Our beautiful little adventure to Batu Caves

When we were in Minnature Wonderland yesterday, we saw the colourful steps (not updated to the rainbow steps yet though) of Batu Caves. And immediately, Noelle was fascinated with it and wish to go! I told them that it was recently refurbished to rainbow steps! That made her more excited! Plus Batu Caves has always been our plan, but we kept delaying it! 🙄🤣 Because we ‘feel’ we will end up carrying up all of them up the stairs (why la torture ownself?🤭🤣).

So, we set off today to Batu Caves! It was rather jam as we moved close to the temple. We ended up parking by the roadside before the traffic light (which was a wise decision) and walked towards the place! It was kinda of crowded (but surely not as crowded as Thaipusam). The colourful steps really look amazing though we always pass by without stopping! It was kinda steep. We tried walking into the Dark Cave (and there’s an entry fee to it). So, we continued upwards to the grand cave. Many monkeys around, so be careful of your belongings (generally, no feeding monkeys but people still do). A lot of devotees also today.

Both Noelle and Nikki completed their 272 steps up; which surpass our expectation. They started feeling tired after that – so hubby carried Nikki downwards (which was actually a little ‘scary’ especially when I was baby wearing Norrah and holding Noelle’s hand). Noelle, being the ‘obedient’ one, walked down herself (though starting to fuss – bribery words: ice water? ice cream? – down there). So, we finally completed our steps! ✌🏻✌🏻

No entrance fee, but we can make donation into their donation box. I was in short pants and hence need to rent their scarf to cover my legs (so either wear long pants or bring own scarf next time). We paid RM5 for rental of the scarf and were refunded RM2 upon exit.

Noelle was really excited before set off – we even asked her to eat more for breakfast so that she has energy – which she did – pizza, donut, guo Ling guo and kurma milk! 😆 on the way there, she was eating her cone too!

Our visit to Minnature Wonderland

We had a wonderful morning at Minnature Wonderland – located at Summit USJ. Upon arrival, we were taken on a guided tour, with simple explanation. It was like a tour around the ‘world’, eye opening for the kids (and us). Quite many effects and sounds too. There was also a little treasure hunt where we were told to search for some characters (from movies and cartoons). Nevertheless, there are some parts not completed yet. We were there for about an hour plus.

Minnature Wonderland are having Malaysia Day promotion, so entry price for two adults and one kid above 4yo comes to RM40 (per adult RM15). And we were the earliest and the only ones there! 🤭🤣 It is a rather small area – probably just nice for kids of our age.

Pressure cooker Bak Kut Teh

Today I cooked bak kut teh from scratch (as in I picked and put the herbs I have into it) using my pressure cooker.

Ingredients: pork belly, pork ribs, shiitake mushroom, carrot, tofu pok, tofu skins, garlic, dong gui, Angelica root, red dates, honey dates, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, rock sugar, wolf berries , star anise, pepper seeds, water

Phillips pressure cooker mode: Soup (default mode 20 min)

It turns out ok (of course cannot beat the Klang – and some say Sungei Wey – 🤣). It is ‘healthier’ because no addition of oil and msg (so ‘missing’ that taste lor 🙄😝). I also made yau char kwai (without ammonia) – which is also their teatime today!

Since the Bak Kut Teh has dong gui, I served them normal noodle soup with fried miso pork!

Book review: Parent-babble

Mama’s holiday read since 16-08-18

Finally completed🤭🤣

‘Parent-babble’ – one needs an open mind to read this parenting book 🙄😂 especially those who are very pro attachment parenting, respectful parenting, breastfeeding and anti-spanking. The author tries to debunk many of the modern parenting styles. I would admit that I wanted to stop reading this book at some points – but it was a good reflection on my own parenting style! I am neither pro or anti against any one style – to be honest. It very much depends on our children personalities and how they would respond to our approach to parenting.

A visit to the Royal Museum

Me: Noelle, do you know why we have an off day?

Noelle: 🤷🏻‍♀️ duno

Me: Because it is the King’s birthday (I know factually it is yesterday 🙄 easier to explain to this soon-to-be 6 yo)

Noelle: 🙄🙄Ya meh? Papa’s birthday?

Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😒 Papa is not the king 🤴 🤭

A short visit to the Royal Museum or Istana Negara. We paid an extra fee of RM5 per adult. The kids below 6 yo are free – technically, Noelle not yet 6 yo! 🤣

They were rather amazed with the space – looking into the meeting rooms, waiting rooms,bedrooms, dressing rooms, dining rooms, reading room and even a clinic in the palace. Noelle tried drawing comparison with Disney princesses’ palace and the homes of the ponies. We went two rounds in the palace- and the girls made themselves like at home – running around! 🙄No photo taking in the palace. We have to remove shoes/slippers when we enter.

Personally, I think it is rather creepy in some parts of the palace. Some lights were off/ spoilt. The carpets were rather ‘smelly’ – old and dusty. Towards the king’s bedroom, it became more modern – but to me, it feels like ‘funeral parlour’🤭😂

Shaping piggy mooncakes

One of my 2018 milestones – I not only learn how to make mooncake from scratch (through fb and google) but taught Noelle how to shape the piggy mooncakes! 😆😆

I am so proud of her patience. I thought she will give up maybe after doing two (because it is kinda sticky)- but she did till we finished up the dough! <video>

Today’s just plain piggy mooncakes, they don’t really like them with fillings! 😁😁😁