Dr Chuan of Klinik HM at Phileo Damansara 1 and Section 17, PJ is breastfeeding-friendly general practitioner

One of the things breastfeeding mums fear most is having to take medication for sickness. First thing, we are afraid that it will affect the baby who will be taking our milk. And, secondly, we fear taking medication will affect out milk supply. There were already twice I felt a sick since little 17chipmunks arrived. It was bouts of viruses that I caught from hubby and also workplace.


On my visits to Klinik HM, I had a feeling that Dr Chuan is a breastfeeding friendly general practitioner. I am not sure if it is because he has a baby at home too. But, I had confidence with his advice and medication given. He even encouraged me to breastfeed my baby despite sick so that I can pass antibody to her. In addition, he suggested that I wear a mask when I breastfeed her during sickness so that I don’t pass viruses to my baby.


When asked if the medication can affect my baby, he says that very little, in fact immaterial amount, actually goes through breastmilk. And when asked if the medication can affect milk supply, he mentioned that usually only diarrhea medicine could affect supply and not flu medicine. He stressed that panadol are safe for breastfeeding mummies. In addition, he even asked if I need to wake up to look after baby, and after nodding, he then prescribed non-drowsy medication for me.


I definitely have confidence towards Dr Chuan. I feel safe having him as my doctor during my breastfeeding journey. I even took the trouble (during sickness) to see him at his clinic in Phileo Damansara 1, which I need to fork up my own pocket money for the consultation and medication.