Growing upper molar

#throwback yesterday

After we came home from bus ride, Noelle told me her tooth is aching! 🙄 At first she says she bumped on something – so, it was ‘outside’ of her cheek. I told her just go nap and it would be fine. However, after an hour nap, she was rolling on her bed and ‘crying’ pain. She woke up and I checked – I think it was a new molar growing. I don’t think it was a big issue because she recently had a tooth check in school; if there was a problem, the nurse would have identified.

I suggested that she suck on an ice (WRONG move actually). The pain was on and off (I think). At one point, she felt better and ate some toast bread. Then I gave her very cold honey grapefruit drink (WRONG move). After that drink, she was basically in pain and it was before our dinner.

She was still in pain during dinner. It was then I started googling and found NO cold or hot water; but just cold compress on the part where it is painful. Also, rinse with salt warm water. But seeing her in pain and also thinking how hubby recently suffered from his toothache, I told her let’s go to the nearest dentist (the dental clinic -iCare at Paradigm mall came into my mind because clinics in shopping mall are usually open even on public holiday) just to check.

Initially, she was reluctant – then I told her what if the pain go throughout the night. I told her fever, flu and cough – I can still help relieve her; but I can’t do anything with toothache. Finally, she agreed (and also hubby checked if the dentist was in – through a call) but she wanted me to go with her instead of papa. So, off we went (after grabbing her mykid from drawer) and I left the other two girls with papa. It was already 7sth, so we don’t have much time left.

Pretty quick check – true enough, her upper molar is growing and that gave some pressure to her gums. This would be a temporary pain for few days or so. Nothing could be done and the dentist suggest rinsing with warm salt water. The dentist wanted to make her feel better and said ‘you did a good job!’. The check was free.

After we left, Noelle was relief and started to speak – now she was explaining to me what is happening (what the dentist just said). In fact, she told me she touched something in there (her growing molar) which she thought was a food stuck! 🙄🙄 The pain was on and off – she didn’t like the salt water rinse. Before she went to bed, I gave her some ibuprofen for her to relief pain and so that she can sleep. And last night, she decided to sleep with me (baby mode). Hopefully the pain goes off after she wakes up.

Summary and reminder to myself:

For toothache, never go on very cold or very hot food/water. Cold compress from outside.

And, run to the nearest dentist that is located in shopping mall, in emergency (during public holiday and when you can’t find your normal dentist)

KL Hop on Hop off double decker bus

Our first attempt on this double decker bus. We only took the garden route, starting at Bird Park (where parking is free) and stopped at Central Market for lunch. We ate at Soong Kee beef noodle shop and walked to Central Market before heading back to the bus station. We boarded the bus and back to our car at Bird Park.

– bus wait is about 10-20 minutes (public holiday)

– bus ride cost RM25 per adult and RM15 per child between 5-12 yo (we bought online which was cheaper -but didn’t realise that we need to collect the ticket at Bukit Bintang station until after we bought it. We drove to Bukit Bintang station to get our tickets before heading to Bird Park)

– bus ride was FUN (according to the girls); some bumpy rides – rocked Norrah to sleep twice in the bus 😂; we sat on the upper deck – both outside (at first drizzling, later hot sun🙄) and inside

– no jam today but the longest wait was the traffic light at Jalan Sultan Ismail

– KL streets are kinda filthy (and I personally feel disgusted); some construction materials were left lying on the streets where people actually crossing (seems to be dangerous especially at night)

– A lot of foreigners in town

– Noelle made a comment ‘today I don’t feel like we are in Malaysia’ while we were eating (she enjoyed the trip the most)

– the whole trip took about 3 hours

More photos: <here>

Our Zoo Negara Visit 2019

Our Zoo Negara visit

As usual during festive season’s long holiday, we decide to stay in Klang Valley – to avoid jam. So, one of the plans is to visit Zoo Negara, which is also to utilise the FREE visit given by One Utama! 😁 This mean that I had a free entry for myself! Hubby bought an adult and two kids’ tickets online, which is cheaper (total he paid RM69). Kids below 3 doesn’t need ticket.

Also, I read reviews about how the food sucks in the zoo and why it was better to bring own food (which is allowed). So I packed sandwiches and fruits along!

While the zoo does look pretty run down, we have no comments from our kids and they truly enjoyed the visit (I learn that kids don’t complain if we don’t complain. If we learn to appreciate things, they will do too.). We managed to catch the multi animal show (though we missed the first few minutes and was basically standing to watch). Our kids love the pandas and wallabies most. We decide to give a miss to those sections which we often/recently been to – like butterfly and aviary sections.

It rained for a moment when we had our mini lunch. So we bought popcorn while waiting for the rain to stop. Norrah started turning very cranky when she was tired and didn’t want to sleep – but eventually slept. A lot of walking to do (we didn’t pay extra for tram ride) – fortunately we brought stroller. Noelle only sat on the stroller for a while; Nikki had it most of the time (and Norrah was screaming because she couldn’t have the stroller🙄).

It was a wonderful experience with the girls, though I admit it was pretty tiring – having to walk and babywear Norrah who is getting heavier! I think the next time we visit Zoo, I won’t get a chance to babywear her anymore! 😂 I told hubby I am not going to exercise anymore today when I return home – and he told me ‘you want exercise, you exercise la…I won’t join you! 😒’ 🤣

>>Second time for Noelle (the first time with Noelle was in Oct 2014, less than 2 years old during hubby’s ex-company family day)

>>Firsts for Nikki and Norrah


Sending a physical mail

How many of us still do this? 😆

We (Noelle and I) did this before, probably two years back! And we are repeating it now – as she can write by herself (I think the last we did was before she went to kindy); and she is able comprehend the mailing system as I explained to her now!

– the address of the recipient

– the address of the sender (I want her to remember our home address too)

– stamp

– sending it to the post box (I asked if she wanted to go to the post office or the post box near our place, she chose the latter)

– there were two slots; I asked her to put the correct one by identifying ‘Selangor’ and then we spoke about ‘dan lain lain’. She thought it would be for ‘overseas’ , which is not wrong but it also include other states – like Desaru, Johor (bringing her holiday to different states actually helped in this explanation)

Anyone’s kid interested to be Noelle’s penpal? 😁😁

>>> she is sending a note to her play date! 😆 We don’t have to find any occasion to send mails. 😁😁


First academic award in primary school

Noelle’s first academic award 🥇

And she’s the champion for her class during Science week! 😁😁😁

Last week, Noelle told me that Cikgu Jega (Science teacher) has selected few of her friends including her for the awards. Initially she told me that the prize will be given on (this) Monday, but it did not happen (Monday morning she was so excited when she went school and didn’t have blues). ‘Probably next week,’ she said on (recent) Monday when I picked her up from school. Then I told her next Monday is public holiday wor🤭🙄!🤣

I actually didn’t totally ‘believe’ that she will be receiving an award – but didn’t want her to be disappointed and so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Just now, she came out from school, happily showing me her trophy 🏆 (she hid it at the back at her – and ‘tadaaaaa’) and she exclaimed that ‘I am the champion!’ 🥰🥰🥰

I feel ‘teary’ 🤭(gam thong lor😆) – though just a small award for P1; but it seems like effort of having to bring three of them on a daily basis – really worth it! Also, though she just went to kindy for one year, it didn’t mean that she has to do a lot of catching up game – but in fact, doing well in school.

I am actually not sure what they do for Science week or how was this accorded. But I told her that her teacher probably has seen – she has focus in class, doing her homework, ability to take down messages on weekly basis and passing it to me and responsive to teacher. I even told her this award is better than mama’s lucky draw wins because this award shows her effort in school and mama’s win is more of ‘luck’ (though I got put effort, ok? 🤭😂)

Well done to my first baby! I am so proud of you – though just for P1 😆

Goodbye water kefir; hello a stronger me

I have a confession tonight.

I have hated alcohol since I am a kid because I grow up watching people ‘indulge’ in alcohol/cough syrup/medicine to sleep. However, I have became relied on it since early this year when Noelle started her primary school because of anxiety (and also because of some personal issue). In the name of healthy drink, I relied on the alcohol from water kefir (because I get drunk easily). It is not just one or two glasses of kefir that I drink on a nightly basis, but half bottle to a bottle (750ml). So I basically went to bed ‘drunk’; to find myself waking up at wee hours on some nights to visit the kitchen and get another glass of kefir as I had insomnia. One day passes another, it became weeks and then months…a total of 8 months!

In September, I decided to put a full stop on this! This coincide with our trip to Phuket and that was also when I have no access to kefir and stopped making it all together. I don’t want my kids to see me ‘drunk’ and hope to erase this 8 months of memories from them. Also, I realized that the excessive consumption of water kefir has made me put on weight (it basically made up of sugar)

As I stopped it, I manage my anxiety better. I try to be ignorant with many things and in fact people. Some may think I am so ‘unkind’ and ‘unforgiving’ by eliminating certain people from my life – but I have achieve the peace without them. It is for my own sanity. I do happy things, keep myself occupied, stay positive and I try to love myself more. And with blessings, some good things fell upon me. I am in fact less tired (especially during the day) since stop relying on this so called ‘alcohol’.

I thank myself for taking the courage to do so! I shall continue to strive to be a better person.

Good read:

Thank you Julie’s for the mystery gift

Win of the week! 😁😁

Thanks Julie’s Biscuits for organising this mystery gift giveaway! I participated this about a week ago; result announced on Monday and received the box this morning! We are already a fan of Julie’s Biscuits for years – even before we became parents! 😆 And of late, we have been keeping our kids ‘quiet’ by letting them munch on biscuits – Julie’s is one of their favourites! 😁😁😁 Certainly an easy teatime snack for the school kid who has to stay later than usual in school (packed cooked food may not be too viable sometimes).

While peanut butter biscuits often come first into our mind with the mention of Julie’s, the picture of the blonde hair girl (their logo) appears to me more often – and thus my entry comment (though it is a lucky draw per say).

Mystery box? We expected biscuits or maybe their in house items like their Julie’s bag (which is on their cover page); but we really didn’t expect a RM30 Aeon Gift voucher! Certainly surprised with that! 😁😁😁

Yeah, I may say that I am lucky this time because I was one of the 5 selected out of 1.4k entries! 😁😁

Anyway, count our blessings! I may hear again “you’re so lucky” but I don’t rant on days I don’t feel lucky. Just be grateful with what we get/have. Do good things, and good things will come! Share your happiness and not curse other people’s happiness. Don’t let people’s happiness be your unhappiness, k? (which mean you could be ‘jealous’) Your turn will come!

>>> Again, special thanks to friends who allowed me to tag them on contests! 😘😘😘



Today we are beyond ‘lucky’. We are blessed! 😁😁

Last year, we were handed some ‘Ni hao Kai Lan’ books, which the girls enjoyed the stories. We only managed to find two other series at Popular book exhibition. Then, yesterday, I saw one lady posted these (three of them) ‘Ni hao Kai Lan’ books in Beli Nothing Project (BNP) fb page – bet not many people know this series (as some mistaken it as ‘kai lan’ the veggie 😂). So, I requested for those books and set an appointment to pick them up this morning. At her home, the lady even offered other kids’ story books – and asked me to choose whichever I wanted (I took it all 🤭😆). I couldn’t thank her more. The books are all close to new – in fact unopened but stored. One of the books – its musical thingy is still functioning too!

And before I left, she said ‘last time I got read your blog!’ 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Aiyo, at that point, I felt like hiding my head already! 🤣

Anyway, Nikki can’t wait to open one of the Kai Lan series. She said she doesn’t want the front page to be torn – so she used our own colour pencils and didn’t remove the crayons attached at the front page.

Being a discipline kid

Nikki has been feverish since yesterday. And so she has been very cranky and indecisive on who she ‘wants’ aka papa and mama. 🙄 Anyway, hubby managed to put her nap and I put Norrah nap.

Next, I asked Noelle if she wants me to follow me to the saloon (those kind of quick cut – since I just want to trim my long hair; those were the days I will spend time and money on my hair – I got better things to do and buy🤭😆 in fact, my two girls’ haircut cost more than mine – RM25 per person compared to mine RM20) and we will drop by Mr DIY and supermarket;or stay at home to play with herself! She decided to follow. Before we set off, I also ‘paid’ her this week’s school allowance of RM10 – she didn’t ask for it on a daily basis. I asked if she wants to bring it in case she wants to get anything. 🙄🙄 (indirect permission for her to spend) She brought it along with her wallet.

So, we had our mini we time today for about an hour plus. Right after my hair done (which took only 15 minutes or less), we went to Mr DIY. I did asked if she wants/needs anything – even in the sense that I will get it for her (instead of her paying for herself). But she didn’t want anything. In fact, she thought of getting Nikki a mini locker (which Nikki has been wanting – because Nikki always take hers 🤭😆). I asked her ‘are you sure you don’t want anything?’ (because I was buying the locker for Nikki already) but she reaffirmed that she doesn’t want anything (I even lure her to look at the keychains while I queue at the cashier, she refuse to go🙄🤣). Ahhhh….I feel that she is such a discipline spender (at this point of time). Even at the supermarket, I did asked if she wanted anything or even yogurt, she asked me to get for Nikki instead. So, she actually just went out with me without getting anything in return.

I thought she might have regretted or felt bored just going out with me like that – no playground also! But when we arrived at our home parking, I asked if she enjoyed the mini outing and she told me ‘yes’! 😘😘😘 (it was a handsfree outing; I didn’t take any photo other than this one 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 at the saloon where she inserted the money for me😁😁 – it was a pure mother-daughter moment!) She also proudly tells me that she managed to save her money again since she never gotten anything from the outing.

Upon arriving at our condo unit door, the two little sisters already screaming for ‘jeh jeh’! 😂😂 And Noelle immediately told Nikki ‘see what we got for you!!! Something you wanted a lot!’ 😁😁😁 such precious moment!

>>>On being ‘discipline’ – when I picked her up on Friday, she came out holding two mentos- saying that her Maths teacher who is leaving the school gave her. I am very happy and proud that she still shows me whatever (candies) given by her teachers or friends; and doesn’t consume it behind my back (curi makan). Immediately after showing me, I asked if she wants to give to the uncle guard of her school, and she did! 😁😁 There was once also she told me that she helped the headmistress carries some boxes of chocolates from car to the school office. At the end, the headmistress gave them a chocolate each. She told me she gave it to C because she wanted it a lot.

A gift from Royal-B Honey

Daughter 1 wants honey butter bread

Daughter 2 wants honey lemon drink

Daughter 3 wants honey waffle

So, all of their ‘wishes’ can now be satisfied with Royal-B Honey Premium A.Mangium Raw Honey without my honey (hubby) saying no money to buy honey! 😝

Thanks Royal-B Honey for selecting me and the perfect giveaway for our family.



Our Deepavali gift

Deepavali is approaching and I was keen to get Noelle an Indian traditional costume. I was surveying online but I wasn’t sure if the prices are reasonable. So, I posted a ‘query’ on a mummy fb page about the average price of a kid’s Pattu Pavadai and where do they normally get it. I got several replies and there was ONE special reply.

The special reply was – in the spirit of Deepavali and also to clear up her daughter’s closet – in her own words – ‘instead of you forking out money to buy new one, take my daughter’s ones which are fairly new!’ 🥰🥰 (she is also a stay at home mum for 10yo and 15yo kids; I have not spoken to her prior to this)

To cut the story short, I accepted the ‘offer’ and picked up a bag of Pavadai (she says Pattu means silk, hers are cotton) from her place.

We are pretty grateful for the lovely hand-me-downs! Noelle is particularly happy because she finally has Indian costumes (because Nikki already has hers from Calista).

>> oh ya, thank you to kns also for helping me with the 20,22….28,30 size numbers 😂 when I was surveying. You are pretty right that Noelle fits between 26-28! 😆

👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Noelle can pose pretty well 😆😆 especially the first pic 😂😂😂


Spreading some positive vibes here!

Admittedly, I am an amateur in HMHD page. I just joined earlier this year- and through MPSP. It is also through HMHD that I got ‘addicted’ to contests and lucky draws 🤭😆

While I do occasionally participate in the groups, I am not really that active; more of reading and liking posts rather than commenting.

There is also a mum in this group that know me 🤭 She once approached me in my girl’s school and verified if I were THE Celine Tan in KJB’s group. 🤭😆 (very different from previous years when mummies linked me to cooking groups that I was active in😂)

**ok, you may be reading this; but I still don’t know your name (sorry for appearing ‘snobbish’ in real because I don’t know what/how to communicate 🙄🤣 – ‘introverted’ and ‘shy’)

I also figured out that some of my fb friends are in here. 🙄🙄thinking why they never invited me earlier 😒😝

Generally, I do think this group consists of more matured mummies. Sometimes I do feel intimidated. 🤭 So whenever I wanted to post something, I would probably think twice.

On Sunday, I posted something on Pavadai as I was thinking of getting one piece for my eldest girl – in case of school event. Seriously, unexpectedly, I was offered some hand downs!

Special shoutout to Kumari S K Nair! Thank you for entrusting me with your daughter’s beautiful traditional clothings – that my girls will make full use of it. Sorry for the trouble of ransacking your girl’s cupboard to look for and hand me these clothing.

I have never spoken to her before this but today we met and she gave me the clothings. We had a short chat of 5-10 minutes since my two younger ones were in the car waiting. Actually I was feeling anxious before the meet up – as I fear I have nothing to talk! 🤭 Fortunately, Kumari is friendly to strike a conversation and made me feel that we know for a long time already. I couldn’t thank you more!

I have been aspired to be a giver. Not materially (because nothing much materials I have 😂), a giver of love, a giver of good vibes and a giver of strength.

Thank you, again.

Photos: <here>