Happy Father’s Day 2020

To the father of my three girls,

Happy Father’s Day…..even though today passed like a usual day! 😂😂

On behalf of the girls, thanks for being the most sporting, playful, loving and hands-on (except can’t cook 🤭🙄) father to the girls! Thanks for putting the kids first – one who will not spend much for ownself but would not think twice when getting something for the girls. Thanks for making us feel secure – and not taking out on us despite the work and/or financial stresses. Thanks for ‘going down’ the floor and be the ‘clown’ 🤡 – so that the girls can have a memorable childhood! 🥰Thanks for being a trustable hubby for the girls – I can leave home with a peace of mind each time I go out for grocery shopping. 😁In fact, the three girls can go to bed independently without me – because they three want to sleep with you. 🙄🤣 The girls surely thank you for being the shield 🛡 to them when they misbehave – as you often are the first one got walloped by mummy! 🙄 They are more grateful that they can often treat you like a ‘buddy’ because of your playful nature. Lastly, thank you for being the dad I always wanted!

Spending three months together-gether 24/7; we are out of surprises! 🤭🤣 Noelle only wished him in the afternoon🙄 (out of sudden); though I did remind her yesterday night before going to bed! I did asked what he wanted to eat – but this is my everyday question 🙄and I cooked everyday! If I ‘take away’, it also means spending HIS money! 😂 Biarlah…eat like ‘normal’! 😂 Everyday is Father’s Day!

Funny dad with kids video: https://youtu.be/1A3oPapZTBM