Chocolate evco ogura cake

Recipe adapted from Jeannie Tay’s blog

Ingredients used:

6 egg yolks, 90ml low fat milk, 60 ml extra virgin coconut oil, 100g cake flour, 15g cocoa powder, half teaspoon salt

6 egg whites, 85g caster sugar (meringue)

My oven – 170 degree celcius for 100 minutes, 150 degree celcius for 20 minutes

Noelle’s review: So yummy. It is soft and taste like chocolate!

Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️😒 it is ‘Chocolate cake’!

Next time I wanna try without water bath for this recipe! 🤔

Pandan coconut 🥥 ogura cake! 😁😁

I could have gave up on trying different types of ogura cake when the subsequent butterfly flower pea ogura cake cracked after the first perfect honey ogura cake. Fortunately I didn’t! And after the shrinking banana ogura cake, now we have a rather perfect pandan coconut ogura cake! 😆 It didn’t shrink and taste well; again a little wet but I personally love the soft texture!

Even if my kids are not bored with just one flavour of ogura cake, I think sooner or later I would be bored with baking just the honey ogura cake! I won’t want to be ‘stuck’ with just one ogura cake – and named myself a ‘good’ baker! In fact, I don’t want to just bake only bread or only ogura cake! I have many more aims- I actually wanna try Swiss roll for some time and lately itch to make layer cake (after getting tips from papa Zac)!

This is just like life – we seek for continuous improvement! I may just be a homemaker (for now) – there are many (different) things that I try to do on a daily basis – so that my ‘otak tak karat’! 🤭 Plus keeping myself busy can make me stay away from negativities!

Credit recipe to Vanessa Lau

Credit KNS for the tips on getting thicker pandan extract

Credit my hubby for his popia (today) that uplifted my mood😜 (story he and I only understand 😂)- hence the success!🤣

Credit my three kids for not disturbing me at all in the kitchen when I was baking today


Banana ogura cake

My first banana ogura cake dedicated to my darling baby Norrah! 😆😆

Credit recipe to Vanessa Lau 😬

– modified her recipe a little – replace corn oil to evco

– first time using water bath 😆

– i baked according to my oven’s ‘mood’ (temperature and timing) – so didn’t follow her timing

Thanks to KNS for confirmation that cream of tartar is not necessary for baking! 😛

No crack but shrink; it is soft in there; a little wet, I think should have bake a little more longer (though I baked for 70 minutes)

My first ‘jelly layer cake’

It is mango and coconut jelly fruits layer cake!

Although not perfect in look, I am satisfied with the result. (I was juggling between cooking dinner, washing dish, baking buns and Gan Cheong that the three girls will wake up from nap – when hubby was out running errands!)

Plus the girls proclaims ‘it is so yummyyyyy!!’ And then Noelle says ‘mama, I want this cake for birthday, k? So pretyyyy! I like the pattern!’ 😚😚😚 Beyond words, worth the effort – though your birthday still soooo far away! Ok la, practice more to make it perfect!

The recipe (thanks Vivianne Tan for sharing):

* I changed the ‘sugar’ for the mango part to banana (so less artificial sweetness)!

Happy birthday to my hubby

Baked a chocolate extra virgin coconut oil cake for my hubby!

Ingredients all mix together:

Wet – 3 eggs, 190ml milk, 60ml extra virgin coconut oil, 100g icing sugar

Dry – 230g self raising flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 55g cocoa powder

Bake under 180 degree celcius for 30-45 minutes.

Bite sized steamed honey chocolate cupcakes

Something to cheer the unwell girl(s)
Dry ingredients: half cup cake flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp cocoa powder, handful of chocolate chips

Wet ingredients: one egg, two tbsp honey, two tbsp milk, one tbsp (sunflower) oil

Mix dry and wet ingredients individually. Then mix wet into dry ingredients. Don’t over mix !

Under high heat, steam for 10 minutes.