About 17chipmunks

The blog owner is a frugal spender who is trying to evaluate the products and services offered to the Malaysian consumer, as she goes around shopping for her little needs and wants. She can turn out to be a mystery shopper, anytime and anywhere. It is not for the purpose of venting dissatisfaction, but for the purpose of giving an unbiased view. These are not classy reviews, as the purpose is to help low/middle classes of consumers, who need more feedback about products and services so that they could obtain value-added products and services and not discriminated because they do not/ yet to belong to the higher income class.

Read more about the reasons the blog is set up at: I have a confession

“Optimists believe that there is always something to be learnt from bad experience. They review the circumstances, taking a balanced view, which helps reduce the likelihood of making the same mistake in the future. The optimist has to find something positive in everything that happens to them, even really difficult stuff.”-Jane Clarke & Dr John Nicholson

As time passes, the blog contents have revolved as 17chipmunks is now a stay-at-home-mum!


17chipmunks is not paid to evaluate the products and services.

Grammar and vocabulary mistakes in blog contents

6 thoughts on “About 17chipmunks

  1. hi! your blog is quite a valuable resource. thanks for writing. being frugal is not a very trendy in asia it seems. ie. people brand you as kiam siap. and it also goes against the obsession with so-called branded goods. one positive outcome of the global economic crisis of 2008 in the US is that it has led to a re-evaluation of values towards money and material possessions. down-sizing is a more sustainable way of life for most people and it is also better for the environment.


  2. Hi Little Spender

    I found your blog while reading up on Shakura!

    I agree with your philosophy to buy value for money products and not just branded-must-have stuff which some ladies love to splurge on, which in fact are no better than ordinary goods. No offence to those ladies, but I don’t feel the need to feed my ego and I definitely feel secure enough about myself so I don’t need to be decorated like a Christmas tree with expensive price tags and brand names!

  3. Hello I came across your page when I was looking reading about Ikan Selar… actually really fresh fish shouldn’t smell… Ikan Selar is one of my favourite fish! =) I wonder if you can try our online fishmonger and offer us some feedback & advice since you are a mystery shopper? The website is http://fishclub.com.my

    Appreciate it!


  4. Hi, thanks so much for the knowledgable stuff that you poured into this blog. I really enjoy reading it..
    Btw, how to contact you directly? can I have our email since I really want to deep ask about delivering the baby in KJMC.

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