Petting zoo in Wangsa Walk Mall

Kids who love petting animals are not necessarily capable of looking after those animals. So, we can only ‘follow’ petting zoos to get closer to these animals (and insects). We are a close follower of Bros ZOO. This round they are in Wangsa Walk Mall every weekend during this school holiday.

Best part – you get one free entry (RM7 per person, unlimited petting) for a minimum spending of RM30 in any of the tenants in the mall. Redeem at the entrance of petting zoo. In addition, since we joined Bros Zoo facebook/instagram, we paid RM5 per entry (per person). So our entrance fees this round for 5 persons were RM20.


Waterfall play at Hutan Lipur Sungai Sendat

We came here last in 2014! 🤣🤣 The place did not change much! Entry fee is still RM2 per adult, RM1 per kid and RM3 per car. It is rather clean as compared to the public parks in Klang Valley.

The best thing – we came at the right time with no crowd and we were initially the only two families playing at the chilling waterfall. They had better time playing ’cooking’ at the bottom part. Towards the end, they went into the chilling river and little waterfalls before they saw a frog and screamed like they saw zombies. 🤣🤣 They forgotten about the rocks and ran across them. 🤣🤣🤣

We spent two hours there. Hubby and I ate while waiting for them. They had their packed lunch in the car on our way back!


Our first visit to Bukit Jelutong Eco Community Park

Our first visit to Bukit Jelutong Eco Community Park

We have come to know about this park some months back. Finally, we made the effort to come (after all the hype about it on fb)! 🤣 The entrance is free and animal petting session (with the goats) is during the weekend from 9am to 9.45am. We managed to ‘pet’ the goats for about 20 minutes upon arrival. We then went ‘hiking’ on the steep hill, under the scorching sun. Luckily we brought our umbrellas. The hike is suitable for beginners/ kids – because it is less than 1km only (just that it is very steep). We found very nice scenery from the peak. It is sort of a resort view and such an experience for the kids.

We then hike down and the kids get to feed the ducks and geese. They are selling a container of pellets for RM5, and no bread feeding allowed.

There’s a beautiful garden towards the exit. There are many benches for visitors to rest and clean toilets too.

We parked further away (down the road) as we heard about the steep slope/drive towards the park.

we actually met the owner at the entrance when we arrived. He is such a humble man who speak to most visitors.


Our maiden visit to Kebun-kebun Bangsar

We have heard about this farm since pre-covid and didn’t have a chance to visit it. So, we decided to give it a try. 🤣

It’s located in Bangsar 🤣, smacked in between the big landed houses (ok, as neighbours, I understand why they protest the farm location but as a visitor, we like it very much🤭😆). The farm animals – chicken, turkey, peacock, sheep – are free to roam. Rabbits and goose are caged – but free to feed. Further in, there’s their vegetables farm and some cow (tied) over the hill. They have special pathway for us to walk (and everyone is left unattended and free entry, even animals feed – we get it from the front desk and leave our monies there). No vegetable sale today. They also created special spots for photo sessions.

We spent one and half hour there. The rabbits were less hungry compared to Rabbit Fun Land but Norrah found her new love for sheep. She was the first bravest one (of course after i showed her how to) who put the feed on her palms to feed the sheep.


Re-visited Rabbit Fun Land

The last we came here was 9 Sept 2018 (as per facebook’s memory)! 🤣 Three years back, we paid RM32 for everyone’s entry. Today we paid RM60 for 5 persons (RM12 per person – above 2 years old). We bought food from the farm too to feed the pets. No outside food for the pets allowed; reasonably said that it might cause problems to their animals. (I actually checked with them before coming).

Since it was 3 years ago, the kids have vague memory about it. Moreover, the farm has changed too. They used to have an enclosure where rabbits run freely; now they don’t. All animals except some goats are kept in cage. The kids love the rabbits and deers most. The goats are hungry and ‘scary’ to them! 🤣 They have other farm animals such as ostriches, peacocks, cows, goose and ponies.

Their cafe has also renovated and served ‘fresh’ food (as they are promoting). We were still with our no dine-in policy; so we had our picnic in car after our farm visit. The farm ensure a policy of mask on and visitors must be vaccinated. The farm is quite big. They have a play area – but our kids know that they weren’t allowed to play there (by mummy😛) at the moment.

It was an hour drive from our place; but no fuss by the kids. They were happy with the journey and the morning in the farm. We spent 2 hours there!


Slime trouble

Ok, don’t laugh ya…you might not know if you need this emergency hack 🤭🤣 When this happened, I immediately thought of Phoebe Wong’s son, months back! So, this is ‘Caring is sharing’ post! 😂

It happened right after I did laundry. I saw the slime sticking at Norrah’s hair. 🙄🙄 Immediately, the one got it from me was Noelle – because she was trying several stunt and the sisters followed! 😒

Split second, Phoebe’s post came into mind. Apply corn flour on Norrah’s head. Then shower her (she said she doesn’t want to play already). I even hair conditioned her. Came out silk and smooth! Phew…..🤣🤣


Bought new slime kits

After several failed attempts of making slime at home, I finally got them the slime KITS (instead of instant slime)! 🤭😂 I am very lazy to experiment already. But they are excited in making the slime.

The slime kits arrived yesterday and I told them they can only play with it after today’s school work and worksheet. And guess what, they woke up before 7am, shower, ate breakfast and started working on their worksheets before 8 am (before even I had time to sit down to have my breakfast🙄🙄). Hubby says today they are as excited as going for a holiday! 😂 And he asked me not to do it again – as he hasn’t get to enjoy his morning me time and everyone already kacau him! 😂


Superkids Box from Pantai Hospital KL

Thanks Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur and UKIDS Malaysia for sending us this Superkids Box! Glad that we received it on time before Noelle goes back to school next week. It is very informative plus it tests the kids’ understanding and memory about covid19 with its puzzle game. Besides that, it also comes with a ‘care pack’ – perfect for ‘back to school’!

I simply just participated in their survey to get this goodie!


Whole day so excited with the Superkids Box; of course when papa came home from work, catch him to play….or else no need sleep tonight! 🤣🤣


Sunway Lagoon 02.02.2020

On Tuesday evening, I received a text from Angel that she is giving me her winning tickets to Sunway Lagoon! Without hesitation, we zoomed to her house to pick it up! 🤭😂

<While luck may have dwindle a little, lucky star Angel Febrini Leonardo II shares her winning tickets to Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia from Lacey Bunny Malaysia with us! Thank you very much babe! Hope you get more winnings, coming forward! 😘😘>

The tickets are expiring next Thursday; so do or expire. Honestly, I was still hesitant to go Sunway Lagoon; not because of the ‘wuhan’ thingy – but the three just recovered from flu! So, I told them we are going to do the Dry Park and Animal safari (since we already did water park at Morib) 🙄🙄🙄 – depending on condition, I might allow them into the water park! 🙄🙄 (I just packed like we are going water park)

We arrived there about 1030am after ‘brunch’. No queue and not many people. We started with the ‘scream park’ – the first ride I went with Nikki (both have to be accompanied by adult; so Noelle has to wait for the second round – because hubby has to look after Norrah). Certain rides like roller coaster and ship rides that Noelle wanted to try, she couldn’t because not enough tall! 🙄🤣 I guess she has my young ‘gene’ on going these kind of thrilling rides. Norrah likes the Merry-go-round that she refuses to come down initially. The rides were waiting for us instead of us queuing up! 🤣 The staff also bored and hence busy wiping every where.

Next, we went to the wildlife park. Nothing really interesting.

Then it got hotter! And we arrived at water park. Their body also started to ‘itch’ and giving me 🥺🥺 kinda look – so, they changed and played in the water park – not much that they can play – only the man made beach, surf beach and the children playground!

And that wraps up our day at Sunway Lagoon. We didn’t spend our entire day there – because tomorrow is schooling day; and they need their nap to recharge. But it was a pleasant trip – for the first time Sunway Lagoon is so empty! 🤭😂


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Scholastic Reading Lounge at Sunway Pyramid

It is quite ‘hidden’ – at level 1, next to the toilet (near Tealive and Asian Avenue), took us some time to look for it! 🙄 It’s new and with Scholastic brand books and some board games which weren’t even opened yet! There are two sections too – for under 6 years old and above 7.

I think I rather stay in here (lounge) rather than walk out ‘there’ (so crowded with people)🤭.

Photos: <here>

PJKita Community Library

Last library hopping for 2019!

PJKita Community Library

A rather small and cosy library, more for the neighbourhood. I think it was quite good an initiative, but then ‘misused’ by some kids. The books there are quite new because the library was set up just few years back. They have toys there too. Both Norrah and Nikki had more fun here because of the toys while Noelle got distracted by toys – so she just read 5 short stories there in our 1.5 hours stay there.

Scenes in the community library – honestly the kids were treating the library like their own home.

At one point of time, while the three girls were playing with the big Lego, a group of rather rowdy boys (youngest probably younger than Nikki) came and stood there like ‘gangster’ – demanding the girls to move aside. Since the girls have been playing for some time already, I told Noelle to just read her books and let them play instead. She did as told and the two younger ones played with the smaller lego.

There were also two teenagers watching after the younger boys but they were playing their phones. However, they turned their phone volume so loud, that it was so distracting. Straight forward, I told them off that this is a library and they should lower down the volume. I was given a nasty look; so I gave them back a kns look! 😒🙄

In between looking after the two, I turned to Noelle as she was reading to me and in moment, Nikki cried! 😒 She told me the (same size as Nikki) boy ‘touched’ her! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 I told her no need to cry but tell the boy not to touch her – while at the same time, my kns face turned on! 😒😒😒 (sorry, I couldn’t be more patience with other kids – who disturb my kids and my peace).

After a while, they left! But one thing they did rightfully was that they know how to put back the toys that they played with. Thereafter, we had more peace time. I even taught Noelle how to play congkak. We left before 12pm; so that we can be home for lunch (though I went to tapau)!

Photo: <here>