Virtual class 2021 – Year 3

Before year 2020 ended and before KPM decided to have online studies, we have already decided to keep Noelle at home for at least January. Thereafter, I sourced for her textbooks – and got the preloved ones. In addition, I got her the English workbook, which was a requirement by the school.

Fast forward, MCO came and KPM decided on online studies. I think I did a great job for getting the preloved textbooks (I am not shy to say that ‘I am very smart’🤣) as they have to rely on soft copies.

I have been preparing Noelle for year 3 too because I feel we couldn’t rely on her school teachers entirely. But to my surprise, today’s arrangement was way better than expectation. Besides the virtual class (which was quite interactive), google classroom homework was all well coordinated. Noelle wanted to check the google classroom every hour – but I told her probably check towards end of the morning – like what we did last year. (but teachers have been uploading per schedule). 🤣🤣 She has been doing the worksheets I gave her as per usual; and found that she has additional work from her teachers. 🤭🤣 So, that doubled up her work actually. She didn’t complain at all but I told her I will give her less tomorrow onwards. She has been ‘working’ from 830am till 2pm with an hour break for lunch. 😂

And today her first virtual class was Mathematics – and I realized that I have been teaching her way in advance. I taught her ‘hundred thousands’ while her teacher was teaching ‘ten thousands’! 🤣🤣🤣

Around facebook groups, some parents have been complaining BUT I am happy with how it had come so far – on the first day and hope it will continue as it is. KUDOS to the teachers and school for the planning (though everything was only given out to parents yesterday). I think it must have been a well thought plan after a rather ‘poor’ year in 2020.

I can also see parents posting how stressful they are at handling online home studies. Hubby says I am stressful before the virtual class started but once it started, I destressed! 🤣 Which is true, because he and Nikki were getting scoldings from me in the morning before the virtual class. 🤭🙄😂

Noelle says she’s very happy seeing her schoolmates again (she has been looking serious throughout the hour). 😂


Please appreciate every google meet/ virtual classes that your kids have. It teaches them

  • self control: each person gets their turn to talk; they are required to mute themselves all the time and teacher will call out their name to talk/read/answer
  • self control: although it is tempting to chat at the chat room, kids have to control not to especially during on going lesson.
  • self confidence: kids will raise their hands (virtually) to answer questions asked; confidence to let teacher know when things go wrong (today Noelle voiced out that her name was pronounced wrongly 🤣 and teacher said sorry for the wrong pronunciation; and another friend pointed out to teacher that she mentioned the wrong class!)
  • real time interaction: for kids who are already locked down at home, the virtual classes serve as their point of social interaction – remembering each other’s face, laughing/ smiling towards one another and most importantly a real time conversation especially with their teachers
  • focus: Even though there were 39 students in one class this morning, everything was in order. 98% of the time – no interruption and they carefully listened to instruction.
  • technology: some kids were already so smart to change their background to blur out the items surrounding them – while I then googled how they did that 🤣

I like it that most students have so much confidence and can’t wait to be called out to answer questions/read including Noelle☺️! Sometimes she even go raise hand when she didn’t know the answer! 🙄🙄 and I at the background asking her ‘you know meh?’ 🙄🙄😂😂

I think this year the school has no reason to say that the kids are not following or interrupting the virtual class. For the second day, teachers have been uploading based on time table – so the whole morning has been really filled up with real school time activities.

yes, I am finding myself resitting Year 3. Today’s Science virtual class! 🤣 I sat through an hour with Noelle today (except the time I got to clean up the sister’s 💩)- teacher didn’t want to end the class early! 😂 I will sit down with her for at least a week – to make sure she is ok with everything.