Bidding goodbye to 2018

Our last outing in the year 2018: to buy baking ingredients

I have no time to write review for the year (plus bad memory) and hence thankful that I usually jot down what I do with the kids on a daily basis!

BUT 2018 is THE year that I really felt motherhood gone a level higher! I did so many things with them and for them. I have a love-and-go-nuts feeling handling the three girls (most of the time alone). They are also my best companions. They give me strength to do what I once doubt myself! They give me courage to say ‘no’ to things I don’t enjoy doing (because time is so limited)!

Thanks also to our breadwinner for supporting our living; giving me a lot of flexibility in making decisions for the girls (don’t know good or bad🤭🤣). As Noelle says to him – ‘continue to go work, so that we can go holiday! 😂’

Moving forward, I think I will be super busy😵, super emo? 🤭But for the girls, I will continue to be a ‘super’ mum! 😘

School break activities with three little girls v8

A visit to mama’s childhood playground

Drop by at my aunt’s place (their grand aunt) to collect their pressie from Aunty Mel! And they wanted to go to playground! 🙄 so brought them to mama’s childhood playground 🤣 – 20 years + [if one sees the structure, mummies will ‘complain’ that they are not ‘child friendly’ 🤭😆 – no rubber mats, with sharp edges, concrete flooring]

And we ran into big red ants at the big seesaw – that bitten Noelle, Nikki and me respectively – what an experience – end up Nikki says ‘I don’t like this playground!’ 🤭😆 (because the ants even climbed her hair and her feet 🤣)

Sweat out day at outdoor FREE playground

Making garbage enzyme

Wrapping up our 2018 and school holiday break today – with making garbage enzyme 🤣 I told Noelle – we will get to ‘harvest’ coincidentally on her next school holiday break in March! 🤭🤣

I explained to them that the fruit waste that I collected (on a daily basis) can be ‘transformed’ into something useful – floor and toilet wash! 😁

I showed them the harvest we gotten from the last 3 months – I let them smell it and they told me it smells like ‘kefir’ 🤣 actually, true – about the same process and they ‘eat’ sugar!

Making ice cream

Strawberry and banana ice cream in making

Taught them how to make ice cream today. After we completed it by freezing it, Noelle repeated the steps verbally and added ‘so easy only!’ 🙄😂 actually, it is really very easy lor….

Also read our School break activities for three little girls v7 <here> It will link to earlier versions

Happy 6th and 3rd birthday to my girls!

To the ‘twin’ sisters of different year

Happy 6th birthday to our firstborn!

2018 is a year of milestones for our big jeh jeh! You have grown up so much this year – proven to us that you can be so independent and ‘testify’ a lot of our parenting styles that we have been practising (for these six years)! You have been a GREAT jeh jeh too!

Hope you will grow up happy and healthy. Wishing you a great year ahead as you officially start your primary school life in few days time! 😘😘😘😘

We are really happy to parent you, our darling girl!

Happy 3rd birthday to our second born!

My best companion for year of 2018 – the little chatter box! To me, she is like four years old! 🤭🤣 Nikki picks up things very quickly and definitely ‘tests’ me more than her jeh jeh. She’s just a little version of mama! 🤭😝

She too has a lot of milestones this year – namely going diaperless (day and night). She has a great memory span. Our little girl has also sort of weaned off from breastfeeding just before she turns 3 years old (bitter and sweet experience)! The small jeh jeh has also done her duty as a big sister!

Moving forward, we will spend more time together as jeh jeh goes school. We will try to understand each other more, k? 😘😝

>> Thanks ‘favourite’ Aunty for Nikki’s birthday suit this year! 😆

For their 6th and 3rd birthday, we decided to bring them to Parenthood Playland (our first time there despite our many visits to Sunway Pyramid)! We spent almost two hours there (we can actually re-enter after lunch but we decided not to)!

**We used to ‘fear’ entering such places – as they will go crazy and it is not cheap for entrance – but now they understand that only special days they get to go such playlands! 😁

Video of them enjoying at Parenthood Playland Sunway Pyramid <here>

28 Dec FB memories (yesterday) showed that I bake their/her birthday cakes almost every year! BUT this year (2018) I didn’t ! 🤭🤣 I told them I bake them cakes every week; so today we eat ‘outside’ cakes, k? 😆

They had Mille crepe cake in the afternoon and waffle (bear) ice cream at night! 😁😁

And this marks the end of our celebration for their 6th and 3rd birthdays! Back to your ‘peasants’ life ok? 🤭😝

New kid on the block – primary school orientation

One more day to her BIG 6 ~ attends her primary school orientation

Noelle was excited; woke up without fuss (when the sky was still dark), shower, wore her new uniform, took her light breakfast, tidy up her hair, cut her fingernails (last minute remembered🤭🤣) and wore her new shoes and socks (we are sticking with black since black is the colour moving forward though there’s transition period)!

[more difficult to wake the lan fen g 🐷 mei mei🤦🏻‍♀️🤭 sorry, got to follow us along…cos mama cannot don’t go 🙄😝 all well after she was fully awake]

There are five classes and we identified her class from the list. She queued with her friends (we stood far away – happy to see her being independent). Class teachers were introduced and they were sent to their classes by the respective teachers.

Video of her in the class <here>

We stood there to listen to briefing by the headmistress – before we proceed to making payments and collecting books from the classroom.

Noelle is in kebangsaaan school; so we registered her in the mandarin extra class (which we already decided for long, we told her about that and she seems happy – for now!)

Her school is ‘advanced’ in sending messages to parents – uses telegram; so we knew what to bring along for the day. Besides the forms and photocopied documents, they were told to bring pencils and colour pencils for some activity in the class while waiting for the parents for briefing and settlement of registration.

My very first recess box for Noelle’s primary school orientation😁😁😁

(made an extra box since Nikki is following today)

– scallion pastry pancake

Thanks kns for the idea! 😘 (tested with them yesterday and they gave me a pass!)

Something light as the day won’t be long today

We also gave her pocket money, just in case. Started with RM2! I told her she can buy extra food if still hungry. I looked around – something ‘familiar’ would be massimo buns sold in the canteen. But looking at the price of nasi lemak of RM2.50, I think RM2 is really not enough if no recess box for her!

In one of the messages of the headmistress today – ‘let your child be independent!’ I would add that our kids need to be responsible too – parents can help only to a limited extent (as they grow up)!

And while Noelle is still motivated 🤣…

We spent the rest of the day wrapping books, labelling books and drawing up the timetable – she is still learning how to read it!

Return visit to Milky Way Play Space Paradigm Mall

Today marks the last ‘play day’ before school orientation tomorrow! And we chose Milky Way Play Space (also our first activity when the school break started)!

The girls were tougher this round – went two rounds plus the wall climbing. <video>

Norrah joined at Trampoline <video>

They were given free entrance for the building block area <video>

And also virtual reality (they chose candy land – I can see they enjoyed it a lot – ok, I also never play before ya! 🤭) <video>

I told them – ‘today is a happy day! So no one is going to cry!’ And yeah, no one did except Nikki because she nearly tripped off – due to negligence by the staff! But luckily no mishap.

With this, it ends my one month of planning of school break activities!😆😆 We could have done more if no one fell sick! 😝

We would also like to thank our play dates and their mummies for accommodating us (sorry, this time I no shy ask ‘can we come to your house?’ 😝) Actually I prefer bringing them out rather than being confined at our home for play dates now (though it means more travelling and packing)!

Thanks especially to the ONE who ‘flew in’ to play date with us! Also, the ONE who put up a surprise birthday party for Noelle and Nikki! We have averagely two play dates/meet ups in a week for four weeks! And I kept this week for me and my girls only!

>> We were pretty occupied this month (sorry I know I don’t answer a lot of messages and I rather facebook – I like laaaa🙄🤭!) Most things were planned and worked out accordingly; sorry for those that missed it – I really can’t make any replacement!

>> This school break is more like just me and the girls because papa couldn’t take any day off! 🙄 He also got a month break from fetching Noelle to school – asking him to enjoy his last few days before the hectic begins again! He got to go work very early soon! 🤭🤣

One thing we left out for school – black, white or dark blue ribbon for the hair! And today we finally found the white ribbon! 😁😁

Tesco is also disposing their Tesco Love Baby diapers at half price (because they are rebranding their diapers)! 🤭 I ‘die die’ also must get one packet! Then I asked them if each one of us can carry one packet 🤭🤣 They agreed; so we bought three packets! 😆 (I told them – I brought them to the playland, so need to help mama now! 😝)

Our lunch date today – Sushi King

I am hungry but I don’t feel like eating much🙄🙄 cos we have been eating sushi almost every outing! 🤭😆 but they like it….so let it be! I am not comfy giving Norrah sushi yet again, so bought bread for her! 😅

We are almost….THERE….for Primary 1

Thanks to few mummies who provided me guidance! ESP the one who isn’t even on my fb list and I knew her through a cooking group – giving me tips whenever SHE thinks I need to know (as her daughter is in the same school) from the day she knew that we are putting Noelle in this particular school!

Other tips from some mummies 😘😘

– makan tips

– bag tips

– uniform tips

– shoe tips

– emotional tips 🤭

It took me few months of preparation – because I don’t like surprises in this kind of stuff! I did a lot of research and reading too through education and parenting fb groups! I think I memorised the buku peraturan sekolah! 🤭😆 We bought her stuff mostly during sales period!

I told hubby ‘I’m ready!’ 🤭🤣 instead of ‘Noelle is ready!’ 🙄🙄 (actually emotionally, I am NOT ready! 😢🤭 kns…my hubby says he cannot leave me alone and needs to drag me out of the school on the first day of school!😒)

Merry Christmas 2018

Norrah’s first visit to Midvalley 🤣🤣

Ok…we haven’t been to Midvalley for more than 16 months (at least); and we didn’t bother walking to Gardens! 🤭🙄🤣

As usual, we tried to beat the human mountain and thus no need ‘fight’ for parking; also because the girls wake up kinda early! So we manage to snap photos before the big crowd! 😁😁

Buying a Christmas present for papa

Today I told them to choose ONE present for papa (Noelle: ya…papa has no present! ☹️) I suggested them to get it from Daiso! Actually, just for fun – choose one thing that they think papa will use! 😆😆 I made many ‘wild’ suggestions (as we walked down the lanes of Daiso)- which include coffee filter (papa like to drink coffee ma), water bottle, make up🤭🤣, gorilla mask 🤣😝 etc. At the end, Noelle choose colourful pens (since papa always ‘write’). Nikki suggested ‘sharpener’ but then Noelle told Nikki – papa doesn’t use pencil! 🙄🤣

Noelle got excited about the present. She wrapped it right after taking bath and made a card for papa. I asked if she signed off as Noelle, Nikki and Norrah, but she said she didn’t put any name because papa knows is from them.

Noelle was still napping when papa returned from work. This Nikki being the chatty pot – actually ‘bocor’ rahsia🙄🤣! But papa acted duno when Noelle woke! Papa asked if he can open it today and they allowed! 🤣

Merry Christmas to our papa Chou! 😘

Wading pool fun at One U

How we spent our Christmas Eve morning when papa is away to work! 😆😆

Wading pool at One U!

I actually promised them this before school holiday started. Then, we were supposed to be there two weeks back but one fell ill after another. So today we finally made it – despite Norrah’s allergy rash started again yesterday night. I thought of just letting the two elder girls have fun with the water – but Norrah pushing herself away from me – so I let her off; and she had one of her wildest moments! 😆😆😆

We were there before the crowd, if any (two more boys were there when we were there) – our perfect timing; done in an hour – including changing them into their dry dresses! Video <here>

The new playground at One U (located right above Flow Rider) it is FREE entrance

Kinda stuffy there despite it being ‘outdoor’. No fan and no wind! 😰

A Glistening Christmas at One U

🤣🤣🤣 See until eyes also got flowers 😵😵😵

Quick bites for lunch – we bought buns and sushi from Aeon Supermarket! I asked the two to sit down and eat (they obediently did), while I go get their fruit juices (watching them from far laaa🙄🙄). Fortunately, Norrah napped a while (even during our supermarket visit) – so I had my quick bite too! She had a mini croissant in the car while we drove home!

** I flatter myself today – since it is Christmas Eve – not judging but I am amazed with my own one-woman-show 😝 in front of us, was one boy versus three adults handling him (plus the iPad); while I am alone with my three girls – just eating and drinking! thank you to my girls for their ‘cooperation’! 😘😘 I told them if they consistently behave in this manner each time I bring them out – there will be more outings with mama!

Our visit to Taman Botani Shah Alam

Winter time at Four Seasons Temperate Garden , Taman Botani Shah Alam

Caught by surprise that ‘today’ is the first day of winter time at the Garden (will last through Feb 2019)! Temperature at -3 degree celcius, we got to experience the real chill and snow! 😆

Animal park @ Taman Botani Shah Alam

We were supposed to visit the Aviary and Bunny Park since two weeks back – but one fell sick after another – finally we made it. And realised the Aviary and Bunny Park is such a sadist – with additional payment for entrance. The animal park is good enough, if one doesn’t want to fork out extra.

The trem ride is a bonus for the kids. And we were glad that we waited for the rides instead of walking! 🤭😝 hubby and I used to ‘cycle’ in this park.

Video of feeding deer <here>