Mega Raya Domino Pizza – 2 Regular Pizza with Extra Cheese for only RM30


Hubby received an email alert saying that Domino Pizza is extending their mega sale on domino pizza – where one can get 2 Regular Pizza with Extra Cheese for only RM30 or 2 Large Pizza with Extra Cheese for only RM50. Since we had light dinner on Sunday, hubby decided to order this offer for our early supper. The pizza arrived slightly more than 30 minutes and we paid RM31.80.The offer valids while stock last (according to the advertisement).

Second online purchase with

I made my second purchase with back in May. I wanted to get Medela Storage Bottles with hardlids ONLY + Medela Freestyle tubing. I purchased them in case if my existing tubing goes faulty and I need to replace my Medela storage bottles soon.


Similar to previously, I searched on the blog for the items that I was interested in. I then send an email to the seller to check on its availability. Once replied, the money was transferred to the seller. I gave the seller my transaction details and also contact details (in late morning).


The total costs: RM143

Medela Storage 5oz RM62/set of 3 bottles

Medela Freestyle tubing RM75

Poslaju RM6


Well, this time I did not have to chase the seller via email. The items were sent and arrived to me the next day during lunch time. Coincidently I went on emergency leave the day when the items arrived. My colleague had a hand on the items.


Why do I continue to purchase from It isn’t easy to find the spare parts of Medela brand unless we go to their outlet in Menara UOA, Bangsar. I even tried looking for its spare parts during one of the baby fairs and the promoter referred me to their office in Menara UOA. While they are spare parts of Medela brand sold in some baby outlets, I still find it impossible to find the Medela Freestyle tubing.

Review of our 2 days 1 night trip to Sungkai

Kedai Makan Choy Kee, Sungkai

We did not get to taste the famous pork knuckle as the shop has moved and we could not identify its new spot in our GPS.


Restoran Sun Kee, Sungkai

We had lunch at Restoran Sun Kee, which was located in front of a school, in a “bungalow” lot. The “yim kok kai” (salted chicken) was not ready yet (around 12pm) and the lady owner told us that it will take about 45 minutes for it to be ready (as she was just packing and about to place them into the wok.) Instead, we have the very normal lunch there – we ordered steam tofu with soy sauce, soy sauce vegetable and steam pork with yam. Well, it tasted averagely good. As we were still early, we actually waited for the salted chicken. One whole piece of kampong chicken costs around RM26 to RM28. It was a rather small chicken. We had half chicken there and packed the other half back to the hotel. Similarly, it tasted averagely good. Overall, nothing really special. The whole lunch plus 2 cans of 100 plus and the salted chicken cost less than RM60.


Felda Residence Hot Spring Hotel & Spa, Sungkai

Our stay at the hotel was good. It was a very spacious room. They even provided extra mattress despite we having a deluxe room with a king sized bed. Additional things that they provide are iron, ironing board and hair dryer. The room was also clean; but I spotted some hard stains on the bed sheet/blanket. Since the room is big, the one horse power air conditioning seems to be less powerful. They also provided free breakfast and free entrance to the recreation park (RM6 per adult). For one night, it cost us RM130, which we think was reasonable. Nevertheless, for dinner, they were having Ramadhan buffet for RM30 per adult. We decided to drive out and we had normal noodle from hawker stall. With drinks and two plates of noodles, it cost us merely RM23.


The recreation park – hot spring

The park is rather old. At certain spots, it looks unattended. But, we had quite some fun there especially in the mountain spring pool and therapy pools.


Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits & Restaurant Sdn Bhd, Bidor

Before we went home, we drove a little North to Bidor to have this special duck mee. Apparently, they have branches now in Klang Valley. Well, Bidor town is definitely more developed that Sungkai town. We ordered duck mee – one big bowl and another small bowl, which cost RM17.60 (not that cheap in this small town, I think). I felt it tasted normal herbal duck noodle, nothing really special actually. We also ordered separately a plate of char siew, which cost less than RM6. Well, this is poor in taste actually. We also bought some biscuits and coffee from the shop. Some of the items such as Old Town Coffee can be obtained from hypermarkets and normal grocery shops. In fact, these items where overpriced in this shop.

 20130713_121058 20130713_121720

Overall trip:

With a baby, going for a trip comes with a lot of things. Good thing is that little 17chipmunks is breastfed, but I had to bring along my breast pump to ensure that the best hour to “harvest” (midnight) is not missed. Overall, everyone of us including the little one had a good time. It was so enlightening to see her smiling and laughing during the pool time in both hot spring and mountain pools. It was also a relaxing trip with no stress along the way.


2 Days 1 Night Trip to Sungkai

We have plan a little trip for little 17chipmunks. It will be her first trip and thus we chose somewhere near – Sungkai! We are departing today by car and hopefully it comes out well.

Here is our itinerary that I wish to share, given that there is no itinerary found on google.

Day 1

 10.00am Leave home

12.00pm Reach Sungkai

12.30pm Lunch at Kedai Choy Kee

 2.00pm Leave for hotel

 2.30pm Check in hotel

 3.00pm Play time

 5.00pm Rest

 6.30pm Dinner (?) & relax

 10.00pm Sleep

Day 2

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am Walk around and relax

11.00am Pack things

12.00pm Check out

1.00pm Lunch at Restoran Sun Kee

2.30pm Leave and stop along the way if there’s anything to buy

Restoran Choy Kee

DSCN7640 copySource:

The restaurant is opened from 10.30am to 8.30pm daily except Thursday when it is closed.

Address: 35 Jalan Besar, 35600 Sungkai

Phone: +605-438-6287 n +6019-336-9606

GPS: 3.996578, 101.308172

Direction: Once you exited the Sungkai Toll Station, you will reach a junction which you need to turn right. Once you turn right, keep driving until you see the first left turn (you will see a sign board to turn into their town). The shop is located just off the left side of the main street of the town of Sungkai

Famous: Braised trotters

Restoran Sun Kee



The restaurant is opened daily from 12.00noon to 9.00pm every day.

Address: C45 Kampong BAru, 35600 Sungkai

Phone: +6012-582-1844 n +6016-599-9222

Famous: Yim Kok Kai (Salted Chicken)

Our hotel:

Felda Residence Hot Spring Hotel & Spa

Felda Sg Klah
35600 Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia

Tel:05-4388 801

Alternative plans:

Kedai Kopi Loong Seng Yen (Nasi Lemak and Hokkien Mee)

Sungkai Deer Farm (15km from Sungkai town, Exit the North-South Expressway at Exit 128, Sungkai Interchange. Go along the Federal Route 1 in the direction of the Shell petrol station. Be on the look out for the Wildlife Department’s sign ‘Pusat Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar, Jabatan PERHILITAN Sungkai’. It is open on working days, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.)

OR, a drive to Bidor


GPS Coordinate:N4 06.699 E101 17.259

Our milestone in exclusively breastfeeding little 17chipmunks

six months journey

Today is the day. I have exclusively breastfed our baby for six months! It’s such an amazing thing that our baby can survive on mummy’s milk alone + she is thriving and (hyper-)active. I have gone through not much a hassle in the journey because she is a great “sucker” plus no nipple confusion despite being fed formulated milk in the first three days of her life (not something desirable but it was out of my control). Demand = Supply (but I still manage to stock up some in freezer for rainy days). The only “problem” I had during this period is the constant “nagging” from people around me if our baby is drinking enough (because when bottle fed she is only taking 2oz per 2 hour) and to give her water, which in times make myself self-doubt. Luckily, I persisted with the constant support from breastfeeding friends. And, thank you hubby for the constant support and re-assurance that I am doing the right thing for our baby. Thank you for going through four breastfeeding classes with me throughout my pregnancy. And, sorry that you have to take in the tantrums of not your fault (but other people’s fault). Most importantly, we have made it! ❤