Brave toddler faces dental treatment

Another reward for bravery 😁😁

Since MCO1, we noticed there was a slight dent on Norrah’s top tooth. I brought her to the dentist that time and was told that she had cavities.Nothing could be done because of her age; but just to keep her teeth set clean. (Ok, she doesn’t eat sweets and doesn’t really drink milk at bedtime since weaning but she eats ice cream almost every week🙄 and enjoys eating Cheerios and biscuits).

And somehow the cavities spread from one tooth to three teeth. Last week, she woke up and told me she had tooth ache (initially papa didn’t believe 🙄). Papa brought her to the dentist on that day and was diagnosed that one of her front tooth was already dead! 😢 The dentist didn’t suggest to pull it out because she is just 3 years old and pulling it out could affect the growth of her adult teeth. He suggested to do root canal, which is a rather long (in terms of time) process. He thus suggested that start Norrah with doing filling for the two other tooth to build her confidence with the dental treatment. The dentist said this would probably be many visits to do – if Norrah shows rejection. 😓😓

But at last, Norrah did it in just two visits! She did filling for two of her tooth (beside the dead tooth) on Tuesday, which took 10 minutes. And today she did the root canal in just 40 minutes. The dentist and even papa were so surprised with how well behaved she was and she did as told. No rejection, no tear in the three visits (last week’s she needed to take antibiotics because her gums were infected, hence the pain). Also, the treatment wasn’t painful. She needs another return visit in two weeks.

This is compared to her visit to the dentist last year (where I brought her – and she actually refused to open her mouth🙄). And this is actually a different dentist that we went.

I didn’t go with her in these three visits but papa did. Because I will get emotional if she cries 🙄🤭🤣 and wouldn’t be able to make any decision. Also, I am busy coaching both Noelle and Nikki at home. Seriously, luckily hubby went and he handled her extremely well this time. 🤣 (actually hubby hypnotised her that she will gets prettier 🤣).

Norrah is also very proud of herself. And everyone at home too was so proud of her. She is really a grown up toddler, despite her shyness. When she returned home, I am the first person she showed me her teeth. Like everyone who came home from outside, she told us not to get near her until she showers. 🤣 She actually reminded me that I will reward her (on Tuesday, but her gift hasn’t arrive yet 🤭🤣. Luckily it arrived yesterday.)

youngest at home to have root canal done; but it is really an experience….and everyone is reminded to take good care of their teeth. I told Noelle that Norrah is even braver than her – cos last year I brought Noelle for tooth check and she was shivering scared 🙄🙄🤣🤣 Hope this will also brave up Noelle – cos few more months later I want her to do scaling! 🤭😂