little 17chipmunks first taste on Coon Extra Tasty Cheese

Lately, little 17chipmunks has fallen in love with eating cheese. In fact, I have used cheese to bribe her whenever she comes to distract me from cooking in the kitchen. I don’t mind doing so since cheese is healthy snack (read more here: and each time I gives her little tiny pieces (I chopped up for her if it is from a block cheese or a little of the shredded ones).


So, I ran out of cheese and was about to get new ones when the marketing team of National Foods contacted me (the lady who contacted me says that she wanted to “bribe” my girl with food to secure a relationship for his 12 month old son. LOL!). They are excited to send me some products to review. I am actually a fussy person who queried them about sodium level, as I have not seen suitable Coon products that were suitable for babies/toddlers (or maybe I was just short sighted). They told me that they do have cheese that is suitable for babies/toddlers – which is the Coon Extra Tasty Cheese; 650mg sodium per 100g (which is similar to Bega Extra Tasty Cheese). It is a product of Australia. You can read more about it by going to their website:


And, so they delivered to us to our door step, coupled with some products for adult consumption (which I requested for low fat products)! Thanks a lot!


So, how did I let little 17chipmunks taste Coon Extra Tasty Cheese? I served her with papaya and dragon fruit via food picker (by cutting the cheese into cubes) for tea.


I would let the pictures tell how she “likes” it:

At first she was “confused” on what was being served. So, she slowly removed all the fruits and cheese from the picker.


Then, of all fruits and cheese, she decided to pick up the cheese to try and then seems satisfied with it:


I actually try picking the fruits that she always like, but she refused. But when I gave her the cheese, she wanted it:


It seems that she “loves” it! – as at the end, she took all the cheese and not the fruits (at all):


My personal review on Coon Extra Tasty Cheese: Compared to Bega Extra Tasty Cheese, they are less “chunky”. Packaging wise, Coon is better in the sense that they can be resealed. Also, Coon is not easily found in household hypermarkets but may soon gain popularity in those places (it could be a reason why I couldn’t spot its low sodium level –as I remembered during my working days, I walk over supermarkets’ shelves during lunch hours to look for suitable cheese). I was told that they can be easily found in Cold Storage and Jaya Grocer. Price wise, they are about RM2 more expensive than Bega. Its current retail price is RM16.79 (for 250g).

One thought on “little 17chipmunks first taste on Coon Extra Tasty Cheese

  1. Hi how do you store your cheese in the fridge? One block of cheese lasts how long in your house? The cheese is reserved only for your child or the adults eat it too?

    I hope you can answer my questions 🙂 because block cheese is pretty expensive and I would love to reserve just for my children but I am also afraid that the cheese would have moulds despite using a clean dry knife to cut etc but it just happens sometimes hence my husband would quickly use up the cheese for us adults too buy cooking creamy cheese sauce for pasta etc

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