Penang Gurney Drive Apom @ Ming Tien food court, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

In Klang Valley and craving for Penang Gurney Drive Apom? Get it from the stall in Ming Tien food court, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya (a food court located behind/ next to Pasaraya Megaherbs and Food Sdn Bhd). It is with perfect texture and freshly made. It costs RM3 for 6 pieces. Expect to wait if there are large orders from the customers that came earlier than you or if you plan to place large orders.

Dining at Kaki Bola XO fried fish head noodle @ Taman Segar, Cheras

This was the second time we dine at Kaki Bola XO fried fish head noodle shop at Taman Segar with father-in-law. Overall, the fried fish head noodle is not too bad and in fact, cheaper than the ones in Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles @ Cheras Flat. Even the soup based is better than the Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles.  Also, it has better sitting place – not too stuffy, better hygiene condition and better parking as well, especially in the morning.


To dine there, expect to wait a little longer – even for drinks, as food and drink are prepared on a per order basis.


Kaki Bola XO fried fish head noodle has two additional branches, which is located at Taman Paramout, PJ (same row as the famous yong tau foo @ Restoran O&S, Taman Paramount) and also in Bandar Menjalara.

My Dear Warehouse sale 25 October to 4 November 2012

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I got to know about My Dear Warehouse sale in June/July from a friend. We actually made a visit to the factory at Meranti Jaya Industrial Park previously but bought nothing on that visit as we were unsure of the quality of the products and the items that are crucial for our newborn.


Finally, they had another round of My Dear Warehouse sale. This time from 25 October to 4 November 2012. I got to know about it through forum. And, the past few months, I did learnt about My Dear products, which are relatively cheaper because they are made in China products. However, the drawback of course is the quality. Nevertheless, if to relate for babies who might not use the products too long, it can actually be good buys.


In fact, we spotted some items that we wanted during our visit to Babyland (located at SS2). They were selling My Dear changing table, which caught our attention. We decided to delay the purchase till the coming My Dear Warehouse sale (which is this round). We also had in mind that we wanted to purchase the baby spring cot.

So, yesterday we went to the warehouse sale. It was a really sunny afternoon. As a result, the place was really stuffy. They actually have three sections – one is where they sell baby wear, another selling baby toys and the factory itself displays the My Dear brand goods. In the warehouse sale, they displayed the products and we just need to notify the sales assistant to jot down in a piece of paper on what we want. Then, after choosing all the items, we are to make payment before proceeding to the next section to take the items. If you buy bulky things, they offer to send it to your car, but you will need to drive your car to the back of their factory, which was a good service actually.

We managed to buy:

  1. Changing table for RM180 (instead of RM289.90); saving RM109.90
  2. Nursing pillow for RM50 (instead of RM99.90); saving RM49.90
  3. Baby spring cot set for RM142 (instead of around RM250); saving 108.00
  4. Pillow and bolster set for RM24 (instead of RM 29.90); saving RM5.90
  5. Cotton blanket for RM15 (instead of RM35.90); saving RM20.90

Which give us a total savings of RM294.60; and that’s 71.6% of the price paid (RM411). It is totally worth the distance to go there. I think it could be nearer for those staying within Puchong, Putrajaya, Serdang and Bukit Jalil.


Besides that, I got some miscellaneous stuff for my baby such as clothing and baby bottle, which all cost me RM93.


I would consider going there if I have large items that I have in mind. Nevertheless, it could be difficult to bring a baby along as the place is really stuffy.

Clarins’ Xmas Sets are back! ~ 2012

It was two weeks ago when Rachel from Clarins’ The Curve called me informing that I would need to spend RM265 by this month (October) so that I can be eligible for RM350 voucher next month. I am agreeable to buy Clarins’ products since I need to replenish some items before I go for maternity. However, I am just waiting for the Xmas sets and I was told by Rachel that the Xmas sets will be probably out at the end of the month. I was adamant to wait till the last week of October, even if the Xmas sets haven’t arrive, I will get some products.

It was during my pre-natal massage session that I received a missed call and then followed by a sms from Rachel, informing that the Clarins’ Xmas Sets for 2012 have arrived. Well, the sms came on time. I am really delighted that she kept the promise to call me when the sets arrive.


So, I was there at the Curve’s Clarins. I purposely stopped by at The Curve though our original destination wasn’t there. I finally got my set of Xmas set for RM165, which contains 200ml Toning Lotion (RM86) , 125ml Gentle Foaming Cleansing (RM95.50), 15ml Gentle Refiner Exfoliating cream (about RM 30) and 15ml HydraQuench Cream Gel (about RM51). I managed to save RM97.50 set.

I actually wanted to get the Hydra-Matte set, but it wasn’t available. It was going for RM124, while the online price at StrawberryNet was RM140. I saved RM16 for this. So, I got this set to make up for more than a total spending of RM265.


Mandy was the one serving me. Without asking, she gave me a sample product, which is the total cleansing oil and taught me how to use it.

For the spending of RM289, I managed to save a total ofRM113.50 and I will be entitled to a voucher of RM350 next mid month. I have also asked Mandy to check if my points from my previous visit in Clarins’ Parkson Subang Parade was keyed in, which it was. She also helped me to double confirm the points that I have more than 22,000 by end of the month to entitled to RM350.


Actually, I don’t really have to be back at my home branch to purchase the Xmas sets, but since they are the one who called me, I was sure that they have it. On the same day, we went to One Utama where I noticed that the Xmas sets have not arrived at the Jaya Jusco’s Clarins while they have arrived at Parkons’ Clarins. In fact, I managed to glance that Parkson’s One U Clarins had the hydramatte set which I wanted.

Return visit for pre-natal massage @ Soul Nibbana Wellness & Beauty Studio aka Daveleen @ Jalan SS2/3 PJ

After a pleasant visit to Soul Nibbana Wellness for the trial pre-natal massage, I made a return. I actually wanted to sign up for its package of 6 times for RM528, which is RM 88 per session (rather than RM120 per session) last two weeks ago. However, due to difficulty in getting a session during the weekends, I have decided to forego the idea of signing up the package. Also, I reconsidered that I might not need too frequent pre-natal massage in less than 10 weeks and what if I go into early labour.


I made the appointment one week ago and decided on today since it is a holiday. I asked the lady how much the session would be and initially she said RM195. I was shocked but then she told me she has mistakenly said it would be RM120.


I received a confirmation call on Wednesday, on whether I could make it. I said I could. So, today I went for the pre-natal massage. The masseur could actually recognise me. Before I started the session, I reconfirmed the price. She asked if I was interested to sign up the package, but I told her that I did not want to because it is difficult to set appointments. She told me that I could set the appointments in advance, which I declined. Then, I was told to make the RM120 payment first, without much persuasion on signing up the package.


The massage process is the same. However, today she used more energy on me, resulting me to feel a little aching during the session, but I am ok after the session. Probably, I had to feel such minor pain in order for blood circulation or whatever? One of the setbacks I realised today is they don’t have a dedicated person at the front desk. As a result, the masseur has to attend to door bells during the session. In addition to that, there is also lack of privacy where they allowed other customers to enter into my room during the session to use the toilet in the room. And the customer actually took bath and as a result, I did not have a peaceful session due to the sound of water dripping and her walking off the toilet. Also, the masseur went away for some time before she returned, so I am not sure if she really covered one and half hour session. Overall, today I am a little disappointed.


Thinking about it, it was a good idea that I did not sign up for the package. Yes, I might return, but not so soon and it also depends if I could get an appointment during weekends/holidays.


The Breastfeeding Advocates Network

I got to know about the forum “The Breastfeeding Advocates Network” during the breastfeeding talk by Gina Yong. It is set up via facebook and gathers all mummies who advocates on breastfeeding to discuss issues and sharing of ideas on breastfeeding. I really find this place updated with queries and sharing from time to time and people with the same interest. In fact, I bumped into my ex-colleague through this network.


It is open up free for any mummies. However, it requires the approval of their administrators to be added in as a member. I was added by Gina Yong.

Yet again price discrepancy and ain’t refunded

I was in Giant at Damansara Town yesterday again and wanted to get some groceries. Then, I noticed that Byford Asst Wear was going for RM27.99 for two pieces. Nevertheless, the price tagged shows RM28.99. Assuming that Giant will charge the lower of the prices displayed, I made the payment.

Disappointedly, the price charged was RM28.99. I told the cashier (at the receipt – the name of the cashier is Maslinda Mohd Sha, but this is a guy cashier, so not sure if he carries the correct counter identity at that point of time) that there is price discrepancy. Similar to the previous experience, the cashier just told me off that they follow the price stated on the price tag and they could be assorted items that cost RM27.99. I did not argue further as there was a long queue and my colleague was waiting for me.


I am just really disappointed that Giant does not train their staff to recognize the lower of the higher price when it comes to discrepancy, yet again. Well, I am still frequenting this Giant because of the convenience it gives due to the workplace. But, I would definitely refute the price discrepancy if the amount is more than RM2 and if there wasn’t a long queue. I am truly disappointed.
Giant Supermarket/ Hypermarket is “smart”. They don’t have a facebook where I can make a complain. Maybe they know that they are “that” bad that they can’t afford to have a facebook where consumers will poke them forever.

M.A.D.E Charity Sale

Photo credit: e-lifesl.blogspot

I have a friend who has been actively collecting books and old soft toys for M.A.D.E (Make A Difference Everyday) Charity Sale, which will be held on October 27 (10am to 8pm) at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. M.A.D.E is a way to remind ourselves that sometimes the world that we all want to change is right next to us. Read more about M.A.D.E here.


Well, I have donated some books, not many though. And, my friend actually took the trouble to come and collect the books from me. I hope I made some difference too; though it would be unlikely that I attend the charity sale itself. Hopefully, the charity sale will be a huge success.

Shopping at Baby & Me @ Taman Pertama, KL

We actually came to know about Baby & Me during the International Baby Expo 10-12 August 2012, KLCC Convention Centre. We were given their flyer but only managed to drop by at its shop in Taman Pertama last Saturday. The reason being it is not opened on Sundays.


Well, after the first visit, I think the variety of items there are just “average”. Price is also “average”.  The sales assistant tried to be customer friendly, but I find it annoying for she follows me around and introduce me to items without me asking her– didn’t give me any privacy to view the items myself. They also sell maternity clothes there, but limited sense of fashion though and the prices are above RM50. I tried one, which end up very baggy for me.

I didn’t really find anything valuable to buy there. At the end, I just got the breast milk storage bag, 100 pieces for RM29.90; only to realise that it is not sealable by itself, but needs to use clips or rubber bands to tie it.


The location is not that strategic with limited transportation mode. It is open from Monday to Saturday but closed on Sundays.


What I miss about my BlackBerry?

Basically, I am happy that I was given the chance to use a S3 phone. “It has changed my life” to somehow. Well, I enjoyed having it mainly for the photo applications.

Nevertheless, I do see its drawbacks compared to blackberry. Features that I miss on the BlackBerry:

1. If I were to post photos on Facebook, BlackBerry allows me to post in specific folders.

2. On BlackBerry, I could actually copy and paste information from the explorer or any application easily.