Living every child’s dream: Princesses 👸👸👸for ‘an hour’

The last time we took an official family portrait was when Nikki just turned 1 yo and also few days after I found a positive pregnancy test (with Norrah). I would admit that I wasn’t at my best at that point of time because of morning sickness. Nikki was slightly bald, at that point of time (the photographer remembered 🤣).

Fast forward, Norrah is now 14mo+.

Recording today’s moments (because the photos won’t come so fast; and my dory memory) –

Both Noelle and Nikki were very excited when we told them about the photo shoot. (Noelle still remembered the last time we took the shoots.) They were more excited when I decided to let them dress as princesses. In fact, Norrah was also cheering when she saw her dress this morning! 😁

I was telling hubby that we could ‘expect’ Nikki to be the ‘spoiler’. But I was soooooo wrong! Nikki was in her best. When the photographer greeted us at the doorstep, Nikki was telling the lady that she is Rapunzel and her props! (I did put on some make up for them – and hence, warned them that they shouldn’t cry or else the make up will melt down – they will turn as zombie 😂). Noelle was her usual self. The timid one for today was Norrah! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄It ended up we couldn’t really take the few types of shoots that we expected.

Nevertheless, everyone had fun this morning.

>> We had our brunch (after the shoots) at a cafe and to the bank. Haiyoooo…I didn’t like the ‘attention’ we got from onlookers. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

>> I decided to ‘dress’ normal (actually just t-shirt and jeans) – to look normal 😝

Snow White who prefers ‘Happi Puff’ more than apple(s) 🍎


Just upon reaching one year old (respectively), Noelle and Nikki took their personal and our family shoots! How can we miss Norrah’s (albeit late, thanks to papa’s workload/available time🙄).

Taking their/our photos are very precious to us – because they grow TOO fast!

>> I have better shoots on Norrah alone compared to the photographer because Norrah wasn’t really ‘cooperative’ and ‘hangs’ on papa most of the time! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

>>These are unofficial photos 🤣 I can be a good photographer too? 🤭🤣

To our ‘King’,

Thank you for arranging the photography session! 😁

>> Noelle’s prop – wand (actually brought her shoes also but didn’t use)

>> Nikki’s prop – frying pan 🍳 🤣

>> Norrah’s prop – apples 🍎 which she refused to hold 🙄🙄

Photo ready for collection from


After selecting the photos, we waited for quite some time for our maternity photos. We were also informed via email that certain dates (during the Christmas 2012 break) they are closed. Finally, on Dec 28, which was a day before little 17chipmunks was born, the email saying that the photo is ready for collection came.  At that time, we choose to pick up the photos from the studio. However, we were too busy with little 17chipmunks arrival.


It was until end of February that we remembered that we had these photos for collection. We then decided to pay them a courier fee of RM10 for postage instead of collection. I wrote them an email that we prefer it to be sent via courier and ready to incur the RM10 charges. It took them few days before they responded with their bank account details. I made the transfer and told them to send me the tracking code, which they only did on the day the courier arrived.


Well, it was very normal touch up on the photos. After this experience, hubby is doubting if we should purchase discounted photoshoot from discount sites.

Photo is ready for selection

Photo is ready

In 5 working days, we received the link to our maternity portraits – Professional Outdoor OR Studio Photoshoot for 3 People + 15 Digital Copies + 15 x 4R Photo Prints for RM35 instead of RM350 from Groupon Malaysia. Well, they made up their promise for sending us the link as soon as possible. With simple instruction, we got access to the photos.


Sadly, the photos did not turn up too well, compared to what we expected. Or, do we look “bad” at the first place? Well, we are definitely disappointed to the way the photos are angled. The photographer did a bad job for not having assist us to smile or to angle ourselves.


What is done is done – that’s why it was RM35. We are down to choosing 15 photos.

Professional Outdoor OR Studio Photoshoot for 3 People + 15 Digital Copies + 15 x 4R Photo Prints for RM35 instead of RM350 from Groupon Malaysia

Back in end August and early September, we were looking for a photographer – for our maternity shoots. There were few photographers that we enquired for quotes. Sadly, all charge above RM500, which was beyond our budget – we thought for the money paid, it could be allocated for better usage.


Coincidently, Groupon Malaysia was having a promotion where they have “Professional Outdoor OR Studio Photoshoot for 3 People + 15 Digital Copies + 15 x 4R Photo Prints for RM35 instead of RM350”. They have also clearly stated that for make-up + hairdo service, they charge an additional RM60 while for all unedited softcopies, they will be charging an additional RM100. So, overall, it will cost RM195. I wrote to them on their facebook to enquire if maternity portrait is allowed for the voucher, which they replied possible.


Without much hesitation, I bought the voucher for RM35 [Voucher code: 0030170TFU] and waited for a week before I could book my slot, which was Nov 24 (4pm). We wanted a studio shoot instead of outdoor. In the booking, I requested for the make-up and hairdo service plus unedited softcopies. When the booking was made, an automated email was sent to me with the confirmation details.


So, we waited for more than a month and the week finally came. I actually sent them an email (before their reminder email) that the photography is on, which they did responded. I was reminded to come about 30 minutes earlier for the make-up and hairdo session. The place is rather new to us – in Sungai Besi. We arrived there around 3.10pm and no one was at the studio. We tried calling them, but in vain. Eventually we got hold of the person via handphone. He told me that he was currently outdoor and will only back at 3.45pm. I was a little shocked because my makeup and hairdo session should be at 3.30pm. I queried him and he said that he will arrive around 3.30 to 3.45pm, and asked us to wait at the mamak next door. At the mamak, I smsed him to remind him to message me when he is back.


Just before 3.45pm, he called me to inform me that they have arrived. We went up to the studio. The studio looks decent. We waited for while before the makeup artist (who is a very young Chinese girl) asked me to get over to the makeup area. I asked if I needed to change my attire first  but she said that it was up to me. (Personally, I think that was a poor advice)


The makeup and hairdo session takes less than 30 minutes. It was a natural look makeup session – hence, very simple makeup and hairdo –really nothing special but of course, it was better if I did it myself.


Soon after the makeup and hairdo session, we changed our attire. I felt really disgusted entering their toilet. Though it was dry, it was really dirty. In addition, there isn’t a place to hang our clothes.


The photographer, Jason, then started the photography session. I actually printed some sample maternity photos and also brought two “tools” which was a “it is a girl” postcard and the 4d scan of our baby. Nevertheless, Jason seems to be “uninterested” to look at the sample photos.


The session is quite dry – not really entertaining – no jokes to make us laugh. The poses taken were quite normal too. The session took less than an hour especially since I did not other attire to change. I only managed to have one with maternity clothing and two different colours top tubes. Well, I can’t comment on the actual photos – as we have not seen it yet. But, I guess that’s the difference between paying RM35 and more than RM3,900 for our pre-wedding shoots. Well, I do have some bad feeling about the photo – because direction was rather dull. But of course, by buying this voucher, it has helped us saved few hundred ringgit.

After the shoot, the makeup artist actually came out to spoke to us. We will need to wait 10 business days for them to upload the unedited pictures for us to choose 15 photos that we want it to be edited – and which will be printed hardcopies (4R). We could only get the hardcopies after 20 business days from choosing the photos. Wow….that is a lengthy period.  Since we will be paying them on the spot, they will provide us two additional 8R pictures from the 15 copies.  In addition, she promised that we can get the resize unedited photos (from their upload site) after 10 business days since we made the payment already.


For now, see how it goes till we receive the link to the photos and the edited photos plus the unedited softcopies. I guess by the time, I would have delivered.


17chipmunks @ Week 35 and Pensonic’s Parents’ Day Celebration Day Contest 2012

In early April, I spotted this contest at I did not hesitate to join since it was free joining and I recently took quite a number of pictures with my parents. And, so, I “purchased” the deal where my voucher ID was YVEFH99UI7. I just needed to send in my personal details, a photo and the answer to the question of the contest by email.


It says that the photo will be uploaded after June 20 and voting starts two weeks from then. However, I was surprised (since I am a member of Pensonic Facebook Page) that the “selected” photos (instead the entry photos) were uploaded on May 24 (instead of after June 20). I was one of the selected contestants. It says that “one” winner will be announced in one week’s time (this is instead of the “two” winners stated in the deal). There was a person asking about the date, but no response was given.


Of the seven photos selected, I noticed that there are some inconsistencies in their entry and selection again. For instance, it says that “Send us a most favourable photo of you with your parent”, “This contest is opened to Malaysian aged 15 and above only” and “Non-compliance may result in disqualification of the entry. “ However, it puzzles me on why a family with a newborn and a family with two young kids were selected. Aren’t these supposed to be children sending in photos of them and their parents? Also, the children has to be 15 years and above. So, why are parents who put in the entries selected?


I guess, these changes boil down to the term: “The Organizer reserves the right to change, modify, delete, or add the entry terms and conditions without prior notice.”


After a week from May 24, the result was not announced and participants were already asking for the result, but with no response given. Only yesterday, June 6, which is close to two weeks only the result was announced.  They mentioned that they are a panel of judge that determine the winners, but the criteria of judgment wasn’t even touched.


Overall, I really feel that this is “bad” organising. I am not saying this because I am a sore loser, but the facts as pointed out. If the organiser(s) are sincere in holding the contest, please be consistent with what the terms and conditions. Also, be responsive to queries.



Rain (or Ah Gu), photographer from Mon Liza Wedding Castle, SS2

We did not know who our photographer was until the pre-wedding shoot day. Our sales assistant from Mon Liza Wedding Castle (Elaine) has assured us that she will select the “best” for us. So, on that day, we met Rain (while his colleagues call him Ah Gu). Before we started out, he tested our “smiles” and showed us the right way to post in order to look natural and photogenic (this is really a plus point). He checked with the photos for every click he takes and would ask us to retake when he feels our expressions in the photos did not turn well – for instance, when one of our eyes closed or our smiles look “fake”. Rain was really professional with his work, and was very “into” his role – as he acted out the posts he wanted us to do – even if it was feminine roles. He was observant to the ways we post for photos and ensure that our gown and suit were neatly intact before he made shoots. To us, he was really patience (which was something we should expect when choosing a photographer), even though we often made the same kind of mistakes during the shoots. He continued to take shoots, even at some points I wanted to give up and yawning away (which we were glad he did continued to do so). He was “mysterious” and did not really want us to look at the photos taken on the day; but the very few photos that he showed us on the spot (to give us an overview) really impressed us.

We got to see his total work at the photo selection day. And, we actually fell in love with his photos. After thinking for about a week or two, we have decided to hire him as our actual day photographer. Hope his work will be up to our expectations on that day!

Follow up read 1: Actual day photographer, Rain & Sky from Mon Liza Wedding Castle

Follow up read 2:Mon Liza Wedding Castle

Paul Cheng Photography

In December last year (2010), we were scouting for a photographer for our ROM/ wedding. And, coincidently, Paul Cheng, who was my former classmate added me on facebook and I came to know that he is in the photography business. When it comes to picking a photographer, I think “trust” is an utmost important factor. Given that I know Paul personally, without much hesitance, we contacted him via email. And, we also wanted to check on his availability on our day. His email response was fast. He quoted us a price (which cannot be disclosed as per promised) and suggested that we meet up.


Paul came all the way from Klang to meet us at SS2 on a morning, and arrived earlier than us. He explained to us about his photography service, described more about himself (since we have not met for the past 10 years) and how the services will be conducted during a ROM and wedding. He also probed us on the kind of theme we want (which we have not much idea on). At the end of the conversation, he told us that we did not have to agree on the spot, but think about it and let him know in a couple of days. Few days later, we agreed to have him as our photographer on our ROM day.


Throughout the period before the actual ROM day, we stayed in contact via email, google chat and Blackberry messenger.  Paul made sure that our queries are all answered.


On the eve of the ROM day, instead of me reminding him of the event on the next day, he smsed me to check out how I was doing and asked me to relax.


On the actual day, fearing the traffic, we arrived early at the venue. What surprised us is Paul arrived even earlier than us. As our request for him was we wanted him to take some pre-wedding shoots and given that this is our first time having a professional photographer, he guided us throughout the process. Photos were shoot when guest arrived, before, during and after the signing ceremony and the group shoots. What I observed was Paul does not simply click his camera but just two or three clicks and confident that the photos are good. He also created some environment when our look become stiff.


We have asked Paul to join us for lunch after the ceremony. Given the lunch was located near Petaling Street, Paul took the initiative and suggested that we take some pre-wedding shoots too at that area, which was a good idea.


On the very next day, Paul Blackberry messaged me and asked for permission to upload some photos on his website. We wanted to view those photos first before he posted it on his website. So, he emailed to us the hidden link. Once we were “ok” with that, he posted some photos on his website.


About a week later, Paul contacted us and suggested that we meet up again to get the photos in another week time. So, we met at Subang Parade to get the photos. After viewing the photos on the spot, we handed him the fee, as per agreed.


Overall, we think Paul is good in terms of servicing and photography skills. While initially I did not have much feedback for Paul (which he often asked me for it) and after going through some other photography in the past few months, I think one point that Paul could improve on is be more observant of the objects’ (people) – for instance, if the person’s dress has flipped up or the standing legs are wide open, and more focus can be placed on the object (not just the scenery).


We initially engaged him for our actual day wedding photography. However, out of some unexpected circumstances, he could not make it. He tried his best to make us feel at ease, by even suggesting another photographer and meeting up for it. It’s abit disappointment that we could not work together this time around but there are certainly many opportunities in the future.