I have been sticking to Mammimo bread recipe ( for a year plus. I have modified it slightly to make it a whole meal bread. The only thing about this recipe is it requires the sponge dough method, which takes a longer time for proofing and also double kneading.

Recently, my friend gave me a new bread loaf recipe. I am happy to try it because she is a successful baker herself. I have slightly modified from hers. I like this recipe because it gives us soft loaf and doesn’t use the sponge dough method. Preparing and proofing time reduced! However, the only difference is I have to get full cream milk for this recipe.

The recipe – for this loaf that I would name ‘Mardenia’ 🤣 (bread loaf without sponge dough)

  • 300g bread flour
  • 10g milk powder
  • 2 tsp instant yeast
  • 25g sugar
  • 200 ml full cream
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 25g unsalted butter
  • 1 tsp salt

Knead in breadmaker. Let it rest for 30 minutes. Remove it and insert into baking mould. Proof for another 60 minutes. Bake for an hour under 160-170 degrees celcius for 60 minutes.

** you can bake it in the breadmaker itself but I prefer my loaf without a ‘kneading hole’

** I will slowly modify it to whole meal loaf as previously. Today I have it with added chia seeds :

Thanks Siew Li for the original recipe!

Mammimo bread

Fallen in love with making rectangular box bread 🍞- regular loaf. And this is the best texture bread loaf ever from my kitchen!

And I named it ‘Mammimo’ 😝

We can finish a loaf a day! 🤭🤣


Sponge dough ingredients:

200g bread flour

20g milk powder

4g instant yeast

150ml (one) egg and water

Send to Bread maker, dough mode

Once done kneading, take out and rest for an hour

Ingredients to top into the sponge dough:

65g bread flour

40g sugar

1/2 tsp salt

30g unsalted butter

Send to bread maker, dough mode

Once done kneading, take out the dough and put into the rectangular baking pan with cover. Rest for another hour.

Bake under preheated oven of 180 degree celcius for 50-60 minutes. Once done, remove from oven, shake it and remove from pan. Let it cool before slicing.

Windsor bread

We made Windsor bread today.

Recipe adapted from:

I changed the ingredients slightly:

Video <here>

They helped shape the dough before taking nap.

Noelle helped with weighing the ingredients.

Focus on building life skills this school holiday 😁😁

(Since day in day out during school days, too rush and too tired – there are many things that it would be ‘faster’ if I did it myself; motto: Slow down (though I still ‘faster laaa’ to them🤭)

What we did in the morning:

– scratching parking ticket 🎫

– buying baking stuff

– walked to bank, diy shop and supermarket (no pic)

– making pizza 🍕 of the week

– preparing lunch (today’s pan fried salmon and mashed potato)

Noelle gets one small piece of salmon and two big scoops of mashed potato (actually I know her ‘required’ amount). Seeing her sisters having noodles, she told me she wanted noodles too. I say ‘can but until you finish off whatever in your plate first and then I will cook another round of noodles for you.’ Yes, she managed to finish off everything. When I confirm with her if she wants the extra noodle after that, she says ‘no’! So, I told her – ‘see, don’t request when you are not done with your food (that’s what usually hungry people do – cos hungrily greedy). Finish up all first and then only decide if you want more. Or else food will be wasted; or you got to force yourself down with the food!’

– doing the dishes

– weighing ingredients for our bakes

Corn and raisin buns topped with cheese

Adapted from Miki Mak’s pandan soft loaf

First knead ingredients:

150ml blended corn kernels with one egg

50ml pandan extract

200g (Japanese) bread flour

30g full cream milk powder

2 tsp instant yeast

Let it rest for 1 hour.

Second knead, in addition to existing dough:

20ml pandan extract

60g (Japanese) bread flour

30g brown sugar

30g unsalted butter

Let it rest for 1 hour before adding raisins and divide into smaller doughs. I had about 12 doughs.

Topped with shredded cheese

Bake under preheated oven of 170 degree celcius for 20-30 minutes.

Video of 13m16d eating the bun <here>

Closer to 100% home bakes

Strawberry vanilla buns

The greatest ‘achievement’ in the month of July 2018 is we got closer to 100% home baked buns and cakes! I am slowly eliminating outside bakes – which they are adapting to! 😁

Actually I started my ‘baking buns’ engine for Norrah – and eventually got hooked into baking for all! 😆

Hopefully this will last for some time!

** Nevertheless, we will still buy outside bakes – sometimes just crave for those bakes😝 (need to try so that we can improve) or no choice!

I used the Kewpie sweet sauce – strawberry vanilla spread:

For the bun dough, I have been following Miki Mai’s pandan soft loaf recipe, but just normal loaf (without pandan juice).

Soft pandan loaf

Seeing too many soft pandan loaf (by Miki Mak) on dhm. Check the ingredients – ok la, passed for my 10m+ consumption. Plus don’t require much kungfu since I will throw ingredients into breadmaker. I just had to make sure the time gaps after resting the dough – I am available, fortunately I was! ✌🏻

Really soft outcome. My kids meng-squishy-squishy them before placing into their mouth !!

Video of 10m11d trying out <here>

Recipe copied from Miki Mak’s blog for safe keeping

Fixing Tesco breadmaker

My tesco breadmaker actually broke down two weeks ago! And I found out the common issue is the broken belt. I got a contact from a friend who had her breadmaker part recently replaced! This contact is useful and has to be kept here!

We called before we went to the shop in Puchong. They are only open on weekdays (physical shop) or you can get it courier to you! The spare part (belt) which I needed cost RM24.70. Customer actually has to fix it themselves (here’s a step by step diy link). But with a fee of RM10, they can actually help us fix it. So we did bring our breadmaker along; left it there and went to have lunch. We contacted them again after our lunch and it was ready to be collected!

So now my breadmaker is back in action. Fortunately, it was just a minor ‘injury’ that cost RM34.70.

Bun in a cup

I used the exact recipe from cheesy bun except I replaced all purpose flour with ‘special wholemeal flour’! And instead of putting them into a tray – I divided them into cups (for easier handling)!

Some were topped with cheese and some are with chocolate chips as per requested by the elder girl!

So happy with the outcome! 

The toddler can’t wait to eat it!

Cheesy buns

I made two trays of cheesy buns two days ago. And today I have to make two trays again as both of my girls finished them up. It was also an easy-to-bring-out snack for them. In the two days, the buns did remain soft as initially. The last few pieces which they had this morning – I did toast it slightly with my air fryer.
There are many cheese buns recipe out there; but I am sticking to this – kneading made easier with my Tesco breadmaker. 

Ingredients used:

1 egg + fresh milk = 200ml 

1 tsp instant yeast 

30g raw cane sugar

40g unsalted butter

220g bread flour

50g cake flour

50g all purpose flour 

Pinch of seasalt

Using Tesco breadmaker, I used the (8)dough mode. 

After it stops for the first time, I click ‘Start/Stop’ mode again and repress the (8)dough mode again.

Then after it stops, I remove it and place it into a bowl and cover it for 45 minutes.

It will rise after the 45 minutes. 

I then remove the dough and knead on the mat. I simmer some bread flour onto the mat to avoid it being sticky.

The dough are divided into two trays.

The dough are top with some shredded cheese.

I find this Mozarella shredded cheese from Bake with Yen has low sodium (350g sodium per 100g) and it is cheaper than Bega cheese.

They are sent to bake after resting for another 20 minutes. They are baked for 30-40 minutes under 170 degree celcius (I find my Khind oven is slightly lower temperature than its actual temperature – so I baked longer).

With Mozzarella cheese, we have the pull effect! 

With great approval from the toddler:

Raisin and almond flakes pandan bread loaf

Today I baked raisin and almond flakes pandan bread loaf. I usually bake this ‘flavour’ once a week as I will keep some in the fridge for our outings over weekend – as snacks for the girls. 

I used the exact recipe from my fragrant pandan bread loaf (here: but added a cup of almond flakes plus raisins into it. I also switched it ‘sweet’ mode on my tesco breadmaker. Unfortunately, it is not as fluffy as the original flavour – though it is well accepted by the girls.

Over the weekend, I would usually air fry the cut slices for 2-3 minutes under 150 degree celcius. They become crispy toast bread snack!