Rainbow vacuum service

We finally engaged the couple to provide rainbow vacuum cleaning service on our two queen sized mattress! Actually they overlooked their schedule, and have to come today instead of last Thursday.

Two queen sized mattress plus all the pillows for RM100 in less than an hour (This is including transportation fee – which was free). They even helped me with vacuuming the grills and sides of the dusty cupboard! Seeing me with a toddler and an infant, they even offered to put the bedsheets for me😊 – but I declined! I actually left the pillows that we use to put beside the beds to prevent kids from knocking on the floor, by the side of the cupboard – no thoughts that they will help me vacuum it – but they did!

Dirt from older mattress

Overall, love their friendliness and top of the notch service! They are full time into this from Monday to Sunday! No hard sell (that’s most important to me). But I did ask advice on how frequent such vacuuming to be done. With small babies, advisable 3 months once and if just adults, twice a year! (This is beside the normal vacuuming and frequent change of bed sheets!)

You can contact Gillian Wee at fb:

Also I am sticking to Michelle Tai’s (finally got mention her name 😂) suggestion on airing the room and putting the pillows under the sun!

Disclaimer: Not a paid advertisement; but I am so satisfied with their service!

Slim.mee noodles

Dry noodles with pork lard 🤣

They look like mee kuning? But these are slim.mee noodle – which is oven dry!

So it is definitely healthier than mee kuning. (This can be seen from the Blanched hot water)

Also, it has low sodium which is suitable for toddlers!

She had it with soup and mushroom

Love the texture – kind of close to slim sized pan mee!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement but we received sample products from Slim.mee

Sampling Stroopwafel by Mama ❤️ Grace

Through Daily Homecook Meal fb page, we gotten samples of Stroopwafels by Mama ❤️ Grace. It was actually sent to our doorstep today! Thank you very much!

The 23m21d immediately wanted to test it!

And guess what’s her review? <video>

Personally, I think it is GOOD; not too sweet (‘sweet’ though for a toddler). Guess it is best to go with coffee! The packaging is nice and I was told that it will come with its logo soon. 3 packs are going for RM58 now!

My eldest girl got home from school and I offered her a piece of Stroopwafel after her naptime. She asked for another piece after that! That will give you a hint if it is ‘yummy’!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement but a gratitude post for letting us try the product!

Healthy and yummy snack – Petit Miam Yoplait and Dairy Farmers

I received a text last week from Lions Drink & Dairy that they will be sending us some samples. And today they arrived!

They are a dozen each of Dairy Farmers and Petit Miam Yoplait squeezed pouch – different flavours! They are my kids’ favourite! My eldest girl prefers this compared to its competitor brand – more natural fruit flavoured taste (compared to ‘tooth paste’ taste on the competitor brand😂)!

And of course, my middle child loves them too! Her remark was ‘good’ <video> for the Petit Miam Yoplait banana flavoured ! She even ate the Dairy Farmers thick and creamy caramelized fig – which she can’t stop eating. She was beyond words to describe it, I guess ! <video>.

Thanks Lion Drinks & Dairy for the samples!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid advertisement but the samples are free, of course! And we are not required to write a review on the products!

Review: Slim.mee Noodle Fettucine

We recently receive free samples from Slim.mee noodle! Today we are trying their Fettucine!

Seriously, just need 3 minutes for it to be springy and chewy!

Great for rushing mummies like me! I tasted it – somehow like egg noodles to me. Both my girls enjoy eating it, though. Early lunch without fuss!

I just added some mushroom in soup and cheese for them!

Review <video>

Empty bowls:

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement. We just receive free samples!

Squeeze Me Baby

We were given these samples by a friend. The gift was actually wrapped up in a box with free tokens to fill the Squeeze Me Baby bags. The fillers are actually fresh fruits puree.

We went to their One Utama outlet and had it filled. Before we fill it, the babies were allowed to try the different flavours that they have. They do give recommendation based on age. Each pack, if I am not mistaken, cost about RM10-11.

At that point, N2 showed no interest at all but N1 was actually enjoying the sampling. But once trying at home, N2 seems to hook on it! 

Personally, I think this is convenient especially those who intend to shop in One Utama but forgotten to pack snack for the little ones. But pricing wise, I do think it is kind of on the high side – since they essentially use a little fresh fruits to make the amount packed/filled. I think a lot of cost is put into packaging and its environment.

**If I have forgotten my snack and the kids need a quick fruit (puree/snack), I think I could get it cheaper at MBG – though it does not come with the Squeeze Me bag, my kids could handle straws perfectly! 

The shop is baby friendly as in it is equipped with a play area and there are baby chairs for the babies to finish up the Squeeze Me Baby!

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement. We just got gift samples! 

Trying out shrimp at 1y18d

We were sponsored some Pelagos shrimps again! 

Took some defrosted shrimps and steamed it with an egg for 5 minutes. 

Took out the shrimps and left bits of eggs for baby no.2

She actually enjoys licking it; and hasn’t really chew it! <video>

For the remainder of the steamed egg, I mixed it into baby no.1’s spinach noodle with some onion oil. She had some fried shrimp wantan too (shrimp marinated with sesame oil, liquid aminos and corn flour).

Thank you Pelagos for the sponsored products:

Review: Avon Mastercook

Hubby got me this cookware for Christmas! 😬 And I am loving it! Though it is a ‘stock pot’ by its name – I actually cooked kai choy rice in it – without it being sticky or burnt and it just requires less than 20 minutes plus not much monitoring required! It came out perfectly well – no soggy texture and no uncooked grains!

I simply just stir fry onions and garlic in oil. Add in dried prawns. Stir for a moment before adding Chinese sausage, mushrooms and grains. Stir it and then add the blanched kai choy. Stir and add in water (I cooked two cups of rice, water was about 1.5 cups since kai choy is wet by itself). Then cover and leave it on stove on for 13 minutes. Off fire and let it be there. We had it for dinner while I cooked in the morning!

**This is NOT a paid advertisement