Molly Fantasy

We are frequent visitors of Molly Fantasy! The entry rate is much cheaper than some other indoor kids playground and they do have some short activities with kids at certain hours (weekends and public holidays)!
The latter is important for my 3y8m who is still being homeschooled at the moment – where she could ‘feel’ the classroom kind of environment (though very short moment)! She did quite ‘well’ today in the sense she did stayed to colour most and not distracted by kids leaving the table (because some older kids were still there)! 
In addition, my infant (below 12 month old) enters for free! 😁

My role as DHM facebook group administrator 

I have been a silent admin for DHM for sometime. But wish to express – my presence in DHM is only to share my cookings (because not all fb friends in my list will appreciate my cookings 🙄), inspire others to cook at home (hopefully), get ideas on what to cook and also to assist Vanessa Lau as an admin to approve/ignore applicants as DHM members plus jaga pintu click delete/block for certain posts (this was what I promised to do one-two years ago).
So, it is as simple as that. I even spoke to Vanessa before this (like weeks ago) if she finds me a redundant admin, she has my permission to remove me as admin! 
I seriously don’t care people talk front, back or side about me because I am just a ‘silai’.🙄🙄 No one gets anything at the end – maybe some gossip topic. Even if it means the person feels better or more inferior, I will let it be (as long as don’t let me know la 😂) as it makes someone positive. 
Sometimes, I believe, people give positive comments in front of me but will speak the reverse behind my back – to me, it is OK as it shows ‘agree to disagree’ and you did it without intentionally hurting me (because I didn’t get to know about it)!😊 in fact, I have a friend who once told me that at certain times she doesn’t agree with what I do but she continues to ‘like’ (meaning support) because no one knows what is definitely right at the end of the day! 
So, in short – I will continue to share (though my dishes seem deteriorating), inspire, get ideas and assist Vanessa (as long as she wants me to).
Happy sharing at Daily Homecook Meal facebook group! 
Would certainly be at peace if ‘people’ stop messaging me to buy ‘vote’! 🙄 Yes you have my right to copy this and show whoever you want!

Don’t write too soon?

This piece was shared by a friend.


请看看5岁小朋友手掌的骨头只有5块,还是软骨,试问家长您还忍心让自己的孩子写一大堆字吗?他们很痛,您不懂,他们为此不爱学习,您知道吗?学业成就也不是写字能决定的!让孩子写一大堆字,也是虐待儿童的一种行为!为了孩子,大家记得把它分享出去。谢谢 感恩~

Generally, it is saying – Kids’ bones are still soft cartilage at age 5, that’s why it’s not recommended for kids to start writing so early, as most academic kindergartens do
Therefore, it is better to do other fine motor skills activities! 
Thanks Ningxi Peace for explaining to me!

Homemade waterbeads – with big sago

This probably cost about RM1! Just boil the sago over the stove. Keep stirring to avoid burning at the bottom. When it starts turning starchy, remove from stove. Soak them into warm water. Separate them and drop few drops of colouring of your choice! Let it soak for a while and ready to play. I would recommend you to remove the water colouring and replace with plain water before handing over to your kid to play!

Many ways to play with it – depending on your kid’s interest! 

The end of the chapter with cyber warriors

‘It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it!’ – Aristotle
We were ‘friends’ because we MUTUALLY* clicked ‘add’! And I felt it is a disrespect if I just ‘remove’ you! So, I slowly remove myself from your newsfeed and graciously allow you to remove me! Though some drama came along – which is expected, I didn’t really bother because I know the more they are entertain – the happier they are. It is so unproductive to even comment because they are too bored in life and want to pick up fights! Plus I don’t go all the way just to find allies. And it just reveals their true personalities! 

*it was mutual because I did not force a gun on you to accept

Thanks for the friendship and laughter (for about a year); but sorry that I couldn’t take the ‘personal’ criticism (which is so unprofessional) just because of a different opinion! When I said ‘move on‘, I really did move on!

Glad this chapter has ended with the two keyboard warriors officially removed themselves from my friend list! 

PPC vegetables beef stew soup

Preparing this dish (I mean cutting the ingredients) actually requires more time compared to cooking it – with the Phillips pressure cooker!

I bought 2 slices of frozen silverside (beef), defrosted partially and cube them before marinating overnight with cornflour, sesame oil, turmeric powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce and pepper.

The next morning, I prepared the vegetables – sweet corns, celery, tomatoes, onions and carrot. With about one tablespoon of oil, I bake the vegetables under bake vegetable mode.

After done, stir the vegetables before adding in the marinated beef. Pour water to cover ingredients. Then use stew mode and keep warm until ready to serve (I cooked in the morning and had it for dinner).

Keeping Chinese parsley fresh

Keeping one week (to be exact 6 days) supply of Chinese parsley (for Noelle’s bath) fresh in the fridge😁😁

First, trim off the roots.

Because of space limitation on the fridge, I wrap the bottom part with wet tissues (Google says soak them in water).

Then cover the leaves with plastic! Store in fridge and wet the tissues in few days! 

Actually it is for this little stubborn part of her feet, but I think it does no harm for her to bath her whole self with the parsley water.

Trying out yoga class @ 3y7m29d

It is our objective to find our girl’s interest in something . For her age now and her character, I see that she isn’t ready for ‘classroom’ writing/reading but she would certainly enjoy something more physical/play! And also she gets to enjoy the ‘social’ bit of life!

I sort of bumped into this offer for free yoga trial in one of the mummies facebook page! We happily joined the first class – as it was held at an appropriate time and a venue near to our home!

Noelle was ‘outstanding’ – pretty independent and followed instructions most of the sessions. In fact, she was the ‘funny’ one making funny moves and laughter! 🙄 She was the ‘kaypohchee’ asking the other girl to sit down when the yoga teacher asked everyone to sit! 😂 Her focus swayed towards the end of the class (not only her actually, most of the other kids too). <video>

At the end of the class, we asked if she likes it and she responded by saying ‘I don’t like it!’ Knowing my daughter, I guess she needed something more exciting and adventurous!

Well, I certainly would like to thank the lady for the free yoga trial session. Maybe it was a trial and parents were present, I could actually see many more places of improvement- if really want to catch the kids focus and excitement! However, again kudos for putting music and linking it to kids rhymes for the session!