Midday promotions at Urban Retreat Spa, The Curve


Monday could be our last honeymoon (without little 17chipmunks). So, we decided to go for a body massage. We remembered previously we enjoyed at the Urban Retreat Spa somewhere in March. Thus, we decided to return. This time, the feeling was “different”.


Upon arrival, we were asked what could they do for us. I immediately asked do they have couple package (which we did last round). We were then shown the different prices – buddies deal (aromatherapy): RM258 for 90 minute and RM289 for 120 minute. We decided to go for the 2 hour session.


Unlike the previous round, we were not asked the kind of oil we would like to use (since it was aromatherapy massage). We were not given welcome drink as well. The foot wash was so simplistic. We were then led to a room where we had our massage. Personally, my massage was really below expectation – in the sense, the masseur was getting in and out of the room so frequent that I find it disruptive (for hubby, there wasn’t this issue). In addition, I was craving for head and shoulder massage a lot, but it came out to be disappointing. Nevertheless, one plus point is that they maintained their silence (unlike the boutique massage parlours in SS2 where the Chinese masseurs will be chit chatting).


After the massage session, we were given ginger tea. Then, at the counter, I was curious of the price for a single person 2 hours session, and found it was merely RM139 (under the midday promotions – 11am to 4pm). This means for two persons it will be RM278! How could this be cheaper than the buddies package? Marketing gone wrong? I asked the cashier, who then calculate over and over again on her calculator. Luckily, we were charged the RM278, instead of RM289. Good thing – they did not charge service tax. Given this is the case, it is more worthy to go for this massage than the Bali Ayu massage at Paradigm Mall.

little 17chipmunks’ last day at the nanny’s today!

20130318_065859_Fotor_Collage copy

First day (18 March 2013): The day I cried, and cried, and cried after leaving her there (as though she is not returning home, and it was just next block!) – After baby returned home, she cling, and cling and cling on me!

Last day (28 January 2014): I smiled, and smiled, and smiled after I left her! – She is a grown up girl! Although I couldn’t totally agree with how the nanny handles her (especially feeding part), thanks for the patience, care and love that you have shown Noelle. And thanks for “adhering” to my way – I have taught one old folk how to handle a fully breastfeed baby (this includes refusing to give her a pack of FM to keep for emergency)!

Each a cup Weekday & Weekend RM1.99 deal


It has been some time since I last drank each a cup. We happened to be at Paradigm Mall for dinner, and then out of thirst, I sought for a drink. Then, we bumped into each a cup, which was having this weekday & weekend RM1.99 deal. Too good to be true? Yeah, I bought a cup of milk tea (without toppings) for only RM2 (round up). But, guess what? The milk tea is not freshly brewed; the staff merely poured out from the fridge and then sealed the cup. That’s what it calls – you get what you paid! Anyway, it is drinkable – just that it is not freshly brewed! I guess drinking at coffee shops for a glass of milk tea would be more worth than this.

Double boiled red beans, mung beans & barley with sweet potatoes for my 12.75mo

PicsArt_1390572287464Got this idea from my mil who usually boil tong sui for us (adults) during weekends.

Steps and ingredients:
1. Soak red beans, mung beans and barley for at least 6 hours.
2. Cut and diced the Japanese sweet potatoes & local sweet potatoes.
3. In the ceramic pot (of the double boiler), put in the soaked red beans, mung beans and barley + diced sweet potatoes.
4. Add in a handful of red dates and a handful of wolfberries.
5. Fill in water into the ceramic pot until 90% full.
6. Double boil for 1 and half hours.
7. Cool down and serve.

*No sugar added; and it is sufficiently sweet for lo

Steam banana muffin/cupcake for my 12.75 mo

71451_10202120737372770_1861190782_nThis isn’t something new, but I think I have modified the recipe – as in I didn’t add in any sugar and salt (as I am against giving my lo sugar and salt at this point of time).

Steps and ingredients:
1. Sieve one cup cake flour with one teaspoon baking soda and one teaspoon baking powder. (We can actually make our own cake flour by combining all purpose flour and corn flour. This saves up the hassle and money to get cake flour on purpose – follow this link to learn how: http://joythebaker.com/2009/09/how-to-make-cake-flour/)
2. Beat two eggs.
3. Mashed the bananas (I used four bananas as it was rather skinny bananas).
4. Add the beaten eggs and mashed bananas into the flour mixture. Mixed it well.
5. Add one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil.
6. Spoon the batter into the lined cupcake moulds until 90% full.
7. In preheat steamer, steam for 15 minutes.
8. Once it’s done, open the lid slightly to release the heat for a few seconds. This is to avoid the cupcakes from shrinking due to change of temperature.
9. After releasing the heat, remove the moulds from the cooking pot or wok immediately and transfer to a cooling rack. Remove cupcakes from the moulds to cool down.

Lined cupcake moulds – I actually placed cupcake sheets onto foil ware.
The cupcakes are naturally sweetened, i.e. banana.
LO enjoyed it!

Spin the wheel of fortune at Aeon Big by spending a minimum RM88


I was in Aeon Big this morning to do grocery and Chinese New Year shopping. It was after I paid my items, which cost approximately RM111, I was told by the cashier that I get a chance to spin the wheel of fortune. For each RM88 spent, there will be a chance to spin the wheel. I didn’t look closely to what are the main winning items though. I was just overwhelmed that I had this chance. So, there I went, spin the wheel – and got one 1.5l bottle fruit juice – fruit10 Calamansi and Aloe Vera (never heard of the brand before – but I guess it is a form of promotion for them).


Well, don’t miss the chance if you happen to be shopping at Aeon Big between 20 to 26 January 2014 – especially during this festive season.





Giving out frozen breastmilk

17chipmunks is finally freed from work. And, she attempts to be a milk mother for the first time, and this was how she drafted the post in The Breastfeeding Advocate Network facebook page:

Good news! I am a new stay-at-home-mum.

Better news – I am giving away my stored frozen breastmilk; well – since my 12.75 mo little girl only direct latches with me (i.e. rejects bottle at home) and she won’t be going to the nanny’s from next week onwards

Dated 7 Nov to 11 Nov 2013 = 97 oz
Dated 4 Dec to 28 Dec 2013 = 82.5 oz

Total about = 179.5 oz (if I didn’t calculate wrongly – because I just skimmed through the packets and didn’t want the freezer door opened too long).

Typical diet:
Breakfast – oat drinks, fruit yogurt, biscuits, milo, gulps 2 litre of red dates in hot water
Lunch – economy rice (usually one meat and two vegetables) or noodle soup, ice tea
Dinner – steam chicken, vegetable, rice, double boiled papaya/apple drink with red dates

My lo is 12.75 mo – fully breastfed, she is an (hyper) active little girl who started walking at 10.5 mo.
I do take junks/ fast food/ instant noodle once in a while.
I am a non-halal consumer; Coffee/tea/milk are only added into my diet after lo is 8 months old
Stored in the freezer of two doors refrigerator

Self-pick: ***
Preferably if you can take both batches
In return: Asking for one box of Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bags

Please pm me if interested. Otherwise, I will turn these into milk spa for my little one.

P/S: I also couldn’t believe that I could store up this much (actually not all here because I am still keeping my Jan fbm for emergency). Occasionally I have expired fbm which I turned into milk spa for lo. Amazingly, I am an average yielding mum who yields not more than 5 oz each session (both sides) of 3-4 hours. Btw, I only give fbm to my lo on every Monday. Other days will be fresh bm. Gambateh mummies!



Free Beary pillow and angpau paper from Paradigm Mall


We were at Paradigm Mall today as hubby needed to buy hampers on behalf of his team mates. He spent around RM500 for the hampers. Then, we noticed that there was a queue over the concierge of Paradigm Mall and found out that for at least RM188 spent in at most 2 receipts in a single day, one will be able to redeem a pillow and angpau paper. This is limited to 350 customers in a day.


We thought we could get two pillows as we spent RM500. However, we were told that we could only redeem one. To get two, we actually have to break down the receipts. Well, slightly disappointed  (though free). In addition, the angpau paper given was just a pack of 10 – this makes little sense especially if they want to promote their mall – isn’t it merrier to have more angpaus distributed in their brand?

Choosing cereals for toddlers

I have been searching over the internet for the right kind of cereals for toddlers. In my attempts, I found:


Choose cereals lower in salt (less than 0.7g of salt or 0.27g of sodium per 100g of cereal) & low in sugar (less than 8g of sugar per 100g of cereal)

Source: littlepeoplesplates.co.uk


So, I went to search in the supermarkets and found Cheerios to be the most suitable one. In fact, at the label, it was stated that it is suitable for children under 4. For children under 4, sodium per serving is 105 mg while sugar is 1g.


I served cheerios to little 17chipmunks with diced grapes, blueberries & chick peas (steamed for 30 minutes). And, she enjoyed it -she ate them quietly without any fuss!


Updated: Where to get Cheerios? (as far as I know):

Cold storage – Subang Parade (imported goods section)

Cold storage – Jaya Shopping Centre

Cold storage – Midvalley (imported goods section)

Jaya Grocer, Kota Damansara

Hock Lee Supermarket, Damansara Heights

Hock Choon market, Jalan Ampang

Presto, Citta Mall