Our very first hiking on a hill – Bukit Wawasan

Memories are created not just for the kids, but also for US to treasure when the kids grow up!

Actually, we never expected it to take close to 3 hours – up and down the sloppy hill. As a beginner (all five of us), I think we did a great job. We did take many intermittent rests/pauses. We gave way to many people, so as not to slow down others. We were the most disciplined in terms of keeping our masks on – and I am grateful that our kids adhere to it without complain. No one complain about the walk (maybe only hubby and I, thinking when will it end 🤣). Norrah did tell us she was tired but we just nodded at her – praising her, and so she continued! Nikki did tripped few times (she got out the dirtiest 🤣). I told Noelle hiking also involves ‘strategic thinking’, as we got to choose which path is better. We were ‘smart’ to bring two metal sticks – which both Noelle and Nikki had to help them out during the hike.

We thought we MADE it after we arrived at the peak and happily moved downwards. Unexpectedly it was another down and up slopes 😓 which took another hour. Thankfully it did not rain yesterday – making the path less slippery. The great thing is we got to see two little streams of water flowing down (really enjoyed the nature). There is also a praying altar. Some people not only left their footprints, but also burned fireworks there. 🙄😓 There’s a place to wash our shoes and hands, nearing the exit.

A super YEAH as we exited the ‘forest’! 🤣🤣 We had our packed lunch at the coconut stall right in front of the exit.

>> Appreciating the nature, doing things out of trend/norm, be different, be hands free….lifts up the mood ☺️☺️☺️ and we got through what we thought impossible #bukitwawasanpuchong

Video: https://youtu.be/ZJ3xsEhewA4

Put ourselves first

We, parents, always ask our kids ‘are you having fun?’. Sadly, we often forget to ask the same question to ourselves.

What kind of consideration do we (especially mothers) give ourselves on most occasions? How many times have we looked back on a phase in our life and wished we had enjoyed it more?

It is time to STOP 🛑 doing things that cause unpleasant feelings to ourselves (even for ‘tradition’/ cultural reasons – rudely speaking, traditions are often peer pressures from the past. If we are ‘preserving’ something at the expense of our own happiness, is it actually worth doing?)

Don’t be bothered of people’s views. They can say whatever they want and we can’t stop them. Just do our best accordingly – for our own happiness and the kids.

We will miss nothing but gain more for putting ourselves first.

“In our happiest memory of our childhood memories, our parents were happy, too!” – Robert Breault

Our slow nature walk at Taman Tugu Park

Our slow nature walk at Taman Tugu Park’s forest trail and nursery trail

We actually wanted to come last month but it rained and flooded; then closed for upgrading (they are still upgrading now though). Compared to August 2020, we had a better and breezier walk- the girls were less afraid of the creepy jungle sound 🤣 and most important, we don’t have to carry Norrah anymore. In fact, she was very motivated to walk, without complain; and was jumping/hopping down the steps! 😂😂

We ‘accidentally’ walked into the nursery trail thinking – it was some nursery plants 🤭🤣. Three of them walked without complain but the two old folks somehow regretted in the mid way but the only thing we could do is to continue walking! 🙄😂 Nursery trail is shorter but steeper.

And that’s how we completed both forest trail and nursery trail this round, which took us almost 1 and half hours in total.

Photo: https://youtu.be/ARKXRGWKAn4

Vegetables from Shopee Supermarket

Before I went to sleep on Wednesday, I ordered from Shopee Supermarket (just in case I am down after vaccine). 🤣 So it came this morning just pass 8am. I thought it will come after lunch time like previously. In fact, the delivery man just left it at the lobby for collection (which is my preference 😂😂).

It actually saves alot of my time – probably half of my grocery shopping time (even though I couldn’t choose as I wish), but it creates a lot of plastic waste. 🤭🤣 I can only get vegetables only. Good enough, though (I still have meat in freezer).

So after the booster, I only had sore arm. The difference this time around – I couldn’t sleep on the first night! I had hard time trying to sleep and staying asleep. 🥲 But all is good on the second night. I slept like a log! 🤣🤣 I still could cook and wash like normal on the second day; plus brought them swimming (only they swam).

Yesterday I was rushing them to sleep. So after I came out from the toilet, I switched off the lights.

Me: Stop reading. Put away your book. Sleep now. (In hurry mode)
Noelle: Oh no….🙄🙄🙄
Me: 😒😒😒
Nikki: Oh no, mummy CRANKY already….faster …


And I saw Nikki whispering to Noelle ‘mummy got cranky because she just had her vaccine.’



I am AAA battery 🔋 now! 🤣

I was checking MySejahtera at 5pm and caught by surprise that I have booster jab appointment today at Paradigm Mall (we just put ourselves in the waiting list yesterday). And the PPV is closing down for the day at 6pm (according to the site). Informed hubby who was at office and he had the same appointment too. He tried calling the PPV (to check if we can come a day later) but no one was picking. So, I just rushed to the PPV with the three girls.

The girls were not allowed into the PPV. I told them to wait outside for me and informed the volunteers that I will leave them there for a while. They said they will help me keep an eye on them. I told Noelle to look after her sisters and ‘don’t go anywhere’. So, I just went in and all done in 15 minutes or less. When I came out, they were seated down – the uncle gave them chairs to sit. I couldn’t thank them more!

Hubby also rushed from office and got his done. So we are both boosted. We told Noelle that in case both of us knock off tomorrow, she needs to look after her sisters. 😛🤣

Anyway, the volunteer said that even if we missed today’s appointment, it can be done the next day. So, if you have put yourself in the waiting list for any of the PPV, do keep track of your MySejahtera.

our body, our choice, and we decided on AAA and could accept AAP if there’s no choice. <<


A walk at Perdana Botanical Garden

Today we played tourists at Perdana Botanical Garden (or KL Lake Garden). We have been here couple of times pre-covid but we haven’t walked the whole park until today (because previously we were always stuck at the playground🤣).

We wanted to come here yesterday but it was drizzling and we cancelled the plan. This morning after I prepared everything, it started drizzling also. Then it stopped after hubby got ready. We took a ‘gamble’ to come – thankfully the weather turned out to be great for a walk. 🤣

Photos: https://youtu.be/dnfVj-FaZ9A