Honey lemon preserved

I am not totally sure if this really helps in soothing cough or flu; but it does make a good and refreshing drink for myself!

To make it: soak the lemons in 3:1 ratio of water: vinegar for 30 minutes. Boil the lemon in vinegar water for a minute. Scoop the lemon out and cool them in room temperature water. And then slice the lemon. Place them into a jar. And fill it up with honey. Put it overnight (in fridge) for a night. Take a lemon or two out each time and add water (plus ice)! Yums!

Homemade tomato capsicum sauce for pizza

The closest colour sauce to the store bought canned pasta sauce using red capsicum!

I basically blended tomato, capsicum and some pineapple. I stir fry some onions in oil and then added two tbsp flour (for purpose of thickening). Stir and then added mushroom and then the blended veggies. Stir and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Done!

The rest of the pizza process is the same!

The 11th month old has the pizza crust with some sauce!

Gigantic Children’s Playground at Cyberjaya lake garden

Our main intention is to visit the BookXcess in Tamarind Square. But since already traveling to Cyberjaya which is quite a distance (compared to our normal route), we decided to stop by at Cyberjaya Lake Garden (of course, we did some googling about the place before setting off).

Both Noelle and Nikki didn’t expect the playground actually. We told them we were ‘just’ going to see scenery! 😂 So they were pretty surprised to find the gigantic playground. There were a bubble stall and a drink cum junk food stall set up by the lake. There are many picnic spots there too (picnic in Cyberjaya is a perfect choice since there is lack of food choice). The crowd is low, so it was rather peaceful there. We spent close to an hour there (toilet available near parking).

We dropped by a mamak to eat (expected nothing to eat, so luckily packed food for them already) before proceeding to BookXcess. BookXcess, though big, actually below my expectation – on the kind and varieties of books!

Giving positive encouragement to kids

Today I was moved to tears..

Not because of Noelle’s performance…(kindie only laaa….😝)

BUT a simple encouragement by parents when one of Noelle’s schoolmate was nervous to perform.

The girl actually cried in the waiting room when she was called to stage. Then her turn was skipped. She was called again when she said she was ready to go. But once on stage and her pianist started playing, she started crying again. Parents who were watching started clapping to the tune to encourage her to sing on stage. She couldn’t. Then the emcee told her to stand on the ground (instead of the stage) to sing. (Her mum was already next to the emcee.) When she started singing, some parents stood up and clapped along. Soon, the teary face turned a smiley face. Right after she finished singing, everyone cheered loudly for her!

It was such a touching moment. If I were the mum, I think I will cry on the spot (at that point, my tear nearly want to drip out🙄 so I pretend flu flu abit😂). A very real situation and genuine encouragement from parents even though not their kids! (I actually turned my head to look at those parents who gave the encouragement; and of course, followed!)

This reminds us to be kind to one another. We are in no competition to see who sings and/or play the piano better! We are here to give confidence to all kids that they could perform in front of a crowd!

First singing presentation in school

Champion singer: Dave Soon

accompanied by his pianist: Noelle Chou 😘

Song: Bingo

Noelle got consolation for singing (song: hujan dah turun)! She played twice on the piano! ✌🏻


Noelle stopped her short stint in music class right after she started kindie in 2018 (as music class was her transition to school). She learns the piano in school and occasionally we play the keyboard at home. The school teaches them to memorize the notes instead of looking at the piano notes.

I think she aces it today! No panic and fully focus on playing the piano in front of the crowd!

As for singing, she choose a Bahasa song over a Chinese song (actually phew…for me 🤣)!

Well done my dear girl! 😘😘

Video of her performance <here>