Goodbye 2021!

It’s the time of the year when most people wrap up THE year.

As I penned this down, I have to admit that in 2021, I’m emotional and exhausted. I feel like a bad mum because I am not enjoying responsibility. Most times, I feel I am exhausted from the cleaning, cooking and being needed. I’m tired of being asked questions. At times, I feel like I’m dying for a real break from life for being a mom, from being needed. I feel very alone (fortunately I never break any friendship this year). I’m easily flustered and frustrated. I don’t have much time to self-care and get to know myself. I focus on the girls and sometimes I get ignored by them. I feel under appreciated. I feel envy of people ‘enjoying life’ while riding ON the things I do. I am tired of people who think they did so much but much is just for themselves. But, I hope all these are JUST misconstructed feeling.

Gratefully, there are things and people who often pull me out. Thanks for remembering my kids and me when we don’t even stay connected on day/week/month to day/week/month basis.

As we end the year, I hope for a happier me. And you too!

Happy New Year!


It’s 31 December and so it is also time to mark down their reading list! This is the third consecutive years we do it – reading aloud one book a day (at least).

This year, Noelle has clocked in 530 books for the year. There is a massive increase as she also started included reading aloud a BM story book a day as the year went by. In addition to that, she read at least 48 long story books (she only started recording this in June, imitating her papa).

Also in 2021, Nikki joined the ‘party’. She read aloud 336 books (this also mean we read THAT many books with her).

This is not a reading competition but to cultivate good reading habits.

Good job to the girls!

Norrah, are you joining next year? 🤣

Reading list:

Happy 9th year of motherhood!

On this day, 9 years ago, we went for our routine check up at the Gynae. We were caught by surprise that I need to undergo emergency c-sec because of irregular heartbeat. We didn’t choose ‘29 Dec 2012’ as THE day and we were practically ‘unready’ mentally for Noelle’s arrival.

3 years later (or 6 years ago), we actually chose THIS date eventually (29 Dec 2015) – because we HAD to be ready for Nikki since no one could look after Noelle (except hubby) and hubby (being an accountant) has books to close which means he just can’t go on leave as he wish. Despite being ready, I had to face the c-sec myself. What were unexpected is a 3-hours complication.

Fast forward today, we enter 9 years of parenthood. There are countless and priceless experiences as parents – sweet and sour, obstacles, etc. As we are walking away from ‘babyhood’ and stepping into pre-teen years, we got to admit the challenges are different. It will be another whole new experience.

In the year, I think I have become more like their ‘teacher’ than their ‘mother’. 🥲 I have to admit 2021 may not be my best motherhood year. My temper is ‘hotter’ and I became more naggy compared to all those years (so much so that when they get into ‘trouble’, they rather ask for help from their papa than me). At times, they (especially the elder two) will turn their deaf ears on me. Nevertheless, they are still very forgiving and I can still feel their love towards me.

I am not a perfect mum; but I will always try my best. There are times when I am just frustrated with myself than them; and they are not wrong in any sense.

Looking forward, I wish to improve on managing my own emotions to help me better respond to them. I wish to continue to have a good relationship with the girls and be their confidant.

Happy 9th year of motherhood to myself.


Happy 9th birthday to Noelle and Happy 6th birthday to Nikki!

Hope both of you will enjoy the ‘programme’ of the day!

We brought them out for lunch at Sushi Zanmai.

our second dine-in in 2021, and surely the last for the year 🤣🤣 because papa is going office on the next two days 🙄🙄


Chocolate brownies tower and chocolate moist cake

Plus waffle ice cream for breakfast

I baked two ‘cakes’ (besides the different choices of cakes by the two sisters, it is also just in case one of them fail 🤭🙄🤣; if two also fail, plan C – go buy😛). I started baking the afternoon/ evening before.

I cut and decorated the brownies tower in the morning while I let them deco the chocolate moist cake themselves (part of the birthday programme 😂). My chocolate ganache failed after I put it back into the fridge after I whipped it. It hardens. 🥲🤣 We settled just with some minimal deco.

I woke up in the wee hours (two nights consecutively) to DIY from scratch and set up the minimal decorations.


This year, Noelle and Nikki prepared a little note and gift for everyone else (who is not celebrating birthday today and ‘attend’ their party). 🤣🤣🤣

Papa was in charge to write them a note on their birthday gifts too.

I prepared ‘door gift’ for them three 🤣🤣so that Norrah doesn’t feel left out. She is much more accepting this year that she ain’t receiving a birthday gift because it isn’t her birthday. Only when I took out Aunty Rachel Ong’s pressies for the jeh jehs (which she gave far back in August 🙄🤣), Norrah did pondered and asked me ‘how about me?’. I explained to her that during August, she received hers (which is THAT thing) in which her jeh jehs didn’t receive any that time. She nodded and agreed. Oh, my baby girl has grown up! 😘

Fun day at Metropolitan Lake Garden

Kepong Metropolitan Park is now known as Metropolitan Lake Garden (Taman Tasik Metropolitan).

They have revamped with a multi level parking (currently free parking), uplifted with a rainbow 🌈 thingy at the middle of the park (which used to be a roundabout) and refined the landscape. The children playground still remains largely the same.

We took photos there (actually Nikki is the best timer when it comes to jump shots 🤣🤣), played bubbles, ride the bicycles and electric scooter (rental price of bikes depend on the types of bike; some bikes are kinda old). The weather was great (actually very hot, I think I got sunburnt and hopefully I won’t have the face mask tan 🥲).


Christmas picnic at TTDI park

We have not been to the park for two years now. Good to be back. We see some ‘upgrades’ and the little stream is more ‘polluted’ now🙄🤣.

We did some morning walk before we settle for a place to picnic (finding the right spot to avoid monkeys 🙈 ). We finally got to use the picnic mat that Santa mama gave (last year’s gift 🤣). We played musical box and they played the Twister game (from the musical box). Then we had our picnic (one man passed by and mentioned that the same breakfast at the park tasted better than at home🤣🤣).

Short and sweet Christmas celebration at the park! ☺️ >>

Consumer lesson for the kids

After two years of not buying anything physically (the kids), time to teach them some consumer lesson, I.e. being street smart. Noelle has got money from her savings from school allowance. She decides to take RM10 out while papa gave both Norrah and Nikki RM10 respectively (since they both are not given allowance).

We brought them to Eco Shop and also Mr DIY (at Citta Mall, since it is an open mall), where they can buy anything they want within their budget.

Both Nikki and Norrah bought 4 items each at Eco Shop leaving them left RM1.20 each. Noelle was able to resist more; she only bought two items, leaving her more money for Mr DIY.

On our way to Mr DIY, there was this claw machine which attracted them. It was RM1 per game. It means Nikki and Norrah can only play once if they wanted to while Noelle has more play. But if they choose to play, they might not have any money left for Mr DIY. Noelle was intelligent to suggest we go to Mr DIY first.

At Mr DIY, both Nikki and Norrah chose two pencils that cost RM1. So they ended up with 20 sen each and hence, they have no chance to play claw machine. 🤣 Noelle chose two items and still leaves her with more than RM3, which meant that she can play 3 games.

It was fun doing this ‘lesson’, where they got to make strategic decision. 🤣🤣🤣 They also agreed that it was fun!


Trying luck at the claw machine:

They say they had one of the bestest morning! 🙄🙄 Beside getting to (window) shop and playing claw machine, they get to eat McDonald’s sundae and did Christmas cupcake decoration. Papa ended the trip by buying them Baskin Robbins! 🤣



Today’s spending activity, I realised that the papa is the ‘Angel ’ who will ask them ‘you want this or not?’ 🙄🙄 while I am the ‘devil’ who will ask ‘you sure you want this?’ 🙄🙄🤣🤣 He says he wants to test their temptation. 🙄🙄 While I think I don’t want to regret buying something which at the end they don’t really want.

But we stick to our pre-agreeed principle that we are not going to top up for them. 😂😂

Hopefully, they learn and understand about ‘trade offs’. Noelle was telling Nikki that she gets to play the claw machine. Then I told her, while she gets to play, Nikki and Norrah end up with more items. She agreed with that – it is a trade off of feeling (joy/excitement) over materials. And it is a game of probability that she might get a reward from that chance.

This is basic money 101, which is age-appropriate for them. I think it is really important for them to learn this early (because they are not born with silver spoons🙄😛😂) and I always wish I learn this early too.

They have been doing well with delay gratification, so far, at their age. They won’t ask for anything for no reason, unless it is a need. Similarly, we only buy stuff based on our needs (ya, I have many Shopee packages but those are needs, ok? 🤣😛). Despite Noelle doing well in her assessments, she didn’t ask for any rewards.

When they have this foundation, we can then move on to investing 101.

I know there are people who talk about their kids being investing savvy and talking about technicals at the early age of 8/9 years old, I would say either their kids are super genius or they are total bullshit (you know who you are ya. Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas🙏🏻) We still wish our kids progress at their current rate as they won’t miss out their childhood.

Morning at Taman Botani Shah Alam

A lot of walking because we didn’t want to take the tram (which basically has no SOP 🙄🙄). People there (compared to other parks we have been to so far) were much more flex, with a lot being mask down (it is not me being OCD; my hubby observed that and told me too!) Otherwise, the kids enjoy feeding the rabbits (with the bamboo leaves we prepared🤣 – we asked our condo gardener to pluck us some) and deers (we brought our own carrots). They used to have a section specially for rabbits but it has been closed.

It was a two hour walk until Norrah got pissed off and wanted us to carry. 🤣


From F to A

Something worth mentioning, when Noelle just started primary school, she totally ‘failed’ her BM. She was a blurry sotong when it comes to speaking in Malay. In fact, during parents-teacher meet in that year, her teacher told us that she needs to translate to English for Noelle.

That was two years back….

And within two years especially this year. Noelle has improved tremendously (though there are many more space for improvements). She actually scored an A for BM (She actually knew it yesterday when her teacher mentioned that only four students in her class get an A for BM. She wasn’t sure if her name was mentioned wrongly. She told me she won’t be sure until she sees the exam paper – which she did today. She scored 83!😂).

Her improvement is largely contributed by a very good BM teacher she has this year (who is also her class teacher).

I know how good her teacher is because I sat with Noelle in most of her BM online classes this year 😂 and I learnt too. I got to admit the BM syllabus for year 3 is kinda difficult (from pemahaman to tatabahasa and karangan🙄). Sometimes or maybe I always have to Google for a better understanding and explanation to her.

Noelle has been in PDPR for 6 months plus. And this can definitely debunk thoughts that online studies doesn’t work. It really depends on whether the students want to work on it. In addition, we didn’t know that there will be a ‘test’ at the year end – so this is nothing to do with ‘last minute’ study.

Also, this year, she took up this habit/challenge of reading a short BM story a day. It somehow helped.

To Noelle, this is just the beginning. You are doing better this year and I hope you will continue with your effort. Remember that it is not about being better than anyone; but being a better YOU each year. Well done to you! 😘

Our 10th wedding anniversary

It was our wedding day a DECADE ago.

A decade equivalent to 10 years of really living together and building a family. It is a long journey with joy and of course sorrow as well for two person with similarities cum differences. To be frank, I am NOT an easy person to be with. 🙄😛 And, he has a lot of habits that pisses me off. 🤣

A lot of things have changed over the years. But what binds us together besides our kids are our tolerance with one another (ok, I have to admit lately he tolerates me more than I do🙄🙄).

It is not the number of times/hours that he allocate for our ‘we time’ (which is practically nil🤣), but the time he chooses to be around us (our kids and I) than doing his self-interest stuff/hobbies. And that matters to me more than ‘we time’. Because – he knows that we have no one to trust with our kids and I can’t go having ‘we time’ with peace without kids attaching along.

Referring to my FB memories, in the past few years, there wasn’t much mentioned about wedding anniversaries but this year worth the mention as – much was planned than expected. 🤭😛🤣

Thank you for the ‘Happy Bunch’ vegetables prank yesterday, the gift this morning, our first outdoor dine-in lunch just now and later’s dinner😋.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary, lao gong! 😛🤣

>> Photos:

Our FIRST dine-in in 2021 (and probably the last too🤣), after more than a year plus

(Last dine in: 17.08.2020)

To satisfy mummy’s criteria outdoor dining: Jibby in the Park 😂

Photo – People comes before food 😛