Toddler friendly air fried pandan chicken wings

I cooked beef rendang for hubby and I tonight. So, I made a simple air fried chicken for the girls!

I used two chicken wings, cut into two each. It was marinated with honey, liquid aminos, pepper and corn flour (for more than two hours).

I wrapped it with pandan leaf each. It was air fried under 170 degree celcius for 12-15 minutes, turning over in between!

The girls love them a lot! 

Air fried mi hun 

Air frying the mihun to become crispy mihun for Cantonese styled noodles can be done with my Bayers air fryer! 

First soak the mihun in hot water until kind of soft.

Then remove some and put on a steel plate that can fit into the air fryer. Sprinkle some oil and mix it ensuring the bottom is covered with oil to avoid it from sticking to the bottom. Then air fry it under 160 degree celcius for 15-25 minutes (or until it reaches the crisp you want) – flipping it occasionally! 

It achieves the crisp I wanted!

Garlic rice

Meals don’t have to be complicated for kids!  A simple garlic rice will satisfy their hunger!

Just air fry garlic with olive oil for 5 minutes under 160 degree celcius. Then add in the air fried garlic into soaked grains  (I used basmathi) and cook the grains in rice cooker!

The 1y4m3d enjoyed her rice <video>

She finished it all!

Even the 4+ enjoyed having it!

Snacks and main for 12m30d on first day of CNY

To avoid from people saying that we deprive our babies from being deprive of snack, these were the snacks and main (air fried blueberry pies: recipe) that I have prepared yesterday! 

Blueberries pie was the main for lunch – it is mess free and the baby enjoyed eating it!

Today I made banana pie for her instead, just replace blueberries with banana:

Air fried blueberries pie

I am starting to enjoy making pies for no2 because she eats it without hassle and it is mess free. This is especially great to have when we are dining outside!

For the pie crust – I made a larger dough and kept in the fridge; so that I can use it anytime I want. It is just combination of all purpose flour, unsalted butter, molasses sugar and ice water.

I just put in two half cut blueberries into the pie. Then air fried at 160 degree celcius for 5 minutes! Simple!

PPC brown rice with Apple and AF drummets

Cooking a small amount using a ceramic bowl and putting into the Phillips pressure cooker under rice mode!

Water: brown rice ratio 1:1 (reduced water a little and added apple) 

Marinated the chicken drummets with liquid aminos, sesame oil and corn flour. Before air frying it, I coated it with egg white and mixture of corn flour and all purpose flour. I dripped some oil and then air fried under 160 degree celcius for 12-16 minutes (or until fried chicken kind of look).