Gigantic Children’s Playground at Cyberjaya lake garden

Our main intention is to visit the BookXcess in Tamarind Square. But since already traveling to Cyberjaya which is quite a distance (compared to our normal route), we decided to stop by at Cyberjaya Lake Garden (of course, we did some googling about the place before setting off).

Both Noelle and Nikki didn’t expect the playground actually. We told them we were ‘just’ going to see scenery! 😂 So they were pretty surprised to find the gigantic playground. There were a bubble stall and a drink cum junk food stall set up by the lake. There are many picnic spots there too (picnic in Cyberjaya is a perfect choice since there is lack of food choice). The crowd is low, so it was rather peaceful there. We spent close to an hour there (toilet available near parking).

We dropped by a mamak to eat (expected nothing to eat, so luckily packed food for them already) before proceeding to BookXcess. BookXcess, though big, actually below my expectation – on the kind and varieties of books!

A visit to the National Science Centre

We spent close to two hours there; cut short our visit because it was lunch time!

More like a ‘playground’ to them than learning Science knowledge; but they definitely have many more chances to visit the Science centre in their future (especially school trips).

We only paid RM12 for two adults!

>> we actually been there before its closure for renovation. I do think they had an increase in their varieties of Science experiments.

Day 1 of N1’s Semester 1 break and annual Hari Raya play date with EZ

– swimming

– ‘painting’ cum rolling with cars/rollers

– lunch

– play the game ‘funny bunny’ (no pic as I was cleaning up)

– make paper aeroplane

– free play

– ice lolli

As Noelle grows, she actually choose who she wants to play date with (we do get some invitations and at times she refuses to – and I had to ‘negotiate’ with her to accept it. So, please don’t invite if not sincerely inviting ya 🙄😝)!

This time she ‘invited’ EZ – through the mummy, of course. This is different from previously when she was only ‘informed’ a day or probably the morning before the ‘date’. She was actually counting down the days – and that’s why she was asking her papa – why he isn’t going work yesterday even though Hari Raya over! 🤣

Overall, I think they had a fun day – including Nikki and Norrah! Nikki was trying to gel into the date – when we talking ‘North’, Nikki was talking ‘South’! 🤣

The best part was during the final moment before EZ left – when they were having ice lolli – coincidentally, EZ also watched Incredible 2 yesterday – and so both of them were chatting like good old friends!

Picnic at Bukit Kiara Park

Happy to go ‘nature’ with the kids! Second day in a row – picnic. But this time at Bukit Kiara (or TTDI) park! The little river stream (where we took our wedding photos 🙄) definitely is the attraction for our kids – sand and water. It outbeats the playground there!

We spent about two hours there! Parking is definitely challenging!

Today, I cooked nasi lemak or rather nasi evco, which everyone enjoyed eating – maybe too hungry! It is without sambal but beef rendang which I freeze earlier in the week and fried chicken for the kids!

Picnic in FRIM on Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

People balik kampung, we balik Kepong! Back to FRIM for waterfall and picnic! Unexpectedly, it was kind of crowded too but we managed to get a good spot!

** Special thanks to Nicole Lee who helped me call up FRIM to confirm it is open today when I just ask her about it (after I searched high and low on their website and fb)! She definitely knows that I don’t have chance to pick up the phone to call up on usual days🤭😂!