Happy Father’s Day!

Part of our agenda today is baking and decorating a Father’s day cake for papa! Of course, hubby didn’t know that the cake is for him – though he did know that we are baking cake. In fact, when I was writing down the recipe for Noelle this morning before he went work, he joked that the recipe for ‘chocolate cake’ is ‘go toilet do!’ 🙄 Then in my heart was laughing – he is asking himself to eat 💩🤭🤣😂

We did the baking after lunch and before nap. Let it cool down when we went nap. We went swimming before creaming it – and papa came back while we were swimming; so the surprise exposed and we only completed the frosting after dinner!

** Look beyond perfection – when I let their hands on, I have to let go OCD-ness! Though it may not be perfect, to them (and their papa) it was GOOD! 😁😁

I used the same recipe that I used in March for hubby’s birthday – because it is healthier recipe with extra virgin coconut oil instead of butter and doesn’t need a mixer to do! Most importantly, they like it!

Sheep craft

At 24m14d, we can actually chill a lot – more fun activity than educational or academic! In fact, she learns along as I read with her big sister! As experience tells, starting them late on ‘academics’ doesn’t hinder them – at 5 year old, my eldest started attending her one and only year of kindy; she is coping well – she is catching up – here’s a video of her reading about “Senses“!

Yesterday night we did sheep craft – just basic sticking of cotton balls!

Video <here>