Breakkie: Coffee cooked oats


-2 in 1 instant coffee

Topped with dark chocolate oat krunch biscuit

*hubby requested larger bowl, as yesterday’s was too little

Yesterday’s: Milk and honey cooked oats topped with cereals
Hubby joined me in taking cooked oats because we ran out of bread.

It is “candlelight” breakfast as our girl is still asleep. So rare! (but in the meantime, I am worrying if she caught sore throat from me!)

My throat was uncomfortable yesterday, downed orange honey and apple barley in the day. It was slight uncomfortable during wee hours, so I decided to get up and make myself squeezed fresh orange juice. It works for now…. And I drank another squeezed juice again prior to breakkie.

Double boiled old cucumber soup and stew vegetables tofu for dinner
We will be having leftover braised yam with pork belly and black fungus from yesterday’s dinner also.
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Braised yam with pork belly


I was thinking of just frying the pork belly, but I am having slight sore throat. Though it is also fried at the end, I braised it further with yam. I tried minimising the seasoning used.

Pork belly marinated with fermented red bean curd, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, egg, pepper and corn flour overnight and light pan fried
Yam, lightly pan fried
Dried shrimp
Black fungus, soaked in hot water

I braised everything including the leftover marinate from pork, until cooked.

Side for girl in case she doesn’t take this pork – steamed prawns with egg

There will be blanched romaine lettuce in leftover pumpkin soup.

Baked turmeric soy milk chicken


3 chicken wings marinated overnight in:
Homemade soya bean milk
Turmeric paste
Ginger paste
One egg
Dash of pepper

Coat with flour mixture:
Tapioca starch
All purpose flour
Pinch of salt
Pinch of baking sod
Turmeric powder

Browned both sides of each chicken, then under preheated of 180 degree celcius, bake for 30 minutes.

I will be stir frying bok choy with garlic later. Accompanied with radish bone broth, dinner is almost ready!

Made an extra chawanmushi for my girl…

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Double boiled radish bone broth


Yam bean
Sup tulang (cow bone)
Chicken feet
Few drops liquid amino
Pepper seeds

Double boiled for 2 1/2 hours

My girl had her spinach wantan mee in this soup. And she requested a little of the stew chicken in vegetables.

Stew chicken in vegetables

Chickens marinated in sesame oil, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and black pepper
Green pepper
Additional dark soy sauce
Rice bran oil

Stew until cooked.

Hubby and I had this with the spinach wantan mee. Soup is the side and served with sweet & sour chilli prepared yesterday.

My hubby is on leave today. Super big portion for his lunch! Two wantan mee.

I can attest that everything cooked here cost less than RM20 and additional soup for dinner.

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.

Sweet and sour chilli


Thanks Perrine Ng for sharing her late grandma’s recipe, weeks ago. Finally got the limes today!

Ingredients, without exact measurements:
Fresh chilli
Chilli padi
Molasses sugar (you can use normal sugar)
Light soy sauce
Sesame oil
Lime juice

Oyster sauce

Yummy! I had it a bit with my girl’s leftover fried curry powder fish. Love it!

Indian menu for my girl’s dinner tonight


My hubby is going for company’s dinner. So, I just need to prepare for my girl, as I am taking the double boiled ABC chicken porridge.

Fried curry powder fish (Ikan tenggiri), marinated in:
Fish curry powder (alagappa brand)
Tapioca starch
Turmeric paste

*fish was washed with some salt

Before frying, cover with additional turmeric powder and corn flour (no oil splashing with this way).

Vegetables dhall:
Turmeric paste
Ginger paste
Vegetables curry powder
Olive oil
Dhall, soaked

Served with calrose rice

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Notes from Vasanthi Sundaram:

After you finish cooking the dal per your recipe, heat up some oil add some aseofotida and mustard seeds. Once mustard seed pops, add some sliced onion and fry till brown. Pour the dal into the fried mixture. Dhal creates wind when comsumed. So adding Aseofotida actually removes the wind.

Cod fish sushi for my girl


I actually stir fry the cod fish with garlic, celery, carrot and yam bean before adding into cooked calrose rice with slight sushi seasoning. Then roll with unsalted roasted seaweed. It tastes really good actually and I can’t taste the cod fish at all. Hopefully she likes it! Another way to ‘hide’ cod fish into her favourite sushi.

Since no need to prepare next day lunch for hubby, just cooked him oli ma cha fried rice, whatever left in the fridge – leftover roasted red bean curd chicken, sawi, celery, carrot, Shitake mushrooms, garlic plus some dark soy sauce.

Side is pork cutlets and soup is pumpkin chicken soup.

I am eating double boiled mushrooms porridge for dinner.

Ate almost 8 pieces… grin emoticon

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