Post natal massage @ Soul Nibbana Wellness & Beauty Studio aka Daveleen @ Jalan SS2/3 PJ

It has been some time since I started to comment about a service/product as it has been real crazy when work life started. Today is my off day and I decided to give myself a treat to a post natal massage. Given a good service received in previous two pre-natal sessions, I decided to revisit Soul Nibbana Wellness & Beauty Studio aka Daveleen @ Jalan SS2/3 PJ. I actually made a booking about one or two weeks in advance – which is 31 May, 2pm. It will cost RM260 (yes, not cheap) and according to the person, takes 2 and half hour.

Around 12.30pm, Soul Nibbana Wellness & Beauty Studio rang me up and say that my session has to be postponed to 2.30pm because the customer prior to me arrived late by 30 minutes. I had to agree or else I have to change my appointment to another day. Upon arrival, I was asked if I would like to sign up for their package, which I had no intention to do so. I don’t really bother about the pricing as I know I would not have time to utilise it. I told her I want to make payment first, given that my appointment was delayed by 30 minutes, I would need to rush her after the session to express milk. Then, I was told, they don’t receive credit card there but I have to go next door – Daveleen to make payment. This was not the case the previous times. So, I adhered and made the payment.

After making payment and went back to the wellness studio, I was required to give the credit card bill to her. I was not even issued a formal receipt. Then, I was let upstairs after having a small glass of tea. My foot was simply washed and the lady kept on encouraging me to sign up for package as it will make my sessions more worthy. I ignored.

In the room, I was asked to put on the disposal bra and panties. I was then asked to move on to the bed face down. I was scrubed with ginger salt (she didn’t tell me until I asked her what it was). Then, I was wrapped with cling foil. I asked her what is she doing, and I was told this is to help you lose fat. I was puzzled. Next, I was told to move onto the bed. I was “wrapped” and then she asked me “are you afraid of heat?”. I told her yes, but she says “never mind, you just sleep. I will be back in 15 minutes”. I could not move at all, seriously. So, it was alright at the beginning and I did fall into sleep first 10 minutes. Then, it was getting hotter and I was feeling really uncomfortable. I waited for a while as the 15 minutes seems to be approaching. But, the lady was not insight after 25 minutes. I started to shout for her – I was either ignored or she could not hear me. At that moment, it came to my mind – what would happen if the place caught fire and I am stuck there, could not move. I shouted again and again. No one came to me. I finally wrestled out of the heat bag. Given that I was able to do so, I felt more relief. I waited and waited – finally the lady came back. She saw me sweating a lot and said “there, this is all the water retention.” Then, she unwrapped me, gave me a small towel to wipe and asked if I wanted a drink. Of course! Luckily, she had the courtesy to ask. And, apparently, she actually heard me shouting from downstairs but just ignored me (because she did mention about I “heard” your discomfort).

After drinking the water, I was told to shower – with shampoo, towel and new disposable inner wears prepared. After the shower, the massage started. Seriously, it was no different from the normal massage we go or Bali massage. In fact, the lady saw that I dislike the initial session of being “sauna-ed”, her service was getting bad. Her massage was reluctantly done, as she knows that I won’t be signing up for any package anymore – she even said, “if you don’t like the sweating part, massage is much cheaper”. At one point of time, she told me she wanted to get more oil for the massage. It took her 10 minutes to come back. While the back massage took about 40 minutes, the front massage was really poorly done – it was just stomach and head massage. This was real bad. Instead of ending at 5pm, it ended at 4.40pm. In fact, I saw that their post natal session is 2 hours and 15 minutes instead of 2 hours and 30 minutes. She told me that given that I don’t like the heat, she won’t be applying the chilli oil on me. I agreed.

I changed into my own wear and went down. No one was there. I just left. I really felt cheated. It is NOT WORTH RM260 AT ALL. I don’t have a receipt and even the credit card slip was taken from me. Well, I will wait for my credit card statement and post the record here once it is out to prove that I was there and made the payment.

Lesson learnt: Don’t be so stupid to go for a massage just because it seems to suit me, i.e. “post natal”. Even if I were to go, always ask first how is it different from normal massage.

I am totally disappointed with the service this time around. Seeing their attitude, I guess, even if I were to get pregnant again, I won’t be there again for any of their pre-natal massage. Seeing their attitude, reminds me of Shakura Pigmentation – where they are more interested to get you to sign their packages.

Hammock/ Sarung/ Buaian

We bought a hammock/sarung/buaian before little 17chipmunks’ arrival. Upon little 17chipmunks’ arrival, our parents heavily criticize how bad using sarung. So, we left it in the store room. Then, after little 17chipmunks’ first vaccination, she became very clingy, she was basically attached to me the whole 12 hours when I am home alone with her. Seeing my condition, our parents started asking us to use the sarung. So, we managed to put her in sarung during day time. But with repeated saying fr our parents + relatives, that based on their experiences, once lo get used to sarung, it will be troublesome because we have to bring the sarung everywhere we go. Today, I would proudly say that they are wrong. My now 4 month and one week little 17chipmunks does not really need sarung to sleep, she only uses it at nanny’s. She sort of outgrown sarung. At home, she can sleep on her cot or bouncing net, even during day time. From my experience, I could tell that we should not fear of comments made by more ‘experienced’ people. Let it be. Our little one will adjust as they grow older!