Dirt cheap at Private Structure warehouse sale


Hubby got to know from Private Strucure MY facebook that they are having warehouse sale, which located at Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras for the period 10 to 12 January. It seems to be quite a bargain buy and decided to go for it.


Upon arrival, we were given a white plastic bag. I, personally, found it amazing that first time I saw that number of guys crazy over this sale! Alright, it is filled with underwear segregated by sizes. There was a smaller section that sold jacket, pyjamas, t-shirts and singlets, also segregated by sizes. Only one small little section that sold ladies singlet. A lot of them come with similar designs.


It was actually dirt cheap – nothing more than RM20. Price range from RM2 to RM20. Good buy for people who don’t care about the latest designs on the underwears – but just the comfort and Private Structure brand. Location wise – not very strategic if one is coming from Petaling Jaya area. It is located at their main office, I guess and at a shoplot.


Well, to find out when there will be their next warehouse sale, I guess one has to follow their facebook.


Hubby bought closed to two dozens and few shirts.


Online purchase with Mamma House


I was/ am looking for nursing clothes way back when I was expecting. I came to know about Mamma House from The Breastfeeding Advocates Network. I spotted few items that I wanted before the recent Chinese New Year. However, fearing that the Chinese New Year celebration will slow down the delivery process, I opted to wait till the long break is over.


So, finally, I sat down on Tuesday to browse the items in the site again. Before going further, I wanted to find out the delivery charges. I went through the site and no where to be found; so I decided to email them.


I received an immediate response after a few hours, saying:


Good morning. Below postage charges fyr. We free shipping if puchase RM150 above for within Malaysia.


Berat            Semenanjung    Sarawak    Sabah

0g – 500g        7.00                8.65        9.30

501 – 750g      7.50              10.50       11.95

751 – 1.0kg     8.65               12.60       14.60


Well, satisfied that there was someone responding to my email at least, I made a try to purchase from the site. I also checked their payment mode – well, they have three main banking accounts – Public Bank, CIMB and Maybank. I immediately register an account with the site, which was free registration. Then, I added three items to my cart.


I received an email immediately after I checked out, with the purchase order 4205. I then followed the instruction to make the payment. I only managed to do so in the late afternoon on the Tuesday. Being anxious, I also sent them a text messaging informing that I have made the payment of RM163 for the three items. It was at night that a confirmation email was sent. And, guess what, I received the item during lunch hour on Wednesday (though they say will take 2 to 3 days). I am totally satisfied with the speedy service.


Well, on the items, they are in good condition. In addition, they gave me a free recyclable bag for the purchase, which was another surprise to me. Now I have some nursing dresses to go around despite staying at home and no chance to shop around with the little one’s arrival.


Overall, I am happy with the purchase. Will I be a returning customer? Why not?




Manchester United Away Jersey from Eggstore (facebook)

It was hubby’s purchase this time round. He spotted Manchester United Away Jersey from Eggstore’s facebook, going out for RM70 (of course, this isn’t authentic, but “so called” A-class pirated jersey). He made some enquires about sizes and the quality of the jerseys. Response by Eggstore was kind of speedy and analytical – especially on the sizes part. After giving some thought, hubby decided to go for it. They charge a RM10 courier fee via pos laju. The payment of RM80 was made before 3pm last Wednesday – through Maybank. Given the day off on Thursday, hubby received the jersey on Friday (tracking number: Em324224465MY).

Well, hubby was initially satisfied with the jersey until he saw some reddish/ pinkish stain around the neck area. He did write in to Eggstore to get some advice on it. Eggstore replied by apologizing because they are not able to open each jersey to check. They advised him to bleach the reddish area – which I did help hubby to do that – but really in vain. I think hubby is a little disappointed – hope he will be able to get further discount or waive of postage fee on his next purchase.

I have entered Motherclub @ Paradigm Mall (and in fact most of the shopping malls’) few times and noticed that they actually have limited choice and the price of their maternity clothing is rather expensive. However, last Friday, when we were in Paradigm Mall, Motherclub was having promotion of up to 70%. From their row of value buy clothes, two maternity clothes caught my eyes. They cost about RM79 and RM99 respectively. Well, they were expensive compared to the normal clothing that I bought so far – but having limited option, I decided to try on them. The maternity clothing was comfortable to my expanding body size. After some thinking, I decided to get the two maternity clothing.


While making payment, I was told that I could get 10% off for my second piece (the lower price of both). If I were to choose clothing, I would get 30% off. However, I could not find one that attract my eyes (due to their limited choice). When the cashier was writing the bill, she asked if I would like to have a bag (since it was a Saturday). Since we did not bring a recyclable bag on that day, we thought it was ok – for a 20 sen recyclable bag. However, we were told that it cost RM1 for their environmental bag. What makes me furious is – why do we have to pay for a bag that carries free advertisement for them? Moreover, if it is environmental bag, usually fashion outlets do give them out free for purchase of certain value. Well, this really serves me a reminder to bring along an environmental bag on Saturdays. But, it totally pissed me off to pay for the bag at Motherclub – they charges premium prices on their clothings, which lack of choice and yet want to charge the customers for their environmental bag.

Shopping at Labels Couture, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

I need new work clothes for my new job since I could no longer fit into my old work clothes. Sadly, pregnancy has resulted to me outgrowing my clothes. Since hubby was at his usual hair saloon for his hair cut, I shopped around the area.


I noticed that Labels Couture was having offers. I went into the shop, where I was the only customer. The sales assistant, Michelle (as noted in the receipt), came to ask what were I looking for. I told her that I am looking for bigger size dress. She politely asked if I were pregnant after looking at my bulging tummy. After nodding to her question, she quickly looked for some dresses that may suit me. Seriously, there weren’t many, as most dresses are for slimmer and trendy ladies (rather than pregnant ladies). She managed to spot one where she related that one of her customers who was pregnant could wear the dress up to seven months. I looked at the design and quite like it. I agreed to test on the clothing after I was told that the dress is about RM49 (after 50% discount). There were three colours and I chose the dark blue one.

So, I put on the dress. (While I was in the changing room, she did showed me other dresses, which I told her to be patient and let me try the existing one first) After putting on the dress, I came out from the changing room and asked if that was the correct way of putting it on. She then helped me adjust the dress slightly. I took a look at the mirror, and I indeed like the dress. The material (cotton) was good as well. Michelle then gave me another dress to try. However, the second dress was kind of tight.


I looked around the shop. Well, I guess I was just down to one dress in Labels Couture. I made my payment of RM49.95 and was given a free recyclable bag for the purchase. Before I went off, she told me that new stocks will come in about a week’s time and invited me to come and have a look by that time.

Overall, I am satisfied with the service provided. Given that I was the only customer there, I was given full attention. I was glad that I told her what I needed (despite initially feeling “shy” and a little pressured – since I was the only one there).

Ziccotees’ Personalised and Ready-to-Wear T-shirt Designs using Groupon Voucher

I was attracted to personalise t-shirts back in last September. And, coincidently, Groupon has the promotion on “Personalised and Ready-to-Wear T-shirt Designs for RM25 instead of RM49.90. For Men / Women”. I bought two of them; intending to design on both t-shirts, which is one for myself and one for hubby. My vouchers’ code are 11301363551G2 and 11301363551.


I was all excited to design it, but following its instruction, soon I felt it was kind of troublesome to design it. It could be probably because I don’t have the art talent. Also, I found out that we can upload the pictures and wordings, but there would not be preview shown after the submission. So, one may be crossing the fingers that the design will come out as expected.


The “project” was delayed. Also, it was because we were busy with our wedding stuff. It was until December that we remembered that it will be expiring soon.


At the end, we choose the ready-to-wear t-shirt designs. I had problem placing the order (their voucher codes’ error) and posted on their facebook. Zicco asked me to email them, which I did on Dec 27. Then, re-emailed me another code and asked me to follow the steps provided in the email. I was then given an order code: Custom T-shirts: Order ZT-2409-10. In the email, it was stated that it will be self-collected (from their new office in Section 14, PJ) in seven days.


A week later (Jan 5), I emailed them to check on the progress and was told that the order was not completed yet and will take about 7 to 10 working days. I re-checked with them on Jan 16 (which is more than 10 working days) and was told not ready. The reason was there were too many last minute orders from groupon purchasers (like us). It was around evening on Jan 16, I received the order completed email from them.


We only had time to collect from them today (Jan 27) from their office, which is a home office (bungalow house). I brought along the printed groupon voucher but was asked for the order number to track. While searching for my email over the phone, the man then told that he can actually track using my name. I gave him my name and then he looked for the shirts. And, I collected the shirt on the spot.


Well, I think it would be more worthy if one knows how to design and customise the t-shirts. This is because I believe the pre-design ones could be easily available in the market and at affordable prices. Zicco should also add an additional function for customers to preview the designs. I also believe that they could improve if they update their customers when the orders cannot be given on time.