A man with a thousand face (A grand tea house musical)

One of the most captivating CNY performances by the Curve shopping mall – A man with a thousand face (A grand tea house musical) <video>

All of us enjoyed the performance. Both Noelle and Nikki can’t stop talking about it. In her exact own words, Noelle said ‘I like the show so much!’

And Nikki kept repeating to us the sequences of the face colour changing! In fact, Norrah watched with full focus and clapped when she heard audiences clapping! 😁😁😁

Lion dance performance at The Curve

Noelle has overcome much of her fear towards lion dance compared to earlier years; but now is Nikki’s turn – being afraid! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 They got a very good spot until the lion got closer to them; Nikki cried looking for me. So I ran in front to grab her and Noelle followed. It ended we stood beside to watch the performance – but still a good spot. In the midst, Noelle told me she wanted to pee! 🤦🏻‍♀️ So we ran to the toilet and missed the ending (hubby wasn’t around at that time as he was still making payment at IKEA and we didn’t want them to miss the show).


As we walked back from toilet, I told Noelle ‘Seeeeee Noelle, you laaaa…now, you can’t get orange oredi! 😒’

Noelle: it’s ok, our house still has a lot oranges!

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤭🤭 speechless

Enjoy the perks of saving

It has been four weeks since we started giving her pocket money. She did use her money to buy massimo buns few times, but the rest (most of them) she saved up in her piggy bank. We told her that she is saving for long term goals like holiday and her aim of going to the coin machine again to bank in coins. But as a kid, it would be difficult to visualise ‘long term’! Sooooooo longgggg???

Since yesterday she managed to overcome her fear on a situation and done us proud, we allowed her to enjoy her perks of saving. We told her she can use not more than RM5 to get something from Mr DIY. I too realise that she actually enjoys making payments herself, especially using her own money.

Cutting straws 3y25d

Enjoying her new skill – cutting straws

I didn’t teach her how to cut. But Noelle Jeh jeh was cutting yesterday; and so Nikki has been observing.

I was cleaning the house and then sat down. I asked her ‘Nikki, do you want to read a book?’ while she was busy at the table. She said ‘no, I still wanna cut.’ I went closer and saw her cutting straws! 😆😆 This is definitely self initiated! <video>

Handling social situations without mama

Today’s homework about ‘friends’ 🙄

To my Dear Noelle,

I have taught you to be KIND to your friends. But as we ‘grow’ together, I realise it is much more complicated than this! 😓I came to realise that you have to face certain social situations that are difficult (relates to ‘friends’). You may not response in ‘my bestest’ expectations and I would have ‘reprimanded’ you😞 – because it is just my mama instinct to ‘protect’ you.

I am re-evaluating myself. I hope to give you more suggestions on ways to approach those situations, rather than just one approach (which I perceive to be ‘correct’). I shall reduce my ‘what you should’ve done’ but shall ask ‘how comfortable do you feel doing that’. I will continue to let you handle your own interaction.

Thank you for being honest to me! I still wish to listen from you.


GREEN is her ‘new’ colour. She’s in green house (for sports); not like it is her favourite colour nor her choice! 🙄🤣 I saw her great disappointment when told that she’s in green house. But ya, life is not perfect; we can’t get all our top likings all the time!

Anyway, we finally settled her with another black shoes – it is Velcro typed (the H&M socks is okay, but she still complains that her feet is hot and sweaty). Then, it wasn’t easy to find her size (and the type – Velcro- we want) – we went around places to look for it! 😵🙄

Hope that this will end her ‘suffering’ – 😒😒 happy only get new shoes! Told her the other pair is for ‘emergency’ when this shoe gets dirty/wet.

Selangor Fruit Valley

We had a fun day at Selangor Fruit Valley, which is smacked between Rawang and Kuala Selangor. It is far away from the busy city/town – we could see many monkeys along the way too!

A wonderful experience of getting through the valley on a tram (brought us up from the ticketing booth) and also tractor (brought us back to our parking) – which made few stops for visitors (we had minimal walking🤭😆)! We got through the big plantation site that has various local fruits. Very peaceful indeed! Besides fruits, there were animal farms that rear rabbits, deers, chickens, turkeys, goats and goose.

Fruits were available for sale – and it depends on the season, I guess. (It was a wise idea that we had our early lunch at Kundang because there has nothing to eat except fruits🤭😆). Fruits available for sale today were guava, rambutan, dokong and banana. We only bought guava and rambutan (plus coconuts)!

The price per entry is RM10 for adult and RM5 for kids above 4. So we just paid RM25! We were also greeted by their very friendly staff. (Anything else you wanna know- please google or visit their website)

Starting No2 with puzzles

I started Noelle with puzzles 🧩 when she turned 2 yo.

With Nikki, I would say I didn’t give her equal chance at 2yo – I was too busy and she didn’t have that much focus. So, at 3yo (also one of my New Year resolutions), I am starting Nikki with puzzles (moreover she has shown keen interest, just that no proper guidance from me).

I would say, it is easier to guide a 3yo than 2yo – as Nikki takes instructions very well and understand descriptions given! She aces it at our first day with 24 pieces puzzle! This is our second round with the Ponies puzzle!


The real ‘test’ of primary 1

Today is day 4 of Noelle’s Primary 1 life. And also the day she will be left alone entirely in the school. I told her that parents are no longer allowed to get inside the school. And if she ever sees any parents inside the school today, they are not following the school rule (indirectly telling her ‘not I don’t want come’🤭🤣). Various things that I reminded her over the weekend and this morning – hopefully I don’t sound nagging to her😝.

Though she still wants me to carry her to the bathroom and shower her, she is happy to dress up herself and ate her breakfast – as what she planned to eat! Less waiting time compared to last year, and that mean we don’t have any time to play or read books together before school.

Compared to a year ago, Nikki Chou is more independent when jeh jeh isn’t around! 😁 She no longer follows mama around (Only occasionally bugs me); but play by herself (pretend plays a lot, thanks a lot to Noelle for ‘training’ her for more than a month) and at times help me ‘look after’ Norrah (but banyak bising, complaining Norrah does this and that 🙄 exactly like Noelle complaining about Nikki)!

Same rule as last year, no video (gadgets) in the morning, until jeh jeh comes home – and she is perfectly fine with it!