Fantasy play and dinosaur park, Lake Garden KL

A happy find

Last year we came to Lake Garden, KL – but we actually went to the playground located next to the car park. Actually that playground did not match the photos I see on google – and it went with the thinking ‘photo angling can tell a million lies’.

Today we drop by at Lake Garden since it has been more than a year we were there. (We actually wanted to come last Sunday but it started raining just before we set out)

Upon arriving at the parking, we were devastated to find the playground that we went -has closed down for construction. Someone (guess who?🙄🤣) nearly choked with tears. Then I looked further into the park – saw some colourful structures 🤭🤭 ‘I think inside there got playground!’

From 🥺🥺🥺>>> become 😆😆😆

Yes, this is the dinosaur playground that is mentioned on google! It is really huge – one of, if not, THE largest outdoor playground that we have been to! Too big that they become indecisive on which to play! In fact, there’s a lake down there where we can feed fishes and tortoises (too bad we didn’t bring the fish food). Guess we will make a comeback soon!


Video <here>

DIY luggage bag

My kids usually receive hand-me-down toys and presents from my lovely friends/relatives. We (hubby and I) usually only buy toys on special occasion – which is birthday. I have a ‘hobby’ of DIY toys for their imaginary play, instead of ‘buying’ since toys won’t occupy them for long.

Today I made them a luggage bag which is from a box, a paper shopping bag and kitchen organiser wheels (which came out from the organiser itself). I just ‘wasted’ a lot cellophane tape. This will buy them joy for some time.


Video on how it works:

1001 Arabian Nights Buffet

It has been a while since we, as a family, had buffet (minus those morning buffets during holidays 🙄😂).

Thank you One World Hotel Petaling Jaya for having us today. In the first time in my life, I won a lucky draw. 😆😆I never had luck for lucky draws. It was a real surprised to find a member of the group Share Your Malaysia Bargains, Contests and Recommendations (Audrey Chan) for tagging me as a winner. I didn’t expect it and in fact forgotten about joining it.

I am not very active in joining contests but selectively do – usually at wee hours when I get my insomnia🤭😂 or my free time. I am usually motivated to join, seeing the wins by one of my FB friends – Ng Sook Mei. 😂 (seriously, i have never seen a person win so many lucky draws as her!) I also selectively join because I dislike tagging people – since I dislike to be tagged too. Usually I would join contests that require me to tag a ‘friend’ only – whom I can safely tag my hubby. I also only join those with gifts I feel like winning (I have time cost; preloving or BNP-ing not in my mind🙄😆).

And this is also the FIRST time since I turned a stay-a-home-mum (5.5 years ago) – I gave NOT only my hubby but also my whole family of 5 a REAL treat! (In our communication email, I was told that I only have to pay for our kid of 6 years old and above. It was another pleasant surprise that we weren’t charge at all! 😁😁😁)

I told Noelle about my lucky draw win last week. I told her that we would be going to a special place to eat (we don’t usually spend on luxury dining). She was real excited about it – and counting down the days. Each day of this week when I picked her from school, she will tell me how many days left to have this special dinner. 😂 She was also excited because she just understood what is ‘lucky draw’ – she was imagining herself ‘winning’ lucky draws from buying vouchers for her school carnival weeks ago (which did not materialise). So my coincident win- cheer her up a lot!

The buffet: Very good food served! But it was more like an international buffet than an Arabian one! We ate more seafood than others! 🤭😆 The kids had a jolly time choosing and eating (but they choose their usual kind of food🙄😆) – and the elder ones were ‘allowed’ chocolate fondue for the first time! They were better behaved than expected (the lowest rated was the baby🙄; followed by the number 2). We constantly remind them to behave in the restaurant or else we would be kicked off. And thankfully no guest complained about us! 😜

Thanks again to One World Hotel and its staff for the dinner arrangement. Initially I thought we can dine only on weekdays. But I verified with the staff that it is valid on weekends too (but I got to enjoy it within July). In addition, I am grateful that I would not have to make an extra trip to One World Hotel to collect the voucher. Instead, its staff has arranged it to be sent to the coffee house.


Lesson on friendship

Actually, I am pretty ‘bad’ at friendship! 🙄🙄 but my advice to Noelle has always been ‘be a friend, when you want a friend’!

As far as I am concerned, she has been a ‘good’ friend (even to the extent of being ‘bullied’🙄).

Well, even though I don’t really like W for what she does to Noelle, I have not stopped her from befriending W (though I secretly wish she would😝). I kept reminding myself how ‘hurtful’ it is that a mum calls a friend names (I am bad ok? Sometimes I forgotten and my hubby reminds me not to.) So, I have not interfered her friendship with W. In fact, yesterday during the school carnival, unexpectedly I spoke to W’s mum – not about our kids -but just regarding our class sales. Both hubby and Quinnie were surprised too that I spoken to W’s mum. (Actually that was my first time talking to her as hubby has been liaising with her so far. We did bump into each other during sports day and once when I picked Noelle but I haven’t communicated with her!)

There was one day she came home telling me that she and C supposed to make card for each other. Noelle took it seriously and made one, handed to C but C actually forgotten about it (it reminded me of some childhood trip when someone promised to wake up early to do something but it ended up I woke up alone myself – and the person that made that promise just slept through🙄 – I was so naive those days). Also, someday when we made bookmark origami at home, Noelle made for her friends too including W. Noelle also often tell me how she misses sitting with A (since her teacher moved her to the back of the class) – because her new group consists mostly boys and they create a lot of noise.🙄

I do tell Noelle that ‘it is okay to be alone. Cos sometimes being alone allows us the free mind to do something’. So at times, she goes to the library herself.

Last week, C has been missing from school. First day and second day – she told me probably C is sick. After third day – ‘maybe C went holiday already!’ 🙄🙄

Yesterday C was at the school carnival. Upon bumping into C and her mum, I asked C’s mum if C is ok as Noelle was telling me that C didn’t come to school for few days. I even told her mum that Noelle was guessing if they went holiday. C’s mum said that C was having bad flu and fever over the last few days. She even told Noelle directly that C will be back on Monday and they didn’t go holiday. (Very nice of C’s mum)

Noelle straight way asked ‘C, do you want to play bouncy castle?’ in front of C’s mum without fear. I was pretty surprised (and proud) that Noelle did that – because in the past, if she wanted, she would ask me to ask on behalf. C’s mum being polite told Noelle that she can go ahead first and C will join later.

But at the end C didn’t join us. We actually forgotten about it (even Noelle😆).

Upon arriving home, I actually received a message:

“Hello Noelle’s mummy, this is C’s mom. Please do tell Noelle, C couldn’t join her at the bouncy castle because she wasn’t feeling well and we had to leave shortly. She wanted but she couldn’t. C felt bad as she couldn’t play. Tq ya.”


It was a pretty thoughtful message.

Noelle did bring me friendships in the past. I don’t know about the future and I don’t dare to think about it actually! 😆 Even THAT kns once told me before that it is actually ‘hard’ to be friends with our kids’ classmates’ parents – which I think it is true.

But I just wish Noelle can find her true friends (during her school days which she bring it to adulthood). 🥰🥰 In the past, I have been deciding for her – through play dates (mostly boys 😆 In the year, her close friends are mostly girls.)

– –

It was Noelle’s school carnival aka canteen day in her primary school. She invited her childhood friend EZ to the event. They had fun and I had some experience packing nasi kerabu and nasi dagang.

My first packet of nasi kerabu for one parent – full of condiments, which include nasi dagang’s condiments 🤭🤣 because I didn’t know what’s the difference. I wasn’t properly trained because the parent-in-charge said ‘it was ok’ when I asked her if she needs to teach me ‘how to’ 🙄 but then she was talking when someone ordered.

I just stand there like ‘bodoh’ 🙄🙄 most of the time. Only helped put in coupons into the box, pack into plastic bag, helped hold the rice as the lady put on the condiments and scoop rice.

Happy that one person just walked over and said he wanted to buy our popiah! 🤣 – like my first business.

I didn’t do much ‘sales and promotion’ at the stall – not my cup of tea 🤭🙄😆 only asked Quinnie (who came with EZ) if she wanted to buy 🥺🥺 🤣🤣 ‘thank you for buying one nasi dagang and nasi kerabu each!’ 😂😂😂 – so my second official business! 🤭 and the third official business, use my own pocket money buy for myself 😆

Pictures from school carnival:

Our first visit to G2G Animal Garden

It is kinda nearby to Farm in the City, price is almost half priced. Less well known (not crowded at all, fewer than 10 families there today when we were there), smaller farm/garden, fewer range of animals. But they have cats, which Farm in the City doesn’t have – I think. And the girls especially Norrah like cats. Overall, well maintained, animals are already well fed and friendly staff. Food for the animals are sold cheaply too- RM1 for a cup.

Norrah enjoys the visit the most! Nikki is the most timid (wanted papa to carry🙄) but eventually warmed up to the cats and birds. Noelle seems to enjoy until she got bitten by ants! 🙄🙄 (you know ants bite is like ‘injection’🤭🤣 and I have been describing how injection feels like few days back before she got her jab in school🙄🙄)

Video <here>

Photos <here>

First immunisation in school

Day 104:

Recess – Air fried fish balls + chicken, mushroom and cheese balls + donut peach 🍑 + ketchup and thousand island

Lunch – fried rice + chicken, mushroom and cheese balls

> she enjoys the donut peach a lot yesterday (saying that it was so fragrant, and when she bites it – seems like apple, but it was soft) and I was lazy to cut fruits; so a repeat of donut peach 🤣

Today is THE day that she will be getting her first immunisation in school, and without us around. She is aware of it! 🙄 Dutifully told her , though initially wanted to give her a ‘surprise’ (because we are afraid she chickens out🤭). When I told her, she was 😨😑🙄😓😟🥺 mode. We refrain from talking about the topic again. 🤭🙄

Anyway, I think Noelle is both nervous and some how ‘excited’. Nearly had the jab yesterday- they queued to the library for the check up by nurse. So, it is definitely TODAY! I hope she braves this through! 😣😣😣

>> back from school

Finally got her jab, both sides of her arm!

Greeted with a hampao face when I picked her up 🙄🙄🤣🤣 (First to come out with a crying face!)

Knowing her, I anticipated this will happen for the past three days 🙄🙄 and prepared myself to console her. (Papa even said wont happen wor🙄🙄).

But not sure if it is THAT painful or what, because in between I saw her cheekily smiling! 🙄🙄 Most probably want to tey-pau only. Moreover most of her girl-friends cried, so ‘joint force’ to cry together 🙄🙄 According to her, boys didn’t cry wor…