Clarins Welcome Pack – RM 120 off treatment voucher

I have joined as Clarins’ member since early last November. In the welcome pack, I was given a RM 120 off treatment voucher, which I could utilise for any treatment with the outlet where I registered my membership. The voucher will expire in three months, and therefore I got to utilise it before early February.


I utilise it for my normal skin treatment, which is the detox and shine stopper. So, instead of paying the normal RM 228, I only need to fork out RM 108.


Well, so far, I think I am a happy Clarins’ member. And, I am satisfied with the service provided by it’s the Curve’s outlet. Nevertheless, what I think they could improve would be: be more transparent to their points system. If I am not mistaken, I can only view my total points if I asked their consultant/ therapist to check for me, and not on the receipt. Also, I think the total points are not updated instantaneously, as previously when I checked with them, the consultant manually calculated for me the accumulated points plus the points I collected on the spot.

Electrolux Blender EBR 2601 from Jintex Electronics

After the second satisfactory purchased from Jintex Electronics, we have actually targeted to purchase a blender from them. I have browsed through their website and found the model I wanted, which is EBR 2600, which priced at RM 220.

I actually wanted to purchase it after I received an annual bonus, but the Chinese New Year angpaus received have enabled us to purchase it faster than expected. So, we contacted Kevin from Jintex via sms on the first day they re-open for business after their break. However, there wasn’t any reply. Hubby decided to give them a ring, and was told that the model EBR 2600 has now been replaced by EBR 2601. There was stock and we went to its shop since we were nearby.

At the shop, we were entertained by the lady boss (Christine). We were shown few models and asked about the functions that we wanted. Given that we want to snow blend, she recommended us the model EBR 2601, which is a glass blender. It was going out at RM 198. We tested the item (which they took from their store room) and paid it on the spot. This time around, I did not ask for any free gift, and they did not offer me any. They sent the warranty card for me to Electrolux and told me to keep the warranty card together with the receipt given by them. We were told to bring back the receipt and warranty card to their shop, if there’s any problem. The warranty given is 2 years.

It was a day later Kevin replied my sms saying that the blender EBR 2601 is going out at RM 198.

In short, to check on the stock availability of the items that you want and if urgently wanted, it is best to give a direct call to them, rather than sending a sms.

Ziccotees’ Personalised and Ready-to-Wear T-shirt Designs using Groupon Voucher

I was attracted to personalise t-shirts back in last September. And, coincidently, Groupon has the promotion on “Personalised and Ready-to-Wear T-shirt Designs for RM25 instead of RM49.90. For Men / Women”. I bought two of them; intending to design on both t-shirts, which is one for myself and one for hubby. My vouchers’ code are 11301363551G2 and 11301363551.


I was all excited to design it, but following its instruction, soon I felt it was kind of troublesome to design it. It could be probably because I don’t have the art talent. Also, I found out that we can upload the pictures and wordings, but there would not be preview shown after the submission. So, one may be crossing the fingers that the design will come out as expected.


The “project” was delayed. Also, it was because we were busy with our wedding stuff. It was until December that we remembered that it will be expiring soon.


At the end, we choose the ready-to-wear t-shirt designs. I had problem placing the order (their voucher codes’ error) and posted on their facebook. Zicco asked me to email them, which I did on Dec 27. Then, re-emailed me another code and asked me to follow the steps provided in the email. I was then given an order code: Custom T-shirts: Order ZT-2409-10. In the email, it was stated that it will be self-collected (from their new office in Section 14, PJ) in seven days.


A week later (Jan 5), I emailed them to check on the progress and was told that the order was not completed yet and will take about 7 to 10 working days. I re-checked with them on Jan 16 (which is more than 10 working days) and was told not ready. The reason was there were too many last minute orders from groupon purchasers (like us). It was around evening on Jan 16, I received the order completed email from them.


We only had time to collect from them today (Jan 27) from their office, which is a home office (bungalow house). I brought along the printed groupon voucher but was asked for the order number to track. While searching for my email over the phone, the man then told that he can actually track using my name. I gave him my name and then he looked for the shirts. And, I collected the shirt on the spot.


Well, I think it would be more worthy if one knows how to design and customise the t-shirts. This is because I believe the pre-design ones could be easily available in the market and at affordable prices. Zicco should also add an additional function for customers to preview the designs. I also believe that they could improve if they update their customers when the orders cannot be given on time.



Shu Uemura membership

I like Shu Uemura for its make up stuff. I became a free member in its Sunway Pyramid’s outlet after purchasing an RM X amount of items (can’t really remember that figure) on Feb 27, 2011. The membership comes with a complimentary eyebrow trim, complimentary makeover, complimentary smokey eyes and eyeslash workshop and skincare basic workshop. Both the workshop can only be used from Monday to Thursday before 7pm. The services can be redeemed in the same outlet where I obtained the membership and prior appointment needed. The services, if not redeemed in one year, will expire. A membership card in the form of hardboard is given to me.


I managed to redeem the free eyebrow trim. I did not go for the other free services because of hassle (working hours). Furthermore, I am disappointed that they do not have a system to follow up on who are the members that have not take up the services (it is expiring soon).


In addition, I did not get much information about the membership. I did not know what are the benefits of the membership except for the few free services in first year. I only found out about it in my recent visit to their outlet in Midvalley to purchase an eyebrow pencil that the membership is for lifetime and the benefits will be the point accumulation, which last a year.


Another disappointment yet again when I wanted to know my points and the sales assistant at the Midvalley outlet took down my phone number and supposed to call me (when their system is up) failed to do so, despite more than 5 days.


Well, I don’t have great confidence with the membership system at Shu Uemura. Nevertheless, I think I will still frequent them for their eye shadows and also sharpening of the eyebrow pencil. I would say that their sales assistants are good in getting “sales” and “members”, but poor follow up.


Travel insurance from

About three to four weeks before we went Hong Kong, we actually contacted’s owner, Mr Loi for travel insurance. He told us that he no longer offer travel insurance to the public because most travellers already bought it from their travel agents.  He also mentioned that airliners are offering travel insurance when you purchased the ticket from them. Nevertheless, he told us that if we are interested, he can still help us process it. He enclosed us the documents related to the travel insurance.


Without much hesitation, we filled up the form and scan it to him. The premium is RM 65 for two persons travelling five days. Despite a very low premium (meaning a very low commission), Mr Loi made every effort to ensure that the coverage takes effect. This includes having to go forth to the insurance company (on the same time he does his business) and emailing me to ensure details are accurate. All these were completed in 13 working days.


I still think it is an easy choice to do this online. For a little premium, we get coverage for lost of baggage, flight delays, personal accident during the trip and etc, though we don’t wish it would happen. I really salute Mr Loi’s effort and patience for making sure that the policy went through.

Clarins product @ Sasa Beauty House in Hong Kong

In our recent honeymoon trip to Hong Kong, I managed to grab few Clarins items from Sasa Beauty House, which I think was really cheap compared to Clarins Malaysia. In fact, Sasa Beauty House in Malaysia does not sell any Clarins products, which is real disappointment.

Items that I gotten from their outlets are

  1. Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Cottonseed ( Normal / Combination Skin 125ml/4.4oz (Normal price: RM 98 – price from StrawberryNet) –for RM 73.80
  2. Cleansing Milk – Oily to Combination Skin 200ml/6.7oz (Normal price: RM 93.50 – price from StrawberryNet) – for RM 70.11
  3. HydraQuench Cream Mask ( For Dehydrated Skin ) 75ml/2.5oz (Normal price: RM 120.00 – price from StrawberryNet) – for RM 88.15
  4. Toning Lotion – Oily to Combination Skin 200ml/6.7oz (Normal price: RM 87.00 – price from StrawberryNet) – RM 68.88
  5. Truly Matte Pure & Radiant Mask With Pink Clay 50ml/1.7oz  (Normal price: RM 125.00 – price from StrawberryNet) – RM 84.91

Some of the items are after a 5% discount for staying in Silka Seaview, Hong Kong.

So, the total savings that I obtained is RM 137.65 out of actual products’ prices of RM 523.50, which is 26.29% savings.

For Hong Kong visitors who use Clarins products, Sasa Beauty House (any outlet, which is everywhere) is a MUST go place!

Follow up read: Here

Bag from Sugar Dressing Online Boutique

We were in Tropicana Mall a week ago, and I stopped by the shop where online boutique stalls place their items for sale. I found a black bag, which suited my taste. It was RM 25, slashed down from RM 35. I bought it without much hesitation.

I recently used it for a wedding ceremony and dinner (about a week after I bought it). When I returned home, the bag belt broke off. This really puzzled me about the quality of the bag. Well, guess every sen counts for something of quality.

Would renewing driving license for a longer period @ Pos Malaysia create savings?

It has been years since we can renew our driving license at any branch of Pos Malaysia that has the JPJ system. Only since late last year driving license renewal date has been synchronized to our birthday, for ease of remembering when to renew it (but it may be still difficult to memorize the year though).

My 5 years license is expiring soon (early Feb). I made an effort to go to the Pos office @ Ikano to renew it. I was lucky that there weren’t many people at the queue, and got it done in less than 5 minutes. I wanted to renew it for another five years and given that my expiry and renewal is more than six months, I was initially delighted that I actually “gained” from renewing it. However, I found out from the officer, for those with birthday more than six months from the day of expiry, there will be an additional RM 15.

Including the service charge of RM 2, I paid RM 167 for five years. Well, first of all, paying for five years ease the stress (and hassle) of going to the post office every year. Second, it saves up yearly service charge of RM 2 (we think).

Furthermore, I guess there is really savings if the value of what we pay for yearly renewal is calculated based on present value.

Here, calculation is made based on the assumption that the price tag to the yearly renewal remains unchanged


If I were to pay RM 32 (RM 30 +RM 2) next year, at an inflation rate of 3.5%, the amount is actually worth RM 30.92 today, at an inflation of 3.5%.

Year 2: RM 29.87

Year 3: RM 28.86

Year 4: RM 27.89

Adding up those figures plus the RM 47 paid today (RM 45 + RM 2), it sums up to RM 164.54. This amount is compared to the amount paid today for five years renewal, which is RM 167. So, there is a dis-saving of RM 2.46. This excludes the value of parking and petrol that you will need to pay yearly to visit the post office.

From the surface, one would think that they could save RM 2 each year for renewing at the post office. However, the problem is we have not take into account inflation. If you do so, you actually lose out to inflation but you may gain on the cost of travelling.

Therefore, paying a lump sum for a longer period or renewing annually, bi-annually or three-yearly remains a choice. And, of course, it depends on the cash availability.

K Care Shop @ SS 2/64

After my first experience with K Care Shop at Damansara Utama, I have actually frequented K Care Shop at SS2 for two to three times without much actual experience. It is until yesterday I stepped in to their shop get “oil” for dry hair-split ends.


There was already a customer who the sales assistant was attending to. She explains a lot to the customer. She smiled at me and asked her helper (foreign maid) to attend to me. However, her helper could not lend a hand to me and the sales assistant actually asked her helper to go above the shop to get other sales assistant help. No one was free to attend to me. So, the sales assistant asked me to wait for a while after asking what I would like to have. During the waiting time, I saw how attentive the sales assistant is in explaining to the customer (who at the end bought an amount above RM 350 – as I overheard she managed to get the free bird nests). Due to the many items that the customer purchased, the sales assistant offered to help carry the items to the car (but the customer declined). So, the sales assistant merely opened the shop’s glass door for the customer.


Right after the customer left, the sales assistant attended to me. I told her that I was looking for oilment for the hair-end. First, she recommended me something, which is oil-form. After her recommendation, I further tell her my concern and she recommended me another product, which is the textural conditional. She also taught me how to apply the conditional, which is used after normal shampooing and conditioning.


The bottle cost about RM 48.60 (which she mentioned, if not mistaken, after a 30% discount). She asked if I needed anything else, which I said no. I went to the counter to make the payment. I repeated the same question on how to apply the textural conditional since I was slightly confused. With no fuss, the sales assistant re-explained it again. Though only one item, seeing me carrying a lot of stuff, the sales assistant helped me open the glass door, as per previous customer.


I certainly feel that their customer service is good, regardless of the amount purchased.

January member’s promotion @ Clarins, The Curve

When I last went to my skin spa appointment, which was my “free visit” and the last one on the package, the beauty therapist, Karen introduced me to the current month’s promotion. The promotion, which costs RM284, includes a skin spa (facial) worth RM 228, eye treatment worth RM 80, Clarins face treatment oil – lotus worth RM 155 and some sample products (which consist of a pouch, a mirror, sample shaping face lift, sample toner and sample moisturizer). This is a truly a bargain buy. On the flip side, you might think how much worth is the actual skin spa of RM 228 that we usually take up.