June 2017 play date with Ethan

School holidays are best time for the girls to have playdates – as most of their friends are on holiday (they still have 24/7 a week holiday everyday though😂). Mama had to say sorry to two mummies for canceling playdates last week and this week – due to deteriorating energy😓! But we went with plan with our playdate with Ethan today.

We had a sort of organised playdate today. We started with feeding the fishes, scootering and bicycling, blowing bubbles and playground fun! 

It followed by a short free play but Noelle was fuming because Ethan brought “boys’ toys” which she wasn’t interested with. 

So, Aunty Nicole Lee has to start her craft session – which actually made them very engrossed in it. I took chance to eat ‘peacefully’ 😅while Nicole ‘managed’ the two kids when Nikki was already hungry! We waited until the kids make their hungry call – so that we didn’t have to chase them eating. They continued with their craft work before calling it a day – as Nikki starting to show signs of tiredness!

Time seems to run so fast when we were enjoying ourselves. Thanks for the food, gifts, time and baby sitting! 😂 And they napped longer today – so I had extended me time to do my stuff!

Short clips of today’s play date <here>

I actually made a peg with Noelle that if she shares and doesn’t fight with Ethan – I will allow her to open up one of her pressies that was in the store room.😅😅 Today, we opened up Aunty Melissa Ho’s (one) pressie each (Noelle and Nikki) given in Dec last year. Thanks Mel!

Fizzy cloud dough 

The experiment calls for 1 cup flour (we used expired bread flour): 1 cup baking soda: 1/4 cup oil (we used vegetable oil) – for each colour cloud dough – and some tempera colours.

We made three colours.

Mix all the flour together.

Add oil and colouring.

This becomes colour cloud dough after the mixing!

As mentioned, we made three colours and arranged the colours onto a big tray. 

To start the experiment, just spray vinegar into the cloud dough!

Video of them trying the fizzy cloud dough <here>

Outcome of the fizzy cloud dough <here>

Mix it up to play!

Play date and picnic at Kepong Metropolitan Park

Two ‘adventurous’ mamas planned for this day weeks back after the two kiddos impromptu meet up at Citta Mall – when the kids and mamas had a memorable day! 
I told Noelle about the meet up just before she fell slightly unwell yesterday – actually not confirming the ‘venue’ (either Kepong Metropolitan Park or our house) as we were not sure if hubby’s working today! When she turned warmish yesterday, Noelle repeatedly told me she will be well the next day – even promised to sleep ‘earlier’! This morning – though slightly warmish, she told us she was ok! We went on with our outdoor play date as going outdoor and sweating all out will definitely better for her – rather than her sitting at home! In fact, she kept bugging us about ‘EZ’ since then! She did tell me about her plans with EZ – at that time, I yet to inform her about KMP and our picnic plan. 

We arrived earlier than the mama and son at KMP. Noelle was rather disappointed when she couldn’t see EZ there despite so many other kids around the playground. 

Upon EZ’s arrival, her mood changed. They played in the playground, played bubbles and flew kites before we ate our simple picnic lunch. 

It then drizzle abruptly- and so we decided to pack. We had our ice mango at the famous road side stalls in Kepong before proceeding home! 

It was a short and sweet meet up. We could see how Noelle enjoys EZ and Aunty Qui’s companion especially during our ice mango session! It was really cute and funny seeing her build conversation with EZ! Noelle at most times try to include EZ while at KMP. When we disbanded abruptly due to drizzle, she kept repeating that ‘we lost EZ!’ 🤣 and she was all well after the outdoor playdate! All sweat out! 
The ‘keih ley feih’ Nikki had fun too. She was more adventurous today – as in she wanted to explore the playground herself and run around the field without us🙄🙄. She didn’t eat much lunch as she was getting tired. So I cooked lunch for her back home!

Thanks Aunty Qui and EZ for the time spent together – especially Aunty Qui who purposely prepared so many snacks and bringing along the cooler box! 😂 Hope you both had a great time too as we do!

Water play at Serendah waterfall

Thanks to my ex class mate for sharing her outing photos at Serendah waterfall (and confirmed that there’s no monkey there 🤣). We decided to explore it! Firstly, we have been wondering where is Serendah located. (Google tells us it is some where near towards Rawang.) It is about 40 minutes drive from PJ.
I actually showed Noelle the photos and some videos of Serendah waterfall – just to make sure she’s into it (and if she has overcome the monkey snatching incident at Kanching waterfall). She immediately remembered that the last trip she just wore her swim wear and put a dress over; and she repeated that she will do so again this round.
So, off we went for a short little trip there. Before arriving at the waterfall area – we actually have to go through some narrow uphill road. We just have to pay RM1 for parking (which was kind of limited). The entrance to the waterfall area is free. 
Upon arrival, there is a visible sight of the strong waterfall stream which already caught the ‘wow’ in us. As Noelle approached the place, she was already pulling her dress up- we have to remind her to wait and calm down as we haven’t put on her arm floats! 
The good thing about Serendah waterfall over Kanching waterfall is we don’t have to climb the hill; instead just walk few steps down to get into the river stream. 

We had a good one hour there with papa accompanying the girls mostly in the river while mama stayed at the river bank. <video > The river stream was kind of strong. We didn’t get near to the waterfall. It is really quite serene there. Both of the kids enjoyed themselves very much – and Nikki especially has overcame her fear a lot and no longer fussy about the water being cold. Noelle enjoyed playing with the sand in the river. 
This time around we didn’t plan any picnic. But we saw quite many of them doing bbq there! There were limited benches; so we just put our bags without anything too valuable by the riverbank. Public toilet is available at 30 sen per entry. We just changed the kids in the car. 
We stopped by at Tomyam Serendah for lunch (got to know about the place from some blogs). But we didn’t eat any tomyam and were wondering if there was tomyam at first – because everyone seems to be ordering few dishes served with rice. (It was just a mini restaurant in a house – with a young chef.) So, we just ordered their famous fish, tofu and veggie served with rice plus their lin chi kang. 

The meal cost RM43.90. Later we realise that there was really tomyam noodles sold! 

The kids had their own bentos that I prepared from home. Today’s lunch was less peaceful because we waited a while for the food to serve – and Nikki was started to lose her ‘patience’. Noelle was well seated because there was a big dog to scare her from moving around! 🤣 
Our outing ended after our lunch – whereby we went home to nap!

Our first visit to Shah Alam Lake Garden

Being stranded at home almost on a daily basis with one or two days out to the supermarket/mall, we find it important for the kids to do some outdoor activities – especially Noelle who has outburst of energy in her! 🙄 We prefer outdoor because it is usually less crowded, does give us fresh air and allows us to sweat it all out. Also, outdoor activities are usually free – making use of the amenities established by developers or local councils! 

With some research, we found Shah Alam Lake Garden or more well known as Taman Tasik Shah Alam. If not mistaken, the children playground was nearly renovated/built last year. And yes, it has the best of equipments compared to the few outdoor playgrounds we frequent in Klang Valley. However, I would say that it is more suitable for kids above 3-4 years old. So, Noelle really enjoyed herself there. 

Probably the younger ones can play bubbles at the park (there are some stalls selling bubble solutions).

Besides ‘challenging’ herself to completing ‘challenge course’ at the playground, Noelle also made friends! So, we ended spending quite some time there! We forego feeding the fishes though we brought the fish feed. Also, there were other activities such as canoeing and boat paddling (which is the other side of the park) that we did not took park. We also see few families picnicking at the park that has quite a beautiful landscape. We only bought mineral water and ice creams from the stalls at the park. We will be sure to come back again as Noelle repeatedly said that ‘I like this playground!’ 

Video of Noelle enjoying herself <here>

As mentioned, entrance is free but parking is limited. Parking is free on weekends and public holidays. There are public toilets available with minimal fee. 
The wet water park is next door and we saw a long queue there!

Thomas & Friends Adventure @ Sunway Pyramid

I got to know about this event from a blogger friend’s facebook. I wasn’t attending as a blogger; not sure if I received an invitation because I have not checked my inbox for sometime! 🤣

But the activities were rather clearly elaborated in Sunway Pyramid’s facebook. In short, we have to go through three obstacles before getting on the Thomas train. We queued almost an hour to go through the challenges – maze, rock climbing and jumping in the ‘galaxy’ to touch the stars – which took Noelle only 5 minutes. But the most disappointed happen – though we thought there wasn’t a queue on the train ride. They were putting people on scheduled rides – preset timing. And our turn for the free ride was two hours later. We can fast track by an hour only if we purchase RM150 and above. (so this is a ‘disadvantage’ if one wasn’t going as a blogger invite, I guess)! Anyway, all these activities were FREE if you and your kids have patience to wait! 

Video of her going through the obstacles <here>

Since we thought Noelle was going on the train ride (which we told her), she was deeply disappointed. If we have knew it, we would have allowed her to stay at the ‘galaxy’ jumping area a longer time.