Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion (15ml) + Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay (15ml) from skygracelim88

I was looking for bargains from the forum on Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay. I wanted to try this product and hoped that it will be cheap. I have less intention to get it from Strawberrynet, as it wasn’t on any promotion and I wanted to receive the product quick. I bumped into a post by user, skygracelim88 and asked about the price of the item, which is a smaller size (15ml) one but not a sample. It was going out for RM 38. The standard size (50ml) is priced at RM 122.50 in Strawberrynet. In terms of per ml size, it is slightly more expensive (RM 38/15ml x 50 ml = RM 126.66). She is also willing to offer me free registered post.


Next, I noticed that she was also offering the ultra-matte rebalancing lotion (15ml) at RM 28. I am currently using this and thought of buying the smaller size one to be placed in my travel bag. So, I asked her through private message if it was possible that she gives me at a cheaper price for both items. She offered me at RM 64 instead of RM 66. So, deal – and I made the payment to her.


I also requested her to either send out on October 25 or October 27, so that I can receive it on the Thursday or Friday. She notified me about the sending out (October 25), but I waited till Friday and it did not arrive. I then private message her, only to find out that registered post is different from courier. It was my own mistake to assume. However, I received it today, October 31.

Overall, I am satisfied with the deal. Skygracelim88 is responsive to my private messages even after payment is made. She also made sure that I will receive the parcel by asking me to inform her about the arrival. The items that I got from her are brand new ones, as said. They were both sealed. I think she is a reliable seller. But, if next round I were to purchase from her, I will make sure that it is a courier rather than a registered post.

3 Novelty Signs for only RM 15 worth RM 37.50 @ stiQie, an everyday.com.my deal

This is my first purchase from everyday.com.my. I found this deal rather interesting, as I have a liking for “signage” (and the outlet is located not too far from home). I made the purchase on Oct 12 (Voucher #72739430097). The deal will only be closing on Oct 20 (which means voucher will be ready by then) and purchasers can collect it from Oct 27 to Dec 27. Therefore, today we made a trip to stiQie, which is located in the Sunway Pyramid mall. Upon arrival, I just passed the printed voucher to the sales assistant, and I was then told to choice within the range provided (which was priced RM 12.50 per piece). If I am not mistaken, there were close to or more than 100 choices. I picked three choices and the sales assistant took new ones for me. It was then wrapped into a plastic bag.

If I were to compare “everyday” to “groupon”, I would say everyday did not send out an alert to me when the voucher was ready. Therefore, I had to constantly remind myself about this deal. Other than that, I think this is a great deal especially if you always wanted some signage on your work desk or car. Yes, I managed to save RM 22.50 from the deal.

Klinik Petaling Jaya @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

I came to know about Klinik Petaling Jaya located at SS2 from my previous company, since it was the panel clinic. Also, the clinic is hubby’s previous and current companies panel clinic. I could see the doctor there since I was given a spouse ING card with hubby’s company (it is not my current company’s panel clinic).


What we like about the doctor (Dr. Kong) – he is very friendly and tries to find topics to talk in enlightening his patients. Based on the other clinics that we went, we also realise that the doctor’s medications are good qualities one – as we often can feel the difference a day after taking his medications.


However, one of the setbacks about the clinic is the nurses, especially the Chinese nurse, who is rather arrogant with her dealing with the patients (instead of being polite and friendly). It is especially so when she is dispensing medicines to the patients, and without a smile. It has been so over the years. One great example is what occurred this morning, when the ING card denied me. I asked her if the ING did mention any reason for denying me, while her response was merely “pay, pay, pay”. Yes, I know that I need to pay the bill but I think a good customer service would be finding out the reason for denying and informing the patients. Even if she did not know, it would be wiser for her to say “it is best to check with ING as I wasn’t informed about it”. It was fortunate that I was not in great pain or about to “die”. If I were so, this kind of situation will definitely make me more dreaded.


Other than that, in my perception, the clinic gives medical certifications easily, where it is the nurses who make the call to give out the medical certifications if the doctor did not give. For instance, though I had a swollen thumb but totally fit to work, the nurse still asked if I wanted a medical certification for the day.


I guess patients may have bear with the nurses because the doctor is good.

Wedding gifts from Wedding Cottage @ Subang Avenue

We were looking for wedding gifts ideas and stumbled into Wedding Cottage from a wedding forum. We have decided on the gift for our dinner guests (which I am not supposed to expose what the gift is), which is available on Wedding Cottage. The price for the item is tiered rate, where the more you purchase; the lower is the price per item. We also found out that it is located at Subang Avenue and it is not too far from our place.


We decided to pay a visit to Wedding Cottage on October 9. And, we actually placed a booking on that day itself where a deposit was paid. Veronica (the owner) placed a deadline that the items will be ready by November 21 (after knowing our wedding date). But, the items will usually be ready in two to three weeks. Thereafter, contacting was done via emails (as the item needs some design works).


Today, October 26, I received a sms that the item is ready. Given that we were nearby the area having lunch, we decided to drop by. We finally got our items. The quality, so far, is up to expectation (as we have not opened every single one to check on it). The service is definitely efficient, and we got the items way earlier than expected. We were told that it could be ready by next week in our latest email with Veronica.


Yes, I think Wedding Cottage is a reliable and recommended supplier of (wedding) gifts. Also, Veronica is super friendly in our dealings with her.  They also deal with corporate gifts, baby shower gifts and etc. I am not totally sure of “how cheap” they are, but the item that we wanted came in our budget and the way we wanted it. One setback could be they only receive cash delivery, where you can’t swipe your credit card for the payments. But, I think this is the case since they are small business and if credit card is allowed, merchant fee could probably eat a lot into their margins.

BL Home Furnishing Sdn Bhd @ Taman Seri Taming, Cheras

Mother-in-law wants us to get new bedroom set for the in-law house before the wedding day. We actually stumbled into BL Home Furnishing while on our way to Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan. One day, we decided to stop by to take a preliminary look at the furniture displayed there. We find that the prices of the furniture were quite affordable.


We decided to place a booking on the furniture on October 2. So, we stopped by at BL Home Furnishing again. This time round we sat down to talk to the sales assistant, Jason. He showed us the catalogues and explained on the differences. Jason also spoke about the sizes by showing the measurements with his tape. The bedroom set excludes the mattress. Finally, we choose the mid range one. Together with the mid range mattress, the whole set costs RM 2,350, which also includes free delivery to in laws’ house. It also comes with two free pillows. We paid a deposit of RM 100. Jason said that we need to call him in advance (about three days) for him to order the furniture from the factory.

Last week we decided to have the furniture in. So, hubby rang up Jason on Monday (October 17) to inform him about sending in the furniture on the coming Sunday. Hubby also told Jason that he would pay the remaining balance after the setting up of the furniture, where hubby will come over to swipe his credit card. On Friday, hubby called Jason again to confirm on the arrival of the furniture. And, at last, on Sunday about 12pm, hubby called Jason again to make sure. Also, hubby asked if it is possible for them to take away the old mattress and old bed frame, which Jason said we would need to give the workers some “duit kopi”. The furniture arrived at about 1.50pm. Three workers came along, where two were friendly and another one was snobbish. The snobbish one immediately said that there’s a service charge when hubby asked him if it is possible to take the old furniture away. The whole setting up of the cupboard took around 20 minutes.

Well, it is too early for me to judge about the quality of the furniture. Everything came in order, except the dressing table that appears smaller than expected. While we expect to pay “duit kopi” for them to take away the old furniture, I just don’t like the way that the workers “expect” it to be and at one stage, they were reluctant to accept the money –not because they don’t want, but because they think it is too little for them. If they were customer-service-oriented, I don’t think there’s any additional burden for helping their customers to dispose the old furniture – which at times, I think they may also sell it to a second hand furniture shop (and make money out of it). For instance, when buying our washing machine from Jintex Electronics, the owner was willing to take away the old semi washing machine without a single sen or request.

Watsons’ Points redemption

Earlier on I posted about Watsons’ Membership, and how I felt that it is “not” worth being a Watsons’ member based on the calculation made. However, yesterday I was in Watsons to buy a pack of tissues, the cashier told me that I had 408 points (wow, that means I have spent RM 408 in Watsons in two months), which I could redeem RM 2 on the spot for the packet of tissue was RM 4.50. I agreed to it and hence, just paid RM 2.50 for the tissues. I was actually surprised that I do not have to wait till a year later to redeem the points. Well, I have got back my RM 2 from the RM 12 lifetime membership. This has actually shed the light that being a Watsons’ member is not too bad!


Follow up read 1: Moving towards reducing the Watsons’ lifetime membership fee

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Friday Gel Polish Manicure Promo @ HRH Nail Studio, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

I got to know about gel polish from a friend few months back. I was impressed that the gel polish can last about two to three weeks. And, that was what I am expecting it to be for our wedding. Then, I enquired about gel polish from HRH Nail Studio’s facebook on whether it is possible to do nail art on top of the gel polish –which they responded “yes”. They told me that the first trial is RM 68 (which I actually forgotten about this until I re-read the post).

In my previous round to do manicure, I actually wanted to try the gel polish manicure, but too bad they were closing at 6 pm on that day. Then last week, I received a personal message in facebook from the HRH Nail Studio’s blog owner (Serene Eng), asking if I wanted to try their gel polish manicure, and of course, I related to her on that I called for appointment but they were closing at 6pm. She then told me that her staff went training, which was the reason they were closing early. On the next day, I saw them putting up a promo “FRIDAY Promotion: Soak-off Gel Polish Manicure @ RM79.90 only! (inclusive of Soak-Off service)”. So, I decided to give it a try and make an appointment, which was yesterday’s 6pm. I choose Section 17 this round, as I perceived that the parking will be easier (which is true). Also, I wanted to find out the difference between its SS2 and Section 17 branches – and then decide on which to go before the wedding day.

I was 15-minutes late for the appointment due to the traffic jam from my office to their branch in Section 17. Upon arrival, there was already a customer there (doing the gel polish manicure). I was asked to take a seat first. Well, it is definitely much spacious than its SS2 branch. But, there was just one staff at that time. After coming out from their toilet and seated down, I was straight given the choice to choose the gel polish. There were just 24 colours to choose from. Right after the manicurist (her name is Amy, from her name tag) completed the service for the previous customer, she immediately guided me to the seat. She was smart that she actually took the initiative to change the chairs, given the previous customer has seated long on her chair. I saw that she placed a new sheet of towel before I laid my hands down. Before the session started, the previous customer was disgruntling with dissatisfaction, saying that her art work is bad! This actually made it abit nervous.

So, the session began with the usual removal of the nail polish and then manicure. At first, I saw that she did not sterilise the tools, but only to realise later that the tools are been soaked in some liquid (which I perceived to be steriliser). Amy then asked if I wanted to cut my nails shorter. I looked at my finger nails and confirmed with her that this gel polish will last 2-3 weeks, which she confirmed and thus I told her, cut a little shorter then. With full trust, I leave everything to her – since I never done gel polish before. The whole session lasted about 30 minutes from the point we started. So, I paid RM 79.90 for the session. Before I leave, I confirmed about the soak-free service, which she said I can do it at SS2 or here.

Overall, I think it is satisfactory (but I am not a good judge for gel polish manicure at this point of time – since this is my first time). During the process, Amy is so quiet (which is good that she is not hard selling anything) but to the extent that I wanted to fall asleep. On her manicure, compared to the others I have been to, she is a little rough – the feeling from the trimming of skin was slightly like “fish spa” and also she pressed my fingers throughout the process. But, this was done right after the dissatisfied customer threaten to complain her bad artwork. So, to be fair, I am not sure it is best to judge her when she could be probably emotionally disturbed. When she trimmed my nails, one difference was she actually flipped over my hands to see the fingers are evenly trimmed. Also, when putting on the first gel polish, she finds out if the colour is the one I wanted.

One point is that even the previous customer criticises her and threaten to complain, she merely keep quiet – which is a good point from a customer service perspective. Well, I also think that more staff is needed in the more spacious studio (compared to SS2); or else, the poor staff will be handling everything alone.

Another thing which I just noticed after reading my previous post on facebook – they mentioned that my first trial is RM 68, but I was taking the Friday promo at RM 79.90. The normal price is RM 90, while if one signs up package (not much detail about the package though), the price will be RM 75. Thus, I wonder if I saved from the promo (compared to taking my first trial). Nevertheless, from my observation in The Curve area, in particularly, Snips Nail Bar, the gel polish manicure is at RM 120 (and doing promotion at RM 100).

I think I probably go back to their HRH Nail Studio, SS2 for the soak-free service and consult them about the gel nail art for my wedding before making the appointment.

Popular membership @ POPCLUB

I have been a Popular member more than a decade ago. Before their introduction of their three-years membership, I renewed it year after year. Being a member, the renewal fee is RM 10 per year. Members usually get a minimum 10% discount for white tag books and items in Popular. This implies that if you are one that purchases more than RM 100 per year on books (and stationary), it is definitely worth being a member of Popular.

Given that the government provides a tax relief on the purchase of books up to RM 1,000, I am definitely spending more than RM 100 per year and therefore continues to support Popular membership club. I have made abundance of savings in more than a decade.  .  And, they are rather flexible as well – sometimes, my mum just asked me for my membership number, and she gets the members’ discount too.

The potential setback about Popular compared to some other chain book stores like MPH and Borders is that the variety of books could be limited, especially if you visit more rural areas Popular stores. They have fewer titles compared to those bookstores. But over the years, I have seen Popular bookstores improving in this area. Also, I have yet to see them having a computer for customers to browse for titles; instead, customers have to get to their customer service department to seek for assistance.

In addition, when renewing the membership, most of my encounters need to wait more than a month for the card to come. Each time, if I don’t remember wrongly, I need to call up their customer care center to enquire. The recent one, which happen a year ago, when I renewed my card for three years, the card went missing in the post and they reprinted it, which I then collected from their Sunway outlet. I hope I won’t encounter such issue in my next renewal, next year.

Snow wash and car vacuum @ Showru Café & Restaurant’s parking, Kelana Jaya

I only send my car for wash when I need to vacuum my car, or else, it would be just DIY wash or the car being sent to in-law’s house for the maid to wash. Given that I saw a little creature crawling in the car a week or two ago, I decided to send it for a vacuum. So, I went to the nearest snow wash and car vacuum, which is located at Showru Café & Restaurant’s parking, Kelana Jaya, after work.


It was drizzling when I sent the car there. And, thus I was the lone customer at that point of time. I winded down the window and asked the price for both car wash and vacuum, which they say RM 6. So, I just parked my car under the shade and stood beside the car. Five men actually cleaned my car. It took about 10 minutes.

When they were cleaning the car, I spoke to one of them, who told me that they open almost daily from 8 am to 9 pm. I think they are rather friendly.

On the car wash and vacuum, I am satisfied with the vacuum, as they actually took up almost everything in the car – vacuumed inside and out. However, they did not vacuum the car boot. As for the wash, well, I think it was just “too easy” for them given that my car is small. One setback is that I noticed that the tyre reams weren’t exactly that clean, as I spotted some stains still in between. While I can’t expect more from RM 6, other snow wash and car vacuum centers that I have been to would not have this left on. Well, for a fast wash and vacuum (especially) plus nearest to my home, I think I will be back there.


CLARINS Hydraquench Cream-Mask from follifolle

During my last facial appointment with Clarins, I asked my beauty therapist, Mandy on which mask is recommended for me. Well, she says that my skin is a little dehydrated and thus recommended me CLARINS Hydraquench Cream-Mask, which was RM 142. I was rather on the urge to buy, given that I am fine that Mandy can make a little commission from it since she was really nice to me. However, Mandy mentioned that it is not worth just getting this one product and it would be better if I could get products up to RM 350 in order be a free member of Clarins. I insisted that I wanted just the mask, but she seemed to “disallow” me from purchasing just one product– and asked me to try one other product first (which she gave me as sample). I indeed wanted the mask since our big day is approaching and thus needed to do frequent mask. Moreover, I don’t think I will get products up to RM 350 the next round.

So, I went home and started searching for this product over forum and online discount sites. I was a little reluctant to purchase from StrawberryNet this time around as it takes close to two weeks for the product to arrive (and the discount isn’t substantial for the wait). I searched for other alternatives, bearing in mind that StrawberryNet will be my last resort if I could not find an alternative.

I went into a forum and found that this user, called follifolle was selling the product at RM 100. Her email address was in the site, and thus I decided to email her (follifolle00@hotmail.com). She only responded to me two days later (Sunday, October 16) and mentioned that it is still available and going on RM 107 (inclusive of postage). Since the first response, her response was fast. I confirmed with her that the item is brand new and that she can send the item immediately after the payment is made. I asked for her bank accounts, and she gave me my preference bank choice (from two choices). After transferring her the money and sending her email to prompt her together with mailing details, she did responded that she received and will let me know the tracking number once delivered (I totally like this kind of “email received” reply). The day after she mailed out the item and gave me the tracking number (EM046274425MY). I received the item on Tuesday afternoon.

I would say it is a pleasant experience dealing with follifolle. The item is also very well packed without the need for me to remind her to do so. As spoken, it was also brand new, where the item was sealed (this remind if the item I bought from Cherie Bean Bean is really new as it wasn’t seal as like this item). She is a reliable seller. I guess she is also not really in the business of selling Clarins items but selling off her pre-loved items. She has few other items available, which aren’t suitable for me, or else, I think I will grab it!

The box was wrapped in giant paper

The box was wrapped in a cling foil

The product, as it is

The product was still sealed

I managed to save RM 35 from the purchase. Well, I think I should thank Mandy from stopping me from purchasing from her?