PPC pork belly yam

Recipe to keep!

I bought one big piece of pork belly which I blanched in hot boiling water with some vinegar. Then put the whole pork belly into warm water. Remove and then rub a layer of soy sauce and pepper. Let it marinate overnight in fridge.

In PPC, add in some oil, onion, dried shrimp and yam. Put them under bake vegetables mode.

Once done, put in the marinated pool belly. Add in one bowl of soup stock (or water). Add in one tablespoon taucu, one tablespoon red beancurd and a pinch of five spiced powder. Seal the lid and put under beans/tendon mode! Once done remove to cool before slicing the pork belly.

The yam has melted but that’s the way I expected as my hubby doesn’t eat yam in block but doesn’t mind if it is melted! 

Dinner also came with stir fry nai pak 

Dental lesson 

What we need:

I allowed her to smell and lick the candy. But she only smelled and refused to lick!

Blanched the candy in hot water

Fix the teeth:

What she learnt today:

– she currently has a set of 20 tooth; 10 bottom and 10 top

– most importantly, candy is bad for the teeth! (See what happen to your teeth if you take candy!)

Drip plain water onto the cotton teeth:

And then the candy water, which has turned slightly blue:

Teaching the ‘right’ way to lift

Last week, Noelle started to lift the whole Nikki up by herself! BUT, she did it through lifting her neck, which was like strangling! 😱😱 Of course, I did the ‘cannot’ this and that…bla bla; which wasn’t working as she repeated the next day!🙄🙄😪😪
Should have thought earlier that ‘cannot’ and ‘no’ won’t work – so today I taught her the ‘correct’ way – lifting Nikki by holding under the armpits – just like how papa and mama carries them! So, she proudly did it! 😂😂

When I was busy and Nikki moved around, Noelle stopped her and carried Nikki back to the mat!