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I have been using Medela Freestyle Breastpump with 2-phase expression heavily since this month (February) in anticipation of going back to work in April. Generally, I find it user friendly, though I still have not utilised the handsfree function.


One bothersome about pumping milk is getting the parts cleaned, sterilised and together. Thinking of future, I wanted another set of Medela Freestyle Connectors, Membranes and Backcaps. I went through The Breastfeeding Network Advocates files to find for supplier (I guess the suppliers under the listing are trustable) and found

They are offering Medela Freestyle Sparekits (Box of 2 – 2 connectors, 2 membranes, 2 backcaps) at RM97 with a RM7 postage fee. I went to their ordering section which requires customers to email them. I proceeded to email them to find the method. They responded within an hour, describing the procedure. The respondent is obviously a Malay ethnic with the Bahasa Malaysia language slang she used in the email. I was given two options of payment either Maybank which is her private banking account, or CIMB which is the business banking account.

I proceeded to banking her and emailing her the mailing details. I was then told that she will send the item on the same day if possible.

On the next day, I emailed her if she sent the previous day or this very day so that I can anticipate the post. She replied that she has sent it out yesterday. I then asked her for tracking number, which she failed to reply. The item then arrived and re-emailed her telling her that it has arrived, and as expected, without response.


Overall, satisfied with the purchase except should have given me the tracking number in the first place and be more responsive after the sale.


Online purchase with Mamma House


I was/ am looking for nursing clothes way back when I was expecting. I came to know about Mamma House from The Breastfeeding Advocates Network. I spotted few items that I wanted before the recent Chinese New Year. However, fearing that the Chinese New Year celebration will slow down the delivery process, I opted to wait till the long break is over.


So, finally, I sat down on Tuesday to browse the items in the site again. Before going further, I wanted to find out the delivery charges. I went through the site and no where to be found; so I decided to email them.


I received an immediate response after a few hours, saying:


Good morning. Below postage charges fyr. We free shipping if puchase RM150 above for within Malaysia.


Berat            Semenanjung    Sarawak    Sabah

0g – 500g        7.00                8.65        9.30

501 – 750g      7.50              10.50       11.95

751 – 1.0kg     8.65               12.60       14.60


Well, satisfied that there was someone responding to my email at least, I made a try to purchase from the site. I also checked their payment mode – well, they have three main banking accounts – Public Bank, CIMB and Maybank. I immediately register an account with the site, which was free registration. Then, I added three items to my cart.


I received an email immediately after I checked out, with the purchase order 4205. I then followed the instruction to make the payment. I only managed to do so in the late afternoon on the Tuesday. Being anxious, I also sent them a text messaging informing that I have made the payment of RM163 for the three items. It was at night that a confirmation email was sent. And, guess what, I received the item during lunch hour on Wednesday (though they say will take 2 to 3 days). I am totally satisfied with the speedy service.


Well, on the items, they are in good condition. In addition, they gave me a free recyclable bag for the purchase, which was another surprise to me. Now I have some nursing dresses to go around despite staying at home and no chance to shop around with the little one’s arrival.


Overall, I am happy with the purchase. Will I be a returning customer? Why not?




Finally received the refund from Jackcow

After the request for refund was made, I received an email informing me that the refund request has been sent to the related department. Not long after, I was told that the refund was made and credited into my Jackcow account, which was the similar case as Living Social. However, being totally disappointed with the purchase and losing confidence, I wanted my refund in cash terms. I was then told that for cash refund, RM2 or 3% (whichever higher) will be deducted from the payable amount as an administration fee. Well, this is totally a disgrace for them to do such a thing. It is their retailer fault and they want to penalize the customer. I made the option of having them deduct the RM2 and Jackcow will be out of 17chipmunks’ discount sites listing.


I checked my account and they made the transfer back on Jan 30 – for the amount RM47.90.

jackcow1 jackcow2 jackcow3 jackcow4 jackcow5

Final review of the confinement food by Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness Sdn Bhd


It has been weeks since the end of my confinement food catering. Overall, I think we had a bad experience with the service provided by the person who brought the food, Tracey. Reasons are as follow:

  1. She has very poor time management – from the first promise 12pm, to 12.30pm, to 1pm and to the extent 1.30pm. Since I am breastfeeding little 17chipmunks, it made me wait anxiously and she often came coincidently when little 17chipmunks need to be fed.
  2. She made many “excuses” for being late – from the son met an accident, need to attend a talk, forget about the time, to the final day when she mentioned that her mum entered hospital and the hospital wanted her consent to amputate the mum’s leg.
  3. It is ok if she is late, but she has no initiative to call and inform that she will be late.
  4. She actually seek for permission to come late on the day she attending the talk, which will be 1pm. But, she came even later, close to 1.30pm. When hubby called her around 1.20pm, she mentioned that she told me that she will be late. But then hubby reminded her that she said 1pm, and she responded by “no choice”.
  5. Though she tried to be friendly, I really don’t like her nose around and often seek permission to carry little 17chipmunks, which I refused towards the end.


Good thing was: I needed to go back to in laws during the 28days and there was a week break with hubby; so, we postponed the remaining 3 days and they compromised.


Well, this experience actually made me feel afraid of going for catering anymore. I really hated the waiting time and got sick of meeting her. Her food is normal and towards the end, I become sick of the food. Some food especially her fish dishes are bad. I suspect she prepares the food for few days and then reheat them when the day comes (just suspect, not sure how true).


I definitely will not use their service anymore in the future.

Delight’s happy fullmoon gift


The little 17chipmunks has reached her one month old. We had a small party for her at Restoran Fong Yuan. Well, it was tiring for both the parents and the little one. The little one was totally stressed up after the event. Not only did she cried none stop, she had trouble sleeping at night and more traumatic – she vomited quite a lot. End up, I was too stressed up too. So, lesson learn – we probably will not have any full moon party or probably birthday party for our little one(s) in the future.


Since Restoran Fong Yuan serves non halal food, 17chipmunks could not invite her colleagues who don’t take pork. So, we decided on giving out fullmoon food gift – which is of course halal. We got to know about Delight’s happy fullmoon gift from their brochure, which was distributed during some events, from hubby’s colleague who sent this fullmoon gift before and also the widely used google search engine.


They have few sets of gifts and we can even customize it. The prices are also affordable. Honestly, the prices are cheaper than if we were to buy other gifts – such as chocolates. What attracted us was “pork free”.


I actually emailed them about the 3 days booking – whether is it normal 3 days or 3 working days. They replied in a day later, apologizing because they were little late – due to their internet problem. I also asked about the fullmoon gift card. We were supposed to order at least 10 boxes to get the gift cards free.


We decided on Set A1, which cost RM12.60 per box. Given that I have only 7 colleagues in my department and thinking of sending Dr Fatima and her nurses the gift pack as well, we ended up ordering 10 boxes, with 2 boxes free (so a total of 12 boxes). We opted to collect at their USJ branch – which is Lynn’s Café (as we did not hit their minimum purchase of RM200 or RM250). I emailed them my request and sent them a sms to tell them about it. I requested to insert a picture of little 17chipmunks in the gift card. I told them that I would collect the gifts at 10am on Jan 30. The day after, they rang me up to confirm the order. They also confirmed the ingredient of the ang-ku-kuih, which I told them to mix. The payment wise was cash/ cheque on delivery.


The day arrived. We were abit late to collect the gifts. But, it was all ready. Well, I personally am happy with the service. Hubby tasted the food (as I cannot take curry at this point of time due to exclusive breastfeeding) – and said that it was not too bad.

Ante natal class at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre for 2013

We were in Kelana Jaya Medical Centre recently because of little 17chipmunks bouts of colic. I noticed that they are having ante natal class again at the hospital on 3 March 2013. The programme is almost the same except that there is no longer talk on cord and replaced by the pediatrician talk on “common problems in infants”. In addition, for those who are existing patients of the hospital’s gynae of at least 3 visits, there will be a 50% of the price of RM60 per couple. Well, good time to join the class for first time parents, as we have actually benefited from it last year.

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