Waterfall play at Hutan Lipur Sungai Sendat

We came here last in 2014! 🤣🤣 The place did not change much! Entry fee is still RM2 per adult, RM1 per kid and RM3 per car. It is rather clean as compared to the public parks in Klang Valley.

The best thing – we came at the right time with no crowd and we were initially the only two families playing at the chilling waterfall. They had better time playing ’cooking’ at the bottom part. Towards the end, they went into the chilling river and little waterfalls before they saw a frog and screamed like they saw zombies. 🤣🤣 They forgotten about the rocks and ran across them. 🤣🤣🤣

We spent two hours there. Hubby and I ate while waiting for them. They had their packed lunch in the car on our way back!

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/kq5nCt9yqEo?feature=share

Big sister’s quarantine journey

In an unfortunate event, the C+ is back. This time on Noelle. 😢😢😢

This is not unexpected as in this week itself, three classmates were confirmed positive; and they were the girls that she hang out with during recess, co-curriculum’s lunch’s and waiting time. So, Noelle’s the fourth student in her class this week.

Actually we suspected something amidst last night when she was lethargic and unlike her usual self. She slept at the isolation room, which she already planned to this long weekend (luckily). I kept checking on her before bed (she was already asleep). I felt her body warmish, but I didn’t bother to wake her up. I just let her sleep. At around 4am, she came to our room and told me that she couldn’t sleep. That was the time I told her to take the Covid19 test. The dreaded line almost immediately appeared once she put the droplets of saliva on the test kit. I quickly woke hubby up, we sanitise most touch points and get Noelle’s things ready. Etc…

When Nikki and Norrah woke, we tested on them. So far, it is negative and we really hope it will stay as it is. 🙏🏻

As of now, Noelle is her usual self. And being ‘Noelle’, she is usually active when she is supposed to sleep. She’s probably having an enjoyable time in the isolation room now as we supplied her with anything she needed and we allowed her to chat with her friends plus watch YouTube. One thing good is that she is pretty independent. She is still in positive spirit (which is vital now). Both sisters played clay art virtually with her just now. And I told her I will give her online tuition in the next few days. 😂

I just hope that it doesn’t spread across the household, especially to Norrah. 😞😞😞

Day 1 of quarantine

As of now, the ‘statistics’ for Noelle’s class stands at 6 positive cases in this week. 😓😓😓 (Noelle’s number 4)

If you think you won’t get Covid again after getting it, it proves wrong – as the case number 5 had her first Covid in Feb.

Despite we felt Noelle being warmish, the whole day she has been taking her own temperature – it has not reach 37.4. So, there’s no fever. She is almost asymptomatic for now (and we hope it will remain as it is). Besides nourishing her with home cooked and boiled drinks, we gave her vitamin C, probiotics and a lot of ‘love’. I even gave her Mimi snack and toblerone. 🙄🙄🤣🤣

Noelle has been very independent, non-fussy, non cranky and seems to enjoy her first day of quarantine. Her bff has been chatting/Google meet with her occasionally (really thankful to the bff’s mum for allowing this – she was also the one I broke the news to first, as Noelle eats with her bff and they get quite close). We are constantly on chat via Google chat (I installed on my phone so that she can contact me immediately if anything). Also, to call me, she just needs to click on her papa’s fb messenger to connect to mine.

I think only Nikki is feeling down that she can’t get near to jeh jeh. She actually wanted to help us bring food to Noelle, which we prohibited her and she cried. 😓 But, we let her prepare jeh jeh’s pyjamas.

We are also constantly monitoring both the younger ones and fed them the same goodies (except the junk food😛)

Thankfully it is the weekend, and a longer one. Hubby has been helping around.

get well soon my dear girl <<

Day 2 of Noelle’s quarantine

Still double line. Ok, as expected – don’t expect miracle to happen here. But thankfully, Noelle didn’t ‘suffer’ much but just slight flu. Her nose just ‘runs’ occasionally (seldom hear her sneeze); can see her wiping her nose very often. So, I made her her comfort drink – onion juice.

She woke up at about 5am, eagerly waiting for Nikki and Norrah to play air dry clay, which they did before hubby brought the two out to buy some stuff (detergent and vitamins). Also, with them two out, I forced Noelle to nap – which she eventually managed to nap for an hour plus.

After returning home and had lunch, they did art and craft virtually – hubby and the two just got the materials (design a bag) today. By then, hubby and I can’t wait to nap – so we push them to complete fast, told Nikki and Norrah to nap while we left Noelle alone to do her stuff (which I think she watched movie from laptop).

Hubby actually got her tealive and she ate fried rice for lunch. I thought she won’t ask for teatime, but she still did! 😅 After teatime, she did her tuition homework. She started writing her Covid diary, which I will read later. 🤣

Dinner as usual and she still take her usual fruits as night snack. 🤣 Good to see her continuing to eat like usual.

She didn’t really chat so much with her friends today as one (the one who also got Covid) went MIA and her bff was on her way to Desaru.

Hope she can sleep better tonight. Yesterday night, she said one of the neighbours was switching on the radio so loud that it affected her sleep.

Day 3 of Noelle’s quarantine

Boredom starts to creep in…🙄🙄🙄

Fortunately Noelle finally managed to sleep better, waking up at her usual 7 something (instead of 4-5am). But then, she can’t nap in the afternoon- lack of physical activity and hence she is full of energy. While she annoys me with some of her repeated messages/emoticons 😒🙄, I am also afraid of her mental health for these few days (after she stopped messaging me, I felt bad😣😔).

The girls started the day by playing playdoh, which took an hour or more. She had late morning snack but still able to take lunch before 1pm. (She is really making use of this ‘room service’, messaging me ‘hungryyyyy’ whenever she is hungry. 🙄🤣) After lunch, she was left alone to watch movie while the two other sisters played in the room themselves. Noelle managed to chat with her friends but short moments only.

I insisted her to shut the laptop at naptime – to rest her mind and eyes. Both Noelle and Nikki didn’t nap so we asked if they wanted to chat with one another; and so they did. Later on, she reminded me that I supposed to do virtual tuition with her. 🙄I was lazy but she kept bugging; so at the end, we did. We did maths today.

She still has slight runny nose and occasional cough. I continued giving her steamed onion juice, vitamin c, probiotics and fruits. She gets to enjoy some junk food (which she doesn’t get to eat/drink during healthy days😝). She never complain about the food I gave her; in fact she complimented tonight’s dinner. 😍🥰😘

I think she has been good in taking care of herself at age below 10 years old! Today I really felt like hugging and kissing her! 😔😔😔

I have to say that I needed more help in handling the virtual class than her. 🥲🥲

Day 4 of Noelle’s quarantine

Getting used to it…

Today I felt that Noelle is getting used to being quarantine. 🤣🤣 But she did tell me she misses seeing the sun and outdoor. She looks better too – lesser flu and cough (I feel)

Since hubby is working today (work from home because he can’t go office when someone is positive Covid19 at home), I am the CEO – chief ENTERTAINMENT officer. 🙄🙄🤣🤣 Luckily I managed to ‘korek’ a wau painting which I bought last year and they didn’t want to do that time. They enjoyed doing it today, which took them more than an hour and occupied them in the morning. 😊😅 After that, I taught Noelle how to play minesweeper. Before and after lunch, the two sisters played themselves while Noelle enjoyed her ‘me time’ with games and watching videos.

I put the two sisters to nap at 2pm and told Noelle to rest too. As expected, by 2.45pm when I peep on her, she wasn’t napping. So I told her to do her stuff and I gave her teatime. At around 430pm, we did tuition, which occupied us until dinner time. The same routine again – shower, clean up, night snack and virtual play/chat with her sisters.

And that’s our day!

it is the fifth day since Nikki’s last contact with Noelle. And we tested her – thankfully it is NEGATIVE. Tomorrow, Nikki will be able to go to school! So tomorrow, I will add my duty as a chauffeur.

Day 5 of Noelle’s quarantine

Slightly emo 😞

Noelle woke up later than usual. I was told because of the loud music and people talking loudly at wee hours that disturbed her sleep. I told her that if it has happened again, just scream ‘QUIET’ at the window. As a result of lack of sleep, I think she became slightly emo especially since Nikki went school, she thought of her friends and also she missing co-curriculum activities this afternoon. I then promised her to play badminton this weekend.

She has been ‘strong’ emotionally in the past few days. So, I really hope she can get through these two more days. And I know SHE CAN! Noelle, you can do it! 😘😘😘

She is better after her afternoon nap. Yes, she finally napped a longer one, more than an hour, I think.

I did revision with her in the morning, gave her some work that we then discussed in the evening. Her papa downloaded some games that interest them (but not get them addicted – my criteria set). 🤣

I would go tuition with Nikki soon. So, the night entertainment will be left to the papa! 😝😝

Day 6 of Noelle’s quarantine

Light in the tunnel

This morning she took the test and told us she was confused of the result. So, we told her to put on the stool and we will go closer to look. Gratefully, it was a negative. That gave her good spirit today and determined to complete her 7 days quarantine. 😊

And today she was pretty busy. One of her friends’ mum shared some homework and so she did them. She also did her artwork. She also had her usual virtual mandarin tuition this afternoon. I allowed her to come out of the isolation room to the laundry area to do the art. I also allowed her to skip nap today (so that she can sleep better at night; this morning she woke at 830am). Because of her work, I was also pretty busy – helped her get the art stuff (but she cleaned up herself) and she needed some help with her homework (besides all the daily chores, cooking and chauffeuring Nikki). I also took the opportunity to ask her give me her ‘contaminated’ Amber to wash, changed the bedsheet and washed everything else she used in the past few days.

I am thankful that this is coming to an end. Next, we will need to bring her to a doctor for a check up.

Day 7 of Noelle’s quarantine

The end of quarantine!

Today hubby went to office and hence, for the first time, Noelle was home alone when Norrah and I went to pick Nikki from school. Hubby kept her in chat when I drove to school, while Nikki video-called Noelle when I drove home. So, she wasn’t entirely ‘alone’. I also told her to take her first stepping out of her isolation room and laundry area. She did as told and she told me ‘it was AWESOME!’ 🤣🤣

While driving home, Nikki was ‘complaining’ that jeh jeh was going crazy during the video call. Then I told her – ‘jeh jeh has been stuck in a room with four walls and only allowed to go to toilet for the past 7 days’, and asked Nikki – ‘will you go crazy if you were the same?’ 🙄🤣 She immediately nodded but added ‘but I don’t see papa went crazy during quarantine!🙄🙄’ 😓😓

All three of them took a very long nap today (I didn’t bother to wake them up). They slept till 530pm. Noelle took the Covid test again to reconfirm the negative. And the first thing she wanted to do was swim. So, we went for a late swim! 🤣 The sisters also missed her a lot. They enjoyed so much today. Even Norrah who wanted to cry (because when she is last, she will cry) didn’t cry. 😅

We told her to eat dinner with us but she wanted to eat in the isolation room. 🙄🙄 I told her that would be the last meal served there. 🤣🤣 And tonight, she comes out to play with her sisters. But she will still sleep in the isolation room.

And this ends my Noelle’s quarantine journal. We can’t avoid the virus entirely; but we have successfully stopped it from transmitting to the household. I mark that as our success story.

Video: https://youtu.be/DHzpUibJ4D8