Day 1 confinement at home

Our laid back day at home
Today we rested at home – everyone is tired after the three days ordeal! In fact, both the elder girls woke up close to 10am today! Everyone had a goodnight sleep – especially Nikki, at least she didn’t cry during midnight! 
I managed to prepare our meals today, ate a quiet breakfast and clean myself up before getting more sleep! I had few more naps in between! 

Baby Norrah is adapting well too! *cross fingers* Not many would agree, but by me hugging her to sleep (just like I did with Nikki), both of us get much needed rest – we sort of sleep through the night – just wakes to change nursing side and diaper change! During the day, she is still ok to be on the bed cot alone – sleeping with us only during naptime! 

This time around I don’t have to hand express during engorgement – thanks to Nikki, my moving and obedient ‘pump’! She is back to nursing – we even started tandem nursing! But that also means she is back to becoming an ‘addict’, showing me her tongue each time she sees my boobies! πŸ™„πŸ˜“

Today’s meals still presentable! πŸ˜‚

Breakfast: Bread with cheese omelette 
Lunch and dinner: 

1. Bok choy with ear woods

2. Mui choy pork

3. Papaya chicken soup 

4. Basmathi rice 
Drink: red dates 
All prepared by my humble self 😁😁

Have faith in what you taught your kids

On the ‘waiting’ day, Noelle and poh poh were playing playdoh. Poh poh suggested that they make ‘donuts’ as pretend play. Noelle: ‘This is bad for health!’*
And during the wait, poh poh brought Noelle to 7-Eleven. Poh poh offered to buy Noelle stuff including ice cream. She rejected all of them and told poh poh she needs to ask mama’s permission first. True enough, yesterday after asking mama’s permission, she went down to 7-eleven again with poh poh to get her rainbow 🌈 paddle pop!*
^^this is also a measure that she doesn’t accept anything from ‘strangers’ – I was telling her how the ice cream van suck up the minions when the minions greedily took the free ice creams 🀣 (in the cartoon)
Also when she eats something like her paddle pop ice cream which Nikki is not allowed, she keeps reminding poh poh that Mei Mei cannot eat it! 
😁😁😁😁😁😁😁very proud of this big Jeh Jeh who can look after Mei Mei! 
After getting her Fluttershy pony, she told hubby ‘enough of ponies already, no need buy ponies already!’ – because Fluttershy is the ultimate pony that she has been wanting. She is definitely not a greedy kid!😊😊
And mama definitely cannot forget her excitement shown when she opened and found that the exchange gift was Fluttershy! No regrets for getting her that! 
* partly told by my mum to me

We welcomed N3 recently!Β 

Began the day rather early today – everyone is excited! 
We waited longer than expected as the Gynae has emergency csec before mine. We gratefully welcomed baby Norrah (haha…the name was my choice at the end) without complication (as in no other organs were hurt in the process). But there was skin adhension, just like during Nikki and so it took longer than normal cases! 

The day for me – at first frustrated as there weren’t rooms available, then I was tired of ‘waiting’ alone in the delivery suite (where they parked me temporarily) as kids couldn’t enter (they were in the lounge with my hubby and mum), impatiently waiting outside and in the operation theater; and now ‘bearing’ the pain from the surgery! 

Hope all is well tomorrow and moving forward! 

I am glad my two girls are in good hands now!

18.08.17 – A tiring and starving day 
I was still having insomnia last night (partly due to pain and also all night round latching) – so I was quite tired almost whole day. 

Also, I am starving; I haven’t taken any solid for more than 36 hours now – because I am still waiting for the crucial ‘fart’ to ensure my intestines is ‘in order’! I am just on clear liquid – mainly plain water and red dates water. 
I missed my two girls at home too especially Nikki who was looking for mama and cranky because of her poop! 

Hopefully today is the last night here! 
To my dear ‘fart’, please πŸ™πŸ» come out soon! πŸ™„πŸ˜

19.08.17: Welcome home baby Norrah😘

The ‘fart’ came and we were permitted to go home! But it was another day of waiting – wait for the Gynae and bill! πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
Anyway, everything is well now. Hope to get back into our routine soon with the new addition.

No.2 no longer a little baby!

8.5 months may be short for some – but definitely not for this 19m18d! 
In a short period of time, she has grew (and growing) leaps and bounds! She has achieved many milestones, which I don’t think her elder sister has at the same phase! 
8.5 months ago was also the point when she just turned one year old and when I found I was pregnant 🀰! She was still a heavily nursing toddler who refused most of her solid! But definitely not now. She can go without nursing, eating her solid/real food well, handle her cutleries well and definitely an OCD when it comes to her own cleanliness on the dining table! She still doesn’t accept milk – formula or fresh milk (I don’t really bother as she eats well)! This definitely puts me off a lot of ‘worries’! 
While we still treat her the baby of the family, she is much more independent within this period! She is able to play herself, less clingy and able to part away from mama (and stick to papa). She also wants to make some decisions by herself – like wearing the kind of clothes! She is also kind of ‘fierce’ and knows her rights! This little girl even know how to bargain with mama – when mama says ‘one’ cookie is enough, she goes ‘two two’! She understands and can even speak more words during this period (a lot of influence by Noelle and our second time parenting actually helps – Noelle taught me how to communicate with toddlers – those days I was stone to herπŸ™„πŸ€£)! She really surprises us with the many words – and obviously the ‘clown’ of the family now! 
Not only she is already trained to poop on the potty (at 15mo), she showed many signs of readiness to pee in the potty. She can sleep through the night – and the thing that she surprised me yesterday is her ability to sleep with papa without looking for mama (though the first night she did but second night didn’t)! 
She shows many signs of readiness to accept a little baby at home -but let’s keep our finger cross – she is really ready! 😘
To my little Nikki, mama loves you always and I do miss hugging you to sleep yesterday😩! πŸ™„πŸ€£
Hubby: What you want now? πŸ˜’She doesn’t adapt, you sad. She adapts, you also sad! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Me: πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Redemption voucher from Heromarket

What a ‘pleasant’ surprise this morning – when I was paying my groceries bill and was told that my membership expired! I do know that I have accumulated a lot of points – which I thought could be exchanged for membership renewal, only to be told that this wasn’t possible. So, I paid RM10 for my one year membership, after which I told the cashier that I would wish to redeem the points for paying groceries today! I was summoned to the customer service desk while the cashier holds on to my groceries payment (fortunately at early hours, not many customers are paying yet)!

So there we go, I redeemed RM60 in exchange for RM10 membership fee. And today I just paid 65 sen for my groceries! 

Ignorance is bliss


‘Ignorance is bliss’, certainly the key phrase I learn thoroughout motherhood!

By posting my thoughts and our daily activities, it would also mean that we are prone to be evaluated. I do receive feedback and comments, in ways which could be annoying or understanding things at surface level. Many times I choose to ignore (not that I am NOT aware of those happenings)! Like it or not, whether we do A or B, people will HAVE something to say! And some might even scrutinise us – worse, without reflecting on themselves!

This is what I have learn throughout this 4 years plus. People who want to understand, will understand. And those who don’t, won’t. So why bother? Just let the latter continue to stand on their own podium to ‘preach’ like they know all, who know “they really do”. Plus if the persons have every intention to provoke for responses (insults are the most difficult to swallow)- the more we/I have to keep calm! This is difficult, of course – especially if it happens “first thing in the morning” and you/I will be thinking “how this person wants to ruin my day”!

Just be calm. The first few minutes to ignoring is difficult. But as the hours (and days) go by, it will be easier!

P/S: But I am certainly happy that some friends will, at times, stand up for me, even if I don’t. Some even messaged me on how ridiculous people are, and wish I could block those people off! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…