Day 9 and final day of Term 1 School Break 2019: Bowling 🎳 game

We decided to go with bowling game on the last day of this term holiday. They were pretty excited about it – jumping into the bowling arena. Then, a little disappointed when there was a tournament going on (full house) and we were asked to come back at 1230pm. So we went for lunch and window shop first. Noelle asked ‘how long more?’ every 5 minutes! 🙄🙄

At last the time came! We had the kids’ lane where the sides were ‘protected’ (less likely to score ‘longkang’😂) Everyone had FUN! Nikki has less energy and thus her bowling balls moved so so slow – that dragged our time there🤭😂 Noelle wasn’t satisfied with just two matches – but we told her we can come other time (she was pondering if we can come only during school holidays, but we told her we can come during weekends – only if they behave well).

>> Our last bowling game was in 2013 (on my birthday🤭😂 in Genting) when Noelle was 7mo+😆 I don’t think she has any memory of it

>> we took the Ampang Superbowl weekend package of RM17.50 per two games (for three persons) which also comes with one soft drink

Memories from our bowling session <here>

Day 7 of Term 1 School Break 2019: From Slime time to Hot Wheels @ Sunway Pyramid

Unexpectedly, they had more fun at Hot Wheels playground compared to Slime Time. And the fact is Slime Time has been ‘over’ advertised. They didn’t get to touch any slime except for the tiny drops from the slime shooting game. Noelle’s review ‘slime time is like nothing!😒’ 😂😂😂

We spent most of our time at the Hot Wheels playground. From experience, we brought along our own Hot Wheels models – so we had unlimited play time with the various tracks! They had the playground there too. Norrah wanted to get down – which I didn’t allow because she would be running around – so she was wailing! 😓

Great that we chose Friday to drop by at Sunway Pyramid, I think this place will be packed with people over the weekend! Parking at B1 was already full at 10.10am today ! 🙄🙄

Video <here>


General colouring

Playing badminton

Playing piano

Video of singing and playing piano at the same time <here>

Day 6 of Term 1 School Break 2019: Celebrate papa’s birthday

. . .

Starting the savings habit 😁😁

And that was our purpose of giving her allowances despite her bringing recess box to school.

Feeling the joy of seeing money accumulating! 🥰

Today also marks our 8th ROM anniversary, the day we signed on the dotted line. But the best thing having our ROM on hubby’s birthday – 1. He will always remember our ROM date 🙄; 2. I don’t have to plan for his birthday 🤭😂; 3. It is a feast day on every 28.3 😝 ok, tomorrow ‘on diet’!

Dinosaur alive at Paradigm Mall 🤣🤣

Finally got to ‘experience’ the dino ride since we spent more than RM100 (spending above RM50 gives one free ride). Other activities are free.

Video <here>

Day 5 of Term 1 School Break 2019: Bake papa a birthday cake

We spend ‘whole’ day doing this.

First thing we did right after they woke up and had breakfast – bake a butter cake. Noelle chose a butter cake because she says that Norrah can eat it then!

Then we went out to the bakery supplies shop to get deco (actually nothing in mind on how to deco 🤭😆 – though I did gave them a rough idea and Nikki gave out the hint to papa yesterday 😒). They were satisfied with getting ’Happy Birthday’ candles.

After lunch, we spent close to two hours decorating it with non dairy frosting. They chose blue and red – but using butterfly pea flower, it came out so light blue (I didn’t want to use food colouring – because it really stains the tongue), and we used rose sirap for red but turned out pinkish (Noelle made a conclusion that because the creamer was ‘white’, so added ‘red’ it became pink 🤭😂). Noelle suggested that we topped with blueberries- since ‘blue’ theme. Then I told them I will ‘write’ with the pink/red frosting. They suggested to draw hearts on top and zig zags on the side.

Video of making frosting <here>

They were really happy with the outcome and Noelle kept mentioning to me ‘THIS is our hard work!’ 😂😂😂 They waited and waited for papa to come back – and today coincidentally later a little bit (they even thought papa was back when it was me getting out of our unit to throw rubbish – climbing the front grill with excitement but to their disappointment; Nikki kena marah from me some more because naked on the grill (she was wearing her pyjamas half way🤦🏻‍♀️😂)

Pretty well spent time today with the girls doing something for papa 😚😚😚 though it isn’t the most perfect cake!

Happy birthday to our Super Papa!

+1 day in advance, because the girls felt so ‘suffocated’ keeping a secret

Wishing you ‘Filthy Rich – rich in adventure, in health, in knowledge, in laughter, in family and in love 😍’ 😚😚😚

Video of birthday song <here>

Day 4 of Term 1 school break: Train agility and focus at Milky Way Play Space

Definitely more agile this time round – their third time in Milky Way Play Space. Also because they are limited only to Tiger Cub (meaning this climbing thing and trampoline), their focus wasn’t swayed away. They went three rounds of Tiger Cub.

Norrah wasn’t the baby who koala only mama anymore this time. She was also having a happy time wandering around until she felt tired and hungry.

Video <here>

>>> I told Noelle that she can up her level to a new challenge next school holiday to Funtopia! 😆

– –

There was also Dinosaurs Alive happening at Paradigm Mall

The dinosaur walkabout

And exhibition (we didn’t take part in their activities due to time constraint)

Day 3 of Term 1 school break 2019: One Utama wading pool

Day 3 of Term 1 school break: Outdoor IN indoor 🤣 since papa is not around

Something that they have been anticipating – playing at the wading pool in 1U. We never returned to 1U since our last visit to this wading pool (cos they will ask for it if we step into 1U) and also meaning our first visit in 2019! We spent close to 45 minutes in the wading pool. Video <here>

Then we went to their indoor playground, just a floor above (cannot escape, since they can see it from the wading pool🙄).

After playing and thus hungry, we went to AEON bakery and food court; chose our preference respectively and ate there (luckily we went before the office lunch time – it became so pack when we left our table).

Finally we dropped by at the supermarket before making our way home.

>> I am definitely more efficient this time around 😂😂 packing and segregating what we need accordingly – so no surprises while looking for things (I don’t have to dig here and there for stuff). I also brought along food container for them to pick their sushi – less likely for them to drop any sushi while at the same time – environmental friendly (that’s what I told them 🤭😂). We only bring one big flask of ice water – no need bring respective water bottles and unlikely for them to ask me buy cold water (we finished every drop of the water and ice – we were ‘chewing’ ice on our way back 🤣). And only one recyclable bag to put in our buys – limit our buys – that’s what i can carry with the three of them around!

All in all – everyone enjoyed this morning! 😂

. . .

Harvested our enzyme

Participating in colouring contest

Karaoke therapy with the family

Day 2 of Term 1 school holiday: Karaoke therapy – we had a blast singing THEIR favourite songs

We got hooked on karaoke, of late! 🤭🤣 But it is a rather meaningful and fun way for everyone. Besides practising vocal, it makes learning ‘reading’ fun (for Noelle)! 😂😂 It gives hubby and I some sanity ‘managing’ the kids.

Video <here>

– –

Playtime with dinosaur garden

Orbeeze play

“Read and be better. Don’t read and just be.”

Started our school holiday ‘boringly’ by visiting the Popular book warehouse sales. 😂😂 They have few running simultaneously over the country during this school holiday period. Not sure about others, I found some great buys for the girls. 5 books for RM20.

What else we did at home?

Arranging cards by numbers and patterns

Sliding balls on a scarf <video>

Inserting stuff into a bottle

End of Term 1 2019

Wow…how time flies! 😂😂 so, we ‘survived’!

Highlights of term 1

– [ ] After 3 days of trial (going in during recess), I have learn to ‘let go’ and put trust that Noelle can look after herself during recess. And yes, she did it. She has been responsible with handling her food containers and bag. In her initial day, she gave in to her friends’ requests for her food pickers and trusted that they will return them. One did and others didn’t – but it served her as a lesson on who to trust.

– [ ] She lost her water bottle once and it was because she forgotten to bring along after class. We went back to class to search (found out after we reached the car) and it was no longer there.

– [ ] Noelle is allergic to ‘normal’ school shoes and socks 🙄🙄 We went around to find suitable ones for her. Finally found Nike brand shoe for her🙄 (H&M and bata first socks )So far, so good…and I made her soak her feet into Chinese parsley water again, and she is on the road to a smoother feet now!

– [ ] Noelle meets a ‘bully’ who asked for money. The ‘bully’ happens to be a friend she appreciates a lot. We taught her to say NO and OK to “don’t friend you!” She managed to do it. But the ‘bully’ kept pestering and we resorted to contacting the mother of the bully. For two weeks, it went pass without pressure. But then the ‘habit’ returned. At the end, the mother of the bully suggested a video call between the kids – and yes, we did it. Noelle who didn’t do anything wrong was firm with what she told us while the ‘bully’ cried. So at the end, the mother said her daughter was just ‘joking’ with Noelle. We told her off that there shall no more such jokes. So far, so good.

– [ ] I went for the school PIBG meeting and saw how things were running. Not much comment on this. We paid the pibg fees though it is not an obligation. We also tried to help in ways possible – for example, collecting recyclable materials for the pibg school project

– [ ] Noelle and I went for class gotong-royong.

– [ ] Noelle started her extra Mandarin class in mid February. For two weeks, I sent her lunch box. From third week onwards, Noelle said that she can handle her lunch herself – which she did. She has proven to us that she is indeed very independent. It is social and emotional skills she learnt that kept her in school.

– [ ] Noelle joined the free craft class organised by Global Art centre.

– [ ] Noelle loses her voice quite often! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ She says that there’s reading out loud and also some screaming happening amongst her friends. 😒

– [ ] In March, Noelle adheres to my suggestion of mixing around with more people. She doesn’t just stick to one or two friends during recess. She has telling me new names each other day. I am very happy for her (I know making first step is not easy – from my point of view)

– [ ] Noelle is coping in the school. Thanks to the school being in the Dual Language Programme where Science and Maths are taught in English. I would say she has been doing well (if not just catching up). The only one year she had in kindy helped her transition easier. I have not been ‘revising’ with her so far and only ‘helps’ if she asked.

– [ ] After two months in school, Noelle finally ‘found’ the quicker way to walk to the guard house!🙄🤣 but it is a great discovery by herself and definitely shorten our waiting time. I don’t mind she takes time to ‘learn’ something because it is the ‘effort’ that matters.

– [ ] I know few of Noelle’s classmates’ parents/guardians who wait for the kids (like me). Ok la, I can ‘chat’ with them – but not really much. It really takes both hands to clap – I can do so much effort only ok? And sometimes pretty lazy to find topics to talk about and I don’t want to go into ‘comparing’ or ‘judging’ our kids.

– [ ] I tried to ‘be friendly’ in the class WhatsApp group. But soon realised – ‘aiyo, why all these spoon feeding?’ That I don’t bother replying even though I do ask Noelle about it. I only reply to queries that matter to us especially after the admin group ‘shoot’ me wrongly (she was not well informed).

I believe many still wonder (in fact I was asked again this week) – why we don’t send Noelle to SJKC (which is just next door to her current school)! Honestly speaking, I don’t want to cramp myself with teaching her Chinese when I myself don’t know. Secondly, both hubby and I are from SK schools – so we more or less know how it runs (though it may be two decades ago🤭)! Anyway, ‘we like la’. 🙄🤣

One week break is finally here!