Baby no2 turns 18 month old

My baby turns 18 month old today and this marks my 18 months + 3 years (her sister turns 4y18 today) of breastfeeding! The journey will definitely prolong as I am currently into my 31 weeks of pregnancy.
When I first found myself pregnant with no. 3 right after my 18mo turned 1 year old, my first concern is the breastfeeding journey with her (no2)! As per my first experience with the eldest, breastfeeding during pregnancy isn’t easy. Further more, initially I thought my no2 has less ability to ‘comprehend’ the ‘pain’ (nipple sensitivity plus I have morning sickness since day 1 until now) that I go thorough while nursing her.
After all these months, I would confirm that babies – no matter how old – has the ability to read mama’s cues. For example, when I say ‘enough’ – she is willing to let off the boobs. Plus, as time goes by, she has the ability to soothe herself to sleep without sucking my nipples (she doesn’t use dummy too) – she just need me to hug her! Her appetite (for solid) improved a lot thereafter – she isn’t supplemented with any other milk (she refuses fresh milk actually). In fact, she has been starting to sleep through the night in the past two months! She only asks for the boobs when she wants to sleep or too upset or just to ‘manja’. 
It is an incredible and different breastfeeding journey with no2 compared to no1 (who was more demanding at the same age). And now I wonder how the breastfeeding journey with no3 would be 🤔.
From my own experience, breastfeeding during pregnancy is possible – the key is to understand your own body (my Gynae didn’t really agree with me, but I decide not to tell him – after all it is between me (my body) and my baby)! Second trimester may be more difficult as it is sort of dry nursing. But as I enter into third trimester, I could see colostrum coming in – and it gets my no2 hook on it longer lately! The sensitivity of the nipples reduced now (compared to second trimester – or maybe I am getting used to it). As I went thorough this, one of the things I could do to reduce the pain from nipple sensitivity during nursing – it is to close my eyes and meditate; or focus my mind on something else (so during this period of time, I did a lot of thinking – in fact, too much 😂🤦🏻‍♀️).
Hopefully no2 will be able to reach her two years milestones – and by then, it would mean ‘tandem nursing’. I am not going to put pressure on myself or her but allow her to decide if she still wants to nurse or wean off naturally when no3 arrives! 
* I am also grateful that my no1 has been a good girl and being independent around home when I have to spend time nursing no2! 

Kids friendly (ulundu) vadai 

Adapted from several links and Daily Homecook Meal facebook page sharing that I have read.

Ingredients used:

1 cup yellow split peas (or urundu dhal), soaked at least 4 hours or overnight 

Half cup uncooked rice (I used basmati rice), soaked at least 4 hours or overnight

1 tsp fennel powder or jintan manis 

1 big onion

2 stalks of curry leaves

Pinch of seasalt (to your liking)

50ml chicken/vege soup or stock (I used the soup of my day – chicken corn soup)

Blend everything !

Leave it for 5-10 minutes!

Fry it (you can shape it but I didn’t have time to do so)

Flip it around to fry thoroughly. 

Done! Cool before serving! Yums!

The greedy 18mo today! 

For adults, can add in chopped chilli and more curry leaves:

And Yums!

Saying ‘no’ to your child

Great excerpt from the book I read during our Raya break:
“The child who always cries ‘I want’ and gets it rarely feels he has enough.”

Book title: Why it’s important for you and your child saying no

Author: Asha Phillips 

Like most other parents, we do come to wit ends of kids’ unrealistic/unlimited wants – especially the one who is approaching 5 this year. ‘Giving in’ to her screams and cries is definitely ‘easier’ compared to swallowing the embarrassment she caused us especially in front of outsiders – but what would she/they learn from this? Bullying, exactly – how the author has put it! 
Sometimes we have to just be firm with our decisions, don’t bother what others think (not in a position to win best popularity parents), saying ‘no’ when necessary, figuring other choices (make them think) and most importantly, be kind to ourselves! 
Remember that the way we raise our kids will have an impact on how they participate in the society in the future! 
Note: Parent your way and I am not commenting about anyone. It is just my views.

Mui choy pork belly

First time cooking this dish- and actually it was quite easy. I copied a recipe from the Phillips pressure cooker facebook group member but I didn’t use my pressure cooker to cook!

Not sure about wet market, I find it easier and ‘safer’ to get these mui choy and sweet mui choy from Village Grocer – clear labeling and ‘cleaner’ (I guess)
Soaked them overnight!

Basically the ingredients- blanched pork belly, garlic, ginger and the mui choys.

Stir fry all the ingredients together!

Add the sauces – dark thick soy sauce, sesame oil, Chinese cooking wine and brown sugar.

Transfer to steaming tray!

Steam for an hour.

Done! The portion (a kg pork belly) can last for two days! 

Our Raya 2017 play date with EZ

It was a last minute plan. We initially wanted to bring them to the nearby playground but we switched to our condo playground – since it rained heavily last night and the playground is likely to be very wet. Noelle was excited to show EZ her new bubble stick so we have to stick to an outdoor activity. There were many running, swinging, seesawing, bicycling, chasing after one another, screaming (Noelle and Nikki) and of course laughter in the playground! I think it was the longest ever time spent in our condo playground.

We went back to have our yee mee soup and salad for lunch before proceeding to swimming. They swam and played water for almost an hour. 

Video of them playing in the pool <here>

After shower and dressing up, the kids had banana milk kefir Popsicle before EZ and his mama made a move – the kids started to show sign of crankiness and craziness! 🙄

As they grow, Noelle especially showed less aggressiveness – towards EZ; also because EZ knows Noelle’s character well that he would just rather give in to Noelle than fight! 😅 Today there was only a short scene whereby Noelle ‘loses’ in the swim race – she wanted to ‘hit’ EZ but he ran away. Then Noelle wanted to play again but EZ just didn’t bother her. I asked her to apologize if she wants him to play with her. And she did – by getting nearer to him. Thereafter, they played like usual! 
This would be most likely our last playdate (indefinitely for now) – really tiring to care for/chase after the two while preggie now; thankfully that papa was at home today to take control ! 🤣 But it also meant there was more ‘drama’ during play date. And I guess EZ and the mama had a great time watching our family ‘drama’! 😅

2d1n at Cameron Highlands

This would be most likely be our final home away trip as family of 4 (or maybe for year 2017?). We have not much plans for the trip but just stop and eat wherever and whatever we find – since it was the peak holiday season. 
Things turn out quite smoothly – Our first stop was Bidor – for lunch. Then,we stopped at the waterfall and Cameron Valley on before checking into hotel. We didn’t manage to eat steamboat for dinner as most restaurants were full – it was a situation of ‘with money also you need to beg for food!’ – so we ended up in a restaurant ordering small cooks – and waited quite long! We went to their new pasar malam spot- before calling it a day. 

On the second day, we checked out early (we had our breakfast in the room – we brought our bread and fruits, fortunately!). We then proceed to the Kea Farm market to get some veggies. I got a mint plant there too. Our next stop was Boh tea estate where we climbed up and down the slope, watch the scenery, drank some tea and ate cake. And our last stop at Cameron was Lavendar Garden; they have improved much compared to the last we came – more attraction to take photo; so we ended up quite long being there. We drove passed Ipoh so we had its famous chicken rice before our long drive back home! 

It was a short and memorable trip with the girls behaving quite ‘ok’ – both want to stick to papa and prefer taking photos with him rather than me. 😒 It was tiring – in the sense – we were on the road for most of the time; but it also meant all of us ‘slept through the nights’ without insomnia (especially me – so I did had a good rest after all)!

And yeah, we drove our new car for this long journey. So it was much spacious, which allow me to bring and buy more stuff 😝 and we can even change Nikki in the bonnet now!
For record purpose: We stayed at Iris Hotel, which was only fairly good. I had a rather sensitive nose so I felt it was kind of dusty as I sneezed whenever I gets into the room. Like most accommodation in Cameron Highlands, they don’t have air cond or fan. Despite that, Noelle treated it like a ‘palace’ – which tells how little it needs to satisfy her. She enjoys showering herself at the glass door shower!

Air fried mi hun 

Air frying the mihun to become crispy mihun for Cantonese styled noodles can be done with my Bayers air fryer! 

First soak the mihun in hot water until kind of soft.

Then remove some and put on a steel plate that can fit into the air fryer. Sprinkle some oil and mix it ensuring the bottom is covered with oil to avoid it from sticking to the bottom. Then air fry it under 160 degree celcius for 15-25 minutes (or until it reaches the crisp you want) – flipping it occasionally! 

It achieves the crisp I wanted!

Pandan cupcakes

I wanted to steam them but they won’t come out spongy, so I did it again by baking them! 

Adapted from mymindpatch.blogspot

The ingredients amounts yield about 13 cupcakes!

First blend: 50ml fresh milk, 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil, 1 tbsp sweetened creamer, 2 stalks pandan

Then make meringue from 2 egg whites and 30g cane sugar.

Mix the two egg yolks, one at a time.

Weigh out 90g all purpose flour. Then sift into the egg batter together with 1/4 tsp baking powder.

Mix them! 

Add in the blended ingredients and mix!

Batter ready!

I used my egg tart molds to how the cupcake sheets!

Pour in the batter!

Under preheated oven of 170 degreee celcius, bake 15-18 minutes.

Remove from oven to cool!

Someone can’t wait to eat!

Happy with her cupcake – 17m24d

Close up:


I tried steaming them and they do look good at first!

But they shrunken once the steamer goes off!

It wasn’t spongy but kuih-ish!

She didn’t complain though!

I did a search and realized that the beating of the eggs could have cause the shrinking of the cupcakes !

Hakka plain carrot hee pan (no starter dough)

Today I made carrot hee pan since the toddler likes it a lot yesterday. The amount here yields ten pieces:

100g steamed and mashed carrot

150g all purpose flour

100g glutinous rice flour

1 tsp instant yeast

120ml water

1 tbsp (sunflower seed) oil

50g brown sugar

I put them into the bread maker and used the ‘dough’ mode, kneading for 20 minutes.

Then remove from the baking pan with hand covered with oil, weigh 50g each, roll and flatten on baking sheet.

Let it sit for 30-45 minutes.

Under high heat, steam for 12-15 minutes.

Let some steam out (sitting in slightly ajar steamer) for 5 minutes.

Remove to cool!