One step by one step

Sweat out day! <video>

As it was Noelle’s first rope climb – she only could manage the first rope climb, she was disappointed that she couldn’t do the next rope (in between of fear and her want-to-do-it spirit). I told her this was only her first time and this is level one – just like her reading books – progresses one level to another slowly; doing repeatedly will help. In addition, it was important to overcome her own fear before rushing into the next level!

While Noelle was doing the rope climb, I overheard the man telling the daughter who was struggling to come down. “You have to think and figure out how to come down, just like how you tackle your exam questions!” (In mandarin) I like the example he gave his daughter; will keep that in mind for future use!

I would attest that it is difficult to find parents who will encourage their kids to do this sort of climbs nowadays!

When everyone’s day at my stake

Noelle: I want mama….😔😔😔😔 (as she was about to go school with papa)

Instead of me saying to her ‘what happened?’

I looked at hubby

Me: 😒😒😒What did you do to her?

Hubby: 😑😑😑😑

– Noelle wants me to send her to school-

This started since last week. We actually talked to her and persuaded her enough yesterday night. She even agreed that papa will send her to school. She made a last minute u turn to her decision this morning.

Everyone’s day at my stake! 🙄 if I force her to go with hubby, she would probably cries and make myself worry. Papa will have a bad time dealing with this and maybe run late to work!

So, I agree to send her to school. Nikki is ever ready to go! And so we went! (Nikki in pyjamas while I just change my pants, grabbing Nikki’s breakfast along)

End result – Noelle left the car to school with a happy face and mama with a peace in mind. Papa didn’t have to be late for work – and luckily he did went off himself as he had last minute meeting to attend! Nikki gets to go for car ride. Norrah soothes herself to sleep as we drive home.

Guess I have an additional task and new routine on the weekday now!!

PPC braised pork, fish maw and shiitake mushroom

Inspired by the dish my mum cooked during cny, I cooked this using my pressure cooker.

Ingredients: Pork rib and/or pork belly (blanched), shiitake mushroom, fish maw, garlic, ginger, dried lala (as a replacement of dried oyster), carrot

Sauce: Sesame oil, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, corn flour, water

Under bake mode, heat up oil and then put in garlic and ginger. Stir a while before adding dried lala. Stir and then in pork, carrot, mushroom and fish maw. Next, add in sauce.

Change to steam mode. KPT+15. Immediate release pressure and off the pressure.

I left it there until I serve it about 6 hours.

I served with dried wantan mee!

From ZERO to ‘hero’

Just last week, she asked me ‘mama, why keep on wrong wrong wrong one?😔’

Then I told her because SHE herself doesn’t want us to correct her when she is WRONG! So, how do we help her to be ‘right’! I think that struck her!

And earlier this week, we started taking out the blackboard – for scribbling purpose and it turns to doing ‘spelling’ – using her schoolbooks and books that she reads! (Also since she started school, she has been reading more often – occasionally asked for new books that are kept in the cupboard! Child led – we don’t force her!)

Finally she GOT it! She can’t wait to show me in the car that she had all correct today!

She is in the right direction!

While she praises herself ‘clever’, I try reminding her ‘to keep up the good work by practice and reading’! And we are going to do the same for Bahasa – which she has more wrongs! 🤣


On other things

Noelle: Today Dau keep on want to sit with me and never say ‘dun wan friend’ me!

Mama: 🙄🙄🙄

Noelle: Today we ‘play’ family. Shanggu is baby because he is small size! I am sister. Ee Thong is brother. Dave is father and Dau is mother!

Mama: 😯😯😯

Noelle: Today’s Howard birthday with Spike cake. The daddy and mummy come to school also.

Mama: Wow, did you eat the cake?

Noelle: No. but it is so yummy!

Mama: You say you didn’t eat but it is yummy?! 🙄🙄🤔🤔

Today she is in top form good mood; even telling me that they ate small brown noodle and could tell me what she wants for dinner immediately!

6th month jab at Klinik Kesihatan

Day 4 CNY- kena cucuk tai bei!

Smaller crowd, new system again, we have been reassigned to another zone. For our zone, we were first baby! But still have to wait…Arrived there 7am and ended approximately 840am; just in time to get some groceries before heading home – and enjoy the rest of the last day off with the others!

Norrah weighs 7.6kg at 6m2d

(0.1kg lighter than Nikki at same age and 1kg heavier than Noelle)

At her usual kacau and blow bubbles mode – napped for 5 min before our turn!

Next visit in May 2018!

No.3 Exclusively breastfed for 6th month

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Here again, for the third time, mama has exclusively breastfed her baby for six months!

From a pathetic ‘bai guat’ at birth to now a ‘full blown’ Michelin 🤣

Two days to our six months of tandem nursing (with baby no2 who is today 25m19d) and mama’s breastfeeding journey of 5y1m19d!

From my experience, breastfeeding does get easier with my latter babies; and I do feel that I have more supply compared to the eldest.

Third baby is fully direct latch; similar to second baby!

No one is perfect

Just saying:

I have “sacrificed” my career for the kids, my sanity is at my kids’ hands, I don’t totally have my own time, when kids are sleeping/napping i am running around to cook or do housechores, i could only speak to my friends virtually (with some occasional visit and with presence of my kids), I try to do as much as possible to lighten my hubby’s burden.

I could simply say I have done my duty as a mama and wife.

But sorry, I really could not put my feet down to be a good daughter in law. No one in this world is perfect and so am I. This would be my second year missing reunion dinner with the in laws. It is not personal with my parents in law but I don’t want the 2 hours drama usually caused by the others affecting my 365 days. I don’t want my young kids to witness and pick up characters in the drama. As a mother of 3 girls, I want them to learn the importance of people (despite hierarchy/status) respecting them (respect is two ways). (I have actuaĺly gone through more than 10 years of reunion dinner with them even before marriage – nothing has changed and how many more 10 years I have)

I am happy enough that my hubby doesn’t force me to go through the ordeal. I will be staying home with my girls and he will attend alone. We will only visit PIL on CNY day 1. Actually my hubby even apologised that he can’t afford to bring us for a holiday during this CNY to avoid or getaway from the usual yearly routine which we talked about last year.

I take the ‘risk’ of one day my hubby leaving me because i can’t fulfill his duty of being filial. But having said that, there will be no regret as my marriage vows is to him and our offsprings – plus i have done what i ought to do.

I am not asking mummies here to follow what I do; but I certainly want to give HUGS to every mummy that need to go through the CNY eve and days reluctantly. Maybe….maybe…one day things will be different.

Happy Chinese New Year!