Officially one month full time looking after little 17chipmunks alone!


Time flies. Today marks the official one day staying at home, looking after little 17chipmunks. It has been an amazing one month – from cooking, baking, looking after, nurturing and going out alone with her. I have not a single thought of returning to the office, despite times of tiredness or crankiness that I deal.

In summary:

What I gained in the month:

  • No “mad” rush hours – but I still rush to complete my work when the little monster is sleeping
  • No work politics
  • Growing up with little 17chipmunks – understanding her character more
  • Some time to relax my mind – we had almost daily swimming activity, I get to blog again and do research for our upcoming trip
  • Learning all about life over again – when figuring out activities for little 17chipmunks
  • More time with hubby – we have some time off after little 17chipmunks goes to bed, now that I don’t have to wake extreme early to get to work and rush things to complete

What I feel missing:

  • Social time – most of the time spent is with little 17chipmunls; no adult friends except those on social media (who are either working or far away) – tried speaking to ex-colleagues but they are also busy with their works and I get their complains about office politics (which I am not totally bothered since I left the company)
  • And of course, the extra savings from my monthly salary, if I am working (but I really rather sacrifice this)

What  I have learn (especially since the horrible accident that little 17chipmunks had to go through):

1. The safest place is not necessarily “home”.
2. Never underestimate the importance of an insurance policy.
3. No matter how safe you are, accidents are bound to happen.

Looking forward to many more months and years of happiness being a stay-at-home-mum!

Return visits to Dr Cheng Seong Wai of Klink Kanak-Kanak Cheng @ Kelana Business Avenue

20131005_105306Photo: little 17chipmunks during her last visit to Dr Cheng’s clinic in early October 2013

Though I have made a critic about Dr Cheng on my first visit to his clinic because he wasn’t breastfeeding friendly, we made numerous return visits to the clinic. Given that he sense that I did not like him for being breastfeeding friendly, I think he had tried being breastfeeding friendly now to us.

Why do we return to him? For a very simple reason, he is very thorough in his checkups. In numerous occasions, we have waited for him like an hour – because of the long queue. I supposed his thorough checkups on little ones made most parents return to him. His consultation fees is reasonable. Maybe a little setback from his visit is his “liking” to prescribe medicine to little ones. However, on second thought, though we want our little ones to use their own antibody to fight through illness, do we want them to suffer longer? A very good case – little 17chipmunks suffered longer for her blocked nose and phlegm – because we did not take Dr Cheng’s advice to give her a stronger antibiotic after a mild one did not killed off the virus. We only started little 17chipmunks on the new antibiotic after a week or two. We prolonged her illness and she suffered. We are still not sure if we made the right decision. Nevertheless, she is all well now!

Another plus point from Dr Cheng is he follow up personally with a call after three days of visit. We were surprised that he is taking this effort. In fact, I missed his call once and he smsed me. I did replied him. Then, on the occasion when little 17chipmunks did not recover just a day she completed the antibiotic, I sms-ed Dr Cheng if I need to bring her to him for another visit. To my surprise, he did replied. Well done on this.

One setback is the clinic’s location – where parking is difficult. Due to competition with the hospital located at the same area – i.e. Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, Dr Cheng is giving a RM3 cash rebate on parking.

Dr Chuan of Klinik HM at Phileo Damansara 1 and Section 17, PJ is breastfeeding-friendly general practitioner

One of the things breastfeeding mums fear most is having to take medication for sickness. First thing, we are afraid that it will affect the baby who will be taking our milk. And, secondly, we fear taking medication will affect out milk supply. There were already twice I felt a sick since little 17chipmunks arrived. It was bouts of viruses that I caught from hubby and also workplace.


On my visits to Klinik HM, I had a feeling that Dr Chuan is a breastfeeding friendly general practitioner. I am not sure if it is because he has a baby at home too. But, I had confidence with his advice and medication given. He even encouraged me to breastfeed my baby despite sick so that I can pass antibody to her. In addition, he suggested that I wear a mask when I breastfeed her during sickness so that I don’t pass viruses to my baby.


When asked if the medication can affect my baby, he says that very little, in fact immaterial amount, actually goes through breastmilk. And when asked if the medication can affect milk supply, he mentioned that usually only diarrhea medicine could affect supply and not flu medicine. He stressed that panadol are safe for breastfeeding mummies. In addition, he even asked if I need to wake up to look after baby, and after nodding, he then prescribed non-drowsy medication for me.


I definitely have confidence towards Dr Chuan. I feel safe having him as my doctor during my breastfeeding journey. I even took the trouble (during sickness) to see him at his clinic in Phileo Damansara 1, which I need to fork up my own pocket money for the consultation and medication.


Dr Syed Nazir of Kelana Jaya Medical Centre


Little 17chipmunks was assigned Dr Syed Nazir as the pediatrician upon delivery. Well, we got to meet Dr Syed on the day we were going home – and it was a rush meet up, where we were going back home – he came to our room but I was in the toilet and he was supposed to come back, but no where to be seen until we were going off. It was a speedy explanation on that day and we were supposed to come back in 5 days time or so.


We returned to see Dr Syed as per the appointment. Well, for his appointments, sms will be sent to us to remind us – that is a service. However, upon arrival at his clinic, we were greeted by his rather unfriendly nurses. They are totally opposite of the nurses at Dr Fatima’s clinic. Compared to Dr Cheng of Klinik Kanak-Kanak Cheng, Dr Syed is less detail in his checking of the baby and thus, the waiting time is shorter compared to Dr Cheng.


But, one thing which I am agreeable to Dr Syed – he encourages breastfeeding – though he will say top up formula milk IF there is insufficient breastmilk. He knows that exclusively fed babies should not be taking water. There is also a nursery at his clinic – where we could breastfeed our babies while waiting (which we did for few occasions).


Initially, when we relate to Dr Syed that little 17chipmunks’ stomach is rather bloated, he was relating that it was because of the still growing muscle. However, when we went to seek Dr Cheng’s advice, it was wind in the stomach. Then, we relate to Dr Syed about Dr Cheng’s advice – he then changed his opinion – and agreeing that it was part of the cause of colic. Aside from the gripe water given by Dr Cheng, Dr Syed, initially, recommended another medicine – which was Cuplaton – which helped abit initially. When her colic got worse, Dr Syed recommended probiotics – which actually helped. Crossing our fingers, little 17chipmunks seems to have recovered from colic. According to Dr Syed, there are studies made that probiotics could help colicky babies and proven works. On the other hand, no studies done on Dentinox (gripe water) and Cuplaton on how it helps colic. However, probiotics seems the last resort – and it is quite pricey. But, we are grateful that little 17chipmuks has been feeling better – though there is still wind in her stomach and she has to fart out each time.


Eventually – Between Dr Syed and Dr Cheng (location of the clinics is the same – Kelana Business Avenue), we choose to do vaccination for little 17chipmunks with Dr Syed – because Dr Syed’s clinic is rather proven and receipts are printed accordingly – while Dr Cheng seems to be “dodgy” when it comes to payment – where payment has to be made to him directly and handwritten receipts are given. Nevertheless, we will still keep both Dr Syed and Dr Cheng as our pediatrician – as they are nearest to us and important in case of emergencies.


During little 17chipmunks’ last vaccination, we went to Dr Syed on a Friday night. We were surprised that there were so many patients. In addition, the clinic still accepts patients even though it was way after 9pm. Now, we know why the nurses are rather unfriendly – because they had to come to work again the next morning.


One setback – I think Dr Syed’s clinic is rather stuffy especially when there are a lot of patients. In addition, the toilet at the clinic is not very hygiene.  I would also certainly be happier if his nurses are friendlier to us. Dr Syed, himself, is a friendly doctor though.


Post delivery check up with Dr Fatima

On the day we went home, Dr Fatima has asked me to do a follow up check up with her in two weeks time. And, so, we had the appointment with Dr Fatima last Saturday (we brought forward the day of check up so that hubby can go to work on Monday). At the same time, we also brought little 17chipmunks for her follow up check up with Dr Syed. We knew that there would be a long wait at Dr Fatima’s clinic, so we took the queue number, which were 12 before proceeding to Dr Syed’s clinic. After the visit at Dr Syed’s clinic, the queue has merely moved to number 4. So, we waited almost 1 and half hours before my turn.

Once seeing Dr Fatima, she asked about “how’s life?”, which we told her a dramatic change. This is so true as we used to have breakfast at the mamak below the hospital on each visit at Dr Fatima’s clinic – but on that day, we woke up to get little 17chipmunks ready and had our breakfast at home.

We proceed to Dr Fatima looking at my wound. At the same time, she was glad that I was exclusively breastfed our baby and said once the first baby, I am able to do so – the second child will be easier. She also gave advice on how to store breast milk and so forth. I really like how she care and concern about her patient. After looking at the wound, she helped to clean up abit and told me to scrub away those “tread” that appear on top of the wound.


After cleaning up the wound, she spoke about family planning to us. She recommended that we should plan our family as soon as possible, as I am having endometriosis and also fibroid (size around 3-4cm), which hubby actually saw during the delivery process. However, since I had c-section, it is best to have our second child after two years – it is also so that attention can be given to little 17chipmunks, she says. We were introduced several prevention methods. She did not prescribed any medicine but wrote down the names for us – telling us that we can obtain those medicine from any pharmacy (meaning she is being independent with her advice). Given the presence of endometriosis in me, the best method for me, as per her suggestion, is to take Noriday, since I plan to breastfeed and so that I would not have problem conceiving in the future. At the end, she advised me to return for a paps smear test in two months time.

Well, I really appreciate and grateful to have Dr Fatima as my gynae – not only that she gave practical advices, she also indirectly saved little 17chipmunks’ life. So, gone are the days that we are going to do monthly visits at her clinic (except for the paps smear test). Despite the usual long wait at her clinic, I think I will miss her. Nevertheless, I will definitely have her as my long-term gynae. The charges are reasonable as well. Gone are the days when I will be doing annual paps smear test at PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic @ SS2, PJ.

For those interested:

If you plan to take hormone pills and do not plan to breastfeed, Dr Fatima recommends “Yasmin”.

If you plan to get hormone injection, which is 100% accurate, it will be RM60 per jab taken three times in a year.

If you plan to do hormone implant, it will be RM600 for a span of three years.

If you plan to insert an intrauterine device, it will be RM200.

The prices are as at Jan 2013 and at Dr Fatima’s clinic.

Dr Cheng Seong Wai of Klink Kanak-Kanak Cheng @ Kelana Business Avenue is NOT advocating exclusive breastfeeding


Yesterday was a rather tough day – little 17chipmunks was not feeling particularly well. She was wailing whenever I put her down. I let her suckle my breast for more than an hour, but there wasn’t anything else that I could do to calm her down. Then when I was trying to burp her, noticed some rashes around her shoulder and neck; became a little panic. I immediately informed hubby about that and according to his colleagues that recently gave birth to babies – they are normal. Later on, my mum came to visit little 17chipmunks and we noticed that the rashes were getting worse – we decided to send her to Dr Syed. Nevertheless, upon arrival at Dr Syed’s office, we were told that he will only be available in the evening. Given that there is a paediatrician below KJMC, we decided to proceed to the clinic.


The clinic’s opening hour for the noon session is 2.30pm to 4.30pm. However, we were early, that is 2pm. We were allowed in to the clinic by the nurse/ assistant. A simple form was filled. We were told that Dr Cheng will be back by 2.45pm. We waited till 3pm only Dr Cheng returned – and hubby managed to rush to the clinic. Seriously, the doctor is not punctual, and he called back to say he will be back in 2 minutes; but it was instead 20 minutes later.

Well, Dr Cheng did do a detailed check up on little 17chipmunks. He diagnosed the little one as having heat rashes (which was obviously to me – as both my mum and mum-in-law wanted us to swaddle the baby though the baby obviously did not like and felt hot). He did other check up – and said that baby has sensitive nose and stomach was bloated with air (his diagnosis is rather more Chinese diagnosis). We told him about baby’s often hiccup – and he explained some crap – and I told him I wanted to exclusively breastfeed the baby (and he seems to ignore that). He says that baby needs to drink some water after the breastmilk. Does he know what exclusive breastfeeding is? I got quite agitated – because of his “stupidness” and my tiredness. I said right in front of him that “I won’t be giving her water”. He responded by saying “what’s wrong with water?” and he said that rudely to me. I told him again about “exclusive breastfeeding” but he was just again ignorant or has need not heard about it? If not of hubby’s trying to comfort me, I think a commotion will probably happen.

The medicine and payment were given and paid in his room – not like usual clinics. He doesn’t seem to be a Western medical practitioner – his practice seems emphasise more on Chinese traditions – which again annoyed me – talking about not possible for mother to drink water but the Chinese herbal drinks. It makes no sense when he asked what’s wrong with water for the baby and then now insisted that mummy not drinking water.

Well, overall, though he did diagnose some of the things correctly, I did not like his attitude towards the traditional way of confinement (while he should be more medical proven kind of doctor) and also his reaction against exclusive breastfeeding (still wonder if he knows what it means). I would return to this doctor if only we have an emergency; and unlikely to take him as our family paediatrician. And, we certainly did not like his unpunctuality.

For those who did not understand the reason why I am “against” feeding water to my little 17chipmunks, please refer to this article titled: “Guidelines for offering water to breastfed babies” at

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Free wifi at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre

Waiting for your gynae is really no fun, especially when the queue is superb long even though you arrive early. One thing great about Kelana Jaya Medical Centre is that they provide free wifi, and without password required for the designated floors. So, do bring along your gadgets such as Samsung Galaxy tab – especially if you don’t have data plan for it – and spend your time surfing the net, reading news and etc. Make your time worthwhile there and you will feel less frustrated.