Piggy mooncake with red bean paste

My first attempt with baked mooncake – from scratch – cos used the red bean paste I made last week

This was a mission of mine since last year (I couldn’t make it last year)

😂😂😂cacat piggy 🐷 mooncakes with red bean filling

I actually wanted to make traditional look ones but the plastic mold confirmed cannot use for it – it sticks and can be un-mold 😓 lesson learnt! Maybe next year only I buy the wooden mooncake mold!

Then – ‘usual excuse’ – ‘rushing’ 😜 to complete this after googling for the piggy mooncake step by step tutorial! 🙄🙄

Recipe to keep <here>

Toys out, books in

I have been decluttering since last week. Mainly their toys, clothes and stationaries. In the midst, we managed to give away some small items like cot booster and baby high chair bumper; also threw many small pieces of toys, (art) papers (mainly Noelle’s work🤭😂) and the cot mattress. A lot more toys being retained (of course, if not my kids will ‘murder’ me🙄) but I reshuffled and repackaged them – store them in different places (a lot more reachable actually). As for clothes, some of Nikki’s handed down to Norrah. And Norrah’s seems too old to hand down, so we are using as old cloth! 😆 This round, not many of Noelle’s goes to Nikki! 😜

This morning we went to pick some hand-me-down books from my cousin. It was ALOT and I could only fit probably less than half of them into this cabinet (in this cabinet – there are mix of our own books and the hand me downs). I choose those that are suitable for their age (there are lots more in the store room – probably in a year or two later, or when I can find space!) Besides that, they also received some board games – most are played before and one is unopened!

Noelle was pretty excited when she saw the board games when she entered the car from school. (I unload the car sparingly)

Noelle: Wowwww….new games!!!

Me: Ahaa…Aunty SY gave us allll these, plus a lot more books! It is a lot, a lot!!!!😵

Noelle: (silent and didn’t bother me, then opening one of the games) ohh…this one is old one!

Me: Yes, old one but still can play right??😁😁

Noelle: Ahaaa

Me: Just like mama give away things that we don’t need but still can be used by others!

Noelle: oohhh😯😯 but there’s one not opened yet!

Me: oohh…probably the gor gor and jeh jeh have a similar game already – so giving you the extra one! 🙄🙄 Or maybe someone gave them and they didn’t open it! 🙄🙄

Noelle: ooohhh😯😯…I am so excited! 😆😆

Noelle was more excited that there was this Ladybird Peter and Jane set (which we didn’t get them – cos she has been reading them in school). She even told me that today they don’t have to do outdoor activity because she wants to read the books! 😆

Thank you once again Aunty SY for the books! 😁😁

Calming the younger sister

Nikki got very cranky after she woke up from nap. Then Noelle wanted to get down to playground. I carried Norrah and Nikki wanted me to carry her also! I was getting agitated with Nikki and thought of just leaving her at home alone if she ain’t moving (don’t judge me , k?). As we were wearing our slipper, Nikki started following and eventually I helped her wear her sandals too. But her cries didn’t end there. She cried from our unit to the car park and towards the playground. 😑

I seriously couldn’t stand it but just walked off her and Noelle who was pushing the bike (in the field de, no car already, k?). So I stood at the playground waiting for Noelle and listening to Nikki’s cries from far (we weren’t there alone, but a boy and the dad – couldn’t be bother if they cared)🙄

Eventually, I heard Nikki’s cries tapering! 🤔😂 I looked and noticed – Noelle was actually carrying Nikki onto her bike’s passenger seat. And then took Nikki on a ride! 😁😁😁 wow, it was a proud big sister moment! After she cycled towards me, I couldn’t stop praising her that she did a very good job today in calming her mei mei! 👍🏻👍🏻😘😘

Air fried prawn wantan

This will be my youngest’s (12m9d) first try on prawn. Therefore, I made prawn wantan, and for the girls too!

Ingredients used: prawn (chopped), cucumber (chopped), onion (chopped), sesame oil, pepper

Wrapped in wantan skin and dash with some rice bran oil.

Air fried under 150 degree celcius for 6-8 minutes.

Served with seaweed noodles.

Video <here>

Fried chicken breast for 12m8d

The little baby loves chicken breast and today I fried it – since I am making salted egg chicken for the rest. I marinated the chicken with sesame oil, egg, pepper and corn flour. Before frying it, I coated it with the flour mixture – rice flour, corn flour, baking powder and baking soda.

This is served with some cucumber and brown rice & quinoa.

She aced with them <here>

Our salted egg chicken today:

With the accompanying dish:

Matching preposition and Kata Arah

Mirroring the paint brush matching activity, I did a more challenging one for Noelle. It is about preposition. I added another ‘challenge’ (for myself too😂😂)…in Bahasa too! I had to google and ask people what’s preposition in Bahasa – so it is Kata Arah! Hope I got the Bahasa translation for the preposition correct too! 🤭🤭😂😂

We didn’t manage to go outdoor activity in the evening as they woke up late! In fact, Nikki woke from nap and then slept on the laptop table! 🤣🤣🤭!

Smooth red bean paste

Not my first time making red bean paste, to be exact, second time – but this time with better result – smooth red bean paste! 😆😆

1. Soak the beans for at least 4 hours.

2. Drain the soaked beans and air fried under 180 degree celcius for 10 minutes.

3. Cook in Phillips pressure cooker under beans mode. I added a block of gula Melaka, pandas leaves, some water (enough just to cover beans) and glutinous rice flour (for thickening). Left it overnight (so that beans can soften further).

4. Cool down and then blend.

5. Put into bread maker (I am using Tesco bread maker) – additional molasses sugar, as I tasted it and it was rather bland), two tbsp glutinous rice flour, pandas leaves – under jam mode


Made them red bean popsicle since they just finished the last batch of popsicle just now!