Allergy test result


Allergy to dust mites & her shoes!

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Yeah, all food passed!

If anyone needs this..

Celine Tan's photo.
Our review of Dr Kent Woo: Though at least we have a peace of mind of what our girl is allergy to (hopefully this is a true test), we are not perfectly happy with how he reacted after we spoke out about our concern on “steroid”, and he kept avoiding the question by asking us to speak to his nurse (rather than facing the question himself). Yes, he does recommend steroid and anti-histamine; thus this does put me into dilemma – I felt SO BAD about this decision and we decided to let her on them for two weeks. We were prescribed with specialised shampoo, body wash, moisturiser, one steroid cream (which we will lightly tap only) and two anti histamine. The nurses were more friendly and willing to explain.
Besides that, we need to do a big cleaning at home, and always (as much as possible) maintain dust free at home. We are looking into hiring a part time cleaner to do the first time big cleaning job. We also need to buy silicone shoe – Igor- for her. We will see how these changes help in two weeks.
Happily enjoyed her cream cheese chawan mushi after n months not eating!

Dinner tonight:

1. Yam and carrot rice with dried shrimp
2. Kam heong long beans, carrot and minced pork
3. Stew bak kut teh pork with mushrooms


It’s more than a year since I fed this little girl medicine. I could never deny how being a SAHM – where I could direct latch her whenever she wants plus feeding her only healthy food – help her self-immunity alot.

I remember how we struggle to feed her medicines those days (when she was with the nanny). Today reluctantly, we gave her the first dosage of anti histamine – 3ml. Suprisingly, she stood there and let me fed her with a syringe without any frustration. I told her that she needs to take ‘medicine’ like how mama taking ‘medicine’ (aka vitamins). I think she did struggle with swallowing the very sweet medicine – but she did it after all and we gave her ice water after that. Again, she shows that she is such a grown up little girl. smile emoticon

* Disclaimer: Ok, we did ‘bribe’ her saying that she can play ipad after taking medicine

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2 thoughts on “Allergy test result

  1. Hi, refer to your post, did doctor mentioned to change your girl shoe to silicone shoe- Igor? Why? Can you share?

    Just to share my experience that myself, my husband and my son are allergy to dust mites. I use “mosquito” racket to clean or “sapu” my mattress/ fabric sofa and it is works! It’s kill most of the dust mite. You can try this method.

    • Yes, doctor mentioned to change to Igor, silicone shoe as he said that she might be allergy to latex; but after more than 2 weeks of changing the shoes,er….not that much improvement…

      We are changing our sofa…so, need to wait and see the result

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