4d3n at Desaru

We survived a 5-6 hours drive (with an intermediate lunch stop at Malacca), to arrive at Desaru! 😁😁

>> Only Norrah and Nikki took short nap throughout the journey! 🙄

🏖 ☀️ here we are! 😘😘😊😊😊

I sat in front the whole journey and didn’t have to move back 🤭🤣 but have been turning my back to ‘serve’ them🙄🙄

Before we checked into our room!

We stayed in Lotus Desaru Beach Resort. We checked into our two twin bedded room, which was spacious enough for five of us.

Fun at Desaru beach <video>

Norrah’s first beach 🏖 experience


We actually wanted to come here last October but then we found out that it was the monsoon season that period! 😓😂 So, we finally made it at Desaru beach this time round! 😁😁😁

Lotus Desaru Water Park – which was enough for the girls <video>

In house entertainment in hotel:

Desaru, as googled, has nothing much to eat – except for the resorts’ restaurants, some drive-away seafood restaurants and mamaks! Knowing my kids, they have less patient to wait for food especially after their water play. (We also give up on going to Desaru Fruit Farm and seeing firefly – they are contented staying in the hotel; for me also la – lazy and tired😂)

I ‘tried’ again to minimise my OCD on my kids’ food – I didn’t bring my Inayou rice cooker, but two zojirushi food jars (and my on-to-go pantry)! 🤭😂 I made some Ikan bills powder with carrot and celery, brought some fresh peeled sweet corns, homemade dry noodle sauce, dry fu chok plus noodles (mainly Yee Mee, mee suah and dry spinach noodle). I did bring animal pasta which I didn’t use at the end.

On the first day, I actually cooked briyani rice before we left home; had it in the jar for their dinner (which also enough for myself 😆, so papa settled his own dinner). So, that settled – we ate chicken rice on our way to the resort.

Breakfasts – inclusive in the room price, except for Noelle (we have to pay an additional RM16+ per morning).

Day 2 – I made them mee suah soup for lunch and dry spinach noodle for dinner

Day 3 – I made Yee Mee soup for lunch and tapau duck, siew yok and chicken rice.

Day 4 – lunch is mixture of dry Yee Mee and spinach noodle

I also learn how to make soft boiled to hard boiled egg using the food jar. 🙄🤣 I didn’t bring eggs, but bought from the mini market here! 😝 I also bought banana and watermelon for them. I brought apples from home. 🤪 Dan lain-lain snacks for them.

We survived our 6+ hours journey which include making several stops for lunch, ice cream break, toilet breaks, nursing crying Norrah🙄and tapau dinner – plus after office hour jam.

This time round – Norrah didn’t sleep at all throughout the journey back home🙄 Both Noelle and Nikki took their nap. So I directly showered Norrah and put her to sleep right after we arrived home.

>> I am NOT ‘back to reality’ because I am always in reality!😆

Noelle’s vacation note:

Day 9 and final day of Term 1 School Break 2019: Bowling 🎳 game

We decided to go with bowling game on the last day of this term holiday. They were pretty excited about it – jumping into the bowling arena. Then, a little disappointed when there was a tournament going on (full house) and we were asked to come back at 1230pm. So we went for lunch and window shop first. Noelle asked ‘how long more?’ every 5 minutes! 🙄🙄

At last the time came! We had the kids’ lane where the sides were ‘protected’ (less likely to score ‘longkang’😂) Everyone had FUN! Nikki has less energy and thus her bowling balls moved so so slow – that dragged our time there🤭😂 Noelle wasn’t satisfied with just two matches – but we told her we can come other time (she was pondering if we can come only during school holidays, but we told her we can come during weekends – only if they behave well).

>> Our last bowling game was in 2013 (on my birthday🤭😂 in Genting) when Noelle was 7mo+😆 I don’t think she has any memory of it

>> we took the Ampang Superbowl weekend package of RM17.50 per two games (for three persons) which also comes with one soft drink

Memories from our bowling session <here>

To my hubby, the father of 3Ns

This reminds me of the love “notes” (written by me) found the other day (and we laughed at it so loudly while I wanted to hid my head for writing it – and question myself why i wrote it😂)!
Mutual time spent is obviously less (you are given privilege to hug one or two other ‘girls’ to sleep); but we are working towards the same goal – a happy and fulfilled family! 
I am still in love with you Chee Wai ! (Ok geli!😛)

Chi kut teh (imitation version)

On top: Kids version

Toddler friendly chi kut teh…imitation, of course using natural ingredients 
I actually planned this one pot in expectation of water disruption in some parts of Klang Valley. Glad that the water disruption didn’t happen. Instead, everyone at home had a yummy and hot meal on this rainy day! 

The recipe:

First, we need to make the broth:

-Chicken bones


-Celery (vital for chi kut teh taste)



-Star anise (vital for chi kut teh taste)

-Cinnamon stick (vital for chi kut teh taste)

-Shimeji mushrooms 

-Shiitake mushrooms (vital for chi kut teh taste)

-Red dates


Boil them for 30 minutes.

Then add in chicken pieces (marinated with sesame oil). Let it boil for another 20 minutes.

At this point, I removed the kids’ portion.

For the adults’ portion, I further added ‘dong guai’, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and oyster sauce. I boiled it for 10 minutes before adding fu chok and tau pok! Let it simmer and done! 

Onion rice: Just boil rice with shallots oil. I topped with fried shallots when it is done. 

I also made balanced vege with garlic sauce (garlic oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil).

For the toddler, I made macaroni for her with the kids’ portion.

The toddler chewing on the chicken bone <here>

The elder girl had the chi kut teh with rice:

Review: Pelagos lemon and herbs shrimp

Lazy Monday – so just cook one dish for lunch 
Stir fry garlic, ginger and carrot in heated butter. Add in the defrosted shrimps. Stir for a minute or two before adding the seasoning plus water.
I found it a little too sweet so adjusted it with a little more water than the suggested amount. 
When opening the seasoning pack, it did smells a little artificial (like eno 😂) but after cooking, tasted fine. 
Will be serving it with yesterday’s leftover garlic rice!

**This is not a paid advertisement 

Homemade eggless Apple teething biscuit

Recipe modified from homemade-baby-recipe.com

I diced one apple and add in some rolled oat to blend. Then remove to add in all purpose flour bit by bit until it forms s soft dough. Divide into smaller portion and then bake under preheated oven of 175 degree celcius for 30-45 minutes. Let it cool down and I am keeping it in the fridge.

Texture: hard but chewy

* not sure how long it will last 

Video <here>