Self indulge – chocolate brownies 

Adapted from:

(I saved this link for some time; and thought of clearing the half more piece of baking dark chocolate) 
I reduced the icing sugar from 250g to 50g! Really can’t imagine the sweetness level if I used 250g😨! 

Verdict: It is ‘easy’ to bake (I used less than 15 min to prepare ingredients and mix them all – let it bake by itself while we nap, 180 degree celcius for 30-40 min) – and I manage to adjust sweetness according to my liking! Really saves a lot by baking rather than store bought or even buying from homemade ones! 😝

Banana chiffon cupcakes

There are many chiffon cupcakes recipe out there but I still like following my own way – at least the outcome is ‘guaranteed’ – taste, sweetness, the rising of the cupcakes and no cracks! They are spongy too! 

The ingredients used:

2 egg whites 

1 tsp brown sugar (or molasses sugar)

2 egg yolks

2 riped bananas (I used pisang berangan)

6 tbsp cake flour 

Using electrical hand mixer, mix egg whites with brown sugar until it turns meringue. Add in egg yolk and continue mixing for a minute. Add in the mashed banana and mix with the mixer. Sieve in the cake flour and fold into the batter. Then separate it into cupcakes sheets (I have a dozen of them). Under preheated oven of 170 degree celcius, bake for 15-20 minutes.

Before baking:

18m6d’s very good sign 😂

Pandan cupcakes

I wanted to steam them but they won’t come out spongy, so I did it again by baking them! 

Adapted from mymindpatch.blogspot

The ingredients amounts yield about 13 cupcakes!

First blend: 50ml fresh milk, 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil, 1 tbsp sweetened creamer, 2 stalks pandan

Then make meringue from 2 egg whites and 30g cane sugar.

Mix the two egg yolks, one at a time.

Weigh out 90g all purpose flour. Then sift into the egg batter together with 1/4 tsp baking powder.

Mix them! 

Add in the blended ingredients and mix!

Batter ready!

I used my egg tart molds to how the cupcake sheets!

Pour in the batter!

Under preheated oven of 170 degreee celcius, bake 15-18 minutes.

Remove from oven to cool!

Someone can’t wait to eat!

Happy with her cupcake – 17m24d

Close up:


I tried steaming them and they do look good at first!

But they shrunken once the steamer goes off!

It wasn’t spongy but kuih-ish!

She didn’t complain though!

I did a search and realized that the beating of the eggs could have cause the shrinking of the cupcakes !

Pressure cooker banana chia seed cake 

Modified from Alice Chin’s recipe, ingredients used:

200g cake flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon powder

Pinch of salt

3 eggs

100g unsalted butter

60g caster sugar

60ml fresh milk

250g mashed banana

2 tbsp chia seeds

You can hand mix but I used electrical mixer this time! 

Mode: Cake, kpt:55

Mash the banana and set aside!

Cream butter and sugar.

Add in the eggs and mix.

Sift in flour. <video>

Sift in cinnamon powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Then mix them.

Add in milk and mix.

Add in banana.

Add in chia seeds and mix.

Batter ready!

Pour batter into inner pot and shake.

Set Phillips pressure cooker to cake mode (valve: bake); kpt=55

Remove inner pot once done and leave it aside for 20 minutes before removing!

Let it cool down before cutting.

Not the spongy kind of banana cake, though.

But both kids enjoyed eating it! 

Butter cake with Phillips pressure cooker

Recipe modified from:

Ingredients used:

250g unsalted butter

100g caster sugar

4 egg yolks

200g cake flour

3/4 tsp baking powder

3/4 tsp baking soda

3/4 tsp seasalt

60ml fresh milk

4 egg whites

50g caster sugar

Mode: Cake, KPT: 55

Mix butter and 100g caster sugar with electrical mixer until turns creamy.

Add one eye yolk at a time and mix.

Sieve in half of the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. 

Then mix.

Add in the milk and continue mixing.

Add in remaining flour and mix. Set it aside.

In another mixing bowl, add in 50g caster sugar into egg whites.

Mix it until stiff peak.

Meaning it turns into meringue and when you turn it upside down, it doesn’t fall off.

Fold in the meringue into the initial batter.

Done and pour into the inner pot of the PPC.

Shake it to release some air.

Then send it to PPC.

Valve at bake; mode: cake and kpt: 55

Remove the inner pot immediately after done. 

Let it cool down about 20 minutes where we will see it shrink.

Put it on a rack and let it cool down further before cutting it. 

It’s kinda spongy though some part seems wet.

The kids enjoy eating the cake! 

Guess I won’t be baking cakes with my oven for some time now! 

Moist and spongy chocolate cake

What I like about this recipe – it just need to be hand mix (therefore, Noelle can complete the whole process- since she still has phobia with electrical mixer). 

The recipe from the Phillips pressure cooker facebook page:

*i reduced sugar to 100g
And using the pressure cooker, it definitely save (monitoring) time plus the inner cake is definitely well done! I have also learn this time round the role of ‘instant coffee’ in helping a chocolate cake (thanks to the tip from Vanessa Lau). It is a combination of moist and spongy chocolate cake! It goes well with the durian ice cream that my hubby bought last night! 🤣

Well, this cake is to satisfy my crave and to ‘celebrate’ the complete dismiss of the virus at home that has been going on more than two weeks. The kids are now back to normal and I no longer suffer from the flu. It was a ‘tough’ fight for us – getting sick two times in a row! Getting well wasn’t too easy especially during pregnancy – where immune is kind of low! Feeling sick and tired with cranky kids was definitely overwhelming! Glad that it is over! The month of May 2017 is ‘bad’ and thankfully June has arrived!

The process:

Sift the dry ingredients!

Add in wet ingredients and mix!

Pour batter into the inner pot!

Valve on bake and using ‘cake’ mode, start with ‘kpt 55 minutes’.

Remove cake immediately from pressure cooker after the final beep sound! Let it cool for 5 minutes before removing from inner pot!

The glossy part is because of the parchment paper.

Removed the parchment paper!

Deco as you wish! 

Video <here

Banana raisin cupcakes

Ingredients make 12 cupcakes:

Cream 100g unsalted butter with 1/3 cup (or less) molasses sugar. Add in 2 egg yolks and1/4 cup oat milk. Mix and then sift in one cup (cake) flour and 1 tsp baking powder. Fold the batter. (In a separate bowl, make meringue from 2 egg whites.) Add in one small box of sunmaid raisins and cut two small pisang emas into the batter. Finally mix in the meringue. Under preheated oven of 175 degree celcius, bake for 20 minutes.