‘Signing off’ for the LAST jab from Klinik Kesihatan!

We arrived before 7am and got number 2!🙄🙄 (kiasu maaa🤣🤣 no la 😒😒 I need to shorten waiting time so that papa can go work earlier k?😆) The clinic looked empty because they haven’t opened the main door for the orang-orang tua who were queuing outside.

So we waited for an hour plus before the real queue for weight check and nurse begin.All settled before 845am. Weight and height check weren’t accurate because Norrah was moving a lot and also wailing! 🙄🙄 Nurse didn’t really care since it would be the last jab (and our last visit🤭 though they did give us a date for check up!)

Norrah in her super active mode despite waking up at 5am this morning!😒 (and Nikki also woke 5sth today 🤦🏻‍♀️) Fortunately I didn’t put her in shoes or else she will run around (I just struggle carrying her – and thus I have been tickling her to stop her😒).

>> putting both Norrah and Nikki for early morning nap before starting ‘fire’ in the kitchen!

Adapting with primary school studies/work

Almost one month plus, she didn’t really have REAL homework. During orientation, it was just colourings. At one point, she even told me her kindy has more homework compared to P1.

Yesterday she came home excitingly telling me that she has ALOTTTTTT of homework for maths! She says she needs to start doing it immediately after her shower (and when I was putting Norrah to nap). She did. And right after she woke up from nap, she continued doing her homework. But her momentum died down 🤣 soon. I told her to put aside and go do other stuff or play, and she can come back to this later after dinner. Eventually, she completed it also (merely writing 1-20 both digits and spelling).

Since I am in the parents WhatsApp group for her class, sometimes there are messages or SOS on homework. Noelle never showed me those homework. But it was an opportunity to let me find out from her (as we don’t usually talk into details about what she learn in class). Those parents took picture of their kids’ exercise book and shared – so I showed Noelle and tried finding out from her what’s that they are learning (because there weren’t any descriptions on the exercise books except for answers).

I am happy to hear from her – ‘I actually finished this in school already and passed up to teacher.’ And then I asked if she could help her friend (‘s mum) on this – Noelle then showed me where the answers were coming from – the text book and page numbers; and how to derive the answers.

I am proud that she is coping well in school! She does internalise what she learns in school. She is independent – and my job has only be the ‘alarm clock’ to her – to check if she has homework and pack her school bag accordingly (though I do sneakily peek into her bag in the morning to see if she has packed the correct books🤭😂)

Anyway, she does have flaws too! Yesterday she mistakenly brought back her friend’s text book!🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 She told me when she was packing her bag. Fortunately hers still with her; so I asked her to return the book back to her friend and apologise for the mistake!


Lion dance in school (Sekolah Kebangsaan)!🦁

Topic of the day for us!

Noelle has been anticipating the event since she was told by her teacher earlier in the week! Parents were invited too but I decided to forgore the ‘chance’ (I don’t want to ‘torture’ myself waiting, under hot sun plus Nikki might ask me to carry her – since she is afraid of lion🙄). I told Noelle in advance that I and papa would not be able to make it. She initially showed disappointment 😔😔 but then I reminded her – last year her school trip she went alone though some other parents came along. I told her she can look after herself. In addition, I told her we have watch lion dance as a family together many times; why not just experience it with her friends. With that, she can also storify me! Besides that, we probably standing away from each other – as I don’t think teachers will arrange students be along side parents. She understood and agreed!

Students were told to wear their school attire – which I completely agree for identification purpose, especially so many kids around. With parents (or probably outsiders around), who knows students easily kidnapped away if no school identification. Sorry la, I am abit paranoid on this! I even told Noelle not to take anything from anyone, not even the friends’ parents, except her teachers. If they insist of her having the ‘gifts’, “please bring home for me to see first!”

Some parents of her classmates went and sent the lion dance photos to our whatsapp group; so hence I had a picture of what happened during the morning – and try to match with Noelle’s story! 🤣

She came out of school happily showing me the orange GIVEN by her teacher. She told me she didn’t manage to get it from the lion. Her first comment was ‘the orange so small only!’ 🤭🤣 I forgot to tell her that I actually ‘donated’ a box of S size oranges (instead of bigger sizes one) when the school asked for oranges! 😂😂😂

They were actually in class before the speaker calling all students to get to the designated area for the show. So they line up in two lines – girl and boy before heading to the spot. Before the lion dance show, there was story telling. Just before the show started, the sudden drum sound shocked her. She said that there were two orange and one yellow lions (I verified with photos😂)! The lion even somersaulted.

She told me ‘the Citta mall uncle’ came also. 😮🙄🤔😂 I then remembered her taking photo with the Choy Sun mascot in Citta Mall this year (and looking back at photos sent by the parents) – I asked her if what’s she trying to describe is Choy Sun yeh! Indeed!😂😂

Overall, she enjoyed the lion dance show arranged by the school’s PIBG. Nevertheless, she says that it wasn’t as ‘nice’ as the one in Midvalley -BECAUSE she didn’t manage to get the orange from the lion in school (but got it from the one in Midvalley)!🙄🙄🙄

Chor 四 a visit to Thean Hou Temple

The kids first time to Thean Hou Temple (and we have not been there since our ROM🤭🤣). Actually we have been hesitating – because we know surely 人山人海 plus the rain. At the end, it was manageable; parked at the allocated parking which is quite a distance walk (don’t attempt to go alone at night, scary/creepy/dark walk).

The kids especially Noelle were amused by the lightings – but soon (after we walked around to take photos) she realised ‘nothing special also’! 🤣🙄 We told her that there’s a temple and there is where people pray and not a playground. And then came with her million of questions – pray what, pray who…etc. 🙄 (me: go ask ur papa la…🙄🙄🙄). In the midst, Nikki made a fuss and started crying – I told her we are going leave her there to be a ‘nun’ if she continues to cry🙄🙄. ‘What is a nun?’ asked Noelle. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I told her a nun stays in the temple and look after the temple; then the papa added ‘cannot eat meat and only eat vegetarian’ 😒 (only think about food only).

There was a stretch of ‘pasar malam’ but the prices there were inflated – no choice but to buy sugar cane because they wanted. We walked back to our car and then made our way back; asked if they want to come again – an immediate ‘no’! 🙄🤣

CNY eve! Bai bai to the dog 🐶 year – it has been a year of growth!

Our reunion lunch today:

Salad loh sang

Braised pork belly with sea cucumber, mushroom and fish maw

Sliced abalone with stir fry broccoli

Lotus root and arrow row chicken soup

This year the girls helped around – especially with the salad loh song! Happy that they are partaking!


Traditions are ‘man created’ based on their own expectations and beliefs. As time evolves, these expectations and beliefs have also changed. One cannot expect everything to be the same like it used to be. Why do we need to get ourselves stuck doing something that we are not happy about just because it is ‘tradition’? Preserve those traditions that you are comfortable be and re-create new ones that suit the ones around us especially ourselves. Most importantly, do not impose those traditions that you yourself can’t follow onto your kids and worse, other people’s kids! Also, what is ‘best’ for yourself might not necessarily good for your loved ones!

Happy reunion lunch/dinner! 😁😁😁

MRT ride on the long season weekend break

Welcome to Kampung Klang Valley! 😅😅 So that’s what we do in our ‘village’! #mrtrides

Our MRT ride from Kwasa (never hear before leh?🤣) to Kajang and also Norrah’s first ride on MRT (our second)

When we told them our plan about taking a train ride to somewhere to ‘eat’ – for the satay, of course 🙄🙄🤣🤣

Noelle: Papa, can we just drive there???

Papa (to me): What have you did to her?

🤣🤣🤣 I think Noelle has phobia’ taking the public transportation, especially when she thought that she needs to walk from home to the train station (which is LRT) and after our last wait for the one hour bus! We told her that this is going to be a different train. Disagree to agree, we went. One way took us about one hour – and they were getting out of control, bored, clingy and cranky! 🤭🤣 But we survived the trip – hubby looking more regret to have parked his car in that Kwasa Sentral station which is why it took longer (I actually suggested Phileo Damansara) 🙄🤣.

Norrah was over excited – didn’t want to be baby wear, so she sticks to papa! 🤣 She even skipped her morning nap until almost 2pm!

Long train ride for satay 🙄🤣

We have to be contented with

Sate Hj Samuel as it is just opposite the Stadium Kajang MRT station; plus our preferred Ngok Lan satay has closed down. The plus point – they have a playground next to them – brushed off the kids’ boredom! 😅😂