Opening a gold investment account with Maybank

It is months since we decided to open a gold investment account. Due to my procrastination, finally, I have opened our gold investment account this week with Maybank.


Basically, we are down to two choices: Maybank gold investment account vs Public Bank gold investment account. But, I have decided on the former because:


  1. Maybank gold investment account needs a minimum (new and additional) investment of 1 gram while Public gold investment account needs a minimum new investment of 10gram and a minimum additional investment of 5 gram. So, being a conservative investor, I wanted to start off with just 5 gram and Maybank allows me to do so.
  2. Maybank gold investment account allows me to invest (i.e. buy and sell) gold online thereafter. [I would need to test this. Hope it is as efficient as their e-fixed deposit]
  3. And, for a lame reason, Maybank is just located few doors away from home, I just have to walk out there to get a gold investment account signed up.
  4. Both gold investment accounts require account holder to pay RM10 stamp duty on the opening of the accounts. Therefore, the further advantage of the Maybank gold investment account is that it allows a minimum balance of 1 gram, instead of Public gold investment account that allows a minimum 2 gram. When in need of money and without having to close the gold investment account, “more” gold can be redeemed (by one gram) from Maybank gold investment account.


Nevertheless, the difference between the sell and buy price for Public Bank gold investment is slightly smaller compared to Maybank gold investment.


Calculation wise:


Maybank gold price @ June 28, 2012 – Selling price: RM164.90, Buying price: RM RM157.96

The difference between sell and buy price: 4.21%


Public Bank gold price @ June 28, 2012 – Selling price: RM165.78, Buying price: RM159.26

The difference between sell and buy price: 3.93%


So, how did I open the Maybank Gold Investment Gold?

  1. I went to the counter to ask them. I was then asked to take a queue number. The branch I went was Kelana Business Centre, but I am slightly pissed off with the officer [named Hanafi at counter 4] instructing me to take a queue number rudely. Unlike other branches, there isn’t an officer to help up customers with queries before getting a queue number. [If I am not mistaken, when I applied for my Manchester United Visa Card, I approached the front desk where they asked me to fill up forms first. The similar goes to applying fixed deposit accounts in other banks like Public Bank]
  2. When my number was called, I told the (another) officer that I wanted to open a gold investment account. I actually knew how the process works – as I write it online before going to the bank. However, I was slightly disappointed that the officer did not care to explain about the charge that is the stamp duty fee until I asked her. I just wanted to confirm that the stamp duty is only applicable on the opening of the account.
  3. I was then told to sit down and she will process my account after knowing that I wanted to invest 5 gram.
  4. Throughout the process (which took more than 30 minutes), I was asked to go to the counter several times. There seems to be no proper process on their end. This includes letting them have my savings book and I filling up the withdrawal form, and filling up some details for the gold investment account. Worse, it was after the withdrawal of my money from my savings account, which is then placed into the gold investment account that she asked me to sign the gold investment account agreement form.
  5. At the end, I was given a gold investment account passbook. I asked them for a passbook cover instead of them offering me one.


Overall, the process is simple but dragged by inefficiency. Nevertheless, I am happy that I have finally opened a gold investment account for our future investment needs!

17chipmunks is expecting

We did not make any public announcement among our friends using the social media since the news was known to us. The news is only known to certain close family members and friends. But, I would say an un-trustable family member has helped us spread it unnecessarily to even far away friends. I am truly disappointed with this person; in addition to this person creating “stories”.

Well, nothing to shy off but we have our own reasons on why we would like to bear a silence on it till the later stage:

  1. We aren’t superstitious, but we have heard and read about miscarriages in the early stage (in the first trimester). In fact, some people that I know have recently miscarried. Though we should place confidence with our embryo, we think it is unnecessarily to create such “good” news until it is much stable.
  2. I actually had slight bleeding at the early stage; and there was a point that the doctor (gp) and  gynae said that it is a condition called “threatened abortion/miscarriage” [a condition that suggests a miscarriage might take place before the 20th week of pregnancy, according to]. I was told to go on bed rest for two days. So, how could we be confident saying that we are expecting at that stage?
  3. Even the chance is small; there is always the risk of the fetus having abnormalities. Reading books and over the websites, the fewer people know about our fetus, it would be easier for us to make a decision to abort it (without much havoc) if it really the case. *touch wood* – We really hope the fetus is growing normally.
  4. We don’t want to appear to be showing off.  Well, I know it is good news to share but I, personally, hate the attention given – which can actually create unease or “jealousy” among others.

Now, I am moving into my second trimester – from our calculation, it will be 14 weeks (but ultrasound shows that our fetus is a little smaller by a week).  Depending on the literatures that one read, usually the second trimester starts from 13 or 14 weeks. We don’t think I can hide much of this news anymore, as I am starting to put on weight and my stomach is bulging out. Moreover, given that it is second trimester, the chances of miscarriages have slimmed down to about 1% (according to books that I read). In addition, I want to start blogging about my experiences to share to the general public. This information, I perceived, as much needed especially to first time mummies. Also, there are few good services that I would like to give credit to.

Ok, well, when did we found out? I actually subconsciously knew it one day before we went to Bali (which is April 21), as I experienced implantation bleeding. [And, so yeah, we brought our baby to Bali as well] From my experience, implantation bleeding is different from the usual brown discharge [and it happens before any brown discharge is seen in the cycle]. The bleeding is bright red. I saw the few drops when I was in the loo in the wee hours. At first, I thought it was the normal menstrual (because it was nearing my menstrual day). It proves that it wasn’t because my menstrual did not come.

It was after returning home from Bali, I decided to take some pregnancy tests. On April 27, I took two tests, where both shown double lines. But, the second lines were rather faded. [Yes, I knew that I am expecting before I handed in my resignation letter] Two days later, I decided to buy a more expensive and more well-known (i.e. reliable) pregnancy test, called “Clear Blue” – and it showed positive result again. On the same day (April 29), I tested again with the older pregnancy test and this time around the second line become clearer. And, finally, again on May 1, I did another test that shows that I am expecting. I know that I am “crazy” that I did few tests because I can’t believe my eyes. By rough estimation, on May 1, I was 5 weeks plus pregnant.

First two tests – April 27

Third test – Clear Blue Test, April 29

Fourth test – April 29

Fifth test – May 1

We were excited that we went to our normal general practitioner (Dr Chuan from Klinik HM). The doctor did an ultrascan but we could not see the gestational sac and told us to wait till about 7 weeks. When it was close to 7 weeks, I was in the clinic for some ear problem. So, we took advantage to do an ultrascan again. This time around, the doctor saw a gestational sac. But, the machine could not show it clearly. Though we wanted to be happy, the doctor (Dr Soo, who is a replacement doctor and we were told that she was a gynae before) reminded us that having a gestational sac does not necessarily mean that I am pregnant. We have to wait to see if there is an embryo because some gestational sacs could be empty. We realise that there seems to be so many “bad” possibilities in identifying and confirming a pregnancy. Dr Soo told us that we can start looking for a gynae and see the gynae, without having to come and visit the gp anymore. I actually spotted Dr Fatima of KJMC and booked for an appointment on May 12.

I was having brown discharge on and off, and it was until May 7 that I had slight bleeding in the evening. Hubby rushed me to the clinic and the doctor ordered for a two days bed rest (because of threatened abortion). Meanwhile, the doctor asked me to try seeing the gynae the next day, which I did. The next day, I visited Dr Fatima, for the first time. And, I finally saw the gestational sac clearly. Dr Fatima found that I have endometriosis [that has caused much pain during my menstrual every month], which is the cause of the bleeding and I was then given Duphaston, to be taken twice a day. I was asked to see her again in another two weeks. And, the brown discharge finally stopped in 3 or 4 days. Note that Duphaston (which promotes progesterone) can only be consumed in the early stage of pregnancy and it could have adverse side effects if consumed excessively.


A clear gestational sac on May 8

It was our next visit on May 19 (by calculation, it is 8 weeks) that we finally saw the fetus. Now, it was confirmed that I am pregnant.  From the fetus’ size, our baby is estimated to be 7 weeks and one day, at that point of time. And, we actually heard the baby’s heartbeat on the day. Being first timers, we were actually very excited about it. It was then hubby and I decided to inform our parents.


Our tiny little bub on May 19

We were called in for our next appointment in one month’s time. The appointment supposed to be June 23, but I was having slight low abdominal cramp and had trouble urinating that we went to the gynae one week earlier, which is June 16 (by calculation, it is 12 weeks or three months). Nothing serious about me but just some urinary infection, and I was advised to drink more water (which at the point was difficult for me to do so, due to nausea feeling and metallic taste in the mouth). We got to see our baby again this time, much larger size. We saw the baby’s head and spine have formed/ forming. And, the most exciting part, we saw our baby moving! Personally, at this point of time, I still can’t feel the baby’s movement in me. By the baby’s size, we would be expecting our baby’s arrival on Jan 4 [it is one week later than the rough calculation – according to the doctor, it is due to the timing of ovulation and conception].


Our baby on June 16

Given that by rough estimation, I am currently 14 weeks, by baby’s size, it will be 13 weeks – more or less entering into second trimester. I definitely agree that first trimester was challenging with the nausea feeling, feeling tired/ sleepy, bloated, hunger and energy-less. But, I am grateful that I did not have serious morning sickness. Since last week, I am starting to regain my energy. Whilst this week, I feel that my hunger (due to changes in hormones) has been much under controlled.

We personally “pray” and hope that everything goes on well from now on, as we entered into our new phase of parenthood! [We actually haven’t gone through item number 3 as stated above, and hope everything will be fine!]

Anyway, this is our first “public” announcement on our baby! – though I am not sure how many of our reality friends read this blog.

Personal advice: Never think it is too early to see a gynae. If I have not seen the gynae earlier, I am not sure if I could get over the early threatened miscarriage. Also, it is best not to be overloaded with information from the internet. Pregnancy experiences differ from one another, and what happened to others may not happen to you. Overloaded information can promote excessive thinking.

Follow up read: Registering buku merah @ Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya

30% off on Kordel products @ Fairchem Pharmacy Corp Sdn Bhd, SS 2/67

I was tasked to help hubby get his Skin Clear (Kordel Brand). I went on to Guardian, where I found the current selling price about RM 86. Then, I managed to get a glimpse of its price in Caring, which is selling at about RM 66. On the other hand, we actually bought this supplement at RM56 from AA Pharmacy. We also remembered that during our last visit to Fairchem Pharmacy in SS2, the price of this supplement is about RM56.

Since I was passing through SS2, I decided to stop by at Fairchem Pharmacy. On its shelf, it shows that currently they are having 30% off on Kordel products. At first, I could not locate the supplement and thus asked the help of the cashier. I was then shown the supplement, which has a selling price of RM73.50. After discounting the 30%, the supplement is then RM51.40. So, without hesitation, I bought the product. And, the payment could be made using credit card.


I have asked the cashier how long the promotion will last. She told me that it will be until further notice. Well, of course, they have marked up the price in order to give the discount. However, even after the marked up, minusing its discount, the price of the supplement is lower than what we previously paid for. It is totally worth it!


In addition, my decision to drop by at Fairchem Pharmacy instead of AA Pharmacy was because Fairchem Pharmacy is located at the ground floor. I needed a quick buy and similar to Lucky Garden, Bangsar, there are the limited parking spots around SS2. Being at the ground floor, I could quickly double park for less than 5 minutes [sorry, I know this is illegal] and grab the item I wanted from the pharmacy.

Isenbin Weekdays Special

We have stopped going to Isenbin for more than a month due to my health reason. And, since I was given the “green” light by the doctor to take tea occasionally, how could I give up this chance – when I saw Isenbin’s facebook status saying that there are now having “Isenbin Weekdays Special”. I spotted its latest status yesterday and it was coincidently my favourite covermilk tea going at RM2.90 instead of their usual RM5.90 on every Tuesday (till further notice, I guess). They have different promotions every weekday as stated in the banner.

So, we went to Isenbin, SS2 yesterday.  It is rather quiet there – given the uprising numbers of milk tea houses in that area. My current preference is still Isenbin. We continued to receive warm welcome from their waiters. While making the order, we realized that they have changed their menu – where my favourite Covermilk Oolong tea is now called “Covermilk roasted tea”. There are more choices now too, if I am not mistaken. The order was made at the counter, where we paid only RM2.90 (half the price) for the covermilk tea. It is totally worth it. In addition to that, they are still giving the buy 10 free 1 chops even for the half priced drink. The prices of other food/ drink remain the same. They, then, as usual, brought both the drink and dessert to our seats. The drink and dessert remain its quality, and of course, I am happy to be back at Isenbin!

Fish head mee hoon soup @ Restoran Super Kitchen

We have known Restoran Super Kitchen for three to four years. They are well known for their Chili Pan Mee, where it is dried noodle with some ingredients on it. The customers will then decide how spicy they want it to be by adding the chili flakes. It used to have this choice and the choice of soup pan mee. However, as years come by, due to competition, they started to introduce more choices. They even branched out to other than pan mee noodles, which is fish head mee hoon soup.


Well, I recently tried it, and it tasted good. It is as good as the Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles @ Cheras Flat. In fact, I felt it tasted even slightly better. What I liked about the one in Restoran Super Kitchen is they served additional fish meat separately. The only setback for the one in Restoran Super Kitchen is that there is no choice of whether we want it to be fried fish or non-fried fish. The cost is RM 7.50 per bowl. But the soup looks less clear compared to the one at Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles. The former looks more oily.


If compared to both places, I will prefer having my fish head mee hoon soup @ Restoran Super Kitchen (the one we went recently is in USJ 15) because it is air conditioned and it has wifi. It has other choices like pan mee besides fish head mee hoon. From our experience, the service given by their waiter and waitress are fine – not too bad and not too good.

Likewise, after having the meal, I was in great thirst. No doubt the tastiness comes from the additional seasonings used in the soup.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

It was a belated Happy Father’s Day celebration. A request was earlier made that we celebrate it at Jogoya Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. It was since two years ago hubby and I came to Jogoya. Initially, it was planned on the Father’s Day week’s Saturday night, where it cost RM102++ per person. With the sales and service tax of 16%, it ends up that one person costs around RM118 per person. We thought it was not worth, and opted for the week after, where the night buffet cost RM 88++ (or RM102) per person. The difference is huge when we had a pax of eight persons.


However, at the end, due to change in plans, we went for the lunch buffet, which cost RM78++ (or RM90) per person. A booking was made in advance through phone (Booking number: 6L2402). I thought we could be seated in a room, but the waitress told me that this is impossible.  On the day of arrival, since we had only six persons arriving early, we made the payment for six first. Mother-in-law managed to borrow her friend’s VIP card and thus we obtained a member token each.


Compared to our last experience, I would say we had a bad experience this time. The food has gone lower than average (a lot) and the number of choices has become limited. For example, the tempura choices have become limited and the taste is bad. The food is also cold. I have no idea about the freshness of the shasimi, as I could not take these foods, but it looks rather unattractive. Jogoya has followed the trend by serving Macato Tea (bubble tea). However, it was just pure jasmine tea with added grass jelly, without even the waiter, who was serving the drinks shaking the tea. Coconut drinks, which were served and presented neatly, were now placed in the fridge for customers to take.


Given that we had the VIP coupons, we can have special orders. However, it is two tickets per order. Hubby and I choose the teppanyaki lobster noodle. The lobster was really mini, which is smaller than a prawn. It was presented quite nicely but it tastes bad. It was really disappointing.

The only good thing that they maintained is the free flow of Haagen Daaz ice cream and also the unlimited tea refilling packets. In addition, they added New Zealand ice cream. And, the only good dish that we tasted could be the roast salmon head, which we ordered few dishes.


Also, the waiter and waitresses serving us are mostly from Myanmar, and thus, have trouble understanding us when we needed something.


Overall, we think it is not worth the money to come to Jogoya anymore, unless they make a huge improvement. I really amused that a five style Japanese buffet has turned into such standard. I am totally disappointed.


One Maxi Premium Shaved Ice & One Maxi Basic Shaved Ice @ 32F for RM2 from

I spotted this deal about two weeks ago. What caught my attention is first its price (where the initial price is RM7). Secondly, its location and thirdly, it does not have to make reservation for the purchase. After deciding on the purchase, I logged in with details and was surprised that I was given a RM5 discount voucher from (previously So, at the end, I just made a payment of RM 2 for “One Maxi Premium Shaved Ice & One Maxi Basic Shaved Ice” @ 32F located at First Subang Mall (Voucher number: 100080949746). It actually has two location choices. The other choice is Desa Parkcity.

So, yesterday, after dinner, we decided to utilise the voucher. Upon arrival, we handed over the voucher to the waiter, who was alone and busy handling customer’s order. Then, we were asked to choose our flavours and one topping each. The flavours were divided into two groups, which are Maxi and Premi0um. We choose “Chocolate” for Maxi (worth RM 4.90) and “Green Tea” for Premium (worth RM 5.90. The waiter then recommended the most common toppings (which worth RM 0.50 for one topping). We agreed and we were then asked to take a seat. We noted that they do have limited seats due to the small space.

We waited for less than 10 minutes, and our first dessert was served. And, then it came the second dessert. Overall, the taste of the shave ice is moderate to us. For me, they are a little too sweet. For the promotion price of RM7, it is worth (We were more delighted that we paid just RM2 for it). But, for the original price, we might think twice.  However, despite being the only waiter at the outlet, the waiter continued to serve us with a smile, which I think he gave us an excellent service.



Think twice, thrice or more before becoming a guarantor for any loan from financial institutions

Picture source:

It is easy to say “yes” to someone who wants you to be a guarantor for a loan, especially if they are people close to you, for example your family members. In fact, some family members love using the excuse of “blood relationship” in order to coerce you to entering an agreement with them. But, have you thought about the consequences of doing so?


According to, “anyone can be a guarantor as long as the person can meet the legal requirements to be a guarantor. However, since a guarantor would be liable to pay the debts of the borrower in the event the borrower defaults, you should consider becoming a guarantor only if you are sure that you can pay the debts of the borrower in the unfortunate event that he/she fails to do so.”


Further to that, do you know that by agreeing to be a guarantor, you also increase your financial commitment? This implies that when you were to apply a loan in the future, the financial institutions (that are considering giving you a loan) will take into account the loan amount (proportionately) on the loan where you become a guarantor as your existing commitment. This further adds on your commitment and slims down your chance of getting a loan. In short, it affects your borrowing capacity.


Therefore, do think twice, thrice or more before saying “yes”. This is especially so if you have not owned any property yet and looking forward to owning one in the future. Well, if there are family members and close friends that coerce you into something that could potentially affect your financial stability in the future (in the name of “trust”), it could be a wiser choice to stay away from them. “Real” family members and close friends give a thought about people’s future as well, and not only think about their current short term needs. Remember that being a guarantor is a serious commitment. The fact that the financial institutions rejected someone’s loan and needed a guarantor for it to approve does reflect the capacity of the borrower to repay the loan.


For more information on being a guarantor, kindly go through:


Return visit to Cool Clay, Taman Megah, PJ

After my first visit to Cool Clay and being happy with the outcome, I returned to them this morning. I was offered RM30 per class for its Kids Pro class, where I choose to do a hamburger name card holder.

Upon arrival, we started with the previous project. We completed it by inserting the key chain holder. I was shown how to do, rather than doing it myself. Then, I was taught how to put the final coating on both the clays. I was also taught on how to touch up on the fries so that it looks “crispy”. We left it hanging for it to dry.

We then proceed to our new project – the hamburger. I was first asked to choose the namecard holder stand. Then, we started with making the sesame for the bread. This, though seems easy, is the most monotonous process and I was getting bored and impatient having to make them. It also took the most time. We then proceeded with the other layers of the burger – the bread, patty, cheese, vegetable, tomato and onion. It seems easy, but it takes a lot of creativity to make it look real. I was starting to feel “stupid” when I can’t get what the instructor, Teh wanted. I tried few times and it failed to look alike, and it ended up she does the touching up for me. When everything was ready, the fun part comes where we stick all the pieces together and there we go the burger is done. The final thing is to place in the namecard holder stand.

I was then offered to buy their pre-packaged clay. I thought for a while and then agreed – as it could be more beneficial and cost efficient for me to try it out at home, rather than coming for classes every week. The starter pack with tools comes at RM45.

I made my payment of RM75. This time round, Teh did not mention about a return class. Maybe, she finds that I am “not talented”, or I looked bored. However, today, I did find her to be a little impatient because I was slow. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the outcome. The whole process thought me about creativity and intelligence in order to get the shapes that we want. I really think it takes a lot of practice to make out a good one.

Well, I told Teh that I would return if I still find it difficult to cope myself. And, for now, I will be trying the clay at home – when I am free and motivated to start a new project!

Delicious Dried Shrimp Curry Chee Cheong Fun @ Taman Mayang Jaya

My friend has been talking about this delicious dried shrimp curry chee cheong fun located at Taman Mayang Jaya for some time. [To foreign readers, chee cheong fun means Chinese rice noodle roll).) And, we decided to give it a try. However, when I went there in early June, it was closed for 16 days. As the notice stated that it will be reopening on June 17, I decided to pay another visit to the stall.  I have forgotten to note down the name of the restaurant which is located. But, the restaurant is a corner lot. The stall is located next to the Mayang Oasis food court and in front of a mini mart. I will try to get the name of the restaurant when I go there next. This place is rather hidden. If I weren’t told by my friend, I might not even know that this place exist.


I went there about 4 something in the afternoon, so it wasn’t crowded. I basically choose the “yong liu” (which are the pieces of fish-meat wrapped ingredients – sorry, I have no idea what it is called in English) and then let the lady know how many Chee Cheong Fun I wanted. I made three separate orders – one for hubby and two others for myself (one as a light meal before dinner). I took quite a lot of “yong liu” and ordered two chee cheong fun (which you can choose either roll or flat ones). The lady was astonished that the packet went overloaded. At the end, when she left out one of the “yong liu” she advised me against adding it back into the packaging. I felt ticklish when she was doing that; instead of wanting more sales, she asked me not to be so greedy. This reflects her sincerity in doing business.


My friend has reminded me to get both its curry sauce and sweet sauce. The lady volunteered wrapping three kinds of sauce for me – the curry sauce, sweet sauce and the chilli sauce. I saw that the curry sauce seems insufficient and told the lady. She immediately packed another curry sauce for me. She was indeed friendly and without fuss.

For all three packets, it cost RM 17.40. I have lost count of how many “yong liu” I took but I took three chee cheong fun. So, I guess one piece could cost around 80 sen to RM1.


I ate the smaller pack immediately when I arrived at home. I adhered to my friend’s recommendation to mix both curry sauce and sweet sauce together. And, yes, it was really delicious. I will definitely be back for this stall.