bean drink
My lunch and our dinner:

Steamed pork ribs with carrot, red dates and wolfberries

Stir fry French beans and zucchini

Air fried honey chicken wings (for the kids’ dinner)

Best root chicken soup (not in pic)

Kids’ lunch: spinach noodles in beet root chicken soup

Teatime: Banana waffles (tested some food colouring on waffles for the kids)

I-Discovery Bridge Building Workshop at CITTA Mall

There was this free event when we happened to be there today!

Noelle was excited to join but we find her feeling bored πŸ™„πŸ™„thorough the 45 minutes session. 

Probably the activity wasn’t really for her age (she wasn’t the youngest there though) plus ‘poor’ explanation and guidance given (not only her feeling bored actually)!

MPH warehouse sale at Jalan 13/4

We spent our Labour’s Day morning in the MPH warehouse sale. We arrived there around 10am before the crowd build up! And we brought along our market trolley for convenience! It was indeed a great idea to do so – at least we don’t have to carry a heavy box around!

Hubby found many of his books at great bargain! There were many children books too and we got a few for the kids! 

Today is the last day of the sale, though! 

Our first visit to Shah Alam Lake Garden

Being stranded at home almost on a daily basis with one or two days out to the supermarket/mall, we find it important for the kids to do some outdoor activities – especially Noelle who has outburst of energy in her! πŸ™„ We prefer outdoor because it is usually less crowded, does give us fresh air and allows us to sweat it all out. Also, outdoor activities are usually free – making use of the amenities established by developers or local councils! 

With some research, we found Shah Alam Lake Garden or more well known as Taman Tasik Shah Alam. If not mistaken, the children playground was nearly renovated/built last year. And yes, it has the best of equipments compared to the few outdoor playgrounds we frequent in Klang Valley. However, I would say that it is more suitable for kids above 3-4 years old. So, Noelle really enjoyed herself there. 

Probably the younger ones can play bubbles at the park (there are some stalls selling bubble solutions).

Besides ‘challenging’ herself to completing ‘challenge course’ at the playground, Noelle also made friends! So, we ended spending quite some time there! We forego feeding the fishes though we brought the fish feed. Also, there were other activities such as canoeing and boat paddling (which is the other side of the park) that we did not took park. We also see few families picnicking at the park that has quite a beautiful landscape. We only bought mineral water and ice creams from the stalls at the park. We will be sure to come back again as Noelle repeatedly said that ‘I like this playground!’ 

Video of Noelle enjoying herself <here>

As mentioned, entrance is free but parking is limited. Parking is free on weekends and public holidays. There are public toilets available with minimal fee. 
The wet water park is next door and we saw a long queue there!