Our first visit to Muzium Negara

We initially thought of taking the MRT to the museum but aborted the ‘plan’ – Papa malas🙄🙄! So we drove there!

We just went into the main museum which has four sections. The exhibitions may look small but it is good enough for the kids! Noelle was pretty excited about it while Nikki was timid (because it was dark and unfamiliar to her).

We only paid RM4 for two adults (Malaysian). Kids are free!

Sheep craft

At 24m14d, we can actually chill a lot – more fun activity than educational or academic! In fact, she learns along as I read with her big sister! As experience tells, starting them late on ‘academics’ doesn’t hinder them – at 5 year old, my eldest started attending her one and only year of kindy; she is coping well – she is catching up – here’s a video of her reading about “Senses“!

Yesterday night we did sheep craft – just basic sticking of cotton balls!

Video <here>

Ikano Power Centre’s new FREE funland

“Early birds catches the worms”

We set out early today to beat the crowd – also because they woke up early.

So, we went to the Ikano Power Centre’s new FREE funland located at Level 2 of the newly refurbished mall! It was actually smaller than seen on photos shared on facebook!

But with the small crowd, we spent almost an hour there! Noelle was interested with the floor board game while Nikki was into the slide!

They both had fun with the merry go round with the other kids there! <video>

We had our early lunch at IKEA before purchasing some loose items there! And we called it THE day – time to prepare that BIG girl’s mindset that she will be going back to school tomorrow – after days of fun since her birthday last Friday!

Our Christmas at Farm in the City

Instead of mall hopping this year, we went to the ‘farm’ aka Farm in The City! We bought the discounted tickets months back in Citta Mall!

Guess many parents had the same idea too! The place was crowded but manageable!

Noelle has leveled up her ‘bravery’ this time round but Nikki was fearful (except for fish feeding) – different stages of kids and different kid behaves differently (our role is nurture and encourage them, just to remind ourselves)! <video>

This is our third visit, by the way! And Norrah’s first!

Train ride and Christmas dress up at Paradigm mall

They took a train ride aka Paradigm express that cost RM5 each. The ride goes about 5 minutes. (I was telling Noelle that a real train ride cost less than that 🤣) <video>

And they got into Kids Christmas costume that was free.

m a little surprised that Noelle wanted to participate because she never like costume before (but the reason she did was because she has this costume thingy in school yesterday – which she had fun and was telling me)! Nikki of course participated without hesitation since Jeh Jeh did so!

We had a short fun time there!