Mamy Poko Jumbo Size at RM41.80 @ Tesco


Ever since the incident in Tesco Mutiara Damansara, I did pledged that I would not step into that particular Tesco for purchases. I even cancelled my own membership by cutting off the card. However, since the opening of Tesco Hypermarket in the nearest mall at our place, for convenience sake, we have frequented by at Tesco. In fact, hubby signed up for the membership. Well, I realized that “what we pay is what we get” and practiced “let go”. One of the most annoying things about Tesco membership is their constant sms about their weekly promotion. However, this week, hubby received a sms, which is really of good to us – Mamy Poko Jumbo Size is going out at RM41.80, instead of their normal pricing RM49.90 – which saved us RM8.10 each pack. In fact, the last purchase at Jusco Sunway Pyramid cost us RM44.99.


As we were frequenting that mall on this particular day, we grabbed two packs of the Mamy Poko Jumbo Size. This is of course great savings for us – as little 17chipmunks is particularly fussy when it comes to diaper.

Collected my artwork from The Clay Arts Studio

It is more than nine months since I attended the Hand building trial class @ The Clay Arts Studio Sdn Bhd, Dataran Pelangi Utama. It was during my career break. I have almost forgotten about the collection though Cherry did call me in a month or two later. She recently whatsapp me and reminded me to collect. Well, I am definitely impressed that she did so. Thus, I have finally collected my artwork – though it is not that perfect.


With this good service, I do have thoughts to send little 17chipmunks for art classes or clay art classes in The Clay Arts Studio when she is bigger. The problem is location and it is not easy to find a parking spot there.



Clarins RM25 voucher and 50% off for services/products at Clarins for purchase of Hydra products


It was in January that Rachel from Clarins, The Curve gave me a call. She told me that I have a RM25 voucher, which  did not know why I was given that voucher. That time, I was still under confinement. It was during CNY that we dropped over at Clarins, The Curve. I thought I could utilize it on that day by opting their eye brow trimming service. Nevertheless, the beauticians were busy and schedules are packed. So, I did not manage to use the voucher. I was told that the voucher was given because I purchased products/ services of more than RM500. I received the same voucher last year.


I only managed to use the voucher last week after making an early appointment in early March. I was served by Mandy and a thorough skin analysis was done before she starting on treatment. This time round I no longer need the detox skin spa, but the moisture replenisher treatment as my skin is a little dry, according to Mandy. Before she started the treatment, she also told me that they are having promotion on whitening treatment. Nevertheless, I opted for the moisture replenisher treatment instead. The treatment was well done and her service is good as usual.


After the treatment, Mandy told me that I should be switching from Matte products to Hydra products because my skin is no longer oily but dehydrated. She introduced to me the Hydra Quench Serum, which cost RM200. She actually gave me this sample long time ago. I was abit hesitant at first until she told me that when I purchase any Hydra products this month(?) I could enjoy 50% of for services/ products. Hence, the skin spa treatment will be half the price (instead of RM228, it becomes RM114. A total savings of RM114. Then, with the RM25 voucher, I would just have to pay RM289.


A check on, the Hydra Quench Serum is going for RM189.50, which is RM10.50 cheaper. But for better savings of RM114, it is worth getting it from Clarins outlet.


My bad that I did not ask when the promotion will last. No clear signage that this promotion is on until I was told.



Bargain buys at Parents, Kids and Baby Expo in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre from 22 to 24 March 2013


This is a rather low profile Parents, Kids and Baby Expo. If I did not see the banner during my last visit to Sunway Pyramid, I would not have known that this expo is happening. So, we were there since it is a day out with little 17chipmunks anyway. As expected, the crowd wasn’t there. Simple registration, where contact information, needed for a little goodie bag. We just browse through most of the booths – which seems to sell breast pumps like Medela and Avent, which I don’t need now as the existing one is still good. There were also baby clothing, which did not catch my interest because little 17chipmunks has a little skin sensitive that she cannot simply wear “cheap” clothes. There were also maternity and nursing clothings plus nursing bras – which I already have.


Things that caught my attention:


  1. Pigeon breast pads – first time seeing 60pads in one box. And, two boxes going for RM55; which comes to RM0.45 each pad.


This is compared to getting 36 pads in one box – two boxes for RM36 at Babyland, SS2 – which comes to RM0.50 each pad.


Savings are RM0.05 x 120 = RM6


This from the online store

20130325_0955232. Autumnz Breastmilk storage bag – RM9 per box, compared to getting from Babyland, SS2 – 2 boxes for RM22.90


Savings of RM22.90 x 2 – RM36 = RM9.80


This is from One Baby World booth.


From the expo, I managed to save RM15.80 for the miscellaneous things that I bought.


Popular Book Fair at One U from 26 March to 31 March 2013


The Popular Book Fair, likely to be similar to the one in Ikano Power Centre, is in One U from today (26 March) to end of the week (31 March). Not too sure about the bargain buys; but if you happen to be there, catch a glimpse if there is any. Got this leaflet yesterday when I was in their bookstore at One U, old wing.

Ikano’s Popular Book Fair is back – from 19 to 31 March 2013


Similar to last year, Ikano’s Popular Book Fair is back. This time round it is from 19 to 31 March 2013 in the same area. There are great bargain buys and I found two. The book “ask a parenting expert”, which usual price is RM101.95, is selling at RM22.90 and the book “The Complete Book of Breastfeeding”, which usual price is RM55.80 is selling at RM19.90. No membership card is required and I made a saving of RM114.95 (about 70% of the actual price).


Lunch set promotion at RM14.90 @ Ajisen Ramen, Sunway Pyramid


On the second day after I left little 17chipmunks at the nanny’s (for her to get used to the environment), I went to Sunway Pyramid alone. I wasn’t all alone – I brought my Medela Freestyle together with the cooler bag to pump at the time required. I wanted to eat rice and something healthy, which can also help me boost milk supply.


So, I was at Ajisen Ramen, which is having lunch set promotion. This wasn’t the first time dining there and with their lunch set promotion. I had it with hubby before. The set goes for RM14.90 and inclusive of service charge, it is RM15.20.


The set comes either with rice or ramen, salad, miso soup, green tea and fruit. For a light eater, the portion is sufficient. Service wise, they are average.