Massimo by The Italian Baker

I got to know about this bread from my company when each staff was given a free loaf of bread. Compared to the Gardenia (wheat) bread, Massimo is slightly thicker, but comes with fewer slices. For instance, not taking into the account of the two skins at the edges of the bread, there are 12 slices to a loaf of Gardenia, while there are 10 slices to a loaf of Massimo. Given that it is thicker, Massimo is a better choice used to make sandwiches, especially if lettuces are added into the sandwich, making it less likelihood to turn soggy.


Currently, the promotional price of Massimo by Italian Baker – Wheat Germ is RM 2.50 per loaf; and its original (coming soon) price is RM 3.50 per loaf. So far, I observed that it is sold in normal grocery shops and certain supermarkets like Jaya Jusco and Cold Storage. And, it is now sold in King’s nor 7-eleven (yet).Well, guess I will continue to buy Massimo, even though it will be 30 sen more expensive (in the future) and the need to buy it more frequent (replenish when it is finished), as hubby likes the thicker slice of it, which can be more filling.


Intermediate 2 at Manasa Yoga, SS2

I previously reviewed on Basic Class at Manasa Yoga, SS2 and mentioned that I have moved on to Intermediate 2. I started attending the Intermediate 2 classes since end March or early April 2010, for once a week at RM 90 per month (of four classes), which is affordable to me. My usual class is on Wednesday. I did attend some Thursday classes, and at times, when I missed my weekday classes, I will attend the Saturday’s Intermediate 1 class or Basic class as replacement.


With Intermediate 2, the usual guru is the “headmaster”, i.e. Manoj. Occasionally, when he isn’t around, other teachers would replace. Either way, I can still feel the authentic yoga experience. I have great respect for my yoga teachers who are very dedicated in their teachings. Compared to basic class, there is more “preaching” and also theories, which the teacher tries to relate. More Sanskrit words are used (to a certain extent, I find it difficult to grasp even after translation). There are also more difficult poses, not totally new to me though, in the class. An honest review would be that Manoj goes abit faster (the speed), making it a little difficult for people like me, who transited to his class, in the early days.


One setback that I feel over the year is that there could be a fine line among students who just joined/ transited and advanced students (those that went through the teacher training course or have been long with the headmaster). I still struggle when it comes to pairing up with the advanced students (not all, but some), who made me feel “intimidated” for not being as “capable” as their body (while they supposed to be “humble” in their practice). While the advanced students who are teachers themselves (though being in the same class) are willing to help and teach me, I find it difficult to pair up with some who actually look highly upon the teachings of the headmaster. I have never felt so “discriminated” before, before yesterday’s (September 28, 2011) class, as the student who has no “partner”, wasn’t willing to partner me and not even wanting to help me up to my pose (even though she did not need my help) because she wanted the headmaster to adjust her body. I really felt disappointed but was relief when the teacher who replaces the headmaster previous week (Susan), came to me and offer me her help. This wasn’t the first time I feel intimidated in class.


So, for newer students who cannot blend well with the more “experienced” ones, you could likely to encounter such situations. And, for this, I actually miss my basic yoga class at the same centre, where students are friendlier and more willing to help one another – where sometimes we have laughter together.


Also, over the years, I find that increasingly Manasa Yoga has become more commercialized (while maintaining their authentic experience) with more yoga workshops or coming out with booklets/books. However, given the affordable fee structure, it is one of the tactics for them to survive as a yoga centre (I think).

Irresistibly Cheap

For some reasons, I wanted to test out ovulation test strips. I went to Watsons and Guardian; where I found that they are rather pricey, up to RM 40+ for 3 strips. Before buying it, I decided to do more research to ensure that I really know how to use it (since it was pricey). It was then I bumped into a forum, seeing one of its members talking about the ovulation test strips, and I found, from its signature, that she is actually selling the strips. So, I went to her website and saw that the strips are selling at RM 1.90 per strip. In addition, there is a promotion going on, where by buying 5 strips, there will be free one strip. Moreover, if buy in bulk, she can offer bulk discounts.


So, I decided to email her (Tessa) to enquire and also asked about expiry of the strips (September 16). Her response was quick. I was told that the expiry date is usually a year. Besides that, given that she knew that it was for my personal use, she advised me to purchase 30 strips to test out first. Given that she was running out of stock at the point of enquiry, she told me that she will let me know when the stock arrives.


Five days later (September 21), she informed me that the stocks will be arriving in two days and that she can send out the strips during the weekend. Tessa also mentioned that if I am interested, I can bank into her personal CIMB or Maybank account. I confirmed with her on the total price, if I were to get 30 strips, the free strips and the cost of posting. I was quoted a total of RM 63 (where RM 6 is for the courier charges).


I changed my mind at night and wanted to get also the pregnancy strips (which is selling at RM 1.90 per strip). So, at the end, I bought 5 strips pregnancy strips and 30 ovulation test strips. Together with the postage charge, I transferred the amount of RM 72.50 to her Maybank account. I emailed her my details and the transfer slip. Given that I asked her to mail it to my office, I told her to pack the parcel properly. Tessa replied not long after and said that she will be giving me the tracking number when she sends it out. The tracking number was given to me two days later (EM048591046MY). On Monday (September 26), I tracked the item and it was actually “successfully delivered”. But, I only received in on hand the next day morning (but I guess this is my office’s administration delay). Given that it was packed in an envelope, she plastered the corners of the envelope with cellophane tape, which makes it less presentable (I am not complaining, but relating.) All the strips, which include the free ones, are intact. Also, the expiry dates are in 2013.

I am totally happy with the efficiency provided by Tessa @ Irresistibly Cheap. In fact, I also like her after sales service. After the transfer of money to her account, I emailed her again regarding the ovulation test strips, which she then shared her slight experience on it. While I do not know about the accuracy of the strips, Tessa shares that she tried the strips for three years before having one child. She is definitely a reliable seller. I think I will put her at my top list if I have anything needed and available on her blog. But, I hope the quality of her goods is satisfactory.

Ching Seng Car Cooler Service Centre

Over the years (two to three years), since it was previously located near to the place where we stayed, we put some “trust” and relied on their service on (particularly) my car. However, we are utterly disappointed after the last round experience of how the owner hiked up the price. Overall, I think their services are:


  1. The owners are not cleared on how to explain the problem with cars (or maybe language barrier?)
  2. When asked approximately how long will it take to fix, the owners will repeatedly say “I will call you”
  3. There is no thorough checking of the car if not asked during the servicing of the car
  4. They do not return the remaining oil that was used if not asked
  5. And, the recent one – price distortion is “too” high (around July/August 2011)


Well, we would unlikely return to them unless necessary.

Parking at The Curve and Touch n Go

Ever since the incident at the parking bay next door, I have parked my car at The Curve. Initially, I used the Touch n Go, as I thought it would be faster. Parking at The Curve on the weekdays cost RM 2 per entry. For the use of Touch n Go, there will be an additional 20 sen charge.


In the month of April, there were twice when I was charged RM 4.40 per entry. I was not sure who I should speak to, to claim back my RM 4.40 (RM 2.20 x 2). I first wrote an email to Touch n Go careline, followed by a call with their customer service. The lady told me that I would need to relate to the parking management of the mall, as they could not do anything about it. So, I called The Curve parking management. I was attended by a man, who told me to come over to their parking management office, which was situated at the basement one parking area. After work, I went there and re-related what I told the person over the phone. Without further checking, he called the parking attendant and then asked me to collect the money from the parking attendant. I gave my Touch n Go card and RM4.40 was refunded to me at the spot. I was also given a receipt. I was pleased that the parking management did not do much checking and trusted in me (given that the amount is small). The parking management at The Curve has been professional in handling the situation.


On the other hand, for the email I sent to Touch n Go careline, it was responded after 14 days, which I replied to them that everything was settled. It would be good if Touch n Go careline could speed up their responses in the future.

I have now turned to cash payment given that the parking machine at The Curve is operational at all times. Even if I do not have change (or I am lazy to line up at the parking machine because of longer queue), there will be a parking attendant sitting at The Curve’s parking exit to handle the payment. Kudos to The Curve parking management for this!

Diamond Boutique @ Sunway Pyramid

Hubby bought me a bracelet for my recent birthday from Diamond Boutique @ Sunway Pyramid. However, the bracelet broke, for no apparent reason. So, we had to send it back to the shop, thinking that there would be a “warranty” on it (since, it broke in less than a month). However, we were told that it needs to be sent to the factory and will cost around RM 30. Given that hubby was given a RM 35 voucher for the purchase of more than RM 350, we asked if we could utilize the voucher for this, which the lady said “yes”, however, the remainder RM 5 will be burnt. We agreed to it and were told that it would be ready in two weeks. But, it is best to wait for their call before coming back to pick it. We were served by a lady called Clancy Chin.


On that day, I was also wearing a necklace. A part of the necklace was “caught” by my hair and I had a hard time removing it. So, we asked Clancy for advice. She checked on it and told us that we need to slowly use a knife to remove the hair. However, she offered to help me clean the necklace (which was bought from the same company, but in the Midvalley branch). After the cleaning, it was shiny clean and Clancy managed to remove the hair. We were pleased by her service.


Two weeks later, we received a call from her saying that the bracelet is ready for collection. We only went there a week later, which was today (September 25, 2011). The bracelet was returned to us in good hand and we utilized the RM 35 voucher for the repair. Before she issued the receipt, she asked what we would like to get from the additional RM 5, which we then told her we would just forfeit it.


Overall, they have provided us good customer service, even though it was a bracelet costing less than RM 500. We like the fact that they provide free cleaning service for the jewelry, which were bought from the same company although different branch. Hubby actually bought the wedding band from this branch earlier this year, and was served by another lady (forgotten her name), who was also very friendly and sweet. The lady also managed to select a wedding band that suited me and our budget.

Mr Pie Man

I got to know about Mr Pie Man from my office event. But, I don’t get to taste it as I was away from office. So, we took the time to search about it, as we were looking for some light refreshment for the actual wedding day that also comes with some delivery service. We bumped into their facebook and asked if they do delivery, the timing of delivery and minimum purchase in order for it to deliver the pies to our place. The responses were pretty face, which was less than a day. We also found out that their manufacturing “factory” located near to our place. So, on a Sunday evening (September 18), we took the initiative to pay a visit to the place to test out their pies. However, it was closed. We then asked our their facebook on their opening hours.


We were rather surprised that they open a short hour on Saturdays, and were asked to ring up before we come. So, the following Saturday, which was today (September 24), we rang up the place and was told that they will be opening up to three something in the evening (which was a discrepancy from what was told on the facebook). The man also asked around what time we will be coming and do we want to place any order – which we told him that we just wanted to try out the pies.


Upon arrival (it was a shoplot), we found that the place looks “rather creepy”. So, we rang the door bell and was invited into the shop – which was similar to a small production factory. We were entertained by a guy called Shaun, and he was telling us that Mr Pie Man is undergoing a restructuring and etc. We told him our intention on that day. He then asked the “baker” to bring out some pies to show us. Shaun was not too familiar with the products, but was good in marketing. So, at the end, the “baker” explained to us the different kinds of pies available, which we picked five different pieces of them, which cost around RM 18.50. They were packed in a pizza-liked-box. Before we left, Shaun asked me for my contact details and emphasized that it was the purpose of getting feedback of their pies.


The pies are fine for us. We think it has enough filling and pastry was not too bad. Even though we ate it about five hours later (and we heated up in the oven), they still taste good. Yes, we will be considering it for the light refreshment on the actual wedding day – morning session; only till then can I comment on their delivery service.


Clarins Product from StrawberryNET + Groupon Voucher

I was given free products to test out during my last visit to Clarins at The Curve. I found that the products actually suit my skin. Coincidently, Groupon came out with “RM30 for RM60 StrawberryNET Cash Voucher for Luxury Cosmetics, Skincare, Haircare and Fragrances for men / women”, which caught my attention. I went into StrawberryNET to check if they have the products that I wanted. I even called up Clarins to check on the price of one product, which is “Toning Lotion – Oily to Combiantion Skin 200ml/6.7oz”. It cost RM 90, according to the sales person who picked up my call, while StrawberryNET was selling it at RM 79.50 (Sept 7, 2011).

After few days of thinking, I finally bought three vouchers (as it limits every user to three vouchers). Also, I have only three products to purchase. The vouchers were supposed to be ready by Sept 11, 2011. However, Groupon was late. On Sept 12 morning, I actually messaged them about the vouchers, which I had no reply. Only about 4 pm on Sept 12, my vouchers were ready. Well, I could understand that they might be busy handling the thousands of vouchers sold, but I don’t get it how Groupon has been irresponsive, which shows some lacking in their after sales service.

So, I made my purchases as per instruction on the same night (Voucher numbers: #SNETGOM5293213, #SNETGOM5247966 and #SNETGOM5318078). During the purchase, I was stunned to find out that each of the product’s price has been increased by RM 1.50 within few days (which I wasn’t too happy about it). Nevertheless, it was still cheaper than if I were to buy it at Clarins (not to include the Groupon discount). The additional payments needed were made via credit card. I had to make three separate purchases; so it was filling up the details thrice (which can be able troublesome but understand that they want to avoid some administration hassle). As the deal promised, I was allowed to choose a free gift for each of the purchase, where the free gifts are limited to eye shadow and lipstick. Immediately after submitting the purchases, confirmation emails were sent to my inbox (which include order confirmation number), while on the next morning, I received the emails on the shipment status. Days later I tracked it and it said that the products were sent out on Sept 14.


After waiting for few days, the products finally arrived on September 22. After minusing one day of public holiday and two days of weekend, it actually took six days (which is also their promised policy of 4 to 6 days). Actually the day before I did email to HongKong Post to track my parcel, as I started to get anxious, but there wasn’t any response from them.


There were three separate packages, which were all packed properly. When opened, the products are in good condition and the free gifts were attached. I was also worried about the expiry of the products, but later found out about the expiration date from Clarins website, which sayIn March 2005, a law went into effect regulating the labeling of cosmetic products. Products must now have a pictogram illustrating the length of time it may be kept after opening (when stored and used in proper conditions). This information is not required for products with a shelf life exceeding 30 months. You will note that on all of Clarins products, there is an ‘open jar’ pictogram containing a number followed by the letter ‘M’. This number indicates the amount of months, or ‘M’ that a product may be used after opening.”

Overall, I am satisfied with the deal. It has helped me saved RM 90 (from the Groupon voucher), which does not include the lower prices offered by StrawberryNET. Only thing that took me by surprised was the minimal increase in prices by StrawberryNET in less than five days. Also, I feel that Groupon should be more responsive even after the deal is closed, and that we have bought it – it really reflects the quality of their after sales service. However, I do look forward for such deal again. And, even there’s no more such deal, I think StrawberryNET is sort of a reliable online beauty discount store.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Another change of ownership was needed for Tenaga Nasional’s bill after we get hold of our keys. We were told by the seller’s lawyer that the seller has not terminate the billing to ensure that there will be continuing supply of electricity to our unit and terminating the bill will lead to a longer period for reinstallation. So, what we needed to do is to change the ownership of the bill. We were also told that we do not have to bother about the outstanding electricity bill under the name of the owner, as it would be deducted from their deposit placed with TNB (given that the bill amount was less than the deposit).


We read that we need to go to the nearest Kedai Tenaga with some prepared documents, which include stamp duty (RM 10 x 2), deposit (RM 280), photocopied of the sales and purchase agreement, photocopied of identity card and previous TNB bill. The nearest Kedai Tenaga is the one located at PJ New Town. When our queue arrived, we were given a form to fill up and handled all the documents to the officer. In addition to the deposit of RM 280, we were also charged a RM3 processing fee (which I think it should have been waived). The officer told us that we can see the change in the next billing, which it did appear as expected.


It was an easy process, given that we have the available information, i.e. the documents to prepare. There wasn’t any hiccup in the process. I would say “thumbs up” for this except for the RM 3 processing fee.

Indah Water Konsortium

After the completion of the sales and purchase of our property, we needed to make the change of ownership for the billing on Indah Water Konsortium. I called up their customer service line to check with them. I was told to fax in the previous owner’s latest bill and the new sales and purchase agreement (few pages). I was given a report number for the call. So, on the next day, I did as told (March 25, 2010) with the report number written on the few pages. Within two weeks, we received the official letter from Indah Water Konsortium, which states that the change of ownership has been completed. The change was free. We were amazed by the speed of the change. Also, they handled the call well.