Our first visit to TTDI public library

Our first visit to the newly renovated TTDI public library 📚

The kids’ section and its selection of books are great; but not for the adults’ section. The girls had fun there – Noelle managed to read four books; I read one book with Nikki and Norrah poop there 😒🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 (no baby room but I managed to change her in the lady’s toilet). Not many people today (probably school still running) – great decision to pay a visit today; more manageable since I am alone with them. We spent about 1.5 hours there this morning.

There’s also this ‘book donation’ section which we can take any books home. But we left some of my old books there instead. I think public library is a better place to leave our unwanted books there then BNP.

Photo: <here>

Starting them young – zero waste

When my eldest was still a toddler, she enjoyed collecting toy eggs. As she grows, we have few dozens of toy eggs left in her play area. Seriously, I wanted to throw it away. 🤭

But the 7 year old told me that we can ‘recycle’ it as a ‘gift box’, which she did in several occasions. For example, gifting her teachers and friends her handmade loom band bracelets as school year ends!

A gift without extra ‘waste’ created – as she just drew on the eggs and fit the bracelet into it.




Noelle came home from school feeling so bored yesterday because they did nothing – except playing games in class! 🙄 Then she told me C asked her to make loom band for C and A. 🙄🙄 I told her that she can make for them if she wanted to and not because of C’s instruction. So, she told me that she really wanted to make. I also ‘poked’ her – why she isn’t making for W! 🤭😂 She says ‘because I only make for my best friends!’ 😮😮😆😆 W is not her best friend meh? 😂😂

Before you can win, you have to believe you can

16th win – Love Earth Organic’s one minute healthy meal contest

Finally received my 2 months organic food supply from Love Earth Organic worth RM200 for the ‘1 minute healthy meal contest’. 😁😁The best thing is they allowed me to choose from their complete lists of products before sending me.

And my choices are

1. Sunview Raisin Green x1

2. LE Korean Dried cut wakame x1

3. LE Korean Dried cut kombu x1

4. LE Raw Honey x2

5. LE Organic cooking coconut oil x1

6. LE Natural Rice Bran Oil x1

7. LE French Sea Salt x1

I have chosen products that my family consume most! 😁😁

>> one bottle of honey bottles broke in transit! 😓 So it caused a little mess when we opened it. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Thank you once again Love Earth Organic for organising the giveaway and selecting me as one of the winners.


18th win – Hup Seng’s memory photo with Hup Seng products

Thank you Hup Seng for selecting me as the winner and the special personal delivery of the gifts! 😁😁

And of course, thank you Norrah for giving me the perfect pose – for the win! 😘😘🤣🤣


19th win – May Flowers’ zombies are coming

Thank you Mayflower Holidays for selecting me as the winner for the most interesting comment! Now, I can plan for an unanticipated year end holiday to Ipoh with my family!

Also, thank you to my lucky charm Rachel Ong😘😘 for ‘saving me from the zombies!’ 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ Aiyo…she says I should bring her go wor…🙄🙄🤣🤣

#19thwin in 2019



P2 text books

Today Noelle receives her P2 text books.

From 1G, she is moving to 2G – maintained most of her classmates in the same class. Some few others were moved to another class (according to her, those ‘naughty’ ones 🙄🤣 – dun let me see her moved to another class in P3🤭😂). Her bffs will be in the same class! 🙄🙄

Since it is rainy evening, we spent the time recording, fixing, wrapping and labelling her ‘new’ books. Not being bias, but based on the books she brought home – generally, girls looked after the books better than boys! 🤭 (based on the past names at the back of the books)

Noelle told me today they went to their P2 class to collect the books and the teacher asked them to take the books themselves – I actually asked her why she chose the torn ones! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🤣 But only two were ‘bad’ and I helped fix them already.

When she came out from school today, she was basically dragging her bag! 🤣

Faded friendship ~

If one day you realise that we’ve drifted apart, it‘s because you pushed me away. And there are a number of reasons

1. You want to remain ‘private’ with your ‘personal’ things while nosing around mine.

2. You indirectly competing with me or using my kids as a gauge to your own kids.

3. You can’t accept the ‘progression’ (improvement) in me.

Friendship, even the best of them, are frail things.

P1’s Children Day

It is Children’s Day for Noelle’s primary school!

She is pretty excited about it since yesterday when she came home from school! I told her to bring a bag of grapes to share with her friends and teachers.

I decided to get a big pack of grapes for her to share instead of just packing for herself. Well, we can’t change people on healthy eating habits but I would like Noelle to be an example! They can consume junks but there should also be a balanced of healthy food – fruits for instead.

I did pay the RM10 for McDonald’s but at the end the parents couldn’t get the order; so they are getting canteen food instead! 🙄 She did ask me what she can eat and affirm me that she will choose those healthy food. Then I told her, it is up to her to decide but with a reminder ‘love your body’! 😁😁

I did volunteer myself to help but I told the parents that two toddlers will be tagging along. Then they told me, they have already gotten 3 parents to help out; therefore no need to trouble me! 🙄 actually I wanna kaypoh lor 🤭🤣


Noelle’s 2019 memories on her primary one 1G Children’s Day

Noelle came home very happy and told me that she enjoyed her day very much! Aside from class party, the school has arranged various performances before the party. She told me that some very interesting (especially fan dance) and some were boring that she nearly fell asleep! 🤣 After the class party (which initially I thought will last till school ends), the school has also arranged a magic show – which Noelle enjoyed so much! She even lost part of her voice because she shouted for encore! 🙄🤣

On her class party, few parents came to help and they distributed the canteen food. So, she actually has no say to what she eats (includes nuggets, fries, drummets, chicken slices and satay) – everyone eats equally (including the grapes she brought, two each 🤣 She told me that once she went into class to put her bag, she saw food on the class tables already and so she left the grapes next to the food).

One of the parents (who opened restaurant) actually brought a tray of fried mee hoon (was told from WhatsApp)- which Noelle said ‘dry noodles’ and she didn’t take. They were allowed to top up after they complete their serving. Noelle told me she topped up satay 😮😮 (‘panai’ choose the expensive one!) and also her grapes! 😁😁 There was also a cake (which Noelle said she has a chance to cut with Cikgu Noraini🤣 – she was next to teacher in the picture) but she didn’t eat the cake.

What she brought home? The parents did prepare party bags which include stationaries and two chocolates. She also brought home a small pack of milo which was distributed to everyone.

She told me she drank water. Her bff brought vitagen but she didn’t take too. I already told her that she need not bring home the extra grapes (if any) and also if she doesn’t want those snacks given (from WhatsApp pictures, there were some junks), leave it to her friends or whoever wants it (no need to bring home).

Growth in P1

At P1, Noelle may not be the best academically. Her spelling is ‘bad’. She can’t really speak Bahasa Malaysia nor Mandarin despite the exposure. Her drawings and colouring are probably on average. She could count though she may take a longer time. She is afraid of presenting herself alone on the stage (aka public speaking). She may not have found her true interest in studies.


She has learn to stand for herself. She has been learning to tell off her friends when she isn’t happy with things. For example, C didn’t allow her to do word search with another friend; Noelle didn’t bother C but continued. She told me that she has a right to be friend with anyone she wants even if her bff doesn’t like it.👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

She isn’t easily influenced by her friends – she is rather discipline especially when it comes to eating junks and spending money.

>> Sometimes I wonder if being discipline stress her up. For example, I asked her to check with the bookshop on the price of a sports shirt which I wanted to get a new one for next year. She obediently did while her friends who followed her to bookshop actually bought stationeries (she didn’t because she didn’t bring money – and it is her choice not to bring money). I do wonder if she feel ‘bad’ that she is ‘different’ from her friends. Therefore, when she told me she will be a-bit sad if she doesn’t have McDonald’s when her friends will have – I think I should respect her decision to have it and stop nagging/ pressuring her on not having a set. She is big enough to make her decision and I shouldn’t make her guilty of feeling bad eating fast food anymore (the suicidal video that I shared actually gave me a bang on the head very much).

She has growing empathy for others. She once told me that her Mandarin class teacher reprimanded the boy who sat next to her (because he doesn’t know to do his activity given) and the boy teared a little. So, she helped the boy. And more recently (this week), when we went to the playground with Nikki bringing the scooter, one of the girls in the playground wanted to play with the scooter. Nikki initially reluctant but Noelle managed to persuade Nikki to do so- so that the girl can have a try on the scooter. Noelle is no longer a kid that refuses to share.

Most importantly, she has shown many persistency and consistency in thing she does – namely school work. She doesn’t need us to worry about her not completing her work. As such, I have been leaving her a lot on her own (school work).

> but this has also left me thinking if I have not done enough to help her improve 🤔🤭 But the most I did is still reading with her.

Anyway, we are happy because she is happy doing what she is happy. At this point of time, we wouldn’t be pressuring her to like doing things she would not have interest it. At most we do would to ask her ‘try’. She is still too young to force herself to like something which she doesn’t really like.

3 more weeks before P1 officially ends. I have no idea how P2 journey would be; but I am sure we will have a ‘growing’ Noelle again.

Naughty Nuri’s Deepavali photo contest win

Thanks Naughty Nuri’s Life Centre for the free RM100 e-voucher and most of all – to my generous 😘, genuine🥰 and loving 😍facebook friends’ likes on my comment (for the Deepavali Photo Contest)!

This is my first ‘most liked’ contest, and I didn’t expect the win. We had a sumptuous lunch at Naughty Nuri’s Life Centre today! 😁😁😁

At the end, we paid only 50% of our meal!

Photos: <here>