Baked oatmeal banana with cheese


Baked oatmeal banana with cheese – self-invented again; thought of it during my lunch break. I was all excited to try it out but found myself stuck in the jam. Came home about 15 min later than usual, but rushed to bake this before picking my 10 mo from the neighbourhood nanny. Glad that she loves it!

Ingredients and steps:
1. Mix 3 table spoons grind oat, one egg yolk, handful of (Cheddar) cheese and one tablespoon water together.
2. Slice the ripe banana (I used about 2 banana)
3. Coat the sliced banana with the mixture.
4. Put one drop of virgin coconut oil on each coated slice of banana.
5. Heat the oven at around 180 F.
6. Bake for 10 minutes.
7. Cool down before serving.

Bargain buys at Caring Pharmacy – 19th Anniversary Sale


We were at Caring to purchase traditional cough medicine. Then, I saw their promotion on Neurogain PB going on offer in conjunction with their 19th Anniversary Sale. It was RM39.90, compared to its usual RM44/45 at AA Pharmacy. That’s a 11% off. The offer last from 27 September to 28 October, meaning tomorrow is the last day off! There are other bargains which you can find out from their outlets or website.


Clarins products in London, UK


Hubby has come home from London. He bought me Clarins Toning Lotion at Heathrow Terminal. I told him for a 200ml, it is only worth buying if it is below RM90. Guess what? He got me a 400ml at £22.50, which is equivalent to RM116.

At Strawberrynet, it is selling at RM155.50, that’s about 25% savings.


I thought Clarins products are cheap. In London, they are even cheaper. Guess this is why MAS business class can give out free sample Clarins products.

Great finger food for my soon-to- be 10 mo: Cheesy oatmeal pancake.


little 17chipmunks loves it!

1. Mixed 2 egg yolk, 4 spoons of grind oat and handful of Cheddar cheese (add a little water if it’s too dry)
2. Roll into balls
3. Heat up virgin coconut oil
4. Press the balls and pan fried it
5. Cool down before serve (extras keep in container and place inside the refrigerator)

Cheesy egg yolk in oats with steam chicken and cauliflower for 9.5mo


One of the happiest thing everyday despite all the rush after a long working day to cook for the little one: little one completes eating without any fuss!
9.5mo’s dinner – self-invented: Cheesy egg yolk in oats with steam chicken and cauliflower
Ingredients and how to cook:
1. Boil water
2. Add in grind oats and stir
3. Add in beaten egg yolk and cheese; continue to stir
4. Add in slices of steamed chicken and some chunk of steamed cauliflower; continue to stir
5. Add hot water and stir (if required), depending on texture you want
6. Ready to serve

Double boiled mixed grains chicken & dried scallop porridge served with bok choy


Mixed grains used: Brown Rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat and Red lentils (all one table spoon and soak for more than 12 hours)

1. Mixed all the soaked grains into the ceramic bowl
2. Put in one chicken drumstick
3. Add in washed wolfberries, Red dates & dried scallop
4. Add water until it covers the chicken
5. Double boil with low heat for 2.5 hours (but I think this is a bit too long as chicken appears over cooked)
6. Remove chicken and make it into smaller pieced
7. Chopped one stem of bok choy, either steam or boil it
8. Scoop the amount of porridge, top up with the chicken slices & bok choy
9. Ready to serve

No need seasoning, as it is naturally sweet. I had it for my breakfast too!

**Had to put little 17chipmunks into the market basket as hubby is away for business trip; and she is disturbing me in the kitchen

Oatmeal pancake for 9.75 mo

I have been trying different recipes as my 9.75 mo has poor appetite since catching flu. So I tried oatmeal pancake. Glad that she loves it! And, it’s an easy recipe.
1. Get ready about 3 big tablespoons of grind oat.
2. Add in the egg yolk.
3. Add in 2 teaspoons of puree.
4. Mix the batter.
5. Heat up some virgin coconut oil in the pan.
6. Pan fry the batter (about a spoon).
7. Cool it down before serving it.

It’s a great homemade finger food as well!Image

17chipmunks will be introducing baby recipes

Since most of my time is spent on little 17chipmunks, there’s actually less personal shopping time. Rather than leaving this blog to web, I will be introducing baby recipes. I think it is also in line with the objective of this blog – with regards to frugal spending. We just save quite a lot preparing baby food, plus it is healthier (as there is less processed element).

So, look forward for the upcoming posts. 17chipmunks will also continue to talk about bargain buys/spending/service, if there is any spotted! Happy reading! 🙂

Sunway Pyramid Preferred Parking


As seen in the link here: , Sunway Pyramid is making a special gift to customers who spend above RM100 in a single receipt any of its outlet. The offer which valids from 20 Sept to 31 Dec, entitles you to a free touch n go card, with a Preferred Parking logo on it. The touch n go card, which is priced RM10 in the market, is loaded with RM10 as well. Well, that’s a 20% off (from a RM100 spent). I have used the touch n go card for the first time on Monday, and it is indeed loaded with RM10.


For parking at the Preferred Parking, you are required to load the card with at least RM30. The Preferred Parking, which is available from 1 Dec, will be located at CP2.