Myths debunked by little 17chipmunks

Happy 11th month old baby!


Little 17chipmunks has started walking since 10.5 months old. This has proven that:


1.      Breastmilk does provide the necessary nutrients to baby.


2.      A walker is not necessary to train a little baby to walk.


3.      Anchovies are not necessary used in baby’s diet for calcium. There are other food that has a lot more calcium such as yogurt and cheese.

Baked wheat germ apple for my soon-to-be 11 mo little cheeky!


Ingredients & steps:
1. Peel apple and cut into appropriate size for lo to hold on.
2. Dust the peeled apple into wheat germ.
3. In heated oven (about 180 degree celcius), baked it for 15-20 minutes. (the longer you bake, the softer is the apple)
4. Cool down before serving (I added other fruits below the baked wheat germ apple)

*Lo was a little moody yesterday, she threw the plate on the floor before finishing up. =.=
*I did not bake the apple long enough because of time factor, so the apple was still a little hard.

Penang Fruit Rojak at Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights


It was in the news recently that the stretch of shops at Jalan Batai will be “relocated” by end of December. Basically, the developer is taking over the place to build something more of commercial value to them. Having heard colleagues saying that the truck that sells Penang Fruit Rojak is very tasty and supported by facts over the internet, I think it is time to try it. It is located just outside of Restoran Seng Lee, where the famous char kuay teow is.


Under the hot sun, I made my order with the lady boss and waited for around 20 minutes for it. A small pack (with sauce mixed into it) costs RM5, while a big pack costs RM6. If you want the sauce to be separated, there will be an extra RM1 charge. Verdict: It tastes really delicious; and it is worth the wait!


To get your order done fast, I realised that you need to sweet talk the lady boss or be a long term customer with them (which I think it is really unfair for some to just cut queue) or be a constant reminder – by standing near them. There was no proper queue system as it merely relies on their memory.  


Anyway, they will be relocated soon.

Bega Cheddar cheese (block cheese – extra tasty) for babies


My soon-to-be 11 mo little cheeky girl fell ill on last Friday. Fortunately, she recovered since Sunday morning after latching for 24 hours. Sadly, she has lost her appetite, making a big fuss when she is being spoon fed cereal/puree/porridge/steam tofu & egg. She only wants her favourite hami melon and papaya + grapes. She also took her favourite yogurt sparingly. So, I went looking for cheese. I didn’t use the usual shredded cheese as I knew she wanted to hold the cheese. In the market, most cheese are high in sodium especially those specially designed for kids. Finally, I found Bega Cheddar cheese (block cheese – extra tasty) whose sodium is 610mg per 100g – Just that I need to slice the cheese myself (good thing about this – reduce wastage as I can cut according to the consumption level). I mixed the cut cheese with her favourite fruits and my lo happily picking her fruits & cheese – feeding herself (at one point she got excited and fed mummy too!). Well, happy that she has finished almost most of them – most importantly she is getting other nutrition from the cheese!

Char kuay teow at Restoran Seng Lee, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights


I have heard about this famous char kuay teow at Restoran Seng Lee, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights for some time. Since it is a 5-10 minutes walk from my company and that I am free at this point of time (given that I am serving my notice period), I decided to walk down there for lunch. Well, I actually passed by the hawker shop few times, but after having looked at the way the char kuay teow was cooked, I was disdained initially – as a major portion is cooked at one go.


So, I placed my order with the man owner, who jots down the order. It is difficult to find a seat there, but given that I am alone – I was contented to share a table of four with three seated persons. Besides the char kuay teow, I made my drink order – which one single man handed. The drink was RM1.90, it is 20 cents more expensive than it is in the Chinese economy rice food stall in Pusat Bandar Damansara.


I waited for around 30 minutes, till my char kuay teow order came in (cost RM5). Well, quite disdained looking actually – to me. I made an order with chili but it came without – never mind. After tasting it, though hungry, I don’t think it is “that” delicious. Quite disappointing for a 30 minutes wait, I would say. So, will I return? Unlikely, unless I have a HUGE craving for char kuay teow.

My greatest fear – when little 17chipmunks fall sick

Collage 2013-11-25 08_02_04

It was a “perfect” Friday when I “celebrated” my victorious argument with my colleague who tried to push her tasks to me. However, upon arriving at the nanny’s, I was told that little 17chipmunks wasn’t feeling too good. She was feverish and cranky after waking up from her nap. Upon carrying her, the heat on her was REAL. I quickly texted hubby to inform him about our little girl and he immediately rush home so that we can send her to the pediatric.


I was told that she did not have appetite since afternoon. She did not finish her usual yogurt and refuse to take her milk. So, upon arriving at home, I immediately let her latch on. I just ignored the dinner that I cooked for her. As she was nursing, I could see how lethargic she was and the heat from her head. After the nursing on one side, I gave her the previously prescribed paracetamol. She was screaming throughout the feeding of the medicine. She was quite inconsolable after the medicine and so I decided to let her latch on the other side. Again, she was so lethargic. Then, I allowed her to lie on the bed and I could feel the medicine is taking into effect as she put on a smiling face to me.


As soon as hubby arrived at our condo area, we went off to Dr Cheng’s clinic. We were fourth in the line, waited close to 40 minutes. Since the medicine, little 17chipmunks was becoming her playful self. The check with Dr Cheng found that she had sore throat and that was the cause of the fever. He prescribed antibiotics (for 3+2 days), and gave flu and cough medicine (as a precaution that they might come). Including another small bottle of paracetamol and consultation fee, the total bill is RM80. Fortunately, this is claimable from hubby’s company insurance.


The antibiotic was given upon arriving at home while waited for the four hours before the next dose of paracetamol was given. Given little 17chipmunks’ weight of 8kg, the medicine given was 3ml each. Throughout the night, her little body was hot – feverish. We got to wake her up at the next four hours – after the feeding, she wasn’t sleeping and need to be entertained. She was also cranky. We tried playing music videos to soothe her. She eventually fell asleep after two hours.


Upon waking up at 7-tish am, little 17chipmunks was still cranky. We gave her the antibiotic before giving her a warm bath (Important to note: not to put baby in cold/ice water plus it is important to bath baby even if s/he is having fever –as it cool downs the body). We then gave her the paracetamol again as she was still feverish. She does not have appetite and just ate her favourite hami melon. The whole day, she was clingy and cranky, plus only wanted to latch on for milk. For me, this is good – as it was told/ read that breastfed babies recover more quickly when they nurse more frequently. Her temperature was fluctuating a lot – even reaching 39 degree celcius; dropping at mild fever level 37.5 degree celcius. This has caused us worry. I texted Dr Cheng and surprisingly he returned my call. I was told that the fluctuating fever level is normal as baby is fighting against the infection after the antibiotic. He told me that he expect this to continue until Sunday noon. I also asked him for signs that I need to send baby to the hospital. He told me that if the fever level does not fall after taking paracetamol or that the fever persists after Sunday noon, it is time to send little 17chipmunks to the nearest hospital for a blood test. So, we got to wait patiently and pray that things will work out well.


Clingyness, crankiness, lethargic and needing to nurse continues throughout Saturday night and Sunday wee hours. Fortunately, upon Sunday morning, after the antibiotic, paracetamol and bath, little 17chipmunks is getting better. We were so relief as there was no fever after that (but her crankiness was still there). She was more lethargic compared to the usual weekends. But, she still plays as her usual self – she was enjoying herself at the playground.


Hope this will put a full stop in this episode and little 17chipmunks will continue to be a healthy baby/ toddler. 


Egg yolk yogurt omelette for my 10.75 mo.


I find plain omelette rather dry and resulted to lo not really taking in the omelette. Therefore, I made a modification on it:

Ingredients: One small onion, 2 egg yolks, one tablespoon yogurt and olive oil

1. Stir fry minced onion in Olive oil.
2. Pour in the mixed egg yolks and yogurt.
3. Just cook like omelette (it will be rather soggy, I.e wet – which means it melts in lo’s mouth)

Guess what? The poor appetite baby finished it all & looking for more.

Bread stick for 10.75 month old


Lately, my 10.75 mo fuses when I feed her cereal/porridge/oats but alright when given finger food that include fruits. So, I thought of giving her bread. Due to tight schedule and no bread maker at home, I bought this Adventis 3-seeds sprouted bread – i am satisfied with the ingredients used (except for honey) and it is egg less. It costs about RM6.50 per loaf and claims that it can be freeze for 3 months. So how did I prepared it for lo?

1. Remove the skins of the bread.
2. With clean fingers, press the bread.
3. Spread a spoon of puree onto the bread (I used pear puree)
4. Toast it for 15 minutes about 150 degree celcius (to harden it – as teether, microwave it for a minute, medium high)

Baby enjoys eating it!