Got back our refund from Living Social for the cancelled deal

Since the last email on Nov 14 and after giving them my bank details, Living Social reverted on Nov 19 saying that they have completed the banking details and that the money will be refunded in 14 working days.

Yesterday, I checked my bank account and found that I was refunded on Nov 26 (bank entry of RM99). Well, case closed after the refund. Still, I am disappointed that they have to cancel the deal.

Disposable diapers’ prices

We have come to a stage when we need to start buying disposable diapers. Being fairly new in this “market” and first time buyer, I would just jot down the prices – for the first post on disposable diapers without much price comparison (unless I have basis of argument that it is cheaper). We have bought various brands – just to see which suit our baby most.


For the time being, we bought the following:


From Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food (on 25 Nov 2012) –

Mamy Poko (newborn) 48 pieces = RM28.90 (RM0.60 per piece)

PetPet (S size) 60 pieces = RM26.90 (RM0.45 per piece)

Huggies Ultra (newborn) 52 pieces = RM29.90 (RM0.60 per piece)

From Giant (on 29 Nov 2012) –

Hey Baby (S size) 86 pieces = RM26 (the advertisement shows that its normal price is RM29) – while taking this picture in Giant Damansara Town, I was “warned” by the guard/ manager – taking into consideration the higher price: RM0.34 per piece (with the promotional price, it is RM0.30 per piece)

We also bought Drypers for newborn from Jaya Jusco two months back, but it comes in a set of wet tissue and bath soup, shampoo, powder and lotion (therefore, we will discard this pricing in this post). Anyway, I also found out that Hey Baby is from the same company as Drypers.


At the moment, it seems Hey Baby is the cheapest amongst all.




17chipmunks was given employment confirmation in 3 months

Photo source:

It will be closed to a month since my employment confirmation. 17chipmunks got confirmed on Nov 1 despite entering the firm on August 1. Yes, it was 3 months instead of 6 months (according to my company’s policy). Why? I have “outperformed” (despite being pregnant) and have the skin to ask for an early confirmation. It was ego boosting actually when my boss agreed on it with me merely sending her an email – jotting down the points that I should be considered for a confirmation so that I don’t lose up my maternity benefits and requesting for a meet up for discussion.


My argument points were:


In the past three months, I have adapted well and hopefully I have performed up to your expectation.


To summarise, here are my positive points:

1.       Can be relied on to complete responsibilities in a timely manner

·         Good work planning and scheduling; thus able to meet deadlines 100% of the time so far

·         Show promise with “clients”


2.       Displays initiative, seeks job growth, requires little guidance, and occasionally takes on more than expected.


3.       Good follow up


4.       Maintains professionalism or coolness amidst stressful conditions

·         Able to response to changing requirements and conditions


5.       Good work attitude


6.       Able to think clearly and analytically

·         Give detailed understanding on the subject matter written about


7.       Able to work both independently and also in a team


I believe I can be an invaluable asset to the team. I do come with weaknesses but I believe my strengths outweigh my weaknesses.


I hope you can consider my request for an early confirmation. We can set a time to meet for a short discussion on this.


–          – – – –

Though it took her about 3-4 hours, once I was asked to enter her room – the confirmation letter was prepared. Well, I am truly grateful for her kind consideration. Nevertheless, I do look upon myself for my own determination – to work hard and prove discriminating employers and people that expectant mothers cannot perform. There were long hours days; there were morning sickness days; there were days when I was caught with a bad mood boss; there were stressful days with people bugging me the whole day; there were days I made mistakes – well, luckily I managed to overcome it. In short, I do have “dark” days in the office – but overall, I found a better working environment and also friendlier colleagues.


My conclusion is: There are other bosses who will value you if your ex- or current bosses don’t, provided you have the capability and determination.


Also, to the employers who did not want to take me as an employee because I am pregnant, you lose up – and not me, while my current employer benefits from it.

With that, I would be enjoying my company’s maternity leave and benefits in a month plus.

Professional Outdoor OR Studio Photoshoot for 3 People + 15 Digital Copies + 15 x 4R Photo Prints for RM35 instead of RM350 from Groupon Malaysia

Back in end August and early September, we were looking for a photographer – for our maternity shoots. There were few photographers that we enquired for quotes. Sadly, all charge above RM500, which was beyond our budget – we thought for the money paid, it could be allocated for better usage.


Coincidently, Groupon Malaysia was having a promotion where they have “Professional Outdoor OR Studio Photoshoot for 3 People + 15 Digital Copies + 15 x 4R Photo Prints for RM35 instead of RM350”. They have also clearly stated that for make-up + hairdo service, they charge an additional RM60 while for all unedited softcopies, they will be charging an additional RM100. So, overall, it will cost RM195. I wrote to them on their facebook to enquire if maternity portrait is allowed for the voucher, which they replied possible.


Without much hesitation, I bought the voucher for RM35 [Voucher code: 0030170TFU] and waited for a week before I could book my slot, which was Nov 24 (4pm). We wanted a studio shoot instead of outdoor. In the booking, I requested for the make-up and hairdo service plus unedited softcopies. When the booking was made, an automated email was sent to me with the confirmation details.


So, we waited for more than a month and the week finally came. I actually sent them an email (before their reminder email) that the photography is on, which they did responded. I was reminded to come about 30 minutes earlier for the make-up and hairdo session. The place is rather new to us – in Sungai Besi. We arrived there around 3.10pm and no one was at the studio. We tried calling them, but in vain. Eventually we got hold of the person via handphone. He told me that he was currently outdoor and will only back at 3.45pm. I was a little shocked because my makeup and hairdo session should be at 3.30pm. I queried him and he said that he will arrive around 3.30 to 3.45pm, and asked us to wait at the mamak next door. At the mamak, I smsed him to remind him to message me when he is back.


Just before 3.45pm, he called me to inform me that they have arrived. We went up to the studio. The studio looks decent. We waited for while before the makeup artist (who is a very young Chinese girl) asked me to get over to the makeup area. I asked if I needed to change my attire first  but she said that it was up to me. (Personally, I think that was a poor advice)


The makeup and hairdo session takes less than 30 minutes. It was a natural look makeup session – hence, very simple makeup and hairdo –really nothing special but of course, it was better if I did it myself.


Soon after the makeup and hairdo session, we changed our attire. I felt really disgusted entering their toilet. Though it was dry, it was really dirty. In addition, there isn’t a place to hang our clothes.


The photographer, Jason, then started the photography session. I actually printed some sample maternity photos and also brought two “tools” which was a “it is a girl” postcard and the 4d scan of our baby. Nevertheless, Jason seems to be “uninterested” to look at the sample photos.


The session is quite dry – not really entertaining – no jokes to make us laugh. The poses taken were quite normal too. The session took less than an hour especially since I did not other attire to change. I only managed to have one with maternity clothing and two different colours top tubes. Well, I can’t comment on the actual photos – as we have not seen it yet. But, I guess that’s the difference between paying RM35 and more than RM3,900 for our pre-wedding shoots. Well, I do have some bad feeling about the photo – because direction was rather dull. But of course, by buying this voucher, it has helped us saved few hundred ringgit.

After the shoot, the makeup artist actually came out to spoke to us. We will need to wait 10 business days for them to upload the unedited pictures for us to choose 15 photos that we want it to be edited – and which will be printed hardcopies (4R). We could only get the hardcopies after 20 business days from choosing the photos. Wow….that is a lengthy period.  Since we will be paying them on the spot, they will provide us two additional 8R pictures from the 15 copies.  In addition, she promised that we can get the resize unedited photos (from their upload site) after 10 business days since we made the payment already.


For now, see how it goes till we receive the link to the photos and the edited photos plus the unedited softcopies. I guess by the time, I would have delivered.


17chipmunks @ Week 35


Friendcaster for Facebook

About a month ago, I wrote about how I missed my Blackberry for not being able to upload my photos on facebook into specific album. However, I have found a solution to it. I was seeing one of my friends uploading photos using “Friendcaster for Facebook”. I tried downloading the application and then installed it. I tried it out and found – I have found my solution to uploading photos and sorting them according to albums. What a relief!

Book review: Asian Parenting Today by Jennifer Hor, Ho Ai ling and Jocelyn Oo

One of the better parenting books available locally is “Asian Parenting Today” by Jennifer Hor, Ho Ai ling and Jocelyn Oo.


Why do I say so?

  1. It answers a whole lot of questions that new mummies want to know.
  2. The book is localized – not so “mat salleh” style.
  3. It is an easy read.
  4. The questions and comments are organised according to age of baby.


Definitely a good read for new mummies and a refresher for those who had babies few years back. The book is also at an affordable price of less than RM50 (if I am not mistaken) and also easily available in major book stores.



Manchester United Away Jersey from Eggstore (facebook)

It was hubby’s purchase this time round. He spotted Manchester United Away Jersey from Eggstore’s facebook, going out for RM70 (of course, this isn’t authentic, but “so called” A-class pirated jersey). He made some enquires about sizes and the quality of the jerseys. Response by Eggstore was kind of speedy and analytical – especially on the sizes part. After giving some thought, hubby decided to go for it. They charge a RM10 courier fee via pos laju. The payment of RM80 was made before 3pm last Wednesday – through Maybank. Given the day off on Thursday, hubby received the jersey on Friday (tracking number: Em324224465MY).

Well, hubby was initially satisfied with the jersey until he saw some reddish/ pinkish stain around the neck area. He did write in to Eggstore to get some advice on it. Eggstore replied by apologizing because they are not able to open each jersey to check. They advised him to bleach the reddish area – which I did help hubby to do that – but really in vain. I think hubby is a little disappointed – hope he will be able to get further discount or waive of postage fee on his next purchase.

Dining at Yummy Duck Roast House @ Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

After our hair cut at e3 Salon and my pedicure session at L amore Nail Expert, we decided to have our lunch at Yummy Duck Roast House. Well, we have passed by this restaurant several times and they have a Hong Kong styled environment. The menu seems attractive. But, obviously, the prices weren’t cheap – compared to normal stalls that sell chicken/ siu yoke/ char siu rice or wantan mee.

We made our order with hubby taking Char Siew noodle while I took Siu Yoke rice. Food was served quite soon after the order. We were shocked to see the portion given, compared to the price charged. It was so little. While they have a Hong Kong styled environment, the portions that they give definitely do not match the Hong Kong portion. In addition to that, the rice served was rather cold.

Overall, I think it is not totally worth dining at Yummy Duck Roast House.

Pedicure at L amore Nail Expert, Kuchai Lama


After having our hair cut at e3 Salon, Kuchai Lama, I decided to drop by at L amore Nail Expert for a pedicure session. It has been a year ago since my last (and first) visit. Upon arrival, I asked about the pricing of the pedicure and was told that it is RM40 – which is the same pricing. I was asked if I came before as they wanted to find my record – so they took down my handphone number, and my record was then identified. There was only one customer beside me – guess business might have been bad or could it be the holiday season.

I was told that I could add on RM10 for scrub service. I initially hesitated, but after thinking about my dead skin on my feet, I decided to proceed. Similar to last visit, the cleanliness was maintained – clean towel and sterilized tools. I was served by a lady called Sook Cheng.  I did not want to paint my toes, so Sook Cheng asked if I wanted to do “buffering”, which was a new term for it – it is referred as making the toes shiny.


Overall, I think Sook Cheng was a little “rough” when it comes to cleaning the cuticle – I could actually feel the little unease while she was doing it. However, she is rather observant it ensuring the cuticles by the side of the toes are cleaned off.

At the part when she was scrubbing my feet and noticed about 3 or 4 calluses at my feet – she told me that it is not the normal calluses caused by shoes – but those that could spread. She advised me to see a skin specialist after the delivery of my baby – that was a value added advice to me.

I did tell her to cut off my toe nails to the shortest. Sadly, I trusted her and did not check – only to realise when I was back at home that it was not the shortest – which means that I might need to visit a pedicure again in less than a month.



Selected flavours RM5 @ Tong Pak Fu

One of the best snow ice can be found in Tong Pak Fu. Why best? This is because the snow ice comes in thickness. The owner is from Hong Kong and has few outlets here in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the quality comes with a price. It is relatively expensive when a normal flavor at regular size goes for RM7.90. And, you don’t actually “feel” it after consuming it – if compared to Snow Flake.

Tracka Durian Snow Ice

Soya snow ice

Last Friday, we decided to stop by at Tong Pak Fu to have their dessert. We noticed their promotion now where each week day has selected flavours that go for RM5 instead of RM7.90. Besides taking their soya snow ice, we took their Tracka Durian Snow Ice – which is really one of the best snow ice for us. In fact, when it was served to the next table customer, the smell is so strong. It comes with a price of RM11.80 for just a regular size.

Tong Pak Fu has been sprouting in almost every shopping mall in Klang Valley. They are not difficult to locate.